What’s Wrong With The Food?

We have a question for everyone. What is wrong with the food? We did a post a few days ago about what eating out does to us, and we were surprised at the responses we have had. I guess we just didn’t think that there would be many people with the same problem. So, we would like to get a conversation going. The more information we all have, the more informed our decisions can be.

Let me share a little background. When we moved here from Alaska, one of the first things we got set up were our appliances which included two freezers. We located a local butcher and made arrangements to get a beef. The local ag teacher provided a hog. In the meantime, until the meat was processed, we stocked up on some chicken, pork chops, ground beef and round steak from Wal-Mart. While in Alaska, we had purchased a side of beef and ate moose, caribou and salmon from the local wildlife menu. The meat we bought at Wal-Mart surprised us. This was in 2008. The texture of the meat, especially the pork chops didn’t really resemble what we would consider meat. It was almost like it was processed in some way and stuck back on the bone. It was almost scary to eat it.

When we first arrived here, if we ate out, we would go to a Western Sizzlin’ (similar to a Golden Corral or other buffet restaurant) because there was a buffet with salad and other vegetables. But before long we realized that every time we ate there, we felt bad. It didn’t seem to matter if we varied the content of our meals, we just felt bad, so we quit going there as well.

With Frank’s recent stay in the hospital, we have had more than our fair share of food prepared by others. Now that we are home we are trying to detoxify our systems of all of the chemicals we have ingested, as well as all of the medications and anesthesia that Frank has been exposed to. We are eating many fresh things from the garden, as well as our own meat, milk and eggs. The kefir is not perking along as usual since it didn’t get regular daily

attention while we were gone, but it will be back up to speed in a few days. We are having dandelion root tea daily to help cleanse the liver and keep the digestive tracts in good working condition. We hope to have our systems back to ‘normal’ in a few more days. One day while in the hospital, we had a very interesting conversation with Frank’s surgeon. He indicated that most doctors and nutritionists

really know nothing about food and nutrition. This doctor was aware of the benefit of goat’s milk over cows milk, the negative side effects of pasteurization, and he even knew the difference between A1 and A2 milk. It was a very interesting conversation.

We have written before about GMO food, MSG additives in foods and trying to avoid chemicals. Our sense of ‘illness’ after eating out, or eating processed foods has brought this to our attention more than ever. What is wrong with the food? Is there some kind of intentional scheme going on to affect the health of the population? Is this an intentional act our government is forcing upon food producers? Or is it just simply a matter of profit at any cost? If the food producers have any kind of business relationship with the medical industry, they have the perfect racket going. Produce food that makes people sick, send them to the medical folks for more treatment, and it is a financial win in both directions. Why is it the government appears to be attacking family farms when people are just trying to raise their own food? Are they going to regulate nutritional dependence upon the government? It appears to be one of their goals. A few years back Frank came to the conclusion that our government is going to release some type of toxin into the environment. This toxin itself will not be harmful to the individual, but when it interacts with other chemicals, then there will be a reaction which could cause an instant depopulation process. All the while, it would just look like a simple virus. Most medical people that I know do not get flu shots, but our government gives them away free. You can even get them at a drive through and not have to get out of your vehicle.

Our question for you is: What are your experiences? What is it about the food supply that is making people feel bad or sick? What has happened or is happening that is increasing health problems in the general population? When people that eat processed foods 24/7, and go to someone’s house and eat fresh grown food, does it make them feel sick? Is it a matter of what you’re used to? What are we missing here? We are trying to wrap our heads around this one, and haven’t come to a viable answer yet. Just food for thought. Let us know what you think.

Until next time – Fern

24 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With The Food?

  1. Great information, thank you. One of the reasons I was attracted to sourdough bread was the process of fermentation that predigested the gluten and made it more digestible and healthy. There are many aspects to our current food production techniques that all add up to a very unhealthy way to live. Thank you for sharing, CB.Fern

