Musings About Things on Frank’s Birthday

Happy Birthday to Frank! Happy Birthday to Frank!

I have the honor of being married to a man that has a 30 year old mind encased in a 65 year old body. His mind is sharp and more active than ever, his learning curve continues to go through the ceiling, his dreams and aspirations are never ending, there are just

days he wishes his body would keep up. In our discussions recently we have pondered how others meet up with an aging body. We really don’t ‘see’ ourselves as aging or even getting older. There are still so many things we want to do and learn, the list only grows longer instead of shorter. But time marches on and our bodies are aging. Some things we didn’t used to give much thought to, now present more of a challenge, some of them much more of a challenge. We still set goals of what we want to get accomplished in a day, but the amounts we are able to complete just aren’t as much as they used to be. Sometimes that’s frustrating, sometimes is surprising, and sometimes it’s just downright disgusting. The aches and pains tend to interrupt things when we keep pushing and pushing to get something finished, even when we know it is past time to stop for the day. Such is this thing we call life. We’ve heard about it for many years now, and it would seem it is now our turn to experience it for ourselves.

We got an interesting envelop in the mail today. We have been waiting for the inevitable W4’s and 1099’s to arrive so that we can see how much we have to pay the piper this year. In years past we had our withholding set up at the highest rate so that we would get a tax refund. For the past five or six years we have changed our withholding to the lowest rate. We would rather owe at the end of the year instead of face the possibility of the feds deciding it would be a good year to start keeping, instead of disbursing, 

the refunds to help feed their ever insatiable appetite for spending The People’s money. Well, the envelope we received today was from the Oklahoma Tax Commission which informed us we will have to pay federal taxes on last year’s state refund. What?? Enough is enough, folks. When are they going to start taxing how much we pay in taxes, how many breaths we take, and how often we go to the bathroom? After all, we are using up oxygen when we breathe, not to mention how much each exhalation we complete is adding to the devastating, Earth killing global warming! We probably shouldn’t even talk about how much water is used each time we go to the bathroom. But they have already regulated that by limiting the amount of water you are able to use with each and every flush.

It saddens us to see the state of families now days. So many people are caught up in the world. The shiny, dazzling, fast paced world has so much to offer in the way of activities and distractions. Over Christmas, a family we know had scheduled a vacation to Cancun, a once in a lifetime trip.

But they left their two year old daughter with grandma, for a week, at Christmas. I guess she would just be too much in the way. What will this girl think when she is older and the family is sitting around looking at the pictures from this ‘once in a lifetime vacation’ and reliving what a good time they had, and she realizes that she wasn’t there? That she wasn’t wanted there? That she would have been in the way? What does that say to a child? When I asked the grandmother how the girl was managing, being away from her parents and brothers, the answer astounded me again. The only person this girl ever cries for is her grandmother, not her parents. This grandmother takes care of the girl most weekdays while her mother attends nursing school, which is very admirable on both their parts. And it’s great this little girl is very comfortable and happy with her grandmother. But to think she has bonded more with her grandmother than with her parents bothers me. What does that say for this family? And so many other families in our society?

We saw a young man yesterday that Frank has known for a number of years. He has read some of this blog, and has shown an interest in radio communications, using GMRS and MURS. The last time Frank saw him they talked about the possibility of getting a ham license. But yesterday

when Frank saw him and asked about using radios, the young man just smiled and said he hadn’t been doing anything with them. When Frank reminded him that time may be short to get things set up, the young man laughed at him. Laughed at him like he was humoring someone that either wasn’t quite right in the head, or didn’t know what he was talking about. Laughed at the possibility that something devastating may come to pass in our country and world. There are many people out there that have this very same attitude. These same people that rush to the store in a panic right before the big storm comes through, only to find the shelves bare and people fighting over the last case of bottled water. The experience Frank had with this young man bothered him. It bothered him to think that this young man, his wife and young daughter may not make it when the time comes. He may think back and remember the warnings he received and did not heed, and because of that, unspeakable tragedy may be visited upon his family. 

