Beware of Health Risks

There appear to be many different health risks combining to pose an increased hazard to life across the globe. With the ability to travel the world in hours, viruses, bacteria, bugs and such, are free to tag along via many different carriers. I have run across many headlines in the past few weeks that I would like to bring to your attention. In no particular order:

Four Cases of Life-Threatening Plague found in Colorado

Ebola Only a Plane Ride Away from USA [or any other country]

Toxic Tap Water Causes State of Emergency in Toledo

National Border Patrol Council VP: Border Agents Need More Staffing to Help With Crisis [scabies and lice are the two main infestations ….. chicken pox, measles, H1N1 and tuberculosis are also pretty common]

Ebola Distracts From Worsening Cameroon Cholera Outbreak

Massive Emergency Drill in New York City

There are continued warnings of catastrophic water shortages that will impact our country and world in an unprecedented way. This, in turn, will have a major affect upon not only the health of many people, but the food supply, and consequently, the cost and availability of food as well.

25 Shocking Facts About The Earth’s Dwindling Water Resources

The Race to Stop Las Vegas From Running Dry

Parched West is using up underground water: Study points to grave implications for Western U.S. water supply – See more at:

The Parched West is Using Up Underground Water: Study Points to Grave Implications for Western U.S. Water Supply

U.S. Meat, Seafood Prices Rising on Drought and Disease: USDA

The Drought Goes From Bad to Catastrophic

I bring all of this to your attention for one reason. I hope that knowledge and information will help you make wise decisions for the future of your home and hearth, where ever it may be. Sometimes knowing isn’t pleasant, it causes us to confront rather than deny the realities around us, even when we dearly wish ‘it wasn’t so’. Hold your family close. Really evaluate what is important and necessary. Find options that still provide what is needed without risk to health and home. Avoid circumstances that may bring something to your door that may end in catastrophe. 

Ol’ Remus had good advice this week, “Prepared is prepared, you are or you aren’t. Do what you can. And as always, stay away from crowds.” 

Until next time – Fern

7 thoughts on “Beware of Health Risks

  1. Hello. We have that same discussion often in our house. It would be very convenient for a vaccine to not work. Reasons being, the vaccine is made in haste trying to find a solution and it inadvertently doesn't work and has a negative affect. There are other people thinking these same thoughts, so there must be a reason why they do. Thank you for the comment.Frank

  2. Wonder if the ebola scare is a false flag to get people vaccinated w/something other than a health-giving serum. If depopulation is on the minds of many it could be used for that or to try to implant chips, etc. I'm leary.

  3. Well said, Fiona. I agree, I admire aid workers, missionaries, and others that travel to some of the darkest places to help further the advancement of mankind. Sometimes, things don't always go well. But, I can't believe that our government is importing Ebola and untreatable tuberculosis at the Mexican border. I just don't know what to say anymore. I recommend everybody have their ducks in a row. I'm going to post an article on the blog about possible quarantine. I really appreciate your comments. Thank you.Frank

  4. Here are two more news stories from today. They outline the concern of people coming across our southern border that are from the areas of the Ebola outbreak in Africa. Ebola Outbreak Fuels Concerns Over Health Risks Along US-Mexico Border CBP Report Shows Entire World Exploiting Open US Border

  5. Disease has become well traveled to say the least! Great post with things we need to pay attention to. If we need to get an idea of how disease travels look into agriculture. There are diseases there that stop the importation of sheep to the USA from Europe…..these stop ALL kinds of importation from the live animals to the Semen and embryo's! We seem less worried about the spread of human disease. I may sound harsh and I do admire aid workers who go to help these regions of the world but there has to be better control of epidemic.God Bless you both!

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