  2. Corn, Wheat, SugarCorn-it’s everywhere and in almost everything. It’s a sugar substitute(HFCS and dextrose), “natural flavor”(but so is beavers anal sac used in imitation vanilla), used in beer, antibiotics, vinegar, disposable diapers, trash bags, toothpaste, charcoal briquettes, matches, batteries, and even the shine on the covers of magazines all contain corn. It’s the main diet of CAFO cows, chickens, and pigs. And don’t forget that most corn is GMO. A good place to start reading more about this is the “Omnivores Delima.”Wheat-someone else mentioned wheat, but missed a couple of things in my opinion. The creation of harvest machinery dictated that all of the wheat needed to mature at exactly the same time and since it no longer needed to be shocked in bundles, it could be shorter with less “trash” to choke up the harvesters. The natural(not GMO) selection that took place altered the wheat. Also, when wheat was shocked and hung to dry, it underwent a fermentation process because it would naturally get some moisture on it, then dry out, then get more moisture, etc., etc. The bacteria in the fermentation process would pre-digest the wheat and alter the proteins making it more digestible for humans. With forced-air drying, the fermentation process has been eliminated.Sugar-glucose, fructose, galactose, sucrose, maltose, lactose. It’s heavily refined. Starting with raw product; it’s limed, heated, concentrated, dried, bleached with sulphur dioxide, carbonotated, immersed, separated, carbonotated, phosphated, activated carbonated, concentrated, crystallized, spun and dried. It’s also in almost every processed food you buy. It’s even being put into some store bought milk, but not on the label.IMO, these 3 are the main culprits, but don’t forget dye’s and artificial ingredients and a slew of other “unnatural” ingredients and processes.Some of what is wrong is not mired in nefarious activities, such as the wheat example above. But others are. Just research how modern refined sugar got through the FDA approval process. And corn doesn’t get a break either. The GMO aspect, as well as govt subsidies are both culprits in harming people with toxic products.Cheers,

  3. You're right, Sally, there is no comparison in the taste or the nutritional value of the food. When I told Frank about your comment, he said, \”You mean like all of the stuff we eat that we take for granted?\” There is just nothing like homegrown, home cooked food. Thanks for sharing.Fern

  4. We avoid eating out as much as possible. The food isn't food. I ate breakfast out the other day with a friend because it was her birthday. She's a pilot, so we flew there. [That's the real reason I went along with eating out 😉 ] The pancakes were obviously from a mix. They were rubbery and tasteless. The \”syrup\”, of course, was a corn syrup. I realized how much my tastes have changed over the years. The pancakes I'm used to are from homegrown whole grain, farm fresh eggs, hand picked fruit, raw honey, organic coconut oil. Yum!

  5. I agree, SFG, it is hard to make the switch. I like Cheetos and pizza and burgers. I have just started making our own burgers and pizza and splurging on Cheetos very seldom. And every so often, we get an ice cream full of goo on a stick and slurp it down. But the vast majority of the time, we try to stick to homegrown, wholesome food. We sure feel better when we do. Hang in there. It will be worth it in the long run.Fern

  6. Don't even get me started on this topic. Hubby and I are going through health problems and I contribute it all to what we have been eating. We now, are trying to eat as much local and farm raised food as we can. If your not use to eating this way, it's kind of hard to make the switch. I know though, that it will be worth it.

  7. Hello JM. I often read about the insecurities of the world — people rioting, small wars and general discontent. The core of all of these problems is a shortage of food, or to be more specific, an desirable protein source. When people don't have food, they resort to violence. In our country, most people are pretty well fed. In other nations of the world, people work hard and barely scrape by to feed their families. Many items here to think about and ponder. We are just one virus away from having our primary food sources devastated. Just one little virus. Thank you for reading.Frank

  8. Fiona, there is an author named James Howard Kunsler that writes extensively about urban blight. Some of his language and situational settings can be on the crude and vulgar side, but he writes extensively about the way folks live in cities and urban areas. Thank you for your observation.Frank

  9. Hello, Shannon. I can't agree with you more, even our so called healthy foods are often just small substitutes for garbage food. A number of years back I tried to show Fern the different ingredients between a health food type candy bar and a Snickers. If you really look at the ingredients very closely, they were both about the same, and the Snickers didn't taste like ground up dirt. This is a subject that I will walk around or tippy toe around delicately. The primary reason for the alterations in food, as I see it, and this is just my opnion, is that our little planet has too many people. Our government and industry continues to try to find ways to feed them. I know this is a very touchy subject for many, and I don't have a solution for it. Thank you for your comment.Frank

