Wakey! Wakey! The Wolf Is At The Door – A Re-Post

Hello, Frank here.

A while back we started experimenting with re-posting some articles that are over a year old. The response has been fairly positive. We try to do one every couple of weeks, and since my wife is having surgery today, this would qualify as the premier day for a re-post. On another note, our blog is less than two years old, and the readership has steadily increased. For that we are truly thankful. So, every now and then we would like to reintroduce some of our older work that you may not have had the opportunity to read. I really hope you enjoy this one.

We’ll talk more later. Frank

Originally posted October 23, 2013

Wakey! Wakey! The Wolf Is At The Door

Hello, Frank here.

Let’s talk. Since my name is not Fern, then this article is going to have a slightly different slant to it. This is going to sound like a rant, because that’s what it is. Rants are not always organized and structured or in a pleasant flow. So, please bear with me.

I read lots of stories, articles or other rants that believe that the collapse that’s coming will be similar in nature to the collapse that occurred during the late 1920’s. Okay, some of my numbers here are not going to be precise, they are going to be rounded off. Maybe up, or maybe down, but you will get the general idea, if you have the ability to think. So, if I say 70% and it was actually 60% or maybe 80%, then please bear with me. Remember, this is a rant.

Back to the late 1920’s. The population of the United States was much smaller than it is today. The majority of the people still lived on a farm, let’s say 80%. Therefore, 20% of the people lived in

larger cities. Now remember, people in rural areas did not have electricity in the 1920’s or 30’s. Most of the people in rural areas raised most of their own food. Summer, winter, spring, fall they ate what came out of the earth. Many, many rural people were what we would call today, dirt poor. My information source here, was my father. He and his brother did not wear shoes for most of the winter and never wore shoes during the summer. So, he is my source of data, along with census data. 

So. Most people lived in the country. Most people raised their own food. Most people didn’t have electricity and everything that is associated with electricity. There were significantly fewer people in the United States. And many current authors tell us that we will get through this next depression or collapse or tyrannical government or whatever you want to call it, just like we got through the 1920’s collapse.

Now let’s look at today. We have a much larger population. That means more mouths to feed. The vast majority of people live in cities or suburbs, which conversely means, that very few people live in rural America, or on  

the farm. Almost everybody has electricity. So, what does this mean? Since the majority of people live in cities, that means that few, if any, raise their own food. Few or none, know how to preserve their own food,and all buy their food at the grocery store. Now those few that live in the country, are not living on a farm. For the benefit of discussion, yes, there are a handful that still live on a farm. But how many of that handful continue to raise all of their own food? Of that small handful, how many know how to preserve their own food? Get the picture here? 

It doesn’t matter what type of shutdown, collapse or apocalyptic event is GOING to occur, there is not going to be enough food to feed the

massive numbers of people, not even remotely close. Even in rural areas, extremely rural areas, most people have no idea how to raise, process and store food. And now, throw into the equation, there won’t be any electricity. So, all that meat you have stored in the freezer on the top of your refrigerator, sitting beside the popsicles and burritos will turn into stinking mush in about three days. 

Ladies and gentlemen. We are in significant trouble. Let me say that again. We are in a situation that we cannot recover from. I know folks that say

that they are going to go live in the forest and live off the land. Wake-y, Wake-y here fool! I know veteran, hard core, experienced hunters that laugh when they hear people say, and pardon me, unbelievably stupid things like that. There are many, many stories about mostly men, that have gone out into bush Alaska and had something to prove. Somebody normally finds them later. Going and living in the woods and hunting and feeding your family is not going to happen. 

Remember those people in the cities? They’re just going to go out and live with somebody in the country. A farmer, right? I hope they like 10,000 acres of soybeans or corn or milo or even wheat. They don’t need a farmer, what they need is a gardener and most farmers don’t raise gardens because they go to the grocery store and buy it. 

Before the shortages of guns and bullets lots of people thought that the idea of survival was who had the most guns and the most bullets. Some of these people watch way too much television. I know people that have never shot a gun that were buying guns and bullets. Like others write, buying a surf board, does not make you a surfer. Buying a gun does not make you a hunter, or give you the ability to pull the trigger when you need to. These are false delusions of illusions. 

Look at some of the facts presented above about population densities, and food production or preservation. Don’t get me wrong. I like guns and I like bullets, but I like shovels, hoes and seeds a whole lot better. I have even known people to buy these cans and five gallon buckets that have these survival seeds packed inside and they

wouldn’t no more know how to raise a garden than they would to fly a space shuttle. Can they learn to garden? Yes. Can they learn to fly a space shuttle? I guess so. I know 80 year old women that still wonder why their tomatoes make one year and the next year they don’t and they’ve been gardening for 65 years. I’m not saying that a bucket full of seeds is a bad thing. That reminds me. Where is my seed catalog? But gardening is an art, a skill, not something to be mastered in one year. The person that thinks they are going to raise a garden and produce food for their family in one year, got off the same bus as the guy that is going to go live in the forest and feed his family.

