Heavenly Food For Thought

Hi Everybody, Frank here.

Earlier today I was reading Michael Snyder’s The Economic Collapse blog. Just below his header there is a tab that says, “Did You Know?”, so I clicked on it, and it was a very interesting article. We all know we live in troubled times and there seems to be a lot of confusion and worry. I am one that needs to be reminded on a regular basis where my strength comes from. I hope you enjoy the article, and I would like to thank Michael Snyder for writing it.

We’ll talk more later, Frank 

4 thoughts on “Heavenly Food For Thought

  1. Thank you for reading the post. I wish more people took the time to understand religion and the Bible. I'm afraid that spirituality is slipping through our fingers. It appears that consumerism and commercialism are replacing spiritualism. Thank you.Frank

  2. Thanks Frank. I tried to post it to my facebook. That is a truly important piece on the validity and importance of the Bible. Praying that people read it.

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