  10. Fiona, I just don't know how to educate the public about the things you just commented on. It just appears that some folks choose to be willfully ignorant. It's just easier to stick your head in the sand and pretend like everything is okay. Fern and I by no means eat a perfect diet. But for years now we have bought our large animal meat from ag students at the local high school, for a few cents more per pound than they would receive at the market. I know a lot of these animals have some bad things injected in them. We make an agreement with the kids, to pick up the animals about a month after their last show. This approach has worked well for us, and it works good for the ag kid that gets a few more pennies on the dollar than standard market price. Our friers don't even resemble store bought friers. Thanks for sharing.Frank

  11. Tom, thank you. Your comment is very encouraging. My mother also had sugar problems. What saved her life is that she quit drinking alcohol and lost about 100 pounds. She lived to die of old age. So, therefore, I have my sugar checked twice a year. I rarely eat any sugar products before dinner time, and when I eat large amounts of sugar, it gives me headaches. I am aware there are different types of diabetes, and that all are not capable of being controlled by diet. But for those that can control their blood sugar with diet, I hope they have a chance to read your post. Thanks again.Frank

  12. Boy, you really hit on a topic here! This is one of my personal soap-box topics.Any food that doesn't come from my garden makes me physically uncomfortable to some degree. But I can't grow everything.Even otherwise healthy food like produce is laden with pesticides, growth inhibitors, and wax coatings. When I give someone a few of my organic potatoes, I remind them, \”These are organic. They haven't been treated with a growth inhibitor, so you must either eat them right away, or immediately put them in a cool dark place so they don't turn green, which will make them inedible.\” When I first started growing my own organic apples, I was surprised how quickly they could rot in storage. I was used to store-bought apples which, I discovered, are treated for longer storage. I quickly learned how to preserve my apples and now need to buy very few of them. I don't eat red meat, so I can't comment on that, other than to say, \”I'm glad I don't eat red meat.\”I think there is a food crisis in the world – not just the USA. I totally agree with \”Fiona\” in the above terrific comment about changing what urban landscaping looks like. What SHE said! Right on! Her comment holds the key for a solution.Just Me

  13. Well, Kimberly, I'm not sure where to start, but I think your assessment of the food situation is very accurate. Our government and private industry has been messing with food and food products for years. I see this as just one part of the big picture. The government is also messing with schools, churches, the moral development of our kids, they're very slowly destroying our military, and you're right, the list goes on and on and on. You know, I forgot the economy. There isn't any discipline that I can see that is not being either directly or indirectly tainted by government. It's everywhere. And you know that the vast majority of the people don't have a clue. I believe the ones that do have a clue, are afraid to come forward. Things aren't looking good for us. I appreciate what you had to say, and I hope people will take the time to read it.Take care,Frank

  14. Pat, I agree with you 100%. I agree that we are under a facist system, but it's not just this administration, this has been going on for a long time. It does appear that the end template is closer than we think. As I write and comment, I really don't know what to do. You can't fight an overwhelming force. I still have faith in the political system, and I hope that some day a decent human being will be elected that can change these things. But I am definitely not holding my breath until then. I appreciate your comment.Frank

  15. I had to add an observation after some thought:If any of you have driven through a good sized city or subdivision near a city….have you noticed all the land that is lawn? Apartment dwellers say they have no chance to grow their own food but most apartment blocks have manicured lawn areas that would make great gardens. Roof tops, empty lots, boulevards and medians are all empty except for grass…Trees tend to be ornamental and not fruit or nut trees. Urban design should include the introduction of useful food plants. There are things people can do to help themselves get good food to at lest supplement their diet. Eat at hoe more and learn to cook!

  16. For at least 5 years now I have been eating real food because I retired from corporate America and moved to a small acreage where I can grow my own food and raise my own meat. We are surrounded by farmers here that are growing organic. Not long after my diet changed with fresh garden produce, I realized that my migraines were not migraines but my body crying out for detoxification from the industrialized food that I had been eating in the city. My husband wants to eat out once in awhile and I go along because he seems to enjoy it…. but it makes me sick. It seems that most all of the processed foods now days are filled with sugars and MSG type seasonings to make it extra delish and addictive…. but it makes me sick and my body reacts for a few days while it is busy cleaning up. It is difficult for people that live in large cities to get real food any more. Even food that is supposed to be healthy is loaded with sugars and seasonings that do us harm. I am sad for what has happened to our food supply and I don't see any solution that will be good for everyone. The people that are paying attention will go the extra mile and dollar to get real food. The people that are lazy or just don't want to believe this horrible thing is being allowed by our government will be subjected to the medical establishment where they will be loaded further with toxic meds and end up sick, miserable, and then dead. This country is due for a cleansing in more ways than one. I only know one source that can do the job…. and he could well be on his way.