It’s not like it’s the first time we have been laughed at and ridiculed for the way we live and the warnings we share with others. We had people thinking we were nuts way back before Y2K when we wanted to grow

our own food, live off the beaten path and be much more self-reliant. Then Y2K came along and we did the best we could to be ready for the long term. Our location wasn’t the best survival location, but we prepared the best we could. Most folks just couldn’t fathom the depth of our preparedness and why we would even consider going to such lengths. They laughed then, and we knew, should a devastating collapse come upon the world that we were much better prepared than they. Not only had we tried to gather ‘stuff’, we began very serious preparations of our minds, which is by far the most important aspect of preparation that you can undertake. 

Since Y2K, the experiences we have had and the learning we have pursued have changed our lives. Literally. It is with heavy hearts that we continue to see the vast majority of people ignoring the warning signs all about us, from the economy to the fascist government that is quickly

suffocating every form of freedom, independence and self-reliance that it can possibly rape, pillage and steal from The People. There have been so many instances of people going along with the actions of the government only to find out they are being lead like lambs to the slaughter. They stare around in wide eyed wonder, and their life is snuffed out in an instant. Is that what awaits the Sheeple? I really can’t say for sure, but it sure does appear that way. If we live to see the day, the great and dreadful day, of the collapse of our society, country and world, my heart will cry with anguish for those that are not ready. For those that will continue to refuse to look reality in the eye without blinking and turning away. For those that simply will not make it. I mourn for them already.

There are many things in this life that we give thanks for every single day. We give thanks for another day. We give thanks for our warm home and

a roof over our heads. We give thanks for the food on our table. We give thanks for God watching out for us and guiding us every day of our lives. We give thanks that we have been brought to this place at this time in the history of our world. And on this day, I give thanks to God for bringing me into the life of the man you know as Frank. He has blessed me for these many years with his knowledge, skill, generosity, integrity, honesty, willingness to serve others through his military service, law enforcement work, volunteer EMT and Firefighter work, dedication to family, his love for God, and his love for me.

Happy Birthday Frank!

38 thoughts on “Musings About Things on Frank’s Birthday

  1. SFG, there do appear to be a few more people talking about some things, but I don't see a lot of people putting actions with their words. When I was 11, I was introduced to the phrase, \”Be Prepared.\” What happened to people being prepared for themselves? Did some of us, when we were little, slip and fall and whack our heads on the ground? Is that was caused some of us to see things different? We all need to pay attention. There is something that is lurking out there. I don't know what it is, but it's there. Watch your back. Thanks for the comment.Frank

  2. Hi Vickie. You're right, it is sad. But the truly sad part is, it's going to get much sadder. I'm not trying to be funny here, but people can rationalize just about any situation to fit their need. It goes on everyday. And I think you're right about most people believing the government will take care of them. One day, just the right domino is going to fall, and things will get very precarious, very quickly. I know my grammar there was a little poor, but I took a poetic liberty. One more time. It will get very precarious, very quickly. You need to prepare for you and yours. Take care.Frank

  3. Happy Birthday Frank! Fern, I look around now at the people and wonder who will be left. I feel sorry for those that are blind in what is coming down the pike. I'm glad though, that there are more people who are not putting on blinders and are getting ready for what they think will happen. Each have their level of preparedness. Some just TALK about something may happen. But, I'm glad more people (around here) are thinking something's up.

  4. Happy Birthday, Frank. You know, I have been doing some reading about why so many people (sheeple) logically know that our government can't maintain it's current level of spending, yet continue to tell themselves that everything is okay. It's a new term for me – normalcy bias. When reading all about normalcy bias, I see that sometimes it's the way people cope with what they may perceive as a helpless or hopeless situation. If people knew how easy it was just to begin – with small steps – preparing for the inevitable, our society would be in such a better position. However, I truly believe that the government wants us all to mindless believe that they will take care of us, no matter what. It's sad, really.

