Winter of Our Demise

Hi Everybody, Frank here.

A month or so back, Fern and I were driving down some long, lonesome highway somewhere, going to a place that I can’t remember where we went. But while we were traveling, I observed some of the changes that occur during the seasons, and at that same time, it dawned on me that

there are lots of seasonal changes. Plants in the garden for the most part grow one year and are gone. Some come back the next year and some don’t, but there are other types of seasonal events that happen. In my neck of the woods, folks grow and harvest pine trees. They just seem to have a longer season, somewhere between 20 and 30 years. There are also people. I’m approaching 66 years. I might have 10 more days or maybe 10 more years, God willing. But see, my season started with conception, and my season will end when I take my last breath. Let’s guesstimate and say 70 years. In 70 years, I’m a spring chicken compared to some in the tortoise world. So, you get my idea here. I’ve read about some insects that only live a couple of days. That’s their entire season.

Now, so much for the trip down memory lane. What I’d like to talk about is the season of our demise. You see our country, like all other countries, is controlled by a beginning, a middle and an end. Like some fruit flies that live for two days, and some trees that live for hundreds of years, everything has a beginning and an end. I raise goats. A good, solid, productive goat will produce somewhere around 10 years. I’ve seen baby goats born, and live 10 years, and I’ve seen baby goats born that never see another sunrise.

So, in the history of our developed world, our country, the United States of America, is a relatively young, thriving nation. I know some would question that, and in a moment I’m going to explain what I mean. But as nation, we are showing growing pains. Like me, we’re starting to show our age and things are starting to slow down. That is part of the process of being mature. One of the things that I have accepted is that someday I am going to die. Sad as it is, someday our great nation will cease to exist as we currently know it. 

Let’s step back in history a little bit. Not many of us around today actually remember the Great Depression. There are a few older folks around that still do, but not many. I would venture to say that most folks under 30 know very little about the Great Depression. Like the depression we’re in right now, back then there was a debate as to when it started and when it ended. But have no doubt, we are currently in a financial depression. Play any word game you want, or do the semantic shuffle, but we are in a depression, because we have been in a severe recession for over six years.

Let’s get back to the Great Depression. What caused it? Who knows? Who knows what’s caused the depression we’re in right now? Remember, the winners write the history books, and we are only taught what very influential people want us to know. But are you aware that in our great nation we have had multiple severe depressions? Actually it’s really no big deal, because most people

back a 100 or so years ago, were extremely poor. This affluent society that we live in today, and you quibble, “We don’t live in an affluent society!”. You might say, “I only have one SUV in front of my house.” Well folks, 100 years ago, let’s say 1915, there were no SUVs. If you had a covered type chariot for daily transportation, you were wealthy. Now remember 100 years ago, 1915, few, very few people had electricity. That same few did not have running water and there was no such thing as a Wal-Mart Super Center. Credit was unheard of for the most part. Few, few people owned firearms. You can see the pattern here. By the way, in 1915 we were in one of those severe depressions.

What do you think got us out of that depression? It’s the same thing that got us out of the Great Depression. It’s called war. But right before we got into World War I, a private group of the very wealthy and influential folks created the Federal Reserve banking system. You hear about it

occasionally on the news now days. Ever heard of quantitative easing? Or liquidity? Have you ever heard that the dollar has been devalued to just about nothing? Some people think this is a direct result of the creation of the Federal Reserve system. Which, by the way, the word Federal is just a name, like Federal Express is just a name. It is convenient, though, that it was started right before World War I. Okay. A depression before World War I, the Great Depression before World War II, and I don’t know what history will call the depression we’re in right now, we’ll have to wait and see on that one. But can you guess what’s coming? Good guess. Let’s back up one more time.

While Europe was fighting, back in the late 30’s and early 40’s, the United States became the industrial base for the world. Remember the winners write the history books, and we were the good guys, along with western Europe that we were providing war supplies to, so that they could fight the bad guys. You know, Hitler and the Nazis. During this period before we were involved in World War II, our industrial base was ramped up to full capacity. But the war in Europe didn’t go too well. 

A little history here. We had huge convoys of supplies leaving our ports and going to Europe as fast as we could make them, and as fast as the supply ships that we were building could carry them. Well, remember those horrible Hitler Nazis? They took out full page ads in our east coast newspapers advising the American public that they were going to start sinking those supply ships. And they did. But they warned our country multiple times. Remember we were supplying western Europe with bullets, beans and bandages. So they did start sinking some of our ships. Soon the war cry went out and we sent our good, homegrown, American boys to Europe, and we helped defeat Hitler and the Nazis.

Let’s skip over to the Pacific now. We all know that the Japanese government bombed Pearl Harbor. Did the American government know that Pearl Harbor was going to be bombed? History now shows that yes, absolutely, they knew. But do you know why the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor? It’s because we put an embargo where the Japanese could not import oil. Japan was a quasi modern, industrial nation and we shut off their oil supply. We know what they did. It’s called Pearl Harbor. 

Okay, now we have a war on two fronts. Our industrial base really kicks in now. Everybody is working. My mommy worked in an aircraft plant. All the men, or most of them anyway, went to fight in

the war. My dad and his brother went to Europe, and my mother’s two brothers went to the Pacific. Why all this history stuff? Because this is the beginning of the “spring” of our nation. We destroyed, and I believe rightly so, the industrial base of most of Europe. What we didn’t destroy, the German’s took care of before we got there. The same thing happened in Japan. So, World War II is over, all of our soldiers are coming home, and everybody needs jobs.

Jobs were there. We had passed the Rural Electrification Act, so all those back woods, country, hicks could now get rid of their icebox and get a refrigerator, and every other modern convenience that their citified cousins had. At the same time we’re also rebuilding Europe, Japan and England,

which Hitler pretty much took care of destroying. Let’s take a look at things now. The British economy along with it’s infrastructure and industrial base, was pretty much destroyed. The same with most of industrial Europe and Japan. Britain was the reserve currency, but now their economy was in shambles. The reserve currency now becomes the U.S. dollar. This means that most international trading is done with dollars. At that time the United States had beyond a doubt the strongest economy, the strongest industrial base and the strongest military. You say, “What about China?” China was still closed to outsiders, so at that time, they did not figure into the picture. 

