We Are Two! Be Vigilant!

Guess what? We’re two! We began our blog on May 30, 2013 with much trepidation and doubt that it was an intelligent move on our part. Doubtful that anyone would find it useful, interesting or even read it, and trepidation at putting our thoughts out there in internet land. But we felt compelled to share what we know, what we have experienced, and our knowledge of the need to prepare for the demise of our country and society. Unfortunately, the call to prepare still needs to be sounded for as many as will listen, so we continue to share our lives, our thoughts and our preparations.

Frank’s first radio communications post was about rules and safety. From there he moved on to CB radios and regular family handheld, or GMRS and FRS radios. He has taught folks how to get their ham radio license, what equipment they need to meet certain communication goals, and how important radio communications will be to all of us when no other means of contact is available. We want to thank everyone that has asked questions and shared with us their success at obtaining a ham radio license. It is always great to hear that something we wrote helped them along the way.

Fern has shared goats, gardening and cheese making. Canning, cooking and insects. Even though she has shared many things in these categories, she has learned a great deal from the comments you have left. We enjoy the ‘conversations’ we are able to have with you through the comment section. The article is not finished or complete until we have had the opportunity to learn more, or be given food for thought, by you the reader. You see, even though we share many things here in hopes that it will be useful to someone, we have also learned a great deal from all you have shared with us. For that, we are truly grateful.

We have had the honor to be featured on several prominent blogs in the homestead/preparedness/survival areas. We would like to thank Patrice Lewis of Rural Revolution for tutoring us when we first began this blog. She took the time to answer many questions and give us pointers.

We would also like to thank James, Wesley Rawles of SurvivalBlog for featuring several of our articles on his blog. These folks have helped increase our readership and allowed us to share with many more people than we would have ever reached on our own. Every time you comment, you give us more to think about, research, and learn. We truly appreciate all that you teach us.

Besides radios, chickens, cheese and bugs, we all need to be astutely aware that our government is playing some serious games. Most of us are aware that the economy, not just of the United States, but of the entire planet, is in serious, serious disarray. We’ve all seen bugs and birds, fish and mammals do everything they can to survive. Our government is no different. It will do what is necessary to keep itself with it’s head above water at any cost. Just take a look at quantitative easing. It doesn’t work and hasn’t worked. 


Now is not the time to become complacent. Look at Baltimore, or Chicago. If we look very closely it would appear that our government is stirring the pot and turning up the heat. I know these are sad things to say, but if we look closely, it appears that the lines are being set for some type of civil insurrection. Just watch a cattleman herd his cattle. If he wants them to go a certain way, he doesn’t have to use lots of force, he just very gently coerces the animals in the direction he desires. This is what is happening in America. We’re all being led like the cattle, ultimately to the feed lot and slaughter house. Metaphorically speaking, of course. 

Summertime is coming. Lots of daylight and lots of heat. October is the traditional month for stock market problems, and some of our financial bubbles cannot continue to survive. You need to keep an eye on Greece, because if they go down the drain, that will be the end of the European Union. You need to pay attention to congress, also. This is unquestionably the highest concentration of corrupt, white collar criminals ever organized. They, like the government, will do anything to keep their heads above water. We do not have a representative type of government any longer. Are there exceptions to the rule? Of course, but they are few and far between. So, if our government will do anything to keep it’s head above water, and congress will do anything to keep it’s head above water, I don’t think that you and I, the common people, are really on anybody’s agenda. We are just slaves.

There are a few other topics to pay attention to. We have a serious immigration problem. Our borders are being flooded with unskilled criminals, not just from Mexico, but from other countries with which we have serious enemies. The Department of Human Services, or whatever your state calls it, has created a huge population that refuses to work, and our government has conveniently created a majority welfare subculture. The educational system, as I stated before, is a pathetic, cesspool pretending to be educating our children, while the children are actually being indoctrinated. Are there exceptions to this rule? Sure there are. 

Now is not the time to drop your vigilance. A lot of prominent individuals are predicting a serious disruption this fall, and some are saying earlier. Please pay attention and get prepared. If I am wrong, Hallelujah! If I am right, may God be with us all.

Frank’s favorite poster

God gave us the incentive to share our lives here, and in turn we have been greatly blessed. We thank you for reading our words and sharing your lives with us.

