Health News – Beware of the Dangers Out There

Most people probably realized that it was just a matter of time before the first case of Ebola was diagnosed and announced in this country. But just the fact that it has happened is enough to make your stomach tie up in knots, isn’t it? And then the spread, changes and fatality from the Enterovirus are another cause for concern.

This seemed to be a good day to share some more headlines. Do your own research as well. There are many things happening out there that may show up on your doorstep, like it or not, prepared or not. It’s a good time to review your preps and fill in any holes you find. If you are not in a homestead or retreat location, it would also be a good time to review your exit plan. The example of medical martial law that we had the advantage of observing from across the ocean, is definitely something to take into account. Are you ready for that?

We had a couple of posts involving Ebola and health issues a short while back that I am going to link back to. One of them covered extensive steps to take if you need to quarantine your home to protect your family from contagions. There are many supplies and things to consider, and this article, although lengthy, covers it very well.



Ladies and Gentlemen, we have the best medical system on the planet. We have things here that other countries can’t even imagine. There is some criticism right now about our medical services and their short comings. With the recent introduction of “Obama Care” there is both positive and negative criticism. But that does not change the fact that we have the best medical care available to mankind in this country.

As you are aware, the system inside this country has had a deadly virus introduced into our advanced medical system. A few days to a few weeks from now, we will know the results of this one man with Ebola. Everything maybe hunky-dory, and this will just have been a scare on the radar. But there is also a possibility that things are not going to be hunky-dory, and this may be the beginning of a major infestation of our country. Only time will tell. During this time period, you might want to seriously evaluate or re-evaluate your family’s medical preparedness plan. There are some times you don’t get a second chance. Give it some thought, because this virus travels at the speed of a jet. It might be a good time for a family chit-chat. It’s a good time to prepare. Seriously. If it passes. Great. If it doesn’t, then it doesn’t. That oil light on your engine, tells you something. It’s blinking red right now.

Frank and Fern

20 thoughts on “Health News – Beware of the Dangers Out There

  1. Fiona, it astounds me, some of the unbelievably stupid things that the so called experts say. I have more than once read, in a single paragraph, an expert in what ever their field, directly contradict what they just said. We are supposed to be grateful that we have these so called experts? It's difficult to continually try to cover up the truth. It would be nice to be able to get a straight answer. But they're just like most everybody else in government, looking someone straight in the face and lying means nothing. It's just sickening.But the weather cooled down today. There are always good things to look forward to even in perilous times. Let's watch this thing in Dallas closely, it may pass. But then again, it might not. Thanks for reading.Frank

  2. M.E. I wish I knew exactly what precautions to take. Can you only get the Ebola virus from direct contact? What is direct contact? Is sneezing direct contact? Is coughing being in direct contact? I've been close enough to people where, I swear, you could taste their breath. I know you can certainly taste perfume. What about bathroom doors and toilet handles? What about the front doors of buildings? So, what is direct contact? It seems that the days linger on after this poor man was admitted to the hospital. It's taken our ultra prepared government 5 days just to deliver his friend new sheets and towels. This does not help our government's credibility at all. That man discharged vomit outside his apartment. Just imagine if his neighbor was walking Fifi, who will inherently lick or eat vomit, then takes Fifi back and let's her kids play licky face with the dog. Is this direct contact? Our government is doing a poor job of this. It makes me feel safer everyday. I don't know what to do. It would appear we are all on our own. As Ol' Remus says, avoid crowds.Take care.Frank

  3. Chipmunk, those little white cotton gardening gloves are very inexpensive. You can put those on top of your medical gloves. Don't wear medical gloves for too long, they will make your hands sweat profusely, especially the thicker varieties. Make sure you're not allergic to latex. Thanks for the comment.Frank

  4. It used to be the cultured thing to do for ladies to wear white cotton gloves when they went out in public. I'm beginning to think that might be a good fashion statement to revive.

  5. We were listening to the radio in the car today, a running around day for us too. They were talking about the Ebola and Enterovirus D68 that is making children so terribly ill. The scientist they were interviewing [and we did not get his name] was so clinical and scientific it was disturbing. Like it was all some grand chance to do research! Then he said something that really scared me…he said the the D68 virus was not really a problem as it only effects children with respiratory issues! This means asthma for goodness sake…not a problem? It was one of the most callous things I have ever heard and when the interview continued and the host asked him what about children with asthma…the scientist just said they were a low percentage! Stay safe and healthy and thank goodness Frank had hi surgery earlier this year!God Bless you bothFiona

  6. Kymber, we always have to pay attention to false flags. Actually, with the scope an size of this one, I had not considered the possibility of something else going on behind the scenes. You may have hit on a very important key. So, if it is a false flag, what's really coming? Interesting thought. Thank you for sharing that.Frank

