These Dark, Somber Days

Hi Folks. There are so many things happening in our country and the world, that we are not finding anything inspiring to write about today. 

It seems that the country is holding it’s breath to see how the outcome of the Ferguson grand jury will turn out. There are many, many people that don’t feel the outcome will be good, regardless of the jury’s decision. My heart really goes out to the people that live in that area. We can’t imagine how difficult it is to wait and see if chaos will break out in their neighborhoods.

Then there is the new round of executive orders our Tyrant in Chief signed. I don’t know what kind of shape we will be in by the time he leaves office.

Next, comes the lack of reporting on Ebola and the suspicion that any real information concerning this disease is being suppressed. I really don’t feel we have any real idea about the spread, or lack thereof, of this highly contagious illness.

So, the next distraction to be splattered on the headlines while we wait to see if protests and rioting will occur, is how fragile our electrical grid is. It can be taken down anytime by hackers from anywhere in the world, which will bring on TEOTWAWKI… least here in our country. Then what? How will our not so friendly neighbors around the world react if that happens? Especially if they are the ones that cause the grid to go down.

Fear. It appears that everywhere we turn, we are supposed to be afraid. Fear is a very good control mechanism. If Group A can cause enough fear in Group B, then offer a solution or protection

from the reason for the fear, then Group B will accept whatever conditions come with the protection. Sound familiar? Can we say Patriot Act and NDAA? Don’t worry about the new, latest and greatest crisis Group B, we’ll save you! But, there is a cost, you know. You will have to pay the piper. You can’t afford it? Well, that’s okay, we’ll let you work it off by paying for all of the other schmucks that won’t, and have never worked, and didn’t have to, because they’ve always played the game right. Unlike you. But, don’t worry, be happy. We are here to save the day.

Why is it that a relatively small group of people with loud voices and demanding, aggressive personalities can control the rest? Why is it that small groups of demanding people can force others to accept their ways of life? Why is it that regular, old folks cannot speak their minds and have everyday conversations expressing their views? Why is it that the masses allow themselves to be manipulated and controlled by such a small group? It brings to mind the Holocaust.

Are we the only ones that feels this way? Do you feel this way? Do you feel that we’re heading down the path to light, or to darkness? A good while back Frank felt that something had been loosed in our world.

It just feels like something is not right, and it appears to be getting stronger. Frank and I are both religious, spiritual people, but we don’t like to blame every negative that occurs on a lack of Christ type of scenario. But, it sure does appear that is what is happening. Everywhere we turn, there is bad or evil. Lying at the highest levels has become common, even when it’s so easy to prove that they are lying. When we were children, we were taught that lying was one of the Big 10, that you don’t break. The Ten Commandments, that is. And now days, it seems to mean nothing. Billy Graham even recently said we are educating our children in a culture of evil (paraphrased).

We feel sorry for the poor folks in and around Ferguson, Missouri. We hope this turns out relatively peaceful. But there seem to be bad folks at all levels, that are doing everything they can, to insure there is some form

of crisis. Remember, never let a good crisis go to waste. This one just doesn’t feel right. We’re sure we’ll find out soon enough. But, remember, there are a lot of good folks out there, too. We don’t think we’ll be seeing or hearing much from them in the next few days, because what we see and what we hear is not impartial any longer. It’s just a prettified version of eloquent lies coming from talking heads. We’re scared, and we don’t think we’re the only people that are. We’re going down a deep, dark path into a forest where sunlight seldom reaches the ground. Whatever has been loosed is about to devour it’s prey. Slowly at first, but it’s here.

So, Folks, we don’t have any inspiring words today. We’re frustrated and angry. We’re afraid. We know that there are many good things in this world, and it will continue to be so. It’s just that today, these dark, somber days are heavy and foreboding. Be vigilant. Please pray for the folks in Ferguson.

May God bless us all.