From the humble hearts of, 

Frank & Fern Feral

48 thoughts on “We Are Two! Be Vigilant!

  1. Calidore, thank you, that was very nice. I agree, that there is just a lot of common sense missing in our world now days. Everywhere we turn, no matter what the venue, everything just appears messed up. I know there is no such thing as the good old days, but I can still dream. Take care.Frank

  2. SFG, Fern and I both feel the same way on occasion. It's hard not to. We see the glitter, the bright lights, and then realize we are standing on a train track. Better move out of the way and get in touch with reality, because that light at the end of the tunnel might just run us all down some day. Don't get on the truck.Frank

  3. Sandy, thank you for the birthday wishes, but when the shoe drops in the U.S., the ripple effect will cause shoe droppings everywhere, and then this will just continue to compound. We all need to have a safe place to be, preferably with family and/or community. Thank you for reading.Frank

  4. Christi a couple of years back we did a post about where we get our news. http://thoughtsfromfrankandfern.blogspot.com/2013/11/where-do-i-get-my-news.htmlSadly, Ol Remus has retired. One I didn't put on that list is http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/Another site I read is http://www.zerohedge.com/But all of the sites on the original post, except Ol Remus, I try to check out daily. I also read my closest big city TV website for their news. Hope this helps. Thank you for the kind words, and please comment anytime.Frank

  5. It is great to hear from you, Tami. Frank and I both have ham radio licenses. He is the brain behind setting everything up, but we both enjoy the ability to communicate via radio. In fact, we see it as vital. I don't think I will ever learn everything about gardening here. Things change every year. The weather, the bugs, the fertility of the soil, and sometimes the soil and seeds even wash away.We are glad you are finding something useful here. Just know it's always good to hear from you. Take care.Fern

  6. Derek, if I could make a recommendation. Go to ARRL.org and check out their site. They'll have a place that lists all of their local affiliates with addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. Depending on where you live, you might have a couple of local ARRL groups in your area. These guys are the accepted authority on ham radio, but some of them are of an older thought pattern and some of them are of a newer thought pattern. They will help you find an Elmer or mentor. Try to choose one with a newer type thought pattern. Good luck on retirement, I certainly love it.Frank

  7. Thank you for the kind words. I have read Rural Revolution for a number of years, and especially enjoy Patrice Lewis' World Net Daily weekend columns. I'm glad you enjoy our site. Thank you.Frank

  8. My goodness I don't get to even catch a whiff of my computer these past few days and when I do log on I find you have had a birthday. Happy Belated Blog Birthday Frank and Fern. I truly love your blog. It's a fabulous mix of fun, practicality and good old fashioned common sense….something that seems to be missing of late in our world. I hope you will enjoy many more blogging birthdays.

  9. Happy Birthday! There are time when I feel like my way of life is just a waste, then I read your blog and I know that I'm living right. Thanks for the encouragement.

  10. Happy Blogday! We consider ourselves blessed to have found you. You are an inspiration to us and so encouraging by leading by example! God Bless you both!

  11. Congratulations Frank and Fern! Your blog has given me a lot of great information and food for thought. Your pictures reminds me of home, as I grew up on a farm near Aurora, MO. I look forward to continuing to learn from your blog for many more years to come!Would you consider a post on your resources for news, economics, etc? Christi

  12. Hi Frank And Fern,Never commented before but wanted to say on this anniversary how much I appreciate reading your blog. I always look forward to learning from you guys and finding interesting things to look in to. Frank has prodded my desire to get a Ham License (Not Yet but I did just get a small starter radio to listen on for now). Fern has given me lots of food for thought with the gardening and recipes. I am on my second year of gardening at a new house and still learning what will grow where. Looks like a bumper crop of tomato's for me.So thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and lives.Tami

  13. Hi Frank!Yes, I am following your adventure into raising pigs. It couldn't come at a better time as I am thinking seriously about adding them to our homestead. Radio communication does interest me and I have seen your posts on the subject. I'm semi-retiring as a contractor this summer and look forward to pursuing new interests, including radio comms. I will be revisiting your blogs on the subject!Have a great day Frank!Derek

  14. Y'all and Rural Revolution are our daily reads at breakfast, motivating us out the door to try out ideas and improvements on our own small homestead. Thank you so much for your time, effort and example.