Guys like my daddy are now helping build appliances, or automobiles, or any of the thousand items that our new, blossoming industrial base can

produce. The good folks in Europe and Japan want these products also. People are leaving farms by the droves to go get the citified jobs, so they can live and work in a town, buy a little house, which they’re building by the thousands, which means more jobs, so the cities are expanding, infrastructure has to develop, neighborhoods and streets need to be built. Don’t forget your rural country cousins that now have electricity, they’re in the process of getting water and sewage to every house. Times are great. Times are wonderful. Everybody is working and everybody is happy. We are coming into the “summer” of our content. 

Southern California is growing like a weed, the valleys of California have been turned from desert into the most prolific producers of food the world has ever seen. Highways are being built, along with hydroelectric dams, and now the common man can get credit. You see, everything is growing. Except the farm population, that is. But, no big deal. The farmers now 

have larger pieces of equipment, stronger credit, which means companies like John Deere can produce more jobs. The growth just never seems to stop. The whole world is trading in U.S. dollars. Europe is getting back on their feet. Japan has made some shifts from their Imperial based society to a more democratic based system. Japan is ready to take off on a financial venture that has never been seen or replicated since. But in the modern world, as of today, Japan’s financial system is in serious dire straights. They are the fast track of what we are. Their economy will never survive.

But, back to the good Ole’ U.S. of A. During all this time, we the happy Americans, are becoming a huge consumer based society. We now have more junk than we will ever need or use in our lives. We bought so much stuff from Japan that they had to outsource their work to the Philippines and then Malaysia. Japan can’t produce enough, fast enough for our insatiable desire for consumerism.

Something we haven’t talked about yet is that during and after World War II, we are the largest oil exporting nation on the planet. Imagine that. We were the largest oil exporting nation on the planet. It’s not that our oil production abilities decreased, it’s our oil consumption increased. Even though we’re still producing huge amounts of oil, we have now become an oil importing nation. Most of that oil comes from various countries, but primarily Saudi Arabia. Things are still good, things are still happy, but we should start seeing a pattern here. It was about 1957 when we shifted from exporting to importing oil. As mentioned earlier, credit had opened

up for the common man, but things were still not growing fast enough. Our currency was based on the gold standard. The same gold that in 1933, President Roosevelt legally and conveniently stole from the American people. But, in a brilliant financial move, President Nixon removed us from the limitations of the gold standard, and the U.S. dollar was now free to grow as fast as it could. We’re looking at the end of our summer season here.

Going off of the gold standard, with the unfettered dollar, the common man, through changes in banking policies, now could comfortably put that piece of plastic in his wallet. We are still a consumer nation. We need more, we need to feed that addiction toconsumerism. Madison Avenue has now

become experts at convincing us that we need more. Don’t worry about it, you can pay for it later. Just put it on your credit card. But everything is still LOOKING good. We not only have one SUV in our driveway, we now have two! Suburbs are growing at a phenomenal rate. People are now escaping the cities, that 20 or so years ago, they were leaving the farm to move to. More expansion, more infrastructure, more roads, more electricity, water, and so forth. Don’t forget, since 1945 up to the mid 60’s we had a huge population growth in this country. Why not? Life is good, we are living in the lap of luxury, and we are the envy of the world. But there is a sickness brewing. We are addicted to consumerism. I want more. Everybody has two cars, and a big, cheap house out in the suburbs. Gasoline is cheap. I can drive anywhere I want to. I have earned that right. Debt just continues to build. 

I can remember in 1978 when economists said that the Dow Jones would never cross 1000. Well, obviously, they were wrong. That phenomena hasn’t changed any. For the most part, economists are just talking heads. You see, we’re starting to go downhill. Abortions are now legal. Marriage is starting it’s decline. Man is rich, he doesn’t need God anymore. We start to see financial bubbles coming up and collapsing. We get involved in the

Vietnam War. Remember the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution? Supposedly some of their little bitty boats fired on one of our ships, and Johnson agreed to escalate our involvement in Vietnam. Ten years later, about 79,000 of our soldiers are dead, and who knows how many of the Vietnamese we killed. We find out later that the Gulf of Tonkin never happened. It was a lie. Or as Hillary Clinton would say, somebody misspoke. It never happened. The Vietnam War tore our country apart. Some think that’s when the rapid social decay of our nation started. Remember Hanoi Jane? To this day I don’t understand why she is not in prison for treason. 79,000 young men and women died for some unknown reason. But we do know historically, that the Gulf of Tonkin never happened.

The military industrial complex made fortunes, and it did provide jobs in this country. The undertones from the Vietnam War left an indelible mark on society. During this time we saw the Civil Rights Amendment, which in theory was probably the right thing to do. But in application, it’s the Civil Rights Amendment that is now allowing same sex marriage in our country. 

So, be careful what you wish for, because I expect pretty soon, we will see sisters marrying sisters and fathers marrying daughters. You see, it’s their civil right to do so. We got the peace and love movement, the suburbs are still packed, society is decaying at a phenomenal rate. We have a couple of little crashes here and there in the financial sector. A lot of retired folks get their 401k wiped out. But, ironically, the first chance they get, they put their money back into another 401k, because they’re going to make a fortune. Now everybody has three SUVs in their driveway. Ten year old girls are wearing $50.00 blue jeans that make their hips look curvy, not to mention their skin tight t-shirts, then people at church sit around and comment about how pretty they look. 

You see, ladies and gentlemen, we have entered the fall of our society. It’s been a good ride. My grandfather got to leave the farm, and go to work for an aircraft plant building airplanes. At that time

women earned their place in the workforce, even though there is no one home to raise little Billy now. So we have a new industry pop up called daycare. Everybody after World War II has a good job, if they want one. Everybody works, and we are going to have growth forever. Well, anybody with a half a lick of sense knows that is impossible. Our infrastructure is now decaying. Water lines and sewer systems in every major city need to be completely replaced. That’s never going to happen. Our electrical grid system is a fossil just waiting for a collapse. Our schools have become institutions of putrid vile. Our industrial base we have effectively crushed by sending our jobs to other countries. 

