People Are Fed Up

I found this interesting quote on Ol’ Remus. It sums up what a lot of people are saying now days.

“I’m getting tired of being held accountable for what other people do. Being punished, not because I’ve caused anyone any harm but merely because I chose not to get on the short bus, grin like an imbecile and accept being treated like an imbecile because some people are imbeciles.
Eric Peters at”

This reminded me of a quote I found years back and kept:
“If you attack stupidity, you attack an entrenched interest with friends in government and every walk of public life, and you will make small progress against it.” Samuel Marchbanks 

I hear many people saying that in years past they didn’t resent what the crooks in politics did because it didn’t seem to affect us as much. We were still able to make a decent living and have most of the luxuries offered to regular, working class folks. Now the intrusion of government into every

facet of our lives has fostered a serious growth of resentment. Resentment that those who work are now supporting an ever growing, almost majority, of those that don’t. Resentment of the ridicule we receive for doing so. Resentment for having more and more regulations to meet in education. Resentment for the way our military and veterans are being treated. They’re not terrorists or psychopaths, they are heroes!! Resentment for being told what we can eat, and that the food we can eat is full of herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and man made chemicals that most people can’t say, let alone understand the incredibly detrimental affects it has on our bodies. What will happen when this resentment fills the cup to overflowing? What will happen when the pot boils over?

After I read the quote at Ol’ Remus, Frank ran across this article on FoxNews. Have Christians lost the culture war? One of the quotes in the article says: “Over the past few years, I’ve documented hundreds of instances of religious persecution in the United States. And the targets have been exclusively Christians.” So, now, add

religious and racial persecution to the mix of resentment. How did it become okay to persecute those you disagree with? I thought that was a hate crime. It appears that hate crimes can only go one direction, but not both ways. One of the reasons this is so is because for some unfathomable reason, most media outlets are no longer reporting in a true and honest fashion. Whether this is by choice or by dictate, the outcome is the same. The population of our country is no longer given a true, unbiased look at the events surrounding our everyday lives. Events that are in some instances taking our country by storm, literally, in the form of mobs and violence, most people know nothing about, because it is no longer being reported.

Why is it we can no longer say what we think? Why is it okay for some groups to say what they think, but if you have a differing opinion it is a hate crime? Why is it when some people go to the airport they get groped, but

some groups don’t? Then if you complain about the other group, it’s a hate crime. When did things get to be so one sided? And how is that possible? Many people are now afraid of and despise what our government has become. How is it that voter fraud and intimidation is not only allowed but never challenged? There is a story on The Hill that covers some comments from Vice President Biden. Vice President Biden said new voter ID laws in North Carolina, Alabama and Texas were evidence of “hatred” and “zealotry” during a Black History Month event at the Naval Observatory on Tuesday. Since when does having to identify yourself become an act of hatred and zealotry? Does this sound like America or some third world country?

When did it become okay to confiscate money from the masses in the form of ever increasing taxes, debt, penalties, licensing requirements,

more taxes, inflation and out right theft of retirement and bank accounts? And yet, those that work, and take pride in that fact, continue to scrape together what they can to make ends meet and make the ever shrinking dollar stretch to cover basic needs and financial obligations. When did it become okay for the government to steal everyone’s money and give it to the ‘too big too fail’ cronies so they could all get filthy rich while peoples’ lives are ruined?

What do we do with this increasing frustration, resentment and fear? How do we channel this energy into a purpose that will possibly increase the

likelihood of our survival and well being? I don’t have an answer for that. Many people have chosen to hunker down and minimize their notice-ability. Some have become very outspoken in their complaints about the ever degenerating conditions in which we find ourselves. And yet others choose to look the other way and keep pretending that “Things will get better.” After all, the media keeps telling us we are in a recovery, right? If they keep repeating that mantra enough, will that make it true? Will it?

I see an ever increasing sea of angry people, stressed out people, depressed people. People that know that they will not be able to

increase their standard of living the way they once thought. People that may have adult children still living at home because there are no jobs and no hope for any. College graduates that will never get out of debt because there are no jobs, which means there is no hope for a ‘normal’ future. People that were expecting to be able to enter their ‘golden years’ in comfort are finding themselves struggling to manage basic necessities. People that feel hopeless, weak and defeated. 

What will come of our once great nation, our One Nation Under God? We are more divided  than ever. There is a strong undercurrent of divisiveness 

that didn’t exist a few short years ago. There are those that would ruin lives in a heartbeat to further their cause. There are those that wouldn’t give a second thought to the people that have lost their jobs, and would work at just about anything instead of going on the government dole to support their families. There is a growing feeling that ‘The People’ are expendable. ‘The People’ are just a means to an end and when that end has been reached ‘The People’ will no longer be needed, therefore, they are expendable.

I wonder if ‘The People’ will wake up and see what is happening? Even if half of the people wake up, which is not going to happen, I think it’s too late.

