Our New Battery Powered Propane Cookstove

Frank has told you before about the problems we were having with our propane cookstove. The electronic panel that controls the oven, timer and clock kept going out. The cooktop burners still worked fine, but the oven would not heat to the indicated temperature, or keep an even heat, or would heat way past the indicated temperature. We were always told it was the electronic control panel. So we replaced it instead of buying a new stove, after all, we bought this stove new in 2008, and it should last a long time, right? Not right. After replacing the control panel for the third time at $150.00 each, the third replacement didn’t work for over a week. Time’s up. We needed a new stove, but after the experience we had, we didn’t want a stove with an electronic control panel. 

Do you know how hard it is to find a new stove without an electronic panel? Almost as hard as trying to find a washer that doesn’t decide how much water you need to wash your clothes. Almost, but not quite, because we did find one, even though it may be the last one. We had chosen a particular model and asked our local appliance store if they could order one, they tried, and it had been discontinued. So, we found another one and asked the same question. They had one left in the regional warehouse, and that was it. This model has also been discontinued. We don’t know if they are still available anywhere else, or if a new similar model will be built. Even so, we wanted to show you this stove and explain why we chose it.

This is not a top of the line stove. In fact, most people would consider it to be on the other end of the scale. But, you know what? I am just tickled pink. It is plain, simple and battery operated. No, it doesn’t have any moving parts or talk or flash or even beep. But if the power goes out, I can still cook and bake to my heart’s

content, all because of this 9 volt battery. The ignition strikers all work off of this battery, even the oven. Yea! I have always wanted an oven that would work when the power is off. Now I have one, and I consider it to be a very important part of our preparations for the hard times ahead. Yes, I know that most cooktops will light with a match when the power is out, but very few ovens will. I feel fortunate to have one of the few ovens that will light when the power is off, very fortunate.


Here is a tour of the stove. It is a Hotpoint. All four burners have the same BTU output. The burners are not sealed, but the top is easy to remove and clean.




The oven lights similar to one in a travel trailer or camper. You hold the knob in for 10 seconds then set the temperature and make sure it lights.

Rechargeable battery
Battery charger

All of the burners and the oven can be lit with a match if the battery dies and there is not a replacement. The battery compartment description indicates the use of an alkaline battery, so we stocked up on a few. The manual indicates the battery will last two to three years. We would rather use rechargeable batteries, but when Frank contacted the manufacturer, he was told to only use alkaline batteries. The reason is that an alkaline is 9 volts VDC, and a rechargeable 9 volt is actually 8.4 VDC. Our battery charger will work off of a regular wall plug in, but transforms the power to 12 VDC. We operate ours directly from Frank’s radio power supply, which is 13.8 volts or 12 volts. Using rechargeable batteries will extend the length of time we are able to use battery power for many different things if the electricity is down for any length of time, including the stove. Yes, Frank’s power supply is 110 volts, but we also have a 12 volt solar system for the long term. And, yes, the stove works fine off of the rechargeable battery. Another yea!

I’ve been waiting for this stove for a long time. Frank’s back surgery slowed things down a little bit, but it is here, it is working, and it’s exactly what we have wanted for a long, long time. I have not tried to bake anything yet, since it just arrived this morning. If there are any problems with the oven I will let you know, because tomorrow is Saturday, and Saturday is biscuit day. I look forward to not wondering when they will be done and if they will be gooey or burnt. And besides that, Frank really enjoys our Saturday morning biscuit tradition, and I enjoy providing them for him. It’s all part of the blessings of marriage and family traditions. He spoils me rotten with the things I want, like this stove, but in return, I get to spoil him with biscuits. Isn’t life grand?

Until next time – Fern

10 thoughts on “Our New Battery Powered Propane Cookstove

  1. M.E. you are welcome. There are all kinds of different products out there. Most of the ones we see in the big box stores are made for people that shop at big box stores. Sometimes if you want to find something a little different you have to look a little deeper. It's kind of like non-hybrid seeds. Most seed companies sell the most popular varieties. If you look hard enough, you can find that variety you are looking for. Thank you for reading.Frank

  2. Best of luck, Shannon. Keep on doing research and asking around, and you may find what you are looking for. Check out the link that Ken provided. They seem to have a large selection of different types of cookstoves.Frank

  3. Fiona, remember, with most stoves the burners on top will ignite with a match when the power is off. Most ovens will not light when the power is off. Yes, that was a good comment and link the gentleman provided. Our little 9 volt stove made Saturday biscuits today.Frank

  4. We are also looking for propane cooktop. The propane cooktop seems simple enough to find but I want an electric oven. I am using a little electric Waring counter top toaster/oven in the meantime but would like to find a indoor propane stand alone oven if anyone makes them. Happy for you that you got the last one… sad for me…. grin!

  5. Thank you both…perfect timing as we just might be getting our new place……I wanted a gas range, I did not realize the new ones won't ignite with a power failure. Now I do and thanks to the comment from Anonymous we have a source for a stove that will work!God Bless all of you!

  6. Ken, thank you for the comment and thank you for the link. If someone else is looking for this type of stove, this would surely help them out. It's always good to have more information. When I did Google searches for this type of stove, this brand never did come up. So, thank you again. Maybe we can help someone else out.Frank

  7. Premier Ranges still make them in varying widths, sealed and unsealed burners, white black and stainless colors and best of all, Made in the USA! Here is a link to their website for those who are interested. http://www.premierrange.com/. I enjoy the blog, keep up the good work and I'm glad Frank is healing well. I too suffer from lower back pain. Ken in the Peoples Republic of Maryland

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