And I really hate to say this next item, but if you believe that our government is working for us, The People, then you are delusional. Our elected officials, for the most part, are the most corrupt group of people ever assembled. But most people don’t care because things still appear

to be good. Look at the crime in our cities. Look at unemployment. Look at welfare. Turn on that great educator called the television and compare it to 50 years ago. If you can’t see the progression of filth and trash, then you are taking way too many psychotropic drugs. Look at the way mother’s dress their little girls. Listen to what comes out of little boys’ mouths. If you are a decent individual, you are a minority. If a person tries to live a humble life and raise their own food, then they are labeled a terrorist. Can you imagine that? Our government has systematically managed to associate decency with terrorism. 

Let’s review. We had a spring. It was a good time after a long-term bad time. We had a lengthy summer. Now we have crept into the fall. We are a mature nation, and some day we are going to

relinquish our world domination to some other country. This is a natural progression. Are we going to do this peacefully? History would say no, we’re not. Is our government going to become more tyrannical? Absolutely. We had better learn to accept the fact that martial law is just around the corner, because if you believe that your life is private, then you’re both delusional and taking psychotropic drugs. As usual, the future is not here yet. But it’s coming. 

Let’s take a look at some things that we do know and can forecast with some degree of certainty. Are our schools going to start teaching American values? Well, actually, they are teaching American values, because we have allowed them to teach trash and filth. So the schools are going to continue doing what they’re doing. Is our obvious moral decay going to make a turn around? No, it’s not. The answer to that one is obvious. Is our economy going to improve? Well, that depends on who you listen to. If you think rising unemployment is an improvement, if you think more people

being serviced by government social programs is an improvement, then yes, it’s going to improve. It’s been improving for years. Do you think our corrupt government is going to start telling the truth? I don’t think that’s possible, because if our politicians were to tell the absolute truth about what’s coming in the future, then we would have anarchy in the streets. They can’t tell the truth. But that doesn’t mean that they are still not corrupt. And that is only going to worsen. What about our financial system? How are they going to continue to feed their need for more of our money? You can only tax so much. So why don’t they just take our money? You say that will never happen? I would have never thought that a man would let an

airport agent feel up and fondle his wife while standing right beside her. But that happens everyday. They also do the same thing to his teenage boy and daughter, and that’s okay too. Because remember, Roosevelt stole gold and silver from the people. If you don’t think that our government will not take all of our savings, then you’re not paying attention to history at all. All they have to do is issue you a debit card, or an EBT card, or whatever name they want to call it, and try to convince you that your money is now secure with them. 

Okay. So. Now we know a little bit about what to expect in the future. How are we going to get out of this conundrum? War. We’ve been at war for the

last 20 years. But I’m talking about big war. People fight different than they used to. A fellow sitting in front of a keyboard can shut down a plane in mid flight. I’m talking about a commercial jet liner here. They can shut down our banking system with the punch of a key. They can shut down our power grid with the punch of another key, and it can’t be stopped. This next war is going to look a whole lot different than the last few wars. I’m not sure that some of those keys might not be punched by our own people. It wouldn’t be the first time they’ve done it.

Folks, we’re getting older, our time is expiring. Hold your grandkids, hug your spouse, keep your powder dry, for winter is at the threshold. It is inevitable.

We’ll talk more later, Frank

45 thoughts on “Winter of Our Demise

  1. Dear Frank & Fern, WOW, my hubby and I are talking about the same thing and feel that bad things are in the air. It's like God put a fire under our belts and we have been doing everything we can to prepare. Garden, meat, canning everything, stocking up when ever we can afford it though it hasn't been easy since I don't have a job since last fall and we live off my hubby's pay it hasn't been easy BUT God has provided. I also watch who I talk to about what's going on as you never know who will turn you in for a loaf of bread when the time comes. Sometimes we feel as if being ready for the unexpected makes people say nasty things about us or call us conspiracy nut jobs but yet when our grandparents did it they were the normal ones. I don't even bother to say the word prepper anymore I just say we are homesteaders, and when they ask what is that I just say – you know farmers 😉 . As my husband says KEEP YOUR HEAD UP AND YOUR POWDER DRY! God bless and love your blog!JD

  2. A fella could get really depressed reading this page, both the article and the comments. I wish I could offer some sunshine into the mix. I believe the US has been in inexorable decline since we began sacrificing infants. I shared this view at a wedding with a man of great stature in the community and the church. He succeeded in encouraging me not by giving any false hope about our country, but by sharing a conversation he had with George Verwer, head of a ministry called OM. In his work at Operation Mobilization Mr. Verwer travels the globe and he reports that in his long life he has never seen the Christian church in better vigor. People are coming to faith and repentance in record numbers, just not here in Sodom. God is in control. I need to remind myself of that more often.-tinfoil hat davy

  3. Ken and Robin, there are still good times in this country, and there are still lots of opportunities, but that big pie is continually getting smaller and smaller. It is the employer now that certainly has the advantage. In about 1990, I went to an education job fair in Anchorage, Alaska. There were hundreds of people applying for each job. The last one I attended about 2006, there were very few applicants for each job. The reason being that the oil boom is declining in Alaska, and the big buck jobs are just not there.I enjoyed reading your blog site. I hope you'll continue to post about your experiences. I wish I had words of encouragement, but as you can see, things are deteriorating in all arenas. Consider yourself fortunate that you can see what is happening, because most can't, or choose not to. Thank you for the comment, thank you for reading, and I wish you the very best.Frank

  4. Hello, B. Thank you for the information. I want to encourage you to continue to participate, and comment whenever you feel it is necessary or appropriate. You're correct, time is a precious commodity.Thank you again. May God and peace be with you.Frank