  7. Was it Ronald Reagan that said, \”When someone from the government shows up and says, I'm here to help, turn around and run.\”? You're probably right about the worst case scenario situation. So, it may be time to get ready. Thank you for reading.Frank

  8. Clem, thank you for the response. We now travel by jet, but our response time seems to be in covered wagons. Most people agree, why wasn't air travel in and out of these countries suspended months ago. It's kind of like playing Russian roulette with a deadly virus. Pay attention.Frank

  9. Frank and Fern – this whole thing is utterly ridiculous and makes my blood boil. as soon as the outbreak occurred in Africa – our governments should have shut down all flights to, and especially from, there. i know that in today's world doing something like that is impossible – but it shouldn't be! we are simply waiting for a confirmed case in canada – i pray it doesn't happen but with the way this virus spreads, it's very likely. i hope that your government and the CDC are tackling all that needs to be done, but i doubt it. and then there is a big part of me that questions – is this just another false flag to keep our attention on ebola while something even freakier is happening behind the scenes???yes, i have added more tinfoil to my hat.i really enjoy your blog and thank you both for such interesting articles (and recipes! i love recipes!)your friend,kymber

  10. I agree with you. Whenever I hear that everything is under control and we are told not to worry, it's time to get ready for the worst case scenario.

  11. I know what you mean. They get no warning at all and can't be retroactively careful. The thing now is that it's not about a specific area. Maybe it would have been when travel to another state was measured in months. Now someone visiting family or friends in Dallas could travel in a mater of hours to anywhere in the country. Vigilance is necessary from everyone right now. Clem

  12. Good question, C.M. I hope others are asking themselves these same things. We've talked about quarantine involving general issues, but have not come to a line in the sand conclusion. A friend of ours commented, \”I'm just going to wait and see where it spreads.\” I guess right now, we're going to take that view also. A true self induced quarantine could be very difficult to implement. Great question, certainly food for thought. I agree with you about the medical experts, inconsistencies and contradictions in the same paragraph. Let's just wait a few more days and see where it goes. Watch very closely, it could change quickly. Let's also pray for those involved.Frank

  13. Frank, we've started discussing at what point we would self-quarantine. Have you and Fern come to any decisions on this?The inconsistencies and illogical statements made by the medical \”experts\” on the news channels are infuriating. We're supposed to trust the people who sent the man home with some antibiotics after he told them where he was from!

  14. NW, that is excellent advice. Avoid crowds. Avoid big cities when you can. But I feel very uncomfortable now. It was a business/doctor day. We went to banks, grocery stores, big box stores, doctor's office. I cannot imagine all the things that touched my hands just today. But we seldom eat out. I hope this thing doesn't get out of hand. I'm scared. Thanks for all the good advice.Frank

  15. I feel sorry for the poor folks that could have possibly been exposed to the Ebola virus and don't have a clue. I would be horrified to live in the area where this man is staying and wake up one day with an unexplained fever. I cannot imagine how the parents feel that have their kids in the same schools. The waiting has to be unbearable. Thanks for the comment.Frank

  16. I can understand both sides of our government not telling the truth. If I remember correctly, things in west Africa have been getting better now for months. And everything is under control. If the truth is known, and it was made public, could it cause a panic in the size of an area like Dallas and Fort Worth? Not everybody handles the truth well. But, remember, things are getting better everyday in west Africa. We have been lied to by our government for years and years. But, I'd rather be here than west Africa, or anywhere else for that matter. Thanks for the comment.Frank

  17. Frank and Fern, For those folks who are not prepared for what may come now is the time. NO one knows how far and wide this Ebola thing can or will spread. Did this man spread it on the plane, have they quarantined those that were on that plane? From this point forward I plan to avoid public places until better news arrives. I definitely will not be traveling to a larger city, or eating out, Do you know who cooks the food at you're favorite greasy spoon, do you know who just had their hands on that shopping cart you wrapped you're mitts around. For those who are not stocked up you better do it pronto.Don't be embarrassed of wearing a face mask or rubber gloves in public, it may be you're own life you save. God forbid you would pass it to a loved one.Thanks for sharing from N.W Illinois again.

  18. \”We have the best medical system on the planet \” maybe IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT ,I know round here you have to be deathly sick to go to a doctor , ( N central TX ) with Ebola its too late, you would have allready spread the disease to family , workmates and the pharmacy you visited , with AC running this time of year 3 to 400 people could be easily infected while you Wait at the checkout at WM , R X .

  19. I am tired of the \”everything is okay\” speeches we are getting from our government officials, not just on this but on a LOT of issues. Craziness!

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