  17. Ralph and I decided to invest in some Pasture fed Beef from a Vendor at our local farmers Market. We had tried one of their chickens and it reminded me of why we want to raise our own. It was fabulous, filling and it didn't leave an oil slick of grease in the Roasting pan.We bought a Family pack of the beef that included hamburger patties, steak, a roast and some stew meat.Just some points of interest about the Hamburgers which we had for Sunday dinner.1- They did not shrink down to half their size when I grilled them.2- They smelled way different, rich and meaty with no greasy odor.3- They tasted unbelievably good!4- The most interesting point to me…they were super filling and Ralph and I were quite full after 1/2 of a burger. They have to be more nutrient dense than commercial hamburger.5- We felt great after eating and stayed satisfied until supper time.This is the kind of beef our parents and grandparents ate. Healthy and natural food goes into the cattle and it makes a healthy natural product.Consumers can find out a lot about commercial/industrial food but it is not a pretty picture…ignorance is bliss.Take care both of you!

  18. This past Tuesday I had an operation that required an overnight stay. My first meal was breakfast Wednesday. At my pre-op doctor's visit I told the surgeon how I ate and my concerns about hospital food. I'm a diabetic and keep tight control of my blood sugar with diet and exercise – I've never taken medication for the diabetes. He told me to eat the regular diet, \”not the diet we talked about in the office\”. So, being the good patient that I am I did. Nurse took my blood sugar before lunch and it was 211!! That's higher than it's been since ONE MONTH after I learned I was diabetic (3 1/2 years ago) and took my diet under control. Nurse had to give me 2 or 3 units of insulin. Have no idea what it did to me besides what it should have done. I also ate lunch in the hospital eating only the meat and fruit and then was discharged so dinner was at home. Upshot – it's now Sat. morning and I am almost back to a normal fasting blood sugar. I should be fine tomorrow. And, my bowels which are always very regular due to the high amount of home grown veggies I eat have taken the same amount of time to get back to normal. So…if what I was given in the hospital is typical of what the majority of Americans eat we are in a really bad place. It was processed, overly sweetened, little fiber, little fresh, very little taste. We must take control of our food supply. Will that mean higher prices for meat and dairy? Yes, but neither is necessary for good nutrition. Can you grow enough to supply all your needs? Probably not but we grow all our leafy greens, most of our green beans, some of our fruit (that will increase each year as our trees mature) and we do shop the local farmer's market. We use beans, tofu, homemade seitan, locally produced eggs for protein. We pay more for organic, non-GMO beans & tofu but it's not nearly as expensive per pound as beef, chicken or pork. We're looking into fishing as we're on the west coast of Florida but the oil spill in the Gulf has us concerned about quality. We rarely eat out as it makes us sick. If we do it's at a Golden Corral where we meet our son about every 3 months. I stick to salad and some fruit. It's set up so you can see the veggies/fruit being prepared. I haven't seen any additives being used on the fruits or vegetables – a little browning on apple slices for me is a good sign.

