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Hello, Frank here.

I spend way too much time reading and researching about what the future seems to be bringing us at a rapid pace, and there is a lot of good stuff out there on the internet. I don’t waste my time with the

major news medias, unless it’s a major news story dealing with some type of natural disaster or something of that nature. But in my readings I run across a type of high level scam that is difficult to identify at first. They all start out telling you about how bad the economy is, most of them have lots of nice pretty charts. What they all boil down to is they know a secret that nobody else knows. They are only going to share this secret with just you and a few other lucky folks. Boy, if that’s not a con game, I’ve never seen one. People fall for these things every day. Give me your money. I am happy, you can be happy too.

Why do all of these billionaire investment company articles end up with ‘give your money to me’? If you want to pitch your money down a never ending hole, give your money to me. Buy my stock, it’s the only one that’s going to survive. Here’s one prime example. They’re going to take all the money, they’re going to close all the banks. Times are going to be really, really hard. But I will save you from collapse. Invest in my mining stock.

Well, let’s look a little deeper now. Mines use a huge amount of energy. That means the power grid will be up and running. They need a huge

amount of fuel, let’s say diesel, which means the oil fields will still be working, the refineries will still be up and producing, trucking and shipping will be doing just fine, and the internet, which is were all these orders are placed, will be working fine, too. Okay, how about the workers at that mine? No workers, no mine production. That means that the workers houses are still functioning normal. That means that they have electricity, gasoline, food. Starting to get the picture here?

This article talks about collapse, as do lots of articles. But that’s okay. Give me your money and I will invest it in my mining company, or whatever company they’re selling that day. It could be laundry detergent. But

 everybody has the secret. It’s a scam. It’s just somebody working on the emotions of people to find a different way to steal their money. I will give you security. Give me your money and you will make a fortune afterwards. Are the things they say in the article true? And it’s not just this one article, it’s numerous ones. Are we going to have a financial collapse? I would say the chances are very, very good. Has quantitative easing worked? No. Is it going to work in Europe? No. Has it worked in Japan? Of course not. Have we kicked the can down the road a little farther? Yes. And I personally am very glad that they/we have. I like the electricity being on, and having the relative safety that we do right now.

Back to the article. Did the government confiscate precious metals back in the 30’s? On something loosely compared to that. Our government is in the process of banning a certain type of common ammunition. This is

probably just a test run to see how this flies. But it’s just a matter of time, until through executive order, guns are also banned. It’s coming. You can see the writing on the wall. But, yes, the government did confiscate precious metals from individuals. So the article is correct. But what I disagree with is, when everything collapses, I know a secret place to put your money. What’s the old saying? If it sounds too good to be true, then it’s a lie. So beware of people writing flashy little articles about the future that end with the same message. Buy whatever I am selling or peddling. There are all levels of con men out there.

But wait. I’m giving thought to setting up a charitable organization to support the poor, ailing gold mine workers in South America. So, send me your money and I will make sure that it gets to these poor, ailing mine workers. Remember, humor is the essence of survival. Do your research, do your homework, and don’t give your money to some white collar thief. And for that matter, a blue collar thief either.

We’ll talk more later, Frank

10 thoughts on “Send Me Your Money

  1. Kathy, I give thought to the possibility of an EMP, but it's not first, second or tenth on my list of potential disaster scenarios. As far as teaching kids to think, I don't really believe we teach kids, unless you consider teaching by example. Is that why smart kids come from smart families? Is that why kids smoke when daddy smokes? Watch a little boy walk beside his biological father and they will have the same type of gait. So, if you want people to think, they have to be around thinkers, and you're not going to find that for the most part in our public education system. Thank you for your comment.Frank

  2. Fiona, a couple of months back I went to listen to my U.S. Representative speak to a group of veterans, which I am one. This guy was a joke, a pathetic excuse of a human being. And I drove 50 miles round trip to hear this fool. I got up and left after about 10 minutes. How many of these fools are there? 435? We're in deep trouble. I enjoy your blog.Frank

  3. Betty, I really don't know how to respond to this one. What did P.T. Barnum say? There's a sucker born every minute. Guess this guy was born at the top of the minute. Maybe it wasn't P.T. Barnum, but you get the idea. Thanks for reading.Frank

  4. Why are people out on the road when there is that much snow? And you know everyone had a full tank of gas, were all properly dressed, and had a go bag with extra food and water. I remember one time in Fairbanks, Alaska at Christmas. I saw a guy get out of his car and go into a 7-Eleven type convenience store wearing a pair of gym shorts and flip flops. This was the same winter that some car frames actually got so cold they cracked. Some people are just going to live forever, I guess. Thank you for your comment, Beth.Frank

  5. Adrienne, thank you for your observation. I have asked the same question for a number of years now. When the dollar is worth nothing, what is gold worth? I've never received an answer. But if you would like to send that bridge, UPS of course, I will send you a check on the fifth Monday in February. Thanks for the comment.Frank

  6. Does this mean I'm not getting that money from Nigeria? 🙂 If you don't teach people how to think you cannot feign surprise when they can't! I admit I tend to worry less about EMP's than I do about the world being run by the deliberately ignorant.

  7. Great post- did you see the scam on the news where a man lost thousands because someone claims to be from the IRS that he need to pay his taxes and he got all these money cards and read them the numbers on the back. Shouldn't you know if you paid your taxes.Betty

  8. Not a comment on your post,,,, but the weather. I saw on the weather channel there are 45 miles worth of stranded traffic on I-65 here in Ky. Been there since 10 pm. Why are the networks saying nothing about this? Looks like the national guard would have been rolling on this by midnight. 12 inches of snow. Just proves your point about, \”be ready to take care of your self cause no one else will.\”

  9. But…..wait, wait – what about the rock solid bridge I was going to offer to sell you as a major investment for the coming bad times? I was even going to give you a discount. Be still my beating heart.Seriously – the ones that annoy me are the ones selling gold. While gold may very well be a good investment, I always feel scammed and it taints the entire article. I'll so my own research. My motto is, \”You can't eat gold.\”

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