Some Things I’ve Been Reading

There is so much information out here on the internet that I could just about read for the rest of my life. The more I read and learn, though, the more I want to do and try for myself. Some of my reading teaches me how to do or understand new things. Some of it motivates me to learn, and grow more of our own food, or make more of our own hygiene products, to avoid what is out there on the market. Either way, what I am learning can be put to use. Knowledge. One of our most precious commodities. Here are some things I have read over the past month or so. I hope you learn something, too.


Here are some things I have learned that I don’t like. Some of them make me mad. How can the dollar be more important than healthy, productive people? I don’t get it, and I’m glad I don’t get it. That means I don’t think like that.


GM Wheat Discovered Contaminating Wheat Fields in Montana

U.S.D.A. Approves Modified Potato

Study Links GMOs to Over 22 Different Diseases

Gene-Altered Apples Get U.S. Approval

Fluoride in Drinking Water May Trigger Depression and Weight Gain, Warns Scientists

Monsanto’s New ‘Herbicide-Resistant’ GMO Crop Slammed by Food Experts

Scientific Team Sounds the Alarm on Sugar as a Source of Disease


And then there are those articles that give me more insight into how to improve our health with food and diet.


Scientists Prove Organic Food More Nutritionally Rich Than Conventional, GMO Crops

Olive Oil May Prevent Cancer, Study Finds

Heart Disease and Diabetes Risks Tied to Carbs Not Fat, Study Finds

Sourdough Bread and Health

Benefits of Kefir

Low Carb Fermented Foods


And then there are some articles that are just unbelievable.


Officials Declare ‘Eating Healthy’ a Mental Disorder


Thanks to M.E. Masterson over at Adventures of My Life! who put a link to this article, G.H.A. (Goat Haters Anonymous) from Krazo Acres yesterday, we had some very good laughs. I guess you might have to have personal experience like the folks from Krazo to truly enjoy the humor in this article. We thought it was hilarious.

There is not much going on here on the homestead. We have had steady snow all afternoon. The garden is white. The pastures are white. The roads are white. And I am rather bored. Reading is a good past time on days like this, so I hope you learn something from these links. I can’t say I hope you enjoy them all, because I find some of them down right disgusting. But like any good leader, it pays to know your enemies and their tactics. Learn all you can so you can equip your mind for this battle called life.

Until next time – Fern

14 thoughts on “Some Things I’ve Been Reading

  1. Ralph reads a lot online and so do I…you are so right about the good things and then there is the other stuff!In our land search we rejected a lovely place with great fences, super house and very well laid out barn…why do you ask…it was surrounded buy huge fields of commercial corn, the dreaded GMO. We could have never grown our own corn and the drift of chemicals would have been a problem. GMO in Montana wheat is heartbreaking.

  2. You have a great sense of humor, Carolyn. And you gotta sell that screaming goat! We sold one in October that was a great doe, except for that one major annoying habit. Our ears thank us every day. I hope you enjoy the reading.Fern

  3. You are very welcome, Machelle. Seldom a day goes by that Frank and I don't consume both. I also hope to add in some fermented vegetables soon, starting with sauerkraut. Fern

  4. Sorry, Bellen, I don't mean to depress you, or share my lack of optimism or gumption very often. But it is a part of life, isn't it? The more I read about GMO and all the chemicals in foods and hygiene products and water the madder I get. I guess my usual feeling is, How Dare They?? Thank you for your comments. I always enjoy reading them.Fern

  5. It's good you have figured out another thing you 'have' isn't it, Tewshooz? We haven't made the soap yet. We realized there are a few more things we need and just haven't been to a store yet. I guess that's bad for postponing soap, but good that we don't need to go to a store very often. We will probably make it to the store sometime this week. Siberian sweater, huh? It's kind of awkward at first, but I like working with that fat bulky yarn. It makes up very nicely. I'm working on the rag rug today and not reading much of anything about our whacked out world. It's great fun! Thank you for sharing.Fern

  6. Well, Kathy, we haven't watched TV in about 20 years, so I am not familiar with the show or book you reference. But I know exactly what you mean about taking time off from all the 'stuff' going on in the world. Sometimes it scares me, sometimes it makes me mad, and sometimes it is very depressing. Like two words you used in your comment. Federal water. That is very aggravating. Why is it 'their' water??? I think this is where I would quote you again. Aaack! Thank you for sharing.Fern

  7. Glad you found me! And glad I found you that you found me who was found by ME Masterson…and soforth! Got lots of reading to do now & see what YOU'VE been up to.

  8. Gee, I wish the snow would go away so you could start posting about your garden. These articles about engineered foods – potatoes & apples being approved and rogue GM wheat found in Oregon & Montana – make me nervous. Plus the article on GMOs linked to 22 diseases, just what is the Dept of Ag doing to safeguard our food supply? It's disheartening.While we've been having dreary, no sunshine days I've been watching Wartime Farms on Youtube. It's a modern day BBC program reproducing what it was like in Britain during WWII when the food supply was basically cut off. Interesting in what was allowed, how they coped and what they ate. Lots of good ideas for anyone trying to produce more of their own food.

  9. Well, according to the Shrinks, I have Orthorexia Nervosa. Who knew? Frank and Fern, how did your soapmaking go? I have started knitting a sweater with bulky yarn that will be fit for Siberia. The pattern keeps my mind and hands occupied waiting for Spring. What a whacked out world we live in.

  10. It just makes you shake your head doesn't it?! I have been ignoring the siren call of awareness for a week or two and am reading George RR Martin's \”Song of Ice and Fire\” from which HBO made the series \”Game of Thrones\”. I find that if I give myself a break from reality every once in awhile it leaves me better able to handle it when I come back! When I finish the series I will check back in with the world and if it hasn't changed for the better I will continue on with my preps! I can't pay too much attention or my blood pressure goes haywire. My mother just told me the feds have announced that the farmers in California's central valley (the bread basket) won't get any federal water this year. Aaack…back to the book!

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