  19. All the wheat has been changed from the way God made it. They radiated the seed so that it produces higher protein wheat. Not only have they made it higher protein, but everything has extra gluten added to it to make it extra yummy. Now everyone is becoming gluten sensitive or allergic. They use gluten in everything, especially since soy sauce is made with fermented wheat.As you know they changed the milk, but they have also changed the meat. The Cornish cross chickens are GMO. Everyone has gotten into the Freedom Ranger chickens and some others they are advertising as free ranging. Then I read a post by someone from Mother Earth News. It said that the FR chickens come from the same place as the cornish X, and really aren't any different. If I remember right, the eggs that the hatcheries receive to hatch these chicks all come from one place I think in Europe, but you would have to verify all this yourself. It was several years back I read about it.My Dad had a friend, that in his younger days had been a turkey inseminater, and he said that everything that goes on with the production of the turkeys is done in a laboratory. You want plumper breasts or thighs. He said it was all done in the lab.I watched a documentary and they were showing those Belgian Blue meat cows being raised for slaughter and breeding. They do not look natural in any way shape or form. I do not believe that they produced those from just breeding for a larger more muscular cow. They are tweaking with every form of our food supply, and doing everything they possibly can to prevent people from raising their own. When they come out on the news saying something crazy like how scientists have created this or that animal that glows in the dark, and claim they have a reason for doing this, that is going to be beneficial, I think \”What in the world do we need a glow in the dark sheep for!\” They just like playing God.I got a documentary from the library a while back and it was all about the experiments that the government has done on people without their knowledge. Like spraying San Francisco, and dropping a light bulb filled with something horrible on a crowded subway. I thought \”They have been doing all these horrible tests on people, and who's to say they aren't still doing them?\” If you say anything to people they think your nuts! I could keep going on ranting, but I think the reason the food makes people sick when they eat out, is because they are using all of these GMO meats, vegetables, radiated foods (that they claim is to help keep us from getting sick), with a lot of chemicals mixed in to make it taste better and last longer.Kimberly

  20. Unfortunately, the corporations have taken over the government. It’s called fascism. So what’s good for the corporations is good for the “government”. As far as those of us who are used to the processed food eating the good foods, as one who is working on changing over, I can tell you that it doesn't make us sick. We actually feel better eating the good stuff, even if it's only once in a while. As far as whether or not everything the \”government\” is saying is \”one large pack of lies\”, there's only one way to tell if they're lying to us. They're only lying when their lips are moving.Pat

  21. Good one, Jan. There are days it scares me, when I read the news. There are so many things now that are normal, which a number of years ago would have been grossly illegal. I wish I really knew where things were going in our world, but I don't. But I can see that the path we are traveling down currently, is not a sustainable one. And even when somebody is caught with their hands in the cookie jar, it really doesn't make any difference. Look at this current IRS scandal. So. My computer hard drive fries, and all of my emails are gone. Most third graders, that are on the talented side, would know that that is not where your emails are stored. These people sit there and just tell blatant, bold faced lies, and now days it's the norm. Are We The People so stupid, and so lazy that it's perfectly okay to target individuals that we disagree with? What about all the other governmental agencies? Is everything they're saying just one large pack of lies? It makes me sick, just like the food.Thanks for your great comment.Frank

  22. Thank you for the information, Adrienne. I find it appalling to see what is done with meat in the name of marketing. It doesn't matter how tainted the meat actually is with chemical goo, it will always be approved and stamped healthy for the public for the sake of the 'industry' and commerce. So is that why the food is making people sick? Maybe.Fern

  23. Fern – I believe that until the food processing industry comes up with some whistle blowers, I don't think we'll ever know if it's the gubbamint or corporate greed causing our food issues. I remember when my Grandmother went to live with my Mom in the early 80's. Her dream was to try MacDonalds so the family took her there. After 80 years of farmer's market & homemade food (even her pasta), it made her sick for 3 days! The fact that our Congresscritters aren't paying any attention to this issue (being bought & paid for as they are) makes me lean toward corporate profit. After all, look what they did to millions with asbestos and got AWAY with it – they will get away with this too. Unfortunately, I find that the sheeple who don't want to hear about economic stupidity, don't believe we are being poisoned either. Some days, seeing what we have come to is just too sad to deal with. I pray often that God will not only enlighten our leaders but give them the backbone to stand up and do what's right………………..Jan in NWGA

  24. The meat at Walmart is \”case ready\”, meaning it is processed and packaged somewhere else. Most of their meat and chicken has a solution of water, salt, sodium phosphate and natural flavorings which also ramps up the weight. If I'm not mistaken the meat is also \”gassed\” with carbon monoxide to keep it bright red. I would wear gloves to even handle their \”meat.\” The grocery store where a work a few hours per week gets its meat from the Double R Ranch in the Okanagan region of Washington State. I've met the owner and I trust their meat (I live in Post Falls, Idaho.)http://www.doublerranchbeef.com/The only other meat we buy is from Costco. I worked for them and trust their meat also.The only produce I buy in the grocery store is that which I know to be none GMO. Interesting question about people who eat processed food all the time getting sick from eating the good stuff. Never thought of that.Glad you're feeling better.

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