  5. Frank,Thank you for taking the time. If you're anything like us here on the Doomstead, you're a busy guy. So taking the time to reply means something. Time… time is everything now… The reason I contend that firearms were common on the frontier is genuine, 3-dimentional proof. As a 'smithy and amateur historian, I'm intimately familiar with a bunch of esoteric information that most people ignore.There is something called \”The Sod-buster Shotgun\”. Examples of these still exist, and they are their own sub-genre of firearms. After Mr. Lincoln's War came the big push West. Most men served in either side during the war, and took their rifles home with them. These were mostly standard infantry rifles and way too long to be useful.So, these rifles were chopped down to a reasonable length, usually by a 'smithy, or more than likely by the owner himself with a hacksaw. Some had their rifled barrels hogged out to smoothbore. Some had their barrels replaced with smoothbore.The name \”Sod-buster Shotgun\” came into use to describe these shortened weapons, them being so common amongst the 'sod-busters' that were moving into the West at the time. They served quite well to feed – and even defend – families for quite some time. The survival rate of these weapons is quite low, being as they were used rather hard and black powder/mercuric percussion caps is danged hard on steel. But, they turn up now and again.Given the sheer number of men under arms on either side, most of which took their weapons home with them, it's a fair bet that when the push West came, the guns went with them.The donated weapons shipped to England happened. After the war, all those weapons were rounded up and unceremoniously dumped into the sea.Except one.To my knowledge, it is the only donated American weapon that made it home. The only reason it did is because the owner carved his name and address into the stock, along with a request to have the rifle returned when the war was over. The English sent it back. I believe Guns & Ammo ran an article on this rifle – and the weapons donated to the English – back in the 1980's. Intellectual discussion? Well, I suppose finding where the Royal Navy dumped all those weapons would be proof enough that it happened… but who's going to pay for that? Heh… never happen.Gramsci being exiled… the final act of any violent revolution is to consume those who began it, then rewrite history to excoriate them, right or not.We have lost. It's a done deal. The Republic cannot be \”saved\”. Too much damage over too many decades by too many maniacal, power hungry people to reverse the damage. Well, peacefully anyway. Even if we started right now – this very instant – it would still take 20 years to train up the kids that would take over the institutions and begin undoing the damage… You should look into the Strauss-Howe Generational Theory. 4 generational arch-types, and every 4th generation has to face a Crisis that completely rewrites our culture. My son's generation – the Hero Arch-type – is destined to deal with the coming Crisis. My generation – the Nomad Arch-type – is not destined to deal with it. I came to the conclusion that we – the Nomads – are destined to be the sacrifice, since anything worth fighting for has always required a blood sacrifice. The previous Crisis's prove it. Those of us who make it through the coming Crisis are destined to be the Elders who guide the Hero generation… This one coming up is called The Fourth Turning. It's an interesting theory and I think you will enjoy reading about it. Sort of pulls everything together. to go.God bless you and yours.B

  6. Frank, Once again, well put! When I was much younger I too would have never thought this Nation would have fallen to this level. The absolute amount of corruption that is rampant within Local, State and National Government is astounding. Everytime I hear a politian or government representative I see the scene from The Wizard of Oz where Professor Marvel is behind the curtain advising Dorothy and her companions to “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”. This nation is in very dire straights, National debt, unfunded liabilities, crumbling infrastructure, physical decay of our cities, moral decay of the general population, rampant unemployment to name but a few. I left an excellent paying job last year after suffering with a back injury suffered from home accident that was made worse by degenerative discs and arthritis. I've been trying to re-enter the workforce and am not seeing the job opportunities there once was. It's really sad to see the lack of skilled job openings that once were the backbone of this Nation. I'm a Master auto and heavy truck technician, CDL licence holder with all endorsements, thirty five plus years in the business, not to mention many other certifications and skills and there are – no – jobs, and the jobs that are there in my field no longer pay a decent wage or offer any benefits but do require you to give up nights, weekends and holidays. I can't even get an interveiw at a National chain tire store. Even the truck driving jobs out there require you to be gone from home for extended periods if you want to earn any kind of wage, all at the expense of the family. We are in such a state of decline that employers can name their price and you'll take it or be unemployed and I've been told as much by several employers during interviews. I've even been shown a stack of applications and was told “you're certainly the best qualified for the job but one of these bums would be happy to take this position if you don't take what I offer”. I've ended several interviews at that point by leaving the premises. God help us all!

  7. I think I know how you feel. How do you try to advise someone about what is coming, without telling them that you have prepared? I'm cautious about who I talk to. A man I know recently spent a few days in the hospital. He is from a large suburb outside of Dallas. The first day thieves stole his motorcycle. They came back the next day and stole his car. They came back the next day with a rental moving van, and completely emptied his apartment. Everything. Even his clothes. Somebody had to know that he wasn't going to be there.I live in a very rural area, and on occasion you'll hear an elderly person at church discussing their travel plans. I'm not suggesting the person they're telling would do anything bad, but talk gets around. I would guess that's how he lost everything that he owned.Yours was a good comment. Thank you.Frank

  8. B, thank you for taking the time to share your opinion. I base my arms view of the 1915 era primarily from a Midwest to western point of view, based on biographies of indigenous folks from that era. Most were very poor, most farmer did not own a firearm. I know that Hollywood romanticizes the mountain man era, and the late western cowboy. So, this is where I got my data from.As for shipping weapons by the ship load to England? There is an ongoing intellectual discussion from both sides of the pond, as to whether or not that event actually occurred. Some say it did, some say it didn't. But Churchill did welcome the ship loads of M1 Garands, which at that time were not in the hands of the citizens. To put things in perspective, cargo ships were significantly smaller then.Are you aware that Gramsci was exiled to Siberia? Apparently his suggested methodology was a little too slow for the war mongers. But he was right. If you destroy the family and the church, then you will destroy society. This is what is happening in our society today.I do believe we have lost this battle, and I am quite worried about the next two years. A lot can happen in 2+ years. Thank you again for sharing. Best to you.Frank

