Easter Is Here

Lady Bug decided to choose Easter Sunday to present us with a beautiful little doe. In keeping with the celebration of birth and new life the Easter season brings us, we decided that would be a great name for the last baby goat we had arriving here this spring. Please meet Easter.

Isn’t she beautiful? Goats come in many different sizes, shapes and colors, but this is one of our favorites. The only color she has besides a dark, soft red is the black on the front of her legs and the end of her tail.

Lady Bug did very well for a first freshener. Once she decided to have her baby, she did so without any assistance and without complaint. These short videos show the birth. We started weaning our older kids the day before, and you will hear them in the background. Some of them obviously aren’t happy to be separated from their mothers. The noise you hear, did not come from Lady Bug or Easter.

Lady Bug wasn’t sure what to think of Easter at first. She spent the first 10-15 minutes smelling and nuzzling the baby, but did not lick or clean her at all. I was beginning to become concerned, but after a while, her instincts kicked in and she made up for lost time. Since the weather was cloudy and cool, I used some towels to dry off and stimulate Easter while she was waiting for her mom’s instincts to start.

Easter arrived healthy, active and ready to eat. As I do for all of our newborn kids when I attend their birth, I helped Easter get her first meal shortly after Lady Bug stood up. Lady Bug has a good milk supply, nicely formed teats and udder for a first freshener and a great attitude. She is attentive to her baby and is exhibiting the signs of a great doe. We are very pleased. There has been something about Lady Bug that Frank has really liked, ever since she was born. That she has presented us with a beautiful, healthy doe her first time to give birth, has increased her value in our eyes. We look forward to watching the two of them grow, one kid into a doe, and one doe into a mother and milk producer.

Grace, a friend of ours who came over to see the newborn baby goats recently, told me something that has really stuck with us. As we all sat visiting and laughing in the barn while she was holding a soft, newborn baby goat she said, “You have a great life. You really do.” You know what? She’s right. And we give thanks each and every day for this wonderful life we’ve been blessed with. Is it perfect? Not even close. Does it have it’s frustrations, difficulties and challenges? Regularly. But it is truly a wonderful life.


Easter, the time of celebration, the time of rejoicing over an empty tomb and renewal of life. Easter, our little doe, will be a constant reminder of these blessings.

Until next time – Fern

16 thoughts on “Easter Is Here

  1. Faith, you are more than welcome. It is an honor to be able to share what I have learned. I think it is what the Lord would have us do. So here we are, blogging, something I never thought we would ever do. Thank you for your very kind words.Fern

  2. Wow, Lady Bug seemed so nonchalant about the birthing process. Looked like she was even nibbling on a bit of hay while it was progressing–like it was all so 'ho-hum'. Thanks for the videos!

  3. That is sooo neat! I love the Easter season! What cute names for your goats too! Lady Bug and Easter! 🙂 Hope you had a lovely Easter Sunday!

  4. Oh congrats she is beautiful. It is a good thing to count our blessings now and then isn't it? With all that is going on in the world – for now – we have a wonderful life. Good reminder!

  5. My Dear Friend Fern, you do have a great life and many, many Blessings. You also need to know what a wonderful person you are and what a Blessing you are to all who know you, especially me. I thank the Lord that you are so generous to share your life on this blog and to teach me so many things. God Bless You and God Bless our country life.

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