Comments From Two Respected Individuals

Hello, Frank here.

Folks, I read an article last night on World Net Daily, written by Patrice Lewis. Most of you probably already read Patrice over at Rural Revolution, and as you know, she writes a weekly article for WND.

 I found this particular issue to be very thought provoking. It starts off by talking about a recent comment from Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. I encourage you to read the article by Patrice Lewis. Also read the comments by Governor Jindal that he made during the annual conference hosted by the Faith and Freedom Coalition. 

Patrice Lewis is a respected writer. Governor Bobby Jindal is an elected head of state. We need to listen to what they’re saying because, in my humble opinion, we’re going to cross the threshold of no return, if we haven’t already. No return means you can’t go back. We’ve talked at length before. Our government is taking away our rights. But remember, rights do not come from government. Rights come from God.

There are many folks around that firmly and truly believe that we have crossed the threshold of no return. So, what does that mean to you and I? Grocery stores are still full. Electricity and TV still work. Have you noticed higher prices lately? Even higher prices for

electricity. I am one of those that believes that we have crossed that threshold a few years back. Now, I am not blaming our current administration for all of our problems. But if you haven’t noticed, every week or so there is a new scandal that comes out of our nation’s capital city. Some believe that these scandals are merely a distraction from what is coming over the horizon. Don’t be distracted. Keep your head clear. And pay attention. Get your finances in order. Get your house in order. Tie up those loose ends. Get right with your Creator. And prepare for the unthinkable.

It would appear that we are in for a very bumpy road. When? Who knows. But everyday it is getting closer. Please read the two articles mentioned above. The one by Patrice Lewis and the comments by Louisiana Governor Jindal. It’s time to seriously pay attention people. 

We’ll talk more later. Frank

4 thoughts on “Comments From Two Respected Individuals

  1. Fiona, in my humble opinion, all major news medias are just government outlets. There are a lot of things we need to pay attention to right now. Thanks again.Frank

  2. TV and Newspaper reporting has sunk to new lows in fair and or accurate! Thank you for directing us to the articles in this post. People need to research the news they hear to get both sides of the story. Paying attention to the \”Real\” world helps to, watching food prices and utilities give a good idea of something being out of whack as they say! Thank you Frank!

  3. We haven't had TV for years and years. All of our news comes from the internet. I feel sorry for those that rely on the big three networks for their news. Thank you for reading and thanks for the comment.Frank

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