  9. I am astounded everyday that our financial system is still afloat. I don't believe any of the numbers reported anymore. Their revisions or updates are probably lies also. I guess that makes them a lot smarter than me, because they keep figuring out ways to keep kicking the can down the road. They keep managing to lengthen the road to the cliff, but realistically it cannot survive. I am thankful for every day that we still have electricity because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that one day we're not. That will be the beginning of a living hell. Thank you for the comment.Frank

  10. Hello, thank you for the comment and thank you for reading. I read your post on SurvivalBlog, and went to your website. They're both very thought provoking. I can say that my success at networking has been dismal. I know a couple of folks that do support the concept, but there is no one I know, personally know, that is on board like I am. They believe hard times are coming, but most still want to hedge that it is not. I'll get to Proverbs 22:3 here pretty soon. It's interesting, we just started reading Psalms a couple of days back, so I'll schedule Proverbs next. Thanks again, take care, may God be with you.Frank

  11. Hello Frank, A great read and I cannot disagree with you . These are certainly times of turmoil in the USA and the world . One of the toughest things for me to do is to try and enlighten friends and family to the upcoming dangers with out being considered a \”kook\” . We look to the Lord for direction ,and find our comfort with Him . It seems to be quite difficult to find like minded folks in our Eastern Wash . area without sacrificing our personal information , I would compare it to walking through a room of eggshells without cracking any . I am amazed how many Christians say God will look out for them when times get tough . The coming economic collapse and martial law are our two biggest concerns at this point in time . May the Lord bless you, thanks for your thoughts .

  12. Frank,Found your blog quite by accident. We seem to be on the same page, though I am 20 years behind you.Good post, but with respect, you are in error with regards to this:\”Few, few people owned firearms.\” (speaking of 1915).The Western Frontier was closed in 1890 – ending the Indian Wars and prior to that, the War of Northern Aggression ended, that had millions of men under arms – of which nearly all took home a weapon of some kind. Look at the production numbers of Remington, Winchester, Colt, Smith & Wesson – their collective production numbers were in the millions prior to 1915. And this isn't even counting European imports or the smalls, who had smaller production runs before being bought out by the bigs or going under.In 1915, America was awash in firearms, same as today. But, being a (slightly) more moral society than today, they were used for more benign purposes than today. The anti crowd has taken to attempting to rewrite history over the last few years, and I dimly remember some anti writing a book that alleges there were few firearms in America prior to the modern age, which is hogwash. This blatant attempt at rewriting history was thoroughly trounced and discredited, but it still pops back up on occasion. Not that I am associating you with the writer of that particular book. Just saying you are in error if you think \”few, few\” people owned firearms.One last thing re: firearms ownership, and then I will let it go. It is little known today, and rarely taught, but England, which by the beginning of WWII, had been under control of the Fabian Socialists for decades at that point, was so weapons-poor, that Winston Churchill himself came begging to the US for weapons. Of course we barely had enough for our own little army and were not ramped up to make weapons in the numbers needed.So, the call went out to the American citizen to donate any private weapons you can to the English. And we sent weapons to them – along with ammunition – by the shipload. These were mostly handed out to the English home guard.If \”few, few\” people owned firearms, then where did all those shiploads come from?—————————–The other thing you did not address was the Soviets' efforts as ideological warfare against us for generations. You cannot make an effort like that without leaving a mark.In point of fact, every Social Justice Warrior talking point today can be traced directly back to a Stalin-era intellectual (like Gramsci). Stalin is long gone, the evil Soviet Empire defeated and thrown down, but their ideology is alive and well, being parroted by SJW's today, here in the US.If you tell them where their ideology came from, you are laughed at, mocked and ridiculed. If you SHOW them where their ideology came from, and that they are just dupes, they get angry and borderline violent.Nobody likes to hear that their world view is for sh*%, that they are dupes – just little wind-up robots mindlessly parroting the memes of a long-dead tyrant. But that's what they are doing… The old Stalin-era ideological warfare points (ideological warfare has always been our Achilles heel) were and are fantastically successful, even today. And I think they had a great deal of influence upon the degradation of our Republic. Remove it, and I still think we would decline, but not at the velocity that we are currently experiencing… That's all I got.God bless you and yours and may He grant you long life and courage.B

  13. Being alone is not always a bad deal. Be cautious who you invite to your inner space. Situations change and associates change, it is better to be aware and slow than jump into something without knowing all the players. Outside of Fern, I like alone, the quiet, the time to ponder life and reflect on events.Take care.Frank

  14. Nice Blog.I fully expect a Financial collapse.The U.S. Dollar is already on life-support. Fiat currency backed by nothing.The Full Faith and Credit of the U.S. Government is a bankrupt joke.Should the Federal Reserve I.O.U.'s be \”called\” \”More\” will be printed, and the \”Ponzi\” scheme continued….If I ran MY business the way the government runs theirs, I would be put in Jail…The APATHY of the general public goes on and on…Babylon WILL fall..That which has been SOWN must be REAPED…Way past time to trim your lamp…

  15. Caught your article on Nice summation, we are on the same page. I was published there january 18 tyranny 101. Worth reading by all. We are in a world of hurt, and this government is a major player in the pain delivery mechanisms.As much as I would like to think recovery could occur, my understanding of end time eschatology kicks in. Yet face it, it's a much better ending, it's the journey that's gonna be really hard. The signs of the times are in neon. What is at the door will be really tough for everyone, impossible for those who have their head in the sand. Proverbs 22:3 The prudent man foresees the danger ahead and takes precautions, the simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.I believe the key to survival in the physical realm is networking with those who have eye's to see. Take a gander at my website when you have a minute cepn.usThe Christian Emergency Preparedness Network. We are pushing networking now.Strength in numbersEconomy of scale.God bless, great article, bookmarked!

