Raising Boys to be Men

Hello Everybody, Frank here.

 Every now and then, like most people, I run across an article or a post that just kind of stays with me. Last night while reading SurvivalBlog I read one of those type articles. It’s written by a man with his perspective about raising his boys to become men. 
I was in public education for almost 30 years. I saw lots of changes in the way schools respond to boys. Now, I may take a little heat for what I’m about to say, but it seems that there’s an agenda in our society now days, to restrict the development of boys into men. It’s a quiet movement, very subtle, but it’s there. And then you throw in television. For years TV has been degrading fathers and men in general. There is probably a much larger reason for this passive kind of movement.

But, back to this man’s article. It’s relatively short in length, but it hits on some points about his technique of raising his boys. If you would, take the time to read it, and then look around at what you see in our society, at the things that we are doing to turn little boys into anything but men. We need more kids out on the playground with stick swords slaying dragons, and not a bunch of little boys discussing how they feel about what Billy Bob said about them. 

Things have changed a lot in the last 30 years. If certain groups had their way, they’d make all little boys sit down to urinate. Hope you enjoy this article, I certainly did.

Understanding Unconventional Warfare As It Applies to Conservative Families, by Swamp Fox

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12 thoughts on “Raising Boys to be Men

  1. Our opening deer season just happens to correspond with the Thanksgiving holidays. Most of the rural schools in the area close for the entire week. I'm glad the schools close for that entire week. Thank you for your comment.Frank

  2. Thank you for your detailed comment. I'm glad that others can see what's happening to our children. And you're right, evil is attacking us at every venue. We tend to focus on one or two, but the attacks are happening everywhere. Thank you again for the excellent comment, it is deeply appreciated.Frank

  3. We live in a small town. When my husband explained to the middle school principal that our son would be missing a couple of days last fall, he laughed and confided that half the boys would be gone that week for the opening week of deer season! We love that about this town!

  4. To fully achieve upheaval of everything that is good, you cannot allow there to exist real men who will lead their families and communities. \”Men and women are emotionally and physically equal\”. If we're told that enough times, some will eventually believe it. Gender roles must be destroyed. Simply another concept that must tie in with every other perversion to tighten the noose.Will we as a nation last long enough to see the cycle of gender role insanity fully go round? Well, we're getting close to where a former lesbian who's married to a dog and has implanted electronic enhancements is our \”ideal\” because we need progress. I'd think a man won't be needed again until everything falls apart on all fronts. Meaning, we won't return to reality until reality strikes and we need answers. Depressing? Yeah, but at some point saying \”be a man\” will probably be considered emotional abuse against your own child. More or less, we're at the point where we have to step back and check out of society. There's nothing good left in it. Why else would homeschool or private community school be the only sane options left? I don't even like homeschooling for the social difficulties it presents, but public schools have gotten so bad, just in the last few years, that it's debatable whether or not parents can effectively counteract the poison being fed to their kids.The answer has always been to strictly discipline, clearly define gender roles, make your kids play outside, forget TV etc etc. We all know the general idea…but what to do when letting your 8 yr old child run to the corner store for some milk turns into a criminal charge for you, the parent?Seems like the only way to stay safe is within very tightly knit communities in small towns. Easier said than done for many.

  5. There is a horrible error in my comment above… there should be the word \”behave\” between the words AND – LIKE in the start of the second paragraph!If boys are not allowed to act masculine and behave like boys how can they become the balance to the nurturing of women?

  6. Ralph and I were just talking about this…men are no longer masculine and women are getting more brutish…as portrayed in movies. If you look to nature and the word around us things have to have balance…..black /white, hard/soft, male/female.If boys are not allowed to act masculine and like boys how can they become the balance to the nurturing of women? Males are the providers and protectors….I worry so much about young men who have no idea how to be men!

  7. Goodwife, we also quit watching TV sometime 20 or so years ago. For a long time we still owned a TV, but we watched movies. We haven't actually owned a TV for a number of years now. It always astounds me that visiting after church the general conversation goes, \”Did you see……\” When I tell folks that we don't own a television, I seriously believe that they think we are either joking or lying. I'm sure there are some TV shows that have some redeeming value, but the with preponderance of filth and trash, we just gave up on it.I am a very lucky man. My wife believes the same way that you do. I consider myself to be blessed. Take care.Frank

  8. Hi Shannon. When I was doing some graduate work, I was taught that if there is one generation of change, to slow it down, stop it, and get back to the original place, takes seven generations. I don't see where the assault on boys is slowing down at all, if anything it is escalating. Some of the ones they can't change, they drug. When I first started teaching about 30 years ago, in a school of, let's say 300 kids, you might have one kid taking some kind of mind altering prescription drug. It's not even close to that anymore. Now, I'm guessing it would be approximately 20 kids out of that same 300. And these are just the kids that take prescription drugs at school, not to mention the ones that take them at home before they come to school. It's a racket. Get your kid on drugs and they will never get off. The pharmaceutical companies love it. I read a study recently that 40% of adult females are taking psychotropic drugs. 40%. Can you imagine what these folks are going to be like when things shut down? These people will kill, or worse, to maintain their status quo. What about all the kids? I'm sorry, but we are in serious trouble.Thanks again,Frank

  9. What you mentioned about TV is a big part of why we stopped watching it. I'm 38 and the first TV show I remember turning the dad into a boob was Home Improvement…..the beginning of the end for me. I hated that show, and all the ones after. The Bible tells us the man should be the head of the household, after God. I'm a woman who is very thankful I have a strong, godly, MASCULINE man to submit to!

  10. My husband has been saying the same thing for years. This post is the first I have seen it in any type of media. Perhaps I am not looking at the right places. Maybe we are starting to wake up a bit. Hope it isn't too late after all.

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