I hurt for those that can’t see or feel what is coming. There are signs everywhere, just look around. Our economy is in dismal, dismal shape and I live in a part of the world that is in pretty good shape. Look at society. Look at the stuff you do see on television or read in the news. Society is collapsing. The EBT cards shut down for a few hours. Can you imagine

what society will be like when the EBT cards shut down permanently? Our government leaders. Look at what’s happening in state capitals around our country. Look at some of the things that are happening that our parents and grandparents would have never thought possible.  There is a term called ‘normalcy bias’. Basically, this means what we learn to accept over time as normal. Our society is in serious, serious trouble. There are things that I cannot say in this blog that when I was a child, people went to jail for, what today is normal. We have perversion crammed down our throats everyday. This is normal. 

Okay. Let’s see. Our economy cannot be saved. Okay. Next. Society

can’t be saved. Our political arena is unbelievably corrupt and is a massive cesspool. This next statement is only going to be said once, listen carefully. Christianity is under attack worldwide. That means here, in the United Sates, Christianity is under attack also. The future does not look good for it’s survival. Pay attention. We are under attack.

Now, let me go back to the first part of this rant. Many writers will tell you that we survived the Great Depression and we will survive the next one too. And these are the people giving you the bad news. Not to mention those that are telling us that everything is okay and that “things are getting better”. I borrowed that last line from the Postman. Folks, we are in serious, serious trouble and I really don’t know if we are going to survive this. The world is not going to be the same world when this thing happens. Hold your family close. Prepare yourself mentally, physically, spiritually and temporally and with the help of God we will do the best we can.

That’s it for now. Maybe we’ll talk more later. It’s time to wake-y wake-y.


38 thoughts on “Wakey! Wakey! The Wolf Is At The Door – A Re-Post

  1. Very well put. I would hate to think that our society has to shut down for people to become aware of their surroundings. I, myself included, am a poor representation of a healthy society. But we have become a fat, lazy nation. We are the by product of a highly productive society. Yes, change is coming, and it's going to be very uncomfortable for many people, myself included. Thank you for your well put thoughts.Frank

  2. Davy, thank you for the comment. Things do look grim here in the U.S., but I would sure hate to be anywhere else besides the U.S. Some folks are leaving our country in search of a more peaceful sanctuary. When our country does collapse, I would hate to be in one of those sanctuaries. I think those folks that are leaving are making a critical mistake that could be fatal. Just my two cents worth.Frank

  3. OJD, my father, born in 1926, had a similar type comment. He was raised in southern Oklahoma. It will be very different this time. Thanks for reading and thanks for the comment.Frank

  4. OJD, We should all take heed of the tales our Grandmothers and Grandfathers have or had told us about the Great Depression. History does repeat, unfortunately our leaders must not have had Grandparents to \”educate\” them. Don't feed the Beast ! Patronize the Mom & Pop businesses in your community. Recycle, reuse, auctions, garage sales, resale shops, you get the idea. Remember God helps those that help themselves and one another. Attend you're local church and pray for our country. God Bless, N.W. Illinois

  5. As a psudo-prepper and a Christian I want to interject a word of encouragement. I spoke with a friend recently who agreed that things look grim here in the US but he related a conversation he had with George V, who heads an international ministry called OM. George told my friend he has never been so encouraged about the Christian church and evangelism. People are coming to faith by the thousands. We like to think of the US as a lighthouse, but since we started disdaining the unborn and embracing a culture of self indulgence and greed I believe our country is becoming more like an outhouse. Things ARE going to get bad here, I have read Revelation 16 and I know what is coming. -best wishes to y'all from Tinfoil Hat Davy

  6. Great (re) post. I'll never forget a great conversation that I had with my grandmother a few years ago. She was born in 1927. I asked her how the Great Depression affected her and her family. She said quite simply \”It didn't… as farmers, (in Enid Oklahoma) we grew all our own food.\” Her point was well made. The depression (and our current recession) affect folks who need jobs to pay bills and buy groceries. The more self sufficient you are… the less you need to work for someone else.

  7. Don't worry anon, they won't have the energy or the ability to go looking for food or to try to get out of dodge. They'll simply perish in place and leave the rest of us to carry on and save the world.

  8. During WWII, when people in the UK were on rations, sugar was in short supply or non existent, the only bread available was whole wheat and the main staple food was fresh vegetables they noted a sharp decline in infant mortality and an increase in the overall health of the nation. A decline in McDonald's is a GOOD THING!! Since people won't take care of themselves and eat better then a recession/depression may do the trick and wake them up. Come on people, stop being the blank affect, mindless trolls the government wants you to be. Be free instead.