  16. There are days that it's hard to appreciate what we truly have. It's easy to moan and whine. I think on occasion, we all slip into that rut. But even if things are horrible, we can normally find a positive light at the end of the tunnel if we try. Some folks will focus on their own little patch of ground, others will try to motivate their community. But I think most of us have taken for granted, for a long time, what we have, and how easy it would be to lose it. We still have lots of good days to come, but the quality of those days is slowly deteriorating. We're going to need to develop different expectations for the future. We need to focus locally, because ultimately, local is where we're going to function and thrive. Make sure you have your car parked where you want it when there is no more gasoline. It will make a great little greenhouse. With a small solar panel, you can have a communications center if you choose to. Imagine that. Fresh spinach and tunes. A little humor there.As the Boy Scouts say, Be prepared.Frank

  17. Hello, Jana. Thank you for taking the time to respond. There are lots of sad events that happen. I've had in-laws pass away recently, and that's sad. I have a couple of friends with incurable diseases, and that's very sad. Some day I am going to die, and for some, that will be a sad occasion. I don't believe that our nation has intentionally destroyed itself. These are just the stages of growth and development. But with growth, you have decline, and that's what our country is doing. We can be bothered by the events we see in front of us, or we can accept them for what they are.I have a close relative that has some irreversible health issues. He's old, and most people would say he's had a good life. The Lord only knows, he might live 10 more months, or 10 more years. But he's going to pass away, and I hope he's ready.Our country is going to pass away. It's normal. We can sit around and cry, or we can prepare. I choose to prepare, and I recommend everyone else do the same. Thank you again.Frank

  18. I hope you're right. I hope we have generations of growth to come, but I believe we have reached the angle of repose. But then, I hope that I am wrong. Europe did go through some dark periods, and we may go through those dark periods, too. But we now live in a different world. When I order things online occasionally, I get an instant tracking number from a company in interior China that tells me fairly close to the day when that product will be at my doorstep. The way that we're communicating right now, for example. I have relationships with people that I have never spoken to, and will probably never meet, because some of them are in Australia. I'm aware that the core of evil has not changed, but the methodology used to present itself has. Another example. The Sermon on the Mount. This was the most effective way of communicating at the time. Now we can watch live events coming from practically anywhere on this planet, and in some cases, off of it. If Christ were to return tomorrow, would he still speak from a mount? I doubt it very seriously. Times have changed. And I just don't think the future is going to be near as pretty as some people think it's going to be. I genuinely thank you for your comment. It was well thought and articulate.Frank

  19. Very well put. Your examples are good, solid, hard hitting and true. The United Sates has done some really great humanitarian deeds. But recently, as you clearly stated, our deeds appear to have an ulterior motive. The Arab Spring occurred because people were hungry. They couldn't afford food. Whether we agree or not with the politics of Libya, pre-Arab Spring, the people had free education, which meant to the highest levels, free medical, which meant treatment in Europe if necessary. They had homes and they had limited freedom. Look what they have now. They have nothing. We certainly helped those folks out a lot didn't we? In Egypt, the Coptic Christians were allowed to practice their faith. Under the Muslim Brotherhood they were persecuted and murdered. The Egyptian government, under a coup, removed the Muslim Brotherhood, and are attempting a return to normal.These were all done intentionally, Libya, Egypt and the vast majority of northern Africa, to destabilize the entire region. For what purpose? I don't believe that the events happening around the world are just random, isolated occurrences. They are intelligent, planned operations with a long-term disciplined motive, probably of a sinister nature. We're going to have to wait and see how this one plays out. We have two plus years left of this administration, and I don't think we have come close to seeing the end of the game yet. I'm not really sure that the next presidential election will even occur. If there is an election, then somehow or another, the election has already been determined. Happy days are here again.Frank

  20. Thank you for your interesting comment. Ironically, most of the things that you illustrate, are probably are going to continue happening in the future, because they are happening right now. For those of a Biblical nature, we are told that things are going to get much, much worse. It could be a very long winter, but I don't think it's going to be like the traditional winter with Santa Claus bellowing, \”Ho! Ho! Ho!\” We have complete sub-societies, in our main society, that are drugged legally or illegally. We're not seeing soup kitchens because the EBT cards are flourishing at Wal-Mart. And the fall is not coming, we are in the fall. The higher you go, the farther you fall, and the longer it takes. Might want to get prepared. As stated earlier, the wolf is at the door. Thank you for reading, and thank you for your comment.Frank

  21. I don't have a specific view of what winter will be like. There are multiple avenues it could go down. One of the more popular views now days is an EMP. Could be, wouldn't be my first selection though. I think EMPs are easy to write about because there is a definite, defined moment when it occurs. It could be an economic collapse, and that can appear to be a very quick event. But normally, it has long-term underlying tides. Because see, we are actually in a financial collapse right now. It could be a plague of some type. A virus. A naturally occurring mutation, or a man made mutation. There are lots of possibilities and many ways for this to happen. That's one I would keep my eye on. Every year the masses run to get their flu shots. This would be a great time to introduce the operating platform, and a supplemental virus to be supplied at a later date, then the two operate in combination together. Then there is always some type of cyber attack. It could have the same effect as an EMP, or it could cause all the markets to shut down, effectively inducing a financial collapse. And it could be regional, or it could be world wide. Certainly food for thought.And, of course, there is just plain old, traditional war. What difference does it really matter whether somebody exposes you to nuclear radiation, or severs your head? Ultimately it's the same results. So, use your imagination. It could be A + C, or C + D, or many other formats. But I do think that lots of people are going to starve. And for the good of the people, or the bad of the people, I think we'll see martial law. We'll just have to wait and see. And if it does get really bad, I think a lot of people will take their own lives. Who knows, it might even become cliquish. You know, want to be like the Jones down the street? Maybe like in Jim Jones. We don't talk about what it's going to be like much. An example? Oh, the Aztecs, the Mayans. But the ones we have the most information about is the Roman Empire. They're pulling some of the same tricks in our government right now, that they pulled during the fall of the Roman Empire. One small example is the way they devalued their currency by substituting precious metals with cheaper metals. Are any coins made out of silver any more? Nope. Is a penny made out of copper? Nope. The Romans did the same thing.Thank you for your comment.Frank

  22. Thank you, M. I think that is good advice for everybody, everyday, everywhere. We picked up a middle of the road quality wood burning stove from Ace Hardware. Online they have a large selection, and the shipping is free to the store. Excellent advice. Thank you for the comment.Frank

