Women & Survival

I had a very interesting and inspiring conversation with a good friend of mine this afternoon that has lead to the topic of this post. I want to thank her for the conversation, ideas and willingness to listen to me ramble, as well as the opportunity to disagree on some topics. After we finished talking I really thought about the things we discussed and how it relates to our survival as women. Here is what I’ve come up with.

The most important thing a woman can acquire that will increase her chance of survivability in a disaster, economic collapse, societal collapse, martial law, or any other situation that would involve a question of survival, is a good man. A man that will not only protect and care for her, but a man that will teach her how to protect herself and her family. This may not be a very popular recommendation in some circles, but there is no substitute for having a man by your side when the chips are down.

Now, with that said, you also don’t want to be a burden and always expect someone else to protect you or take the lids off of jars for you. Let’s say there has been a collapse and it’s every ‘man’ for himself. No more stores,

police protection, food, water, electricity, etc. What will you do if something happens to your husband and you are left to deal with everything on your own? Can you protect you and yours? Do you know how? Have you rehearsed many, many different scenarios over and over in your mind so that when you have to depend on yourself for your own protection that you will be able to pull the trigger and not cower in the corner and cry? You need to. And even if your husband is still alive and well, what if a group of people are trying to take what you have or kill you? Then what? Are you going to wait until they kill your husband before you try to help out with the defense of all you hold dear? 

I know that sounds really harsh, but when the SHTF and the world is no longer recognizable, your neighbors have left because they have no food, the scum down the road has started systematically performing home invasions at will, you need to be ready to do what is necessary. You need, as a woman, to be ready to protect yourself. I know that I do not want to be raped, tortured and killed by anyone, let alone a group of men enjoying

the anarchy and chaos of a collapse and a lack of law and order. My previous training as a reserve police officer helps me a great deal when I think of protecting myself. I am grateful I had the opportunity to be trained in firearms. Not only that, the training gave me a different mindset when it comes to taking any kind of trouble from what we called ‘maggots’. Enough on protection. Just know that you need to be ready to protect yourself and anyone else in your family that may need it. Your husband is your best and first line of defense, but if you’re out working in the garden and he is not around when a group of people come down the driveway planning on taking your food, or causing you harm, you need to be ready to handle it.

And speaking of food. Women are known for nurturing the family, with food and sustenance, right? We are the keepers of the home, the one that provides adequate nutrition made with loving hands. I mean that seriously. I take pride in putting a good meal in front of Frank. Now, what if you have fixed and served the last meal from the food you have stored away for just such a situation. Can you replace your stock with more food? How? Can you grow a garden, milk a cow or goat, butcher animals, and preserve food without electricity? Think real hard about what you need to learn or acquire to be able to do these things, or have access to someone that does, that you can work for or share with in some fashion, to get the nutrition your family will need. Your husband will be busy making sure everything is working, providing water, heat, a way to cook and protection. The food production, preservation and preparing will probably be left to you. 

There are so many skills that will come into play in a long-term collapse scenario. What can you do now? What will you need to

know how to do then? There is no way to really know the answer to that question, but think about it. Again, acquire what you think you may need. Can you sew? Do you have needles and thread? Ways to mend clothes to get the longest wear out of them you can? Do you have extra fabric and/or extra clothes that you can wear when yours have become tattered, torn and threadbare? How are you going to treat any medical conditions that arise? Do you have supplies and the knowledge you need?

Another thing I discussed with my friend today was the talent of drawing attention to yourself, or remaining somewhat unnoticeable, or anonymous.

Do you live in such a way that you draw attention to yourself? Do you dress in such a way that people will notice you? Especially men? There is nothing wrong with being all woman, feminine, beautiful, and dressed nicely. But don’t kid yourself if you think having men oogle your chest with low cut shirts will not bring you unwanted attention if there is a collapse. If you have lived in such a way that men notice and will remember you because you want to dress in a sexy way to get attention, then you may get way more attention than you every bargained for when the chips are down and there is no one left to fight off the wolves. Something to prepare for way before it is a necessary part of survival.

For me the worst thing I can think of is having to leave my home. It almost literally makes me sick to my stomach. We have invested a lot of ourselves into our homestead. The garden soil has been enriched to a very productive state. Our animals are doing well at providing much of our nutrition. If a situation arose that caused us to have to abandon our home, I would be devastated. I can’t deny that. But would I give up? I would like to definitively answer no, but honestly there is no way to know that until the time comes. I practice many, many different survival scenarios in my mind on a regular basis, but not this one. It’s very difficult. But it is something we have started to discuss and talk about different possibilities and how we would handle them. So, I would encourage you to do the same, even though it may be the very last choice you may make, and then only under extreme circumstances.

There are many signs of impending changes, mighty changes about us. The whole world seems to get more complicated each and every day. Many, many economists are indicating just how fragile the entire global economy has become, and speak of major changes coming in the fall. World tensions between countries don’t seem to be doing anything but getting worse. The government chips away at our freedoms and liberty more and more everyday. There are times it seems that before long I will not be allowed to write these words any longer. So, before that time comes, I need to share these thoughts with you.

As women, we have a vital role to play in the coming changes of our world. We can feed and cloth our families making it possible for them to carry out their duties. We can love and support our husbands, helping to carry the load of providing the necessities of life, as well as protection for our home. Surviving will be hard work, very hard work, not something we really care to do everyday if we have a choice. And for now we do have a choice, so we need to choose to prepare for the time when we don’t. When choosing not to work very hard may be a choice to die.

