The Times, They Are A Changin’

An announcement: Frank’s usual weekend post has been postponed because he is under the weather. He will be back with you soon.

The times, they are a changin’. There are so many things happening in the world, and especially in our country now that it is hard to keep up with them. I will only list a few here, since to address them all would take a book, and by the time the first few pages were written, there would be many more to take their place. Many of these events I feel are distractions, simply a means to constantly engage the populace in meaningless drivel, so that they can be surrounded and devoured when the time comes. That sounds harsh, I know, but I see this happening everyday. Let me explain.

There are many of us that go out in the world everyday to make a living, visit friends and family, acquire the things needed for our daily sustenance, or for entertainment. More and more everyday I feel that there are two

colliding worlds, worlds that are becoming more polarized everyday. There are those that are aware that something evil this way comes, those that know something is amiss but don’t want to know what it is or deal with it, and those that are totally oblivious. I guess that’s three groups instead of two, but I think you know what I mean. The demands of life appear to be compressing into an avenue that is increasing the stress and ability of regular families to provide for their daily accustomed necessities and luxuries. And among these three groups, there is distrust and accusation that the view of reality the other holds is wrong and sometimes downright evil. Such as, Christians are now considered a possible terrorist? What? That veterans are somehow now to be considered dangerous instead of our heroes? How in the world could that possibly even be uttered let alone broadcast out as realistically true? Have people lost their minds? Sometimes I think so.

In our area, in a few short weeks propane has gone from under $2.00 a gallon to $5.50 a gallon. For the many older folks that use it, that is unsustainable. The cost of a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk continue to rise. The cost of everything continues to rise. And yet the misery index and true unemployment rates also continue to rise. Of course, there is no inflation, and all is well in the stock market and banking industries, so all is well. Right? Wrong. If you watch the markets, which Frank does, then all is not well. In fact, there are folks

watching the stock market very closely this weekend because of the quick, sharp drop it took on Friday. Do you know what a bank holiday is? If not, that is something I would recommend you educate yourself about. I pray that if it happens you will not be one of those that tries to use your debit card, ATM machine or checking account and find that you cannot access any of your money, buy food or fuel or pay your bills. This is just one aspect of our changing times.

I have grave concerns about those that have had, of a necessity, not by choice, come to depend on the government for unemployment, food stamps or welfare checks. I fear there will come a day, intentional or otherwise, that this money will cease or be reduced to the point that it will not be enough, or that the cost of food will increase to the point that it will not be enough.

I feel when I am out ‘in the world’ that I am a stranger in a strange land. All around I hear talk of the latest _______________. Fill in the blank. It could be the latest food item created for quick, easy, pleasure; the latest scores; the most recent behaviors of a media personality, be it movie, television, sports, whatever; the reckless spending of the government; clothing styles;

crimes; prices; and the list goes on and on. I see the stress on the faces of the parents and families I work with. This appears to be increasing more and more. I read about people fighting at stores over parking places and checkout lines. To me, this is all a sign of the times. We read about attacks on people for no apparent reason, accept maybe just for fun. And amazingly to me, the media no longer publishes basic information about the people that are the victims or the perpetrators. Somehow, basic everyday information has now been censored or deemed hateful. What? We are being divided by the very source that we used to depend upon for basic, unbiased, everyday information about our country and our world.

I fear most for the people that see nothing wrong with the way our world is changing. There are many, many places to find information about the signs of our times. But they have to be sought out, because the television and standard media outlets continue to put out the message that all is well. I see the quote, “Move along, there is nothing to see here.” being used more and more and more. I

know from personal experience that there are people that have a gut instinct that all is not right with the world, but for whatever reason, they just can’t or won’t deal with it. They deny the fact that things are quickly changing for the worse. They deny the fact that our freedoms and rights are being stripped away even as I write this. They deny the fact that they will soon not be able to access their money, or even if they can, they will not be able to afford to heat their homes or buy a loaf of bread. I understand that there are some that just can’t wrap their minds around such a drastic change in our world and I think it has ever been thus when great cataclysmic events have occurred. I mourn for them. But I understand. I do not condemn. 

The times are truly changing, of that I have no doubt. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you reading here get tired of my consistent encouragement to learn something new and do something to prepare for your family, but it is the message I have been given. I believe the sole purpose of our blog is to share what we have learned in the hopes that it may benefit someone, somewhere, that we will never meet or know, to prepare themselves for these changes. For they will come, whether we are ready or not. I have no idea what venue they will take or how devastating it may be. I only know they are coming. 

Please do everything in your power and within your means to prepare. This time has been given to us for this purpose. You too, may feel like a stranger in a strange land, but know that you are not alone.

There are many of us. We are just quiet. There are those that are being schooled to ‘see something, say something’ when they see things that they don’t understand or make them uncomfortable. There are those that would happily bring us to ruin. There are many reasons for anonymity and a quiet, calm demeanor. Be diligent in your preparations. Be vigilant with everyone. Always remember, whenever possible, wolves will arrive in sheep’s clothing. 

I don’t know what our roles will be when the time comes, but if you have been given the time and means to prepare much, you may in a position to teach and share with many. It could mean life or death to them. Ponder what you should do, pray always, and with His guidance, act. Don’t postpone or delay. Don’t procrastinate. Times are changing and you need to be ready to flourish in the midst of that change. Don’t be left behind. My prayers are with you all. May the Lord bless and keep you.