  23. I think it may help to consider what a grand experiment this nation was, and how successful it became in spite of the challenges. \”The bigger they are, the harder they fall.\” Would our fall be so spectacular and so painful if we had not achieved such greatness? Look to the past for lessons and then look to the future to plan for what is coming. Yes, it's frustrating to know what could be changed to fix things, but the will of the people currently isn't there. The morals and ethics are increasingly absent.As ungrateful as I know I am, I often consider how lucky we are, even in our declining situation. Think of how easy modern conveniences make life and all that we have to be thankful for 🙂

  24. Frank-your post was hard to read, but I feel that it is so true. From time to time, I have allowed myself to hope that things will change for the better in this country. However, I am finally coming to the acceptance that this country will never go back; we have passed that point. If this country continues to exist in the future, it will be one that our grandparents would hardly recognize. I have grandchildren who talk about their future, e.g. education goals, jobs, families, etc. I sadly think to myself that they will not see their dreams come true. I am in my early 60's and have enjoyed living in this country. I guess, according to your post, I got to enjoy the summer of the country's existence. I do grieve for my children and grandchildren because they will have to endure the fall and winter-if this country even is still in existence. I read somewhere that the \”Norman Rockwell\” years are gone and sadly it is true. Jana

  25. Once Melanie Phillips was asked about the moral and policy decline in the UK, how irreversible it seemed, and that the will to fight the Islamic presence that seems to be accelerating decline. And she was asked if she feels any optimism at all. She said yes, she does because there was a worse period of decline for the, in the 1700's. Across Europe the corruption and sleaze was worse than anything that had ever come along before. Well, in Europe that ended with Napoleon, a 19th Century version of Hitler. Overcoming Napoleon with a Coalition of nations fighting with Britain led to what was and remains the longest period of peacetime and economic development, from 1815 to 1914. We assume that 1946 to today has been a more dramatic turnaround, but not really. So the same may await the USA. Just as Americans assume they just have to get used to accelerating decline, in reality we may be in the foothills of a global war, and the US may have several more generations of phenomenal growth before its time in the sun wanes. But you're right of course, the end will come, eventually …

  26. Joseph McCarthy was right. What \”tore this country apart\” during Vietnam was Communist funding of the anti-war groups, along with Hanoi Jane (traitor), along with our corrupt government. I'm not saying we had any business in Vietnam, but the socialist elite in our country were aided by the same Communists/Russians who ran the anti-war groups, along with feeding propaganda to the paper news and TV corporations.The Fabians took over our school/university system years ago. Russian Communists infiltrated our government (along with the entertainment and \”news\” agencies) and have brought us to the openly socialist state of affairs we are now suffering under.One thing that really troubles me is the total anti-interventionist attitude that seems to prevail these days. While I agree we shouldn't be meddling in the affairs of other nations as much as our government does – especially Obama's \”Arab Spring\” which assisted the Muslim Brotherhood taking over in Libya, Egypt, etc. – there are times when it is the proper thing to do. America probably would have failed in gaining its freedom from England if it weren't for France assisting us. More importantly, think of all the women and children being raped, enslaved, abused and beheaded by ISIS in the Middle East. The mass killings in Darfur and elsewhere in Africa. I believe there are times when it is our duty to intervene, as human beings. Otherwise we are like a man, armed, trained and capable, who stands and observes a woman being raped, beaten, and killed without lifting a finger to help. Who sees a child dragged off and sodomized in an alley, but chooses not to intervene. I firmly believe most _real_ men (as opposed to many of today's metrosexuals) would choose to stop the rapist, the molester.Many of the folks reading this are probably too young to remember the Berlin airlift, which brought food and needed commodities to the people of Berlin who were being starved and deprived by the USSR. My father flew into Berlin as an Air Force pilot. He also flew over Cuba, photographing evidence of the missile sites, during the Cuban missile crisis. He flew B-17's over Germany in WWII, including several humanitarian aid flights into Belgium and into Yugoslavia to repatriate French POWs who had been used as slave labor in Yugoslavia by the Nazis at the very end of the war. There was a time when we intervened in a morally correct fashion, but that no longer happens. Now we only intervene when a President is trying to distract from the semen stains on a young woman's dress, or to assist a muslim political faction in taking over other countries, while he plays (poorly) golf. Now we have scum living in the White House and \”Occupying\” Congress.

  27. Excellent post. Nice graphics. I sent it out over Twitter. I also think there is an excellent chance this ends. However lately I have been wondering. Perhaps this will not end, soon. Perhaps winter is coming, it will be a very long winter. Perhaps the 4th version of the American civilization will come upon us and people will accept it. Some form of failed European socialist system. Perhaps they will get their wish, drugs in the water, masses of poor, unemployed people on State assistance. People will be kept \”off the streets\” with unlimited \”free\” drugs in the water, porn and extreme fighting. Abortion and sterilization will be mandatory. Killing off old people mandatory. For the good of the planet and children you see. The destruction of the middle class, the wealthy paying European like taxes. Perhaps we will start to look like the country they are sending all of the profits and jobs. In service the the Navy and this country I've visited some truly hell holes. They \”exist.\” There is no reason that they cannot \”exist\” here. This to me is more scary, and more sad. We or perhaps our grandparents were the last free Americans. We all knew it was coming and did nothing. And our children inherit slavery. Perhaps it will not end.

  28. Thanks Frank, for the very concise yet wide ranging view. It is a very good overview of history. I guess my question is what is winter likely to look like. What, if anything, in history is a guide?

  29. If you can, stock up on fuel, food, drink, meds, seeds, supplies, a wood stove and a lot of wood. If you can, hide it from looters.