  5. Thank you, Sandra. It was a good day. Cloudy, windy, cold and I pushed my back too far, and I hurt all day. But I was in a warm, dry, loving environment, and it was a good day. Thank you.Frank

  6. Hi, Ken. Ever heard of King George? Lexington and Concord? Taxation without representation? We're there, Buddy, we have been for a long time, and it's only going to get worse. Good for you moving to a freer location. Taxation is tyranny. One step away from slavery. We have really got ourselves in a bind. As I answer you right now, most people are watching 22 heroes strut on a football field, eating chicken wings and Cheetos, and living off of my tax dollars. This is not going to have a pretty ending. Keep your powder dry and make sure you read tomorrow's article, Monday morning. You seem to have ruffled my feathers. Take care.Frank

  7. Jim & Donna, I agree with you. I don't know if our preps will ever be needed, but as other people say, I'd rather be a week early than one minute late. I like not having to go to the store. I like not having to go get anything unless I choose to. And if we don't have it here, then we don't need it. Sounds like you have a good plan.Frank

  8. Hi Herrick. Yes, God has been good to me with the acquisition of Fern, but don't tell her I said that. Well, Herrick, there is property in Oklahoma available. It takes a little getting used to here. The growing season is long, hot and humid, but the neighbors wave. Take care.Frank

  9. Shannon, thank you for sharing your interesting experience. Sometimes the trials in life make us who we are. Some take hardships and become stronger, and others take the same type hardships and use them as a crutch the remainder of their lives. I'm glad you weathered well. I wish all did. Thank you again.Frank

  10. Happy Birthday, Dan!Leigh, I look at some of the things we do, and know that they will never produce fruit. And there are times when we squander time and money on what would appear to be a useless project. Even if the world never does collapse, it sure beats sitting in a bar throwing my money into a pool table. So, sometimes we just write it off as a constructive hobby. And I'd rather take Motrin for hurting muscles than a staggering hangover. That's how we write it off. Each to their own. If you're ever out our way, stop by, and I'll pull you up a nice, fresh turnip. It's been a long day, Leigh. Take care.Frank

  11. Hi, Tewshooz. I wouldn't take a two year old on that vacation either, because I would go someplace a family could go. The family is the most important unit that we have. Why Cancun? Why not someplace where a family can go? It just didn't set too well in our house. But times change, and families change, and that's all I've got to say. Thank you for the comment.Frank

  12. C.M. the young man's response did bother me. But he is a young man. It's kind of like him just being an older teenager. I also believe that some people have been shut out, or in another respect, I believe that some people have been allowed to see and others haven't. I don't know why this has occurred, but I truly believe that it has. Thank you for your nice comments. The thirty something years Fern and I have been together has been a gift. Sometimes that gift has been like that tie you get at Christmas that you don't really need. But that's the exception and not the rule. Thank you for reading. And remember, humor is the essence of survival.Frank

  13. Hobo, we're are in the beginning stages of the greatest historical event of all times. No, I'm not talking about the return of any deity, I'm talking about the collapse of the greatest society that ever was and is. I'm not sure how history books will portray this, I'm not even sure if it will be written or printed. It may be carved in stone again, who really knows how far this decline will go. But the higher you are, the farther you fall. It should be an interesting observation.Frank

  14. Hi, Kymber. It is nice having your soul mate and best friend in one package, and I thank God for that combination. But as you probably know, it is not a maintenance free operation. Thank you for the comment.Frank

  15. Jan, thank you, it was a great day. I hurt from top to bottom all day long, and didn't leave the house except to feed the animals. I can't wait to see what 66 brings. Thanks again.Frank

  16. Hi Rob, thank you for the comment and thank you for reading. I just find it irritating to be taxed on a tax refund. So that means if I had not paid in enough taxes during the year, then I would not be taxed on my refund. You know, we've only been getting taxed in this country for a little over 90 years. While I was working I was paying, with all the hidden taxes, you know permits, license fees, around 40%. Now, that's going from 0% to 40% in 90 years. This system is impossible to maintain. IMPOSSIBLE. It is going down, it cannot be maintained. I'm not sure how, when or where, but it cannot survive, it is mathematically impossible. For those of us of a certain persuasion, math is a constant. Thank you again for your comment.Frank

  17. Happy Birthday Frank, Fern, we live in tax hell —Maryland (and not for long)—and yes the State has now burdened us with a flush tax, a rain tax (the State taxes the square footage of your property and assesses a tax based on how much rain is calculated to fall on your property and the calculated runoff) and a Chesapeake Bay tax, all of which always seems to wind up in the \”general fund\” and not where it was intended. We also pay the minimum income tax during the year, why give the scum in our State House and in DC an interest free loan? We settle on a fair sized chunk of land out of state next month, we're \”voting with our feet\”. I'm Blessed to have a strong, intelligent woman much as Fern is. I can't think of anyone better to go through life with. May you and Fern be Blessed with many, many more Birthdays to come. Keep hunkered down and keep your powder dry!Ken from the People's Socialist Republik of Maryland, the formerly \”Free State\”.