Until next time – Fern

14 thoughts on “People Are Fed Up

  1. It is a very interesting time in the history of our country and our world. Keep your eyes open and an ear to the ground. Heed the warnings you are given by the Spirit. Blessings,Fern

  2. Somewhere in Scripture it says that in the last days people will be blinded. The term 'cognitive dissonance' fits what is going on. ~Sassafras

  3. If you look at the post called, \”So You're Prepared, Really??\” (you can find it under Food For Thought at the top of the page under Things to Read) there is actually a picture there of someone with their head in the sand. I haven't written anything specifically about this mindset, but have mentioned it several times in different posts.I guess for a while it really bothered me that so many people can't see what is coming. For those that find it to be so obvious, it is difficult to understand how others don't find it just as obvious. But we realized that some people just can't wrap their minds around such significant changes, even if they know at some level, that it is coming. Some people just can't accept it, so they go on as if nothing has changed. Then there is the group that I cannot relate to at all; the people that are excited and happy with the way things are going.Frank and I talk regularly about different scenarios of what may happen. It is impossible for us to try to imagine what it would be like to be someone that has nothing prepared or any extra food or water when a collapse comes. How terrifying that would be. Many people just will not be able to cope with it. We find the more we learn and do for ourselves the more confident we are, the more at peace we are. We have no doubt there is no way you can prepare for everything, but if we at least do all we can, then it will be okay. We will do the best we can with what we have.Thank you for the comment. I do appreciate the shared thoughts. Frank has always said, \”I'd rather be a prepared fool, than an unprepared fool.\”Fern

  4. Thank you for the comment, Glenda. I don't know what the answers are for what is happening here or around the world. I do mourn for our country, and I do think if worse comes to worse, there will be those that will stand. This may be the ultimate test to see what all of us are made of.Fern

  5. Should there be a distinction? Definitely. Is there going to be a distinction? Probably not. I am irritated by it also. I worked 40 years, played by the rules, paid my dues and I am lumped in with people that have never worked a day in their life. I find it irritating, very irritating. It's one of those many things recently that I just don't know what to do. And it seems to be part of the big plan. Maybe something like, separate, divide and conquer. Yes, there should be a distinction. I earnestly appreciate your comment.Frank

  6. You may be right, between good and evil, because there is something out there happening. I don't know how it's going to turn out, but I don't think it's going to be good. No actually, I know it's not going to be good. Hang in there. We may find out soon.Frank

  7. The most well written, succinct commentary I've seen in a long time. You nail it so clearly. Would love to see you address the \”head in the sand\” mindset that insists \”all is wonderful, don't be so negative/judgemental/paranoid/bigotted\” or whatever label best fits the situation.

  8. Your article is once again spot on, Fern. It is heartbreaking to those of us whose ancestors fought valiantly for freedom, to see what has happened to this \”once great\” nation. Power hungry despots that want to control the citizens, denying freedom, and using illegal and unethical ways is called Tyranny. If our Congress People and the nation's citizens stood for the Constitution, this would have been stopped long ago. The Regulators, prior to the Revolutionary War, got fed up with the tyranny and nonsense and fought back bravely. I am sad to observe that such brave, loyal people, dedicated to freedom and the protection of freedom for all, no longer seem to exist. Alot of people are angry, resentful, depressed and speak out about it via blogs, to each other, and in gatherings, but there is not the backbone today, that I've witnessed, for serious marches, civil disobedience, or out and out rebuking of lies and deceit spread by the Government (the past few administrations and intensely this one). This nation, for all it's wealth and blessings, has thrown everything away due to the \”I'm entitled\” mentality. Now, we see the results of all of the infiltration of those whose goal was all along to destroy this nation and turn it into a Marxist country. Where is the outcry from those who value freedom and God above all else? My husband and I were discussing this very subject two days ago. Who is there left to stand shoulder to shoulder, to fight to the death, to defend the freedom of this nation and the heritage we once enjoyed? Surival blogs are numerous and wonderful, but most are all about defense. At what point in this battle between good and evil does the good take offense? Thank you for stating things as they are in this nation and for your honesty. Thank you for your loyalty to the heritage of this country. Thank you for this blog.

  9. Fern,Something has been bothering me about the judgements tossed around about how the government is supporting people. It seems to me that those of us who are ligitimitly on disability or ss retirement income are lumped into this category. I worked over 30 years and paid my dues into the ss system. Why am I being made to feel bad because I am now taking my money out? And my ex-husband worked even longer but died before he could claim any of his money. Shouldn't there be a distinction made between those who paid into the system and those who didn't?

  10. I'm north of your border and feel the same way. Sometimes I feel defeated by a faceless enemy, so the only thing to do is take care of my own patch of ground, keep watch and prepare. It may sound simplistic, but I think that we've come to the point where it is a war between good and evil. I'll do what I can and let God do what I can't.

  11. I am always learning something on this blog. I looked up Eisenhower's speech. Thanks. I just read this post to my very opinionated 15 year old son. I am afraid to write his opinion. I never thought I would be scared to write and post something my child or I thought because of government intrusion.

  12. In 1960 Eisenhower warned us but they won anyway. That in no way helps with your problems but it does point in a direction to look as you try & figure out \”why\” this is happening to you.

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