  30. Sounds like an interesting plot for a Joseph McCarthy movie. I think we all have to prove our allegiance on a regular basis. Very recently we were asked if we see something suspicious to tell someone. Interesting analogy though, because our telephone, our computers, our purchasing patterns, where we travel, who we're with, and the story goes on and on, is being monitored constantly. I have some fears, and I understand what you're saying. But, for now, I have options, and for now, life is good. Everyday that it is good, I am thankful. But I am acutely aware that my story could change briskly and traumatically. Thank you for reading.Frank

  31. Dr. Jim, thank you for the comment and thank you for reading. Willie Nelson once said, \”Turn out the lights, the party's over. They say that all good things must end.\” There are many different ways this path can travel. It's kind of like turning on a water hose when it's not secured down. If you've ever tried to chase one down, you know that you're going to get sprayed. I just don't know where it's going. But I know that it's not going to be good. Thanks again.Frank

  32. Tewshooz, I can't add anything to your comment. I hope the readers that read the post also read what you had to say. I know a few people my age and a little bit younger, that criticize my wife and I for the simple humble life that we live. Our vehicles are not brand new, but we bought them new. But they are not the top of the line, they are the bottom of the line. I guess the primary difference between us and them, is that Fern and I have worked every day of our adult lives, and we've paid our bills. We didn't buy things that just screamed out, \”Look at me! Look at me!\” I feel sorry for those folks. They're in debt up to their elbows. But, when I see them, they've always got something new that they want to show everybody. Your comment hit the nail on the head. I feel that the beast is near. Thank you again.Frank

  33. To everything there is a season. I've eaten my bread. Every day is a blessing and I welcome whatever comes my way. I'm sure that sometime in the future I may be in a small room explaining to someone why I read this post and why I responded. My loyalty to the party may be questioned. I may have to prove my allegiance and obedience. I may have to be reeducated and convinced of the error of my ways, to repent, and ask forgiveness from the state for my small-mindedness.That's only one possible outcome. Who knows what the future holds? I still have options for now.

  34. Interesting comment. When Fern and I were first married, we were both in college and we had nothing. Once a week we would walk down to the store and buy ice cream. The little town where the university was, had a somewhat traditional downtown. Once or twice a week, or occasionally, we would walk downtown and window shop. Fern had an old clunker of a car, which I promptly sold and bought two bicycles. We both worked part-time jobs in a little diner. I was a dishwasher and Fern was a waitress.I know lots of young people now days that get married and they have two new cars, a new house and new furniture. I guess I'm just not smart enough to figure it out, because I never could afford those kinds of things. But then, I'm still married and have been debt free for years and years. Life is good. Thank you for the comment.Frank

  35. Thank you for your observations. The post was just a scratch on the surface. It could have covered everything from the Kennedy assassination to the 9-11 stories. We are in a serious decline, and it is accelerating rapidly. It's hard to tell from day to day which way we're going. I am astounded by some of our national politicians that will openly lie with no regard whatsoever for the negative ramifications. It just doesn't seem to matter anymore. Have we, the public, become so conditioned that blatant lying means nothing as long as someone says what we want to hear? Going down fast. Thank you for the comment.Frank

  36. Thanks for the insightful post, Frank.I'm a couple of years younger than you, but I've seen the same things happen as you have.It's the end of the party, and getting close to the time where the lights turn off….

  37. Herrick, thank you for reading and thank you for the comment. I don't think people are going to accept reality. There are too many distractions and diversions for most to grasp a rational concept of something so severe as decline. The longer we try to postpone the inevitable, the more difficult it's going to be. That's what concerns me the most.On a different note. I really enjoy the stories about your grandson.Take care,Frank

  38. Hi, Fiona. It's just like people, some people age gracefully, and others fight it tooth and nail. Look how many different stages the Soviet Union has gone through. Sorry, Russia, Prussia, Soviet Union. The land is still there. The people are still there. It's too bad we're not going to age gracefully. Thank you for your comment. Frank

  39. My parents immigrated to this country in 1934 or so and landed on Ellis Island to be quarantined in case they had disease. After that, ,my dad, who was a mechanical engineer, could not find work in his field in New York so got a job as busboy at a restaurant (automat). My mother cleaned toilets and hired on as a maid in a wealthy household. As things got better, they worked and saved to buy a house and have a child. Hard work was what one did in those days since there was no welfare and all immigrants had to have a sponsor that would vouch for them. People nowadays have no idea what reality is. Does the word \”respectable \” even mean anything anymore? Instead of God fearing it seems that we are now devil worshipers (at least in the entertainment industry). This is liberalism at its finest. What will happen when there are no more workers to feed the welfare system? How long can pure evil last before it destroys everything? I blame, in part, the drugs and permissive society of the 60's. The grandchildren of the flower people are who are running things now. My parents are rolling over in their graves!

  40. I am your age, Frank. When I was first married, we lived in a trailer park with one sofa, 2 chairs, 1 table and lamp, 1 TV with stand, 1 bed, 1 chest of drawers, and wedding plunder. We used to giggle when we spread a cloth in the living room, used wedding china, and ate sitting on the floor. When my kids married, they both moved into brand new homes with complete and new furniture and wedding plunder. All. On. Credit. I think two things are responsible for our downfall. One is stupidity and the other is social media. Perhaps it's too simplistic. Maybe greed and a sense that everyone owes me because I am __________________ (fill in the blank: black, uneducated, poor). Maybe it's the jobs that go lacking because people just want to sit in their homes and stare at a screen. I do not know.This piece should be required reading for all junior high and senior high students.

  41. I personally think you held back too much BUT you said what needed said and people don't want to hear the truth. Also I realize most people get offended too easily when the truth is said. Taking into consideration your audience I think you were spot on!

  42. Frank,Thank you. You have summed up the historical and present reality of America very nicely. It's much worse than most people want to admit or accept. Understanding the reality of a situation is the first step in taking some sort of personal positive action. The empire is coming to an end. Life will change. But, for many, life will go on. The sooner that people come to grips with this, the better they can adapt.

  43. Sigh….provocative post. Ralph and I were talking about this just the other day. How things age and it is a natural thing. All the great empires fade with time and new ones rise. I just feel frustrated watching the way this country is aging…not gracefully but with unneeded cosmetic surgery and the insane thing about being forever young and not handling age with strength. Does that make sense?

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