If you are able, grow a garden this summer. A very serious, productive garden. Preserve as much of it as you can. Even if you don’t have a garden, buy and preserve as much food as you can. Look at your shelves and do some serious evaluating of the items you need to fill them. Items that may make all the difference in the world for your family in a radically changed world. Know how to protect yourself and be comfortable with your weapon of choice. Train your mind to be aware and ready at a moments notice. 

There have always been women who were up to the challenges of survival in some very harsh circumstances. We have had it real easy in our day and time, but not so long ago, it was anything but real easy. Even though I really, really wish it wasn’t so, the times are coming that we women will once again be faced with the challenges of survival in some very harsh circumstances. Prepare your mind first, then your home and family. Know the Lord and have Him on your side. Please be ready. The wolf is at the door.

Until next time – Fern

14 thoughts on “Women & Survival

  1. One thing I might say I am grateful for in my upbringing is that I never got out of anything because I was a girl. I had to take math and science in school and get good grades in them. I had to help work on the pier on the lake every year right along side my brothers, carrying big heavy planks.I had to mow acres of field grass every couple weeks on the rider.I was taught that if I needed to hit someone to defend myself, I would be forgiven. I was taught to pull my own weight, but to also respect the man I brought into my life as someone with skills I could only dream of. The man I married has taught me even more about how much I need him. Just Me

  2. I'm afraid lonely will also equate with dangerous, Ladyclare. I hope you have some neighbors or family around that you can work with to provide life's daily needs post SHTF. Blessings.Fern

  3. I'm a little younger than you Fern, but share many of your ideals. I work hard to prepare myself but it sure would be more of a comfort to have a good man by my side. And I mean a man who could be a helpmate, but also someone kind and compassionate It's going to be mighty lonely when TSHTF.

  4. Thanks, Dr. Mom. As you can tell, I'm not real adept at PC. And you're right, it is the society we live in. It breaks my heart to envision the terror on so many faces when confronted with a dilemma called survival. I can't imagine the overwhelming confusion and hopelessness that will totally envelope so many people. All we can do is continue to warn, share what we know and pray. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.Fern

  5. Fiona, I have always hated to meet a man that I feel like I could beat up with one hand tied behind my back. I have no respect for them as men. I appreciate the blessing of being married to a man, not a fake, sissy man.The unfortunate truth is that too many women have confused their role in life to the point that they have no idea what it means to be a woman because they are so caught up in competing with men. How sad. Then, the unfortunate boys that are born to these women end up being subservient to a dominating mother. They don't know any different. I feel sorry for today's young women. There just aren't very many real men to choose from anymore. It really makes me wonder how they will manage in a collapse situation.Thank you for sharing, Fiona. We appreciate your contributions. Blessings.Fern

  6. It is very sad, Tewshooz, and lots of time it just makes me angry. I have come to realize that in our apathy, we have allowed our country and world to come to the point of collapse, chaos and anarchy. It reminds me of many stories throughout history. Ease and largesse leads to apathy, greed and destruction. I just wish it wasn't our turn.Women can be fierce, but how many will be able to call up that part of their being instead of cowering in the corner begging not to get hurt? Men and women were divinely appointed their roles in life, and to battle against that only brings misery and a trip down a very dark and dangerous path. Thank you again for your perspective. You always bring out another aspect of the discussion that is useful to us all. Blessings.Fern

  7. Thank you, U.D. Yes, you may share a link to this article. I'm glad you found it useful. We as women need to be realistic and ready to assume one of the most important rolls of our lives. Providing food for our families when there is none to be had outside of what we can produce ourselves. Thank you for the comment and request. Blessings.Fern

  8. Great post! It seems that today it's so not PC to attribute traditional roles to men and women, but they evolved for a reason. It's what we are good at. That's not to say that a woman can't change the oil in a car, but it's not something I want to do. Unfortunately many people, men and women, have lost these skills and are in for quite a shock when they become necessary again. I was riding with another mom on a school trip this week. When I remarked on all the blackberry blooms we were passing, she said that her mom and grandmother had been canners but she had no idea or interest in doing it herself. That is the society we live in.

  9. Modern women seem to dislike the very thought of having a man protect them…the myth of anything men can do women can do. However have you noticed how feminine men are becoming? I was looking at Ralph's hands as we transplanted tomatoes, big strong, distinctly male hands and more than capable. I think there are far too many men who cannot do the tasks men should be able to. We need to teach or show young women what men should be and then allow those men to teach their women how to deal with Tough times. People cannot even say the word die anymore. You loose someone or they pass on.I was blessed with a Father who was a man's man and who taught me to hunt, fish, butcher and deal with the rigors of surviving and having real knowledge. We as women need to know more than how to match handbags with shoes and how to put make up on. Great post Fern. { PS: Women still need to know how to and to take satisfaction from making and managing the meals for a household]

  10. We are ready for the wolf. I have thought about all the things you speak of and run them thru my mind time and time again. We are now armed 24/7. We are aware of our surroundings at all times. Sad, isn't it? Never in my wildest dreams growing up did I think our country would come to this. Now is the time to train mentally and physically. Women can be fierce……well, maybe not the snowflakes that are around today…..but those of us who live in the real world are. Women have always been strong, just in different ways than men.

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