  9. N.W. Yes, I've read that news now. On the Ebola issue, I'm keeping a very close watch on where it is and how it's moving. But I don't always believe what the news media tells us, or is allowed to tell us. I hope the officers hit with the ax do okay. I cannot imagine living in New York City. But, Crocodile Dundee liked it. Thanks for the update.Frank

  10. I do so hope That Fern continues to improve….just don't let her over do anything and keep your back safe too! Our news is our off again on again land sale is maybe on?????? We are getting anxious to be moved!

  11. Frank and Fern, don't know if you've heard but there was an attack on New York City police officers this afternoon. A man wielding a hatchet attacked a group of police officers. Hitting one in the arm and another in the back of the head in serious condition. Then a confirmed case of Ebola in N.Y.C. also, a Dr. whom returned from West Africa. It's here and we're only going to see more headlines like this. Prayers, from N.W Illinois.

  12. Ro, I think you're exactly right about the soil. We have lots of commercial chicken houses in our area, and they are more than happy to bring out their chicken manure, and spread it on your pasture. Some people even put this chicken manure on their gardens. It's not going to go on my garden, because along with the chicken manure they're also getting a massive amount of steroids and antibiotics. We do put our own barnyard, happily, on our garden every year. And when the growing season is over, we clean out our personal chicken house and put it on the garden, also. I have a friend that was starting a new garden patch. I let him have the manure out of my barn twice. Good stuff. Thank you for the comment.Frank

  13. Hobo, thank you for reading. Yes, Fern is getting much better, and I certainly hope she gets much better, quicker. I have not had a can of chili in over six weeks, and that's way too long. Thanks.Frank

  14. C.M. It's been about 28 hours since the surgery, and Fern is up and typing these comments. A little bit of pain from the four small incisions, over all things are much, much better.Thank you for the comments about the post. I am surprised at some of the replies. After reading some of the comments, I am concerned even more about the situation we're in. Again, thank you.Frank

  15. Thank you for your prayers and well wishes. If I may be so humble to make some recommendations, from a 60+ year old man. Work to get in the best health you can. I need to lose a significant amount of weight. Get right with God. Whether you're a total believer or not, a belief in a higher power provides comfort. Get to know some of your immediate neighbors, you don't have to be buddies, but just get to know a little bit about them. Once a year, I might call my neighbors with something I see suspicious, and on occasion they do the same for me. Chickens. Just about any breed will work. Easy to handle, provide you with meat and eggs. If you let them out to forage, they will help with your bug population and conserve feed. But, confined chickens work just fine too. Goats. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They provide you with meat, milk and associated dairy products. They're easy enough to handle if you get tame animals. Goat meat tastes just like beef if you cook it the same way. It's a whole lot easier to butcher a 100 pound carcass over an 800 pound carcass. I have physical limitations, I just learn to use pulleys and other back saving tricks. Last week I couldn't get a chicken to go back in the pen, so I shot it and got rid of it. Best wishes on your goals.Frank

  16. You are exactly right. And the list goes on and on of the differences between now and then. I remember my father commenting that as a child he had never seen an orange, they just did not exist in his part of the world, which was dirt poor, southern Oklahoma. All of your examples are right. When it comes, it is going to be nasty. I have serious concerns about the upcoming elections, and I fear for the people that live anywhere near Ferguson, Missouri. Thank you for your comments.Frank

  17. M.E. Thank you for the nice words. And, yes, one day later, Fern is feeling much better, thank you. Did you notice in Houston where the mayor has subpoenaed ministers' sermons? Yes, religion is under attack. The civilized society is under attack, and I don't think we're going to win this one. Read some of the other comments. We're not going to survive this one as a nation. We have no viable Constitution, our rights mean nothing. I would prepare for impact.Frank

  18. I couldn't have said it better. I think you're exactly right. Our society is no longer recognizable. And not if, but when, the big one occurs, I hope and pray we at least have a couple of hours notice. Because when it does, we are going to see and experience things that have never been seen or experienced before. God help us all.Frank

  19. N.W. You're very right about the McDonald's issue. I've read a couple of articles about the reasons why they have had a sharp decrease in revenue. Most conclude that it's normal clientele just do not have the money. That should catch people's attention. Every market is showing signs of stress. I really don't know how much longer this thing can continue, but one day it's going to stop. I just don't know what to say anymore. If you find sales, really good sales, then you might want to stock up. Thank you very much for the comment.Frank

  20. I don't remember the exact percentage, but I think it was 40% of all females take a form of mind altering drugs daily. For some it may be a small issue, but for others it's going to be a very tough road. I could only imagine the circumstances you're in. I go to church with folks that don't work, and on a regular basis, for assorted different reasons, normally anxiety type issues, end up at the hospital emergency room. It's not hard to figure out why. This is just one group of people that I sit in a room with weekly that I have serious questions about their ability to survive. Thank you for the comment.Frank