  18. Happy Birthday Frank. I have a husband a lot like you and I am sure that Fern feels like me and is very grateful to have someone who is a husband and a friend. Sometimes I wonder if all the preps we do will ever be needed, but I would not want to face tomorrow without knowing that they were there. Enjoy! Jim and Donna in Texas

  19. Happy Birthday Frank! And Fern, I am not laughing at you and Frank. I read your journey with enthusiasm and gratitude for your sharing. I was raised by my grandmother because my mother was too busy having fun and wasn't good with caring for others. I am thankful that my grandmother was good at raising kids and caring for others and grateful that she was there for me for 12 years. By the time my grandmother passed and I was sent back to my mother and stepfather, I was able to take care of myself and their home and them as well. I m still caring for my mother who is 94 and at the end stage of alzheimer. Thanks to the time I had with my grandmother, I also had a very full and good life with four children of my own and grandchildren now and great grandchildren. Life is good in spite of bad parents. That is if there happens to be a good grandmother in the picture.

  20. Another excellent post, Fern. Well put. And another Happy Birthday to Frank from me! Dan's birthday is in two more days, and we have the same discussions, to-do lists, hopes for accomplishments, and acceptings of reality as you two do. instead of getting discouraged I always keep reminding myself that it could be worse. We could be back in the apartment or rental property where there was little we could do. We'll never accomplish it all, but we're thankful to be able to make some progress.

  21. Happy Birthday, Frank…..and many more, indeed. I have to say, though, that I would never take a two year old on that vacation, either. However, I sure wouldn't vacation during Christmas holiday.

  22. My husband turned 60 this week and we are doing the same thing as you, learning and trying to know enough to get by. Happy Birthday Frank and many happy returns!

  23. Happy birthday, Frank! Thank you and Fern for taking so much of your time to share your experiences and knowledge with us. I enjoy your stories and sense of humor. I'm grateful that Fern has a husband she obviously loves and respects.I'm sorry you had the negative interaction with the young man. We question how so many people seem to be completely oblivious to what's happening around us, but last night it occurred to me that people aren't just oblivious, I believe they're actually deluded. It's as if someone has intentionally blinded them and closed their minds to being able to understand.

  24. a very big giant HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO FRANK! Fern, i completely understand how you feel having such an intelligent and purpose-filled man in your life, i am lucky enough to have on, too. and when that man is your best friend – it makes life all that more worth living fully! i respect and admire what you both are doing and love coming here to learn from you! give that awesome man a big hug from me and jam!your friend,kymber

  25. I did my taxes yesterday & had one of those refund cards from Iowa (been workcamping there in the summer). Turns out it (the state tax refund) only matters if I itemize deductions & I don't… still the thought of calling MY returned overpayment 'income' bothered me, I felt better when I learned it wasn't.Prepping … I believe that ice storms, blizzards, earthquakes & unemployment happen. It makes more than perfect sense to be prepared. I believe we can all live our life the way we want to…If my great great grandpa had lived his live waiting for civilization to fall I hope he did some other things too cause it didn't happen (here in the US). The same for my great grandpa (he fell off a cable car and died in SanFran a couple of years before the earthquake). My grandpa (he was in SF during the quake) didn't see civilization fall and neither did my dad.Me? I believe in earthquakes, real winters & ice storms. I realized that y2k was an unknown and have experienced unemployment. Toilet paper on hand is not a bad thing, canned food will be eaten in time & bulk anything saves trips to the store & (generally) saves money. Shooting, archery, gardening, fishing, hunting & ham radio are all fine hobbies.We all live our own way…. I try to live for today.

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