It’s the Simple Things In Life

It’s the simple things in life that I enjoy the most.

A flower

A goat’s nose


A milk bucket shelf. I needed a place to put my extra bucket. I pour the milk into it after I milk each doe into my ‘milking’ bucket. Frank put this up one day while I was gone. I love surprises and he loves to surprise me.

Birds singing in the sunrise. Saying please and thank you. Holding hands when we are walking. A look and a smile from the one you love. Prayer.

A kitchen faucet that is tall. Frank bought this faucet without me knowing about it, because I had been wanting a new faucet. The one we had leaked. Sometime earlier Frank had gone to a big box hardware store 60 miles away and bought a tall faucet without my knowledge. His plan was to replace the old one so when I came home from work it would be a surprise. Little did Frank know that the man that built the house had plumbed it directly to solid copper 35 years earlier. It took him all day, twisted in ways he didn’t know were possible. But finally, using brute force, he removed the plumbing from the 35 year old faucet. Wa-la! A new tall faucet. Aren’t husbands sweeties? Sometimes. This is Frank’s version of the story.

A cup of coffee

Sharing a dozen eggs with an old man from church.

We are surrounded with simplicity and beauty every single day. Take the time to enjoy and appreciate all of your many blessings.

Until next time – Fern

8 thoughts on “It’s the Simple Things In Life

  1. You know, Kathi, it is the simple things that I enjoy the most. Always have. It's what makes life rich and meaningful. Not big, wow-wee things, but small, fun things. Like bringing Frank the first strawberry of the season. Fern

  2. Oh Fern, I love your simple things. I can think of so many simple things that I enjoy, it seems like most people over look simple things. One time, when I was living on my in-law's farm with my husband, I came home from work and my husband had surprised me by putting up a clothes line outside. I loved it! I've always had a clothes line, even now when I live in town, I have a 6' clothes line on my back porch. It comes in real handy to dry things that take a long time to dry (husband's jeans) and things that dry quickly–lightweight, thin items. None of my undies are on the line, though, the neighbors could see!

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