  21. Very well put, all excellent points. I agree with you whole heartedly. No matter what your current health condition, you can always make it better. You can always make your mental health condition better, too. We can quit feeding our minds with poison everyday also. I am a coffee drinker, and I've stored up coffee, so I will have the opportunity to quit at my pace. It could also make a handy bartering tool. You're right, it could get real nasty, real quick. If I were a smoker, I would be stocked up on cigarettes also. Excellent comment, thank you.Frank

  22. Fiona, thank you for the blessing. We've had similar type discussions with folks who ask why we garden and butcher animals, when you can just go to the store and buy it. There are a gazillion reasons why, but all the reasons I give mean nothing to them. A very dangerous combination, lazy and stupid. Frank

  23. The biggest thing that people overlook in buying survival seeds and even learning how to garden is soil condition. They actually believe that they will scoop of the top layer of grass and pop the seeds in. I've been an organic farmer for many many years and most have no conception of how must fertiliser they will need just to get started. But one thing is guaranteed the day anything happens farmers, stables etc will take 10 minutes to work out that their once surplus of droppings now has a value beyond measure! Buying it is not going to be easy!

  24. Prayers for both of you, that Frank continues to heal and Fern has a wonderful outcome from her surgery. There have been tremendous advances in gallbladder surgery in the past years. Hoping Fern benefits from them.You are right about the current lack of attention that people pay to our country's health. We purchased a small farm a couple years ago and have began working on our skills. This year's garden was better than any we've ever had in the 43 years we've been married. We need to get moved there permanently so we can add animals because neither of us have any experience except with pets. We're both 60+ with chronic illnesses. If everything falls apart, it will be very hard but we're learning what we need to do to survive. Take care and know that I look forward to each of your posts.

  25. You might add a couple…In the Great Depression, …-Most people had wells or cisterns. Now its city water.-There were many more street cars, bikes, horses. Now mostly just gas fueled cars.-Most folks used outhouses. Now most have city septic.-Now, on average, 90% of the food people eat comes from over a 1000 miles away.-Most country folks knew had to find, gather, use herbs for medicine and food. Now it's just Dr.'s and hospitals if you're sick.By every single criteria, we as a people are far less prepared for self-sufficiency than our grand-parents.

  26. For this one prayer is not enuf…Frank this was a great post….we have to \”act\” which takes motion..movement. I am not saying to stop praying please keep them going. what I am saying is people need to truly open their eyes and work for God and prepare for the worst. God has your back if you put him first in every aspect of yours. Prayers for Fern…do hope she gets to feeling better and heals quickly!

  27. Good post.Want to see reality? Go to a Super-Wally World. Scary isn't the word. \”Disturbing\” would be a better term. Young and old, morbidly obese, tattoos, nose rings, lip rings, a head of hair four different rainbow colors. All crowding around the plasma tv sets and/or dvds.Folks, when \”the big one\” hits, it's going to be pandemonium.Pray hard.

  28. Frank you're spot on in this repost, and thanks for reposting. When McDonalds reports profit down 30% it's a sign of things to come. FYI. I do not eat there. Things are not good when you witness long time establishments closing they're doors. I've noticed establishments having sales on items they never had trouble moving. Work shoes @ 50% off , winter clothing 50% off and winter hasn't even arrived yet. Just look around and observe what's going on in you're community, the signs of what's to come is everywhere. Then the tragedy in Canada today, Pray for our Northern neighbors and pray for America. God Bless. Prayers for Fern. From N.W. Illinois

  29. Another good post. I think one of the best things you can do (and one of the best resources you can have) is get healthy! Stop eating sugar (like sodas and candy), eat more raw foods like apples and vegetables and walk every day! I say this because I recently became ill and after some research and a trip to the doctor I realized that even though I'm relatively young (in my 30s), I've been poisoning my body for years. How could I possibly survive, much less thrive, in a collapse situation if I was sick all the time. Your health is your greatest resource. You can't shoot or tend your garden if you're sick all the time. I often wonder what would happen if the grid went down and all these people who are addicted to 3 sodas a day, cigarettes and alcohol at night had to go \”cold turkey\” and quit. Things would get dangerous in a hurry! Have you ever encountered someone who needs a cigarette badly. DANGEROUS!!

  30. Prayer's for Fern…I hope everything goes well! This repost was right on! Our young neighbors here asked Ralph and I help them start a small garden when they moved in last May. Every time we went to see if they were ready to till a space they were busy…we had extra beans, did they want to pick them..no they were busy…now after we have our store room full they told us they couldn't believe how much work we did and now they don't want to garden. Its easier to buy stuff! It is a scary thing!God bless you both!

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