Frank & Fern

33 thoughts on “These Dark, Somber Days

  1. Thank you for your comment. NDE has always fascinated me. Recently I read the account of a medical doctor and his feelings about NDE, since he was the patient, and not the medical provider. I guess we'll all find out someday. Again, thank you for your comment. Keep your flashlight charged for those dark times when you need to see the end of the tunnel.Frank

  2. I just saw some billionaire on Fox News from India who was educated here in the U.S. He's being praised by the U.N. for his views of \”Global Unity\”. He wants no borders, and urges one world citizenship. Something in the pit of my stomach told me this man will be the right hand man of the Anti-Christ. I believe his name is \”Modi\” if I remember correctly. I'm not sure if he's the same man I looked up who is the PM of India but they sure look alike! AND, Julie Rowe who had a profound NDE in 2004 and was shown ALOT says the Anti-Christ will be accompanied by a man wearing a white suit and white turban. This Modi fellow I saw wears white suits. It says about him that he's a real \”crowd puller\” and has like 6 million \”tweet\” followers or something. Julie Rowe has put out two books that detail her NDE experience. 'A Greater Tomorow' and her final book 'The Time is Now'. She can also be heard on some radio interviews.I have read both books and listened to the interviews. What I have read/heard about the destruction she saw in these Last Days is so staggering I can hardly wrap my mind around it. She doesn't like to discuss this part much and has suffered depression and anxiety from what she was shown. Do with it what you will…..just sharing…..but there's a reason her second book is titled 'The Time is Now'. This second book addresses questions/concerns from readers/listeners and is very well written. She also explains in greater detail some things she was shown.I believe the book of Joel stating in the Last Days that young and old would come forth with dreams/visions prophesying. Julie Rowe is one of those people.I find her to be genuine and sincere. It would be difficult to do what she's doing. She's been commanded by the Lord to share/witness her experience now.This link has radio interviews info to click on for those interested. Not trying to push anything, just sharing something I found., dark days are upon us and it's only going to grow darker. The scriptures say it is so. But this we do know. Those who keep the commandments and trust in the Lord will win in the end. Brothers and sisters, it may be that some of us die for the cause but no matter what, if we go out of this world on the Lord's side of the line, we are saved in the Kingdom of God and that's all that matters.Stay true and pray for help of the Holy Ghost to not be deceived. DO NOT take the chip implant no matter what. Julie saw that too. Keep preparing as best you can both spiritually and temporally. Ask the Lord to direct you in what you should be doing and where you need to be. He will answer all sincere prayers.God help us all to endure valiantly. For we fight against spiritual wickedness in high places. Principalities of Darkness and anything that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. Remember, the Lord is in total control at all times. Have faith that all flesh is in His hands and that He knows the end from the beginning just as He has told us.God bless all reading this to be comforted and inspired to draw closer to God. Frank and Fern, thank you for being a comfort and strength to all of us. And thanks to the readers who let us know that there's many out there who feel/think the same way about what's happening.I, too, feel something changing in the air so to speak. Evil is not afraid to rear its ugly head any longer in the daylight.

  3. You're right, it has been going on for a long time, but it was going on for a long time before Theodore Roosevelt was born. And, you're right, there has been a steady encroachment by government into our former private lives. And, you're right, we have no moral compass. Where are we going as a society? Do we have a destination? I don't see one, do you? We are adrift at sea, and that is not a healthy environment. Someday, something is going to latch onto our rudder, and then we will know where we are going, and it may not be in a direction that we want. Blessings to you also.Frank

  4. Hello Vickie. Prayer is good. Some recommend starting and ending the day with a prayer. 30 years is a long time for people to remember, when in a 30 minute TV show, all of life's problems can be solved. All these free items you mentioned, I pay for these items, and I have been paying for them for a long time. I don't see where anything is going to change. There is no true motivation for our government to do anything different. Where is the uproar from the people? All I hear is silence….for now.Frank

  5. Hi Deb. Thank you for your comments. Times are tense in our society right now, and there will be a decision soon in Ferguson. Then we will see how mankind is going to respond. In this house, we hope that man rises to the occasion, but we will see. We will see.Frank

  6. frank, it is a master plan but not a man made one, although the humans putting it into motion flatter themselves that they are doing the planning. they are the useful idiots that the devil enjoys using even as he knows they will be in hell forever.they have exalted themselves and their puny human intelligence above God. does the pot rule the Potter?every civilization has its day and then subsides.i hope our subsidence is fairly peaceful with no shedding of blood.Jesus told us the signs but He also said,'the end is not yet.'.deb h.