  15. Hi Just Me. Thank you for the kind, humbling words. We pray that these articles will be of help to someone. We pray for guidance about what to write. Sometimes we even ask to be allowed to quit writing. But then we hear from someone like you and the people that have commented here before you. That's God's answer to keep writing. So we do, and we will as long as He guides us to do so. I must say, these comments have been very touching and humbling to Frank and I. We thank you.Fern

  16. BJO, thank you for your nice words. We're glad that you enjoy the site. We try to write like we were sitting across the table having a conversation. It just seems to flow better for us that way. I hope you feel comfortable with this style. Take care.Frank

  17. Hi Red. You are aware that Frank and Fern are pseudonyms, and we felt that we needed a last name. I have a buddy with the last name of Ferral, and we were going to use that, but we kind of felt like Feral was more appropriate. Has kind of a catchy sound, doesn't it? Do you think I need a middle name, too? Na, probably not. Remember, Red, humor is the essence of survival. Frank Feral

  18. TB, thank you for reading, it's good to read your comment. Tomorrow is the first day of June, there's a brand new month coming. Did you know that the first quarter of this year our country had a 0.7% negative economic growth rate? Yep. Negative. It takes around 3% positive growth rate to break even. We all need to pay attention. Everything else is just a fabricated illusion. Thanks for reading.Frank

  19. Hello, SJ. There is comfort in knowing that you're not alone, and that others feel the same way you do. It's important to us to know that we're not alone, and more folks confirm that everyday. Thank you again.Frank

  20. Grammy, thank you for reading. Fern and I like to have fun, and overall, we enjoy life, but there are times when no nonsense is the only way to be. Some call it straight forward, others call it blunt. We are watching the historic collapse of the greatest Empire there has ever been. We had better all pay attention. Whether this is a natural event, or a man made event doesn't really make any difference. How it comes or how it happens, really isn't of great significance. But we as individuals and communities are going to have to pull together and attempt to survive the best we can. I would rather have someone tell me the blunt truth than a sugar coated lie. Thank you for your comment.Frank

  21. Well, I'll be dipped in buttermilk! Two years today. That's an amazing accomplishment. Your success has been earned with your wit, knowledge, frequent postings, hard work and honest sharing. It all adds up to a real contribution that helps a lot of people. Thank You!Just Me

  22. Nothing lasts forever. All empires collapse at one time or another. This is probably just a natural cycle. We've had a good ride, we've been successful and productive, but we all know that winter is coming eventually. So we get ready, and we prepare for winter time. I just hope things don't get too nasty. Thank you for the comment.Frank

  23. Hi, AnnaMaria, nice to hear from you. We also hope that things aren't really as bad as we think they are, but as you said, when we open our eyes, it's actually worse. It's a shame to watch what is happening. I'm not sure if it's necessarily preventable, but I do want to try to survive whatever is coming, even if I just do my tiny part. Take care. God bless.Frank

  24. Derek, thank you for reading Rural Revolution, and thank you for reading this blog. We just try to share everyday life. We have been fortunate to have the means to experiment, have a handful of successes, and more than a handful of failures. We just keep trying. Have you read about the pigs that we got recently? This was by no means my idea, but it was something Fern has wanted to do for a while. Have you considered radio communications? Give it a look, you might find something you like. Thanks for the comment.Frank

  25. Kathy, thank you for the birthday wishes. We're all in this boat together and blog communication is a relatively new way of sharing. We try to answer every comment, and we learn a great deal from the comments we receive. I've had some radio comments that corrected some of my errors, and I appreciate that. There is a dark day coming, and when it rains, it's going to rain on all of us. I hope we've done our part. Thank you.Frank

  26. Hi, Vicki. I'm not exactly sure what to say, but I have very similar feelings quite often. Fern and I discussed the possibility that we're both being consumed by a non-mainstream marketing technique geared toward those that tend to panic. But then, like you, we hear this insane bombardment coming out of Washington bureaucrats that is just an unfathomable lie. People just soak it up like it's sunshine. There are also days that I'm scared, but I try to shake that feeling. Don't get on the bus. I believe God put us here to try to survive at all costs and by any means. It is an innate feature of all living beings, and I think God has high expectations for those He has given the ability to see. I genuinely thank you for your comment.Frank

