When You’re Sick & Down

What are you going to do when you’re sick and down and out? Who is going to do your work for you if you’re so sick you can’t? My first thought is, well, I just can’t be that sick. But I don’t think we will always have control over that, will we? Or the weather, or the economy, or the actions of others, or bugs in the garden, or…or….or….

We were amazed by the pictures and stories of everyone trapped out on the highways and in stores and schools during the severe weather in the south. It really warmed my heart to see businesses open their doors to these stranded folks. It reminds us how important it is to have some things prepared and with us all the time. Mom With a Prep just did a post about her husband’s emergency pack that he keeps in his vehicle, so that if something happens, he can get home. I keep my vehicle emergency pack with me wherever I go. I work 25 miles from home and want to be able to get home if some type of disaster or collapse happens, or if my car breaks down. I wonder how many stranded people had

emergency supplies with them. I also wonder how many people will

now start carrying emergency supplies with them because of this weather event. Maybe God is sending out a few more messages trying to get a few more people to see how important it is to be ready, to be even a little prepared. The people in the south had a few days to prepare for this storm. They knew it was coming. We all know a storm is coming. Are we going to be prepared when it comes? We all have storms in our lives of one type or another. Sometimes it’s a tornado, sometimes it’s a hurricane, sometimes it’s the flu or, heaven forbid, the death of the family bread winner. We all have storms.

And speaking of weather. We have all been the recipients of wave after wave of unusually cold weather this winter. There are many people, businesses and organizations that can’t get the propane or heating fuel they need. There is a major drought in the west affecting the farmers ability to grow the crops we have all come to depend upon for part of our daily bread. Frank and I were talking about it the other day and also wondered how this severe cold will affect the ‘bread basket’ states and the winter wheat crops. There are many things occurring now that may have a devastating impact upon our food supply in the near future. 

You know what else I noticed yesterday? The ‘brick’ of tissue we buy at the warehouse market that holds about 10 boxes now gives us about 160 less pieces of tissue. Just another way of buying smaller packages of things for the same amount of money. It really bugs me that we are being tricked into thinking things aren’t so bad, when we are getting less and less product for the same amount of money. But we are told, there is no inflation and things are getting better everyday. Just wait and see.

Frank has been sick for a week and will be for a while yet. I have been down for a few days. It really makes us stop and think about how we might manage if we were on our own. Do we have what we need for daily sustenance? Yes. Can we do our chores and take care of the animals? Yes. We’re not that sick. But what if we were? We have been able to get the medical attention we need, for now. What if we couldn’t? Then what? It really gives us food for thought.

So, now we challenge you to put yourself in the shoes of the folks that were caught in this recent storm. How would you do in that situation? Now put yourself in the shoes of the folks that can’t get enough propane to heat their house or cook. How would you manage? Or even if the propane was available, what if the prices had doubled or tripled and you just couldn’t afford it, then what? What if you or your family member was really sick and you couldn’t get any medical attention? Then what?

Don’t be fooled by what you are fed by the mainstream media. Really take a good look at what is happening around you. Did you know that more and more big banks, you know, too big to fail, are limiting how much money you can withdraw from your bank account? Some of them are even requiring a reason for the withdrawal, and if it doesn’t seem like a good enough reason to them, they are denying access to the account. I find this to be unbelievable. But it is just one example of many. Don’t be fooled into thinking, “All is well.” It is not.

Sometimes when you are sick things look a little more gloomy than they really are, and Frank and I have been sick. But this is one instance that our illnesses are not the reason for our outlook on what is happening in our country. It has just given us more time to ponder. We hope that you will do the same. What can you do for yourself or your family today, not tomorrow or the next day, that will prepare them for the challenges of the near future? Think about it. Then get to work. Time is short.

Until next time – Fern

P.S. A family asked if we would provide this link for you to view.

5 thoughts on “When You’re Sick & Down

  1. Thank you for the information about herbals. I am just beginning to learn many things. I hope to be able to grow what we will need and learn to use them effectively. We do appreciate your kind wishes for our health.Fern

  2. 'Herbal Antibiotics' and 'Herbal Antivirals' both by Stephen Buhner. Two books I won't be without and have put his herbal advice to the test. He knows his stuff. Also check into the antiviral powers of Olive Leaf.Not enough folks believe or are prepared. They have no idea what's coming down the pipes at us like a freight train with no brakes.It's no fun being sick and I'm so sorry to hear you both aren't well. God be praised though for the plants He has provided that kill pathogens and get us well faster. I deal with compromised health 24/7 of a loved one. My herbal knowledge has saved the day more than I can say.Infection will be our worst enemy along with the urban zombies who didn't prepare. Learn how to fight infection and pathogens. Pray for the zombies bless their hearts. Tinctures, wound powders, and salves, and knowing how to make/use them will be your best friends for healing! God bless you both to get better SOON! So sorry to hear you're sick. Wish I was your next door neighbor to help. Good neighbors and God is what will see us through to the end. I just prayed for your health brother and sister. If you don't take rx's contrary to grapefruit, 15 drops of grapefruit seed extract stirred well in a couple oz. of orange juice will do wonders for nasty cold/flu. That's a daily dose….no more! And do try Traditional Medicinals Gypsy Cold Care tea. Can be found at the grocery store. Contains amazing healing herbs! They also have a Cold Care P.M. tea that will help you get the rest you need. Worried about both of you and praying for your good health to return.Thank you for all the thought provoking questions that help me reorganize and make course corrections. GET WELL SOON!!!!

  3. Back in the day my Father and I grew wheat, both Red Spring and Winter wheat varieties. This cold weather helps with insect pests like cut worm. If you have good snow cover and a good growth of winter wheat in the fall it can handle a lot of nasty weather. Montana grows great wheat!I used to haul livestock on a small custom basis, often in winter. I used to take a lot of time to plan my route with places I could unload if I had trouble. I still got caught in a mess hauling bulls to Denver, I hit a piece of steel on the highway and flattened both trailer tires on one side of the trailer. I was very lucky to have the breakdown with in walking distance of a Ranch house.Planning is a must and hopefully you can find the blessings of good people around you in a tough situation!I do hope you both get well soon and if you have what Ralph and I have…..you poor dears!

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