Soup When You’re Sick

When I was feeling under the weather recently, I thought a good, hearty soup would be good for me. So, I started looking around at what we had that I could use. Here is what I found.

We had cooked some pork spare ribs a few days before and I had frozen some of the meat. That was simple and easy. We also had some of the broth which was a good start for the base. Into to the pot goes the meat and broth. 

Next, I came up with these ingredients:

  • There was plenty of minced garlic in the rib broth, so I didn’t add any more.
  • A jar of carrots we canned in the spring.
  • A can of corn.
  • Salt and fresh ground pepper.
  • A couple of onions from the grocery store.
  • Potatoes we grew this spring. I found quite a few pretty small ones and thought this would be a good meal to use them up in before they get too soft.
  • A handful of green beans, part of our last harvest of the year.
  • And a handful of barley, something I always like to store and have on hand.

Now the soup was starting to look pretty good. Then I realized I had some:

These would also taste good and add some good nutrients. 

I didn’t take very many pictures this day. I just didn’t think of it since I was feeling pretty crummy. The soup turned out great and we ate it for several days. There was also enough to freeze up some. I told Frank when I started I was just going to make a small pot of soup. After we started putting it all together, I changed my mind, well not my mind, but it just wasn’t turning out very small. I have always made a good sized pot of soup or beans, then frozen the extra in quart sized freezer bags. It makes for a great, quick meal on those days that we are busy, or I just don’t feel like cooking. Then we can still have a good, nutritious, home cooked meal.

Lucky for us, I had made bread the day before I got sick. This was a good, healthy meal – easy to make and easy to eat. Think about what things you will need on hand to be able to make meals for your family in a collapse or downturn situation. You may have the chance to practice those skills sooner than you think.

Until next time – Fern

2 thoughts on “Soup When You’re Sick

  1. I love your creativity when it comes to making soup! I often do the same; just add whatever is on hand. I'm new to your blog and have just become a follower. Looking forward to browsing your past posts ~smile~.

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