  27. Shannon, thank you for the comment, and you are welcome. I wish that more people could get a grasp of what is coming. There are many days that I wish that I couldn't see it, but I can, and I'm very gently trying to persuade as many folks as possible to prepare while the sun is still shining. Take care.Frank

  28. Hi, Alissa. We will try about anything at this stage. Oranges are not something we have on our everyday diet, but if it meant buying one or two, it would certainly be worth the effort. I'd feed the meat to the pigs so it wouldn't go to waste. I went to your site and really enjoyed your pictures. A lot of clean, decent, wholesome photos. I spent quite some time there looking.Thank you for the comment and thank you for the pictures.Frank

  29. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! You both have become important to me via your blog. I am so glad I found you. The info, experiences, pictures, resources….all of it…are so appreciated. I must tell you that I particularly enjoy your writing styles! Good Luck to you as you go into your third year….God Bless. bjo, central NH

  30. Frank & Fern, THANK YOU so much for ur blog posts! I am one of many who've learned much. However, I didn't know until this post that ur last name is Feral! lol That's a great one. 🙂 We are also transplanted northeners who've come to appreciate the benefits of SE Ok. May God's Spirit continue to bless & guide u & ur loved ones! Red

  31. Happy BlogBirthday!!! I too look forward to your daily postings.Thank you for sharing your experience.TB in western NY

  32. Happy birthday. I, too, check for postings daily. I am grateful for the content and your stories and sharing of your experiences. Even more important is feeling that others share my world view and concern for what is happening around us. Thank-you. SJ in Vancouver BC Canada

  33. Happy Birthday! Long time reader, minimal commenter, but I love the no nonsense posts you both share. Keep on sharing!

  34. this is probably not for publication… 'led to the slaughterhouse, metaphorically speaking'… metaphorically, my eye! 'unskilled criminals'.. these criminals are very skilled, indeed! only God can save us now. on We Are Two! Be Vigilant!

  35. Congratulations on two years there Fern and Frank. Love your postings, they go straight to the heart on many levels, in particular, all the words of wisdom on what is happening to our country. I shudder at what is happening, try to shut it out, but it is still happening when I open my eyes. I hope more Americans are getting the idea that we do face impending doom in our country. Prayers for all of us and \”May God Bless America\”, and bless you both.

  36. Happy two Frank and Fern! I have really enjoyed your blog, having stumbled upon it through Rural Revolution. You bring forward such valuable information and you do it in a very real world manner. Successes, failures, trials and tribulations. You both manage to share your insights that all of us learn from. Thank you for doing what you do!Derek

  37. Happy blogbirthday! I hope you have some small sense of the difference you have made in a lot of lives. The information you share is stuff that really works and you don't seem to mind blazing a trail and doing the trial and error so the rest of us can come along and learn and get a head start. I also hope you know that we keep you in our prayers as we do a few other 'blog friends' and here's wishing you many more birthdays. (one can always hope) Thank you for all you do and share!!

  38. Although I don't often comment, I am a faithful reader. So many of the things you have posted about have been a great help to me. But the most important help you have given me is this. There are times when I just get tired of the bombardment of insanity coming out of Washington. There are times when I just want to pretend it will all go away, knowing full well that it won't. And there are times when I doubt my own sanity when I see what is happening all around us and others don't. It is those times when one of your posts brings me right back to where I need to be to take care of myself and my family. You have the ability to let me know that I am not totally nuts and that this feeling of impending doom is shared. I hope we are wrong about the coming fall. But I don't think so. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping me on track and letting me know that it is OK to buy another bag of beans when others think I have stepped off the edge of r4eality. Keep up the good work. I'm sure there are many others who share my feelings of gratitude to both of you.

  39. The thanks go to you for sharing what you are learning and warning us to get prepared to fend for ourselves as much as possible. God bless and keep you.

  40. I've been a regular reader for well over a year, although I don't think I've commented more than once or twice. Just want to thank you for all of the informative posts…I almost always learn something from you guys! Regarding the post below about the slugs…I read somewhere that orange peels will keep them away. I recently was gifted a bag of Florida oranges and figured it wouldn't hurt to try. Seems to really be helping! I put orange peels around half of my small patch of collard greens but not around the other half and the side with the orange peels has significantly less slug damage. Don't know how often y'all purchase oranges but if you have them around it couldn't hurt to try. It's been really wet here, too (western KY) and my gardening has been an adventure for sure.

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