7 thoughts on “The Times, They Are A Changin’

  1. I just finished the Novel \”One Second After\” by William R Forestchen. It is this country [North Carolina for the main story] after an EMP takes out all electronics. It is a disturbing read but we do need to be disturbed. maybe that will get more people to think ahead and do serious planning. Your planning and sharing that planning and knowledge is a boon to us all. Thank you both and Get Well wishes to Frank.

  2. The world is changing… Religious fanatics are fanatics no matter what religion they adhere to.A hero used to be someone who did something special in difficult times, when you use the word for for everyone is loses it's meaning. What's life where your society does allow for heros?For the last 75 years the military industrial complex have been in the drivers seat of the US, that means the bottom line is important, that change has been gradual but you can really see it today. Corporations now have civil rights.7 billion people in the world, technology & cheap energy has allowed that to happen. 3/4 of that 7 billion people have a cell phone number, that's communication like it's never been before. The world is in a new & different place.The changes are everywhere.

  3. Hi Fern,Excellent, excellent post and absolutely right on!!Long ago the Progressive's infiltrated every avenue of public domain and 'bite by bite' or 'bit by bit' (whichever one prefers) started feeding people the lies and distortion. At first, people balked, but it didn't last long when 'perks' were provided for believing the lies. It reminds me of a story an assistant Pastor at our church once told: A really hot shower burns when the water first hits you and you recoil; but the longer you stand in the shower the less it burns until finally the hot water starts to feel good. His message was on sin, but it applies to how this 'once great free and independent nation' has been deceived into accepting evil as good and condemning good as evil.We have purchased books on preparing for family members, but to date, they seem to think it won't happen here. Hopefully, the latest news on the impending food shortages and expensive prices will open some eyes.As I was reading Food Business News, last evening via the web, my thoughts went to those who are so blindly trusting the Government to feed them should anything bad happen. California is a MAJOR food producing state in this country. Due to the extreme drought, along with a fight with the Salmon people who want water for the fish, the farmer's who supply the produce and various other food products to grocery stores and major companies (for canned and frozen foods) won't be planting over 500,000 acres of land this year. The land will just lay fallow as there is no water to supply the crops. Last I read, over 100,000 acres of producing almond trees will not be watered this year. Cattle are being slaughtered and many farmers are not allowing reproduction on their ranches. The drought has severely affected 11 food producing states, thus far. We can all look for very high prices at the grocery stores, if availability is even there. In one article I read, the forecast for lettuce was $5 per head by summer; unless, California has major rains this spring by the 1st of April.Yesterday, we went to several stores checking out prices just to see how much food had jumped in the past two weeks. Organic eggs went up .80 in a week. Beef was up $2 per lb and higher, depending on the cut. Pretty much, most foods had increased in cost.The Propane issue, which you mentioned, will drive food prices even higher. It might even stop production of many items. The prices are due to a supply issue – there is a shortage of propane right now and many places just don't have any. My brother-in-law told us yesterday that in the state where he lives propane jumped from $1.30 to $5.00.We believe time is getting shorter to prepare. Even a little is better than nothing. A Savings Account is great, but people won't be able to eat the money sitting there. It is much better, at this time in our nation, to invest in tangible items that can be used and eaten during a time of crisis. More could be written on who controls the farms in this country and who has been buying up food producing land, but I have gone on and on already and I apologize. Suffice it to say, it is wise to invest in seed and stock up as much as possible on food, water, essentials/necessities, etc.; even if you only have a small space. Living in the city/town or in an apartment/condo/townhouse does not prevent one from preparing. A little ingenuity and creativity will allow for finding places to store items. Many foods, such as lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, kale, green onions…. can be grown in pots on a deck or a patio that provides the correct amount of sun/shade. Thank you, so much, for your honesty and encouragement to help others in these perilous times. Your blog is a blessing and much appreciated.

  4. You remind me of the story of the grasshopper and the ants, Sharon. It's true that many don't see. Hang in there and do all you can. I think that's why we've been given the eyes to see.Fern

  5. Zee, I appreciate your comment. But, more than that, I appreciate the example you are setting for those around you. Please keep at it. People learn more by others examples than their words. Blessings to you,Fern

  6. I so agree! Everyday brings new reasons for stress. Everyday brings new things to try to understand on there effects on us and the world. Nothing it seems is what it appears. Everything you hear has another meaning (usual of some kind of deception). I pray especially for the young and old. The young are not good on thinking on their own. They usually follow the man jumping over the cliff. Everything they eat is bought out or out of a box or can. When I mention to any of them the canning, gardening, etc. that we do their usual response is \”are you crazy?, that's too much work. I'm to busy to do any of that.\”. The time will come when they wish they had taken the time to learn. God bless. Sharon

  7. Thank you for a timely post. I just wish more people would listen. We are trying to be prepared. I live in an apt attached to my daughters home. We have 1/2 acre, chickens, garden, berries and fruit trees. I am retired and love to cook, garden and can. We also have a solar powered generator to use incase of electricity outages. I agree that we need to learn how to do as many things as we can, sewing canning, cooking from scratch. I enjoy your blog, keep up the good work. I live in Utah, USA

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