  7. Thank you both for your blog and the time you put into it . It is assuring to know there are thousand's of other folks feeling and thinking along the same lines . Here is food for thought , I believe we have been in an \” age of turmoil \” since T. Roosevelt was president, think FBI ( national police force) , then along came the Federal Reserve , IRS , WWI , gold confiscation , SSA , WW II and a steady encroachment of government in our personal lives and our country's walking , nay , running away from the Lord . We have completely lost the moral compass of the USA . We seem to have a ruling elite class at the helm of the ship of state and they are certainly looking out for themselves . Praise the Lord that he is in control of things and through him we can find comfort and hope and the strength to continue .Bless you both

  8. Ditto to all of the above. Another problem in the news: granting Amnesty to so many illegal immigrants. We had amnesty a little over 30 years ago (doesn't anyone remember?) and it was said that it wouldn't happen again. Well, apparently it has. I believe this just gives people MORE incentive to cross our borders. Why not? Free food, free housing, free education, free driver's licenses, etc., and now the knowledge that all you have to do is wait 30 or so years and you will get amnesty! I think the real reason the average American doesn't loudly complain about this is because once you do, you are labeled a racist, and no one wants to be called a racist. Our local police chief (Sacramento, CA) is opposed to the POTUS's amnesty because an illegal immigrant killed two police officers last month, and he is not happy about the whole situation, to say the least. So, what do we do? Pray. It seems there isn't much else we can do.

  9. Hello. Thank you, we needed that. Tell your husband, Congratulations! Now, you can watch your bank account decrease on a regular basis. Always a new toy to buy. I tell Fern on a regular basis, that's the last piece of equipment I need. The key word there is regular.Monday morning I'm going to put out a re-post on entry level equipment. If your husband is interested, he might find it to be a good read. Now, whatever method he used for his Technician, I would encourage him to take his General as soon as possible. It's the same number of questions, and it's not really any more difficult. Just some new material. Then your bank account will really accelerate downward.Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy the subtle humor. Now you might consider getting your license, too. Please tell your husband Congratulations, and this news is really cool.73s, Frank

  10. Hi Frank and FernYou may not find anything inspiring to write about today, but let me tell you….You two are very inspiring! Thank You for your blog and all the effort you put into it. Because I read your blog regularly, I showed my husband \”Franks Radio Communications\”. Those posts helped him a lot. He took the technicians test today and passed. Thank You for being here and giving us your insights and inspiration to learn.

  11. George Washington once said, and I will paraphrase, \”If you cannot associate with men of honor and quality, then it is better to be alone.\” I know that's just a quote, but it's one that I have chosen to live my life by. And I have chosen this path for many, many years. Thank you for your scripture reminder. It does not fall on deaf ears. May the Lord be with you.Frank

  12. Shannon, thank you. And may God be with you also. But even in church, a rural country church, most of the folks in there are the look at me type. Look at my new truck. Look at my new whatever. I see many people bow their heads in prayer, and say amen at the right time, but their Monday through Saturday behavior is sharply different. I am by no means, not even remotely close, to perfect. I just wish I could find a few more solid, decent people. Just a few more. I would like for them to be a positive influence for me. Thank you for your comment.Frank

  13. Hi Fiona. I've often asked myself this question and one similar to it. Does the media give us what they want us to know? Or do they truly give us what we want? I don't really have an answer to that question. But I would avoid crowds at all costs, as Ol' Remus says, or used to say. I would pay attention the best I could. Look for the signs around you and try to avoid getting caught in town. As for the food bank. Food banks everywhere are struggling to keep up, and not just because of Thanksgiving. We just have way too many needy people, and I don't think this is going to change. Best of luck on your land sale.Frank

  14. Kathy, thank you for sharing. We appear to have gotten ourselves into a fine problem. But we have been getting ourselves into this problem long before any of us were ever born, or our parents were born. Whether this is the big one or not, I don't know, and no one does know. We are not supposed to know. I guess this can sound selfish, but I'm trying to take care of mine, the best that I can. And I hope everyone else will take care of those that just can't see.Frank

  15. Hi Deb. It's an interesting Biblical reference, scales from the eyes. I don't see us moving as a society in that direction, if anything, we are going in the opposite direction. I can wish, and I can hope, but as someone else said, \”Hope is a very poor strategy.\” Thank you for the comment.Frank

  16. Thank you for the comment. It's difficult to add to what you had to say. We have a congress, it is their job to pass legislation, but they don't get it done, and they haven't gotten it done in a number of years. Long before the current administration came along, our congress was doing the same thing they are doing now, which is for all practical purposes, nothing. Could the current administration be stopped? Sure they could. Is our congress going to do it? Probably not. It appears they're all in the same boat together. But, The People appear to be getting frustrated with our current power structure. Let's wait and see where it goes. Thank you for the comment.Frank

  17. The media has been an instrumental part of the thought development of western society for a number of years. But the majority of civilized households this evening will be perched in front of their thought machine. It astounds me to go to church and listen to the conversations of men about television. It just never ceases. That's why we quit TV 20 or so years ago. Haven't owned one in years.But have no fear, we do enjoy the happy moments in life. Thank you for the intuitive comment.Frank

  18. My heart is troubled, Tewshooz, not about eternity, but the present. Some days I feel this is just part of a man made master plan. We are all just the sheep playing a game. Yes, I am troubled. Thank you for the comment.Frank

  19. Hi Janet. We wonder the same thing, how can people not see it? We see the standard excuses.\”I'm too busy.\”\”It's not real.\” \”It's never happened before.\”But it is happening. Enjoy your environment as long as you can. It's nice to at least feel prepared.Frank

  20. I know it shouldn't, but the negative in our world environment causes tensions to build in other areas also. Keep praying, and remember that other folks are scared, too. Thank you for reading.Frank

  21. Listen to God and hold on tight, but do not fear. 2 Timothy 3 King James Version (KJV)3 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,4 Traitors, heady, high minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

  22. God bless you, anonymous.when i see the news i think of hitler and the innocent germans. i knew some who were war brides. it seems that once enough hearts turn away from God a nation may be claimed by the evil one, who seizes every opportunity.over 30 years ago i was standing in the shower when God said suddenly to me 'america is no longer a Christian nation'.it must have been at that moment the tipping point was reached.praying for God's intervention is all that we can do. only He can stop or moderate the actions set in motion.if people have scales on their eyes and want them gone it will happen but modern people love the blinding scales and the bread and circuses. they will continue to cling to them but they will hate the rest of us more and more.i would say pray more and keep below the radar of the majority.deb h.

  23. Psalms 14:2 The LORD looks down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there are any who understand, who seek God. Yes there are many people that still believe in the 10 commandments. There are still many people that are horrified by what has happened to our country and the world. It seems as it was in the days of Noah when every thought and inclination of man was evil. But there is a remnant still that hold fast to the faith. The bible teaches us to not fear but to hold to our faith and trust in God, even when things look really dark and scary. We are not to fear those who can kill the body, but fear that which can kill the soul. It seems that everything this society is producing these days is designed to kill the soul. Many have decided to walk away from that society and death and concentrate on caring for our loved ones and the little bit of earth that God has given us to tend. Stay away from crowds….. and remember, “the meek shall inherit the earth”. Not the weak….. the meek. (having or showing a quiet and gentle nature : not wanting to fight or argue with other people).May God bless and uphold you with his hand.

  24. Ralph and I we're just talking about \”Something dark\”…the two minute attention span of so many people terrifies us. The media beats a topic to death…then drops it. We never hear the conclusion or ongoing results of headline news. What has happened to ETHICAL, MORAL and RESPONSIBLE. Behavior? The local IGA has had the highest ever call from the local food bank…this is a county with only 6000 people in it yet the worry is very much intensifying. Ralph and I are getting really worried as our impending land sale drags on! We know despite all our knowledge if a crisis occurs while we are still in town we are in trouble. We give as much as we can to people in our little corner of town who are in need but it is a dark world right now.God bless you both for writing what we need to hear.'

  25. Hubby and I have had these same conversations, it is so hard to remember that this is Gods plan and that I have read the last chapter and we win. I hope we are brave enough to get from here to there, I worry about children and grandchildren who have to be out in it while I am able to stay at home and avoid a lot of the mess. I waiver between not wanting to know what is going on and being obsessed with the news of what is ourt there. We have conversations about what we would do if … I read George Orwell and Ayn Rand in the 70's and thought they were interesting and well written stories. I reread them recently and am chilled at where we let ourselves get to, and how much warning we had! Some of our family lives in MO. There is much hype from the media, the locals are ready and MO is a state that allows self defense. Many are worried about how things will be reported but are prepared to defend home and family. They too ask how did we get here? Why is the media willing to sacrifice us for ratings?So the answer is no. You are not alone. We pray.

  26. I completely agree, and everyone else in my family is experiencing the same foreboding feeling. Think how the normal, intelligent German, unbending to the deranged propaganda of the 1930's, must have felt as a person as low and evil as Hitler came to power! I lived in post-war Germany, and everyone claimed to have hated and feared Hitler and knew he was evil, but no one seemed able to stop him.This is the feeling I am experiencing now -the feeling that evil and irrational behavior has been unleashed and no one seems able to stop it from happening. I believe we have entered a new dark age and the fear for me is that my children and their children will endure a harsh, unbending, merciless world. History moves in and out among good times and dangerous, destructive times. I am thankful that I and my children have lived, up to this time, in a less dangerous world.Check out what Rep. Louie Gohmert said on Fox News today. He quoted Obama quoting scripture to justify his illegal executive act on immigration, but he read the REST of the chapter and verses. Chilling! Go hear what he said and read the Bible chapter that was quoted. Praying for the people held hostage in Ferguson, MO, especially police officers and their families. Yes, may God bless us all!

  27. The dark path is unmistakable. The train has picked up too much speed to be arrested, save a great spiritual revival. How can we fix the mess without even realizing the root of the problem?In the end, none of us are alone, it simply may seem that way some days due to the attempted mind control from the media. (\”Am I the only one that thinks this is evil?\”) There can sometimes be a fine line between staying abreast of current events and losing yourself to depression/frustration/fear in too much of them. Things will undoubtedly get worse. We know Rome is being revisited. All we can do is speak to those who are willing to listen and watch for precursors to the likely major events. There is no shame in enjoying the happy moments in life 🙂 We may be close, but we still have relative peace and food for the moment 🙂

  28. I agree with everything you are saying and feeling. Frank is right…Satan is loose in the world, just pure evil. You can see it in the Muslims ISIS….truly demonized. The demons are all around us, and anyone who cannot see it has been blinded. But, take heart; it was all foretold. Let not your heart be troubled.

  29. I also feel this way. It is very smothering to me. So many people do not see it. How can they not? I have a lake house with garden and a well w a hand pump on in the basement and fishing gear and a woodstove and etc etc. A huge stash. A barn. Good neighbors. Feel blessed but it has taken a long time.

  30. Yes, I too feel the same way. It is as though we are on the edge of a deep canyon and about to fall into it. There is so much evil in this country and it feels as though good is being drowned out. I do feel afraid at times, especially for my children and grandchildren. Thanks for voicing what I have been feeling. Pray without ceasing!

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