A Pervasive Sense of Dread

Why is it that more and more people have this sense of dread? The feeling that something is not right? The notion that something bad is going to happen? Anxiety is on the rise. Talk about impending disaster of some sort, natural or man made, is becoming more common place. Even people that don’t want to think that something is very wrong, are coming to the conclusion that life as we know it won’t be recognizable for much longer. 

The Sunshine Thiry Blog wrote an article yesterday that deals with this feeling or sense of what is happening called Unease. I think she voices the sentiments of many people, not wanting to believe that there are monumental events in the wings that will come to pass, probably sooner rather than later. It’s a well thought out article, and I recommend you take time to read it.

There are a number of events happening in the financial markets that are of great concern. Everyone is talking about and watching what is happening in Greece, but not much is being said about the free fall of the markets in China. They have enacted serious restrictions on their markets extending out six months to try and curtail the dramatic drop they have experienced over the last few weeks.  

And while this article was in draft mode this headline came up, NYSE Suspends Trading of All Securities Due to Technical Difficulties. My first thought was, what was the difficulty? A major sell off that they won’t publish because they want to prevent a panic? We will never know the answer to that one. I hope it is a technical difficulty, something as simple as someone hacking the system. But even if it is, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be a simple little glitch that will one day topple the the gigantic house of cards our financial system has become. 

A while back I mentioned the roller coaster ride that we will involuntarily be on in the coming months. This is just part of the ride. Does it increase our sense of dread? Does it make us wonder almost daily, is this the big one? What will next week bring when Jade Helm gets into full swing? Or when the Greek banks begin confiscating the peoples’ money from their bank accounts? Governments world wide will be watching how that plays out, taking notes, seeing what works and doesn’t work. That will give them the opportunity to tweak their playbooks for when it is their turn to do the same.

There are folks in Frank’s radio class that are starting to mention the need to be able to communicate with each other when the collapse comes. Everyone agrees that the current system and way of life is not sustainable. That’s even scarier. You know, Frank and I have our opinions, and we read other folks out there that share those opinions. Then we started this blog 

and you started sharing your opinions and perspectives with us. When we realized that there are many, many more people out there than we thought, with the same frame of mind, it was staggering, reassuring, and scary. Now we are meeting more and more local people that are expecting difficult, violent times to come knocking. Does it increase our sense of dread? Yes and no. Yes, because the anxiety we all feel about something happening in the near future is now palpable. Everyone feels it at some level, whether they are preparing or not. No, because it is reassuring that there are others in our surrounding rural area that know things will collapse and they are interested in looking after each other. That is very, very reassuring.

There is no way to know what avenue the coming collapse will take to find it’s way to your door. But make no mistake about it, arrive it will, whether with a bang or a whimper. I can’t be more direct and serious about encouraging you to be ready mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. Remember, by the sweat of our brow will we eat our bread, and only after all we can do, will God do the rest. Your life and survival are up to you and no one else, not your mother, or father, or spouse, your children, grandchildren or neighbors. You and you alone are responsible for your life and your choices. Please, please, choose wisely.

Until next time – Fern

25 thoughts on “A Pervasive Sense of Dread

  1. Sure you can practice homesteading. You can grow a handful of plants in pots.You can start changing the way you dress to be less noticeable. You can put a small go bag in each one of your vehicles, and a larger one for adults and able bodied teenagers in your house. You can get yourself in better physical condition. Quit some medications, that you can. Lose weight if you need to. Go to a farmer's market and buy 20 pounds of carrots and learn to can. That'll take a canner, jars, lids, and storage space. Quit buying useless petty junk, and buy solid tools that you can use for the rest of your life. Start paying attention to your surroundings, know who you are and where you are at all times. Study maps of your area, know how to get out. Start looking at property, go visit pieces of land, know where water is, and how to treat it. Learn to use a firearm, and prepare yourself mentally to do the unthinkable. Study history. Get involved in a church. If you need to, drive to a country church and get to know the people. And if I've missed anything, do that too. Beans, bullets and bandaids. Learn first aid. Learn survival techniques. Take classes at the local college or vo-tech, but take real classes. Get your ham radio license. Learn how to use a radio. Make sure your vehicle is in great condition, and it has in it what will last you at least two weeks if you have to leave immediately. Know your local laws. Get a concealed carry permit and practice, practice, practice. Shoot to stop, not to kill. Get to know your Creator. Ask and talk to people that know what they're doing. Learn to tell the difference between truth and fiction. You say there's nothing you can do where you are now? Get a grip, it's near. Ta-ta.Frank

  2. Kymber, when it rains, it's going to rain on all of us, whether we see it or not. Did you know that tall people know it's raining before short people? A little humor there. I dread what's coming, but everyday the picture is a little more focused. We try to stay busy, it keeps our minds off things. I wish we had a national figure that would step up to the plate. I wish we had one national figure that would tell the uncensored truth. Just one. Thank you for your kind words.Frank

  3. Hi, I'm new to your blog, over from SSM's. I feel the unease too, but it seems hard to prepare since my husband and I are paying down debt and living in an apartment. We're hoping in the next 3-5 years to be able to pay everything off and get a little house with enough room for me to have a veggie/herb garden, but that seems remote, and I still worry about what we can do now. Do you have any suggestions or resources you can point me towards, given that we're not in a position yet to make a go at homesteading? Or just soldier forward, paying down what we can, saving what we can, and getting into a place we own as soon as we can?

  4. Fern – an excellent post and one that demonstrates what many of us are feeling…regardless of what country we are living in! you and Frank are true pioneers, leading the way, as the original pioneers of both of our countries did! the true pioneers of both of our countries were the first to lead the way, show how it could be done…and then did it. without our pioneers doing it first, none of the rest would have been able to achieve self-sufficiency and independence. i am very proud to be among those who are smart and capable enough to learn from those who came before us. keep leading the way – and keep teaching others that they can do it too! we are in for some hard times…but those of us who are willing to learn, can do so. on the backs of those who are taller than us!your friend,kymber

  5. Chipmunk, most church leaders I know personally skirt the issue and address it only in topical discussions. I wish they would step up to the plate and discuss what's coming, but that's just not happening. I do meet more people on a regular basis that are aware, and that in itself is refreshing in a peculiar kind of way. Don't get on the truck, or don't get on the bus. I will not comply.Frank

  6. Annabel, I think it has started, too. I can't give you a starting date or time, but I don't believe it's coming anymore. I believe it is here. It's lurking out there, and when the perfect storm develops, it will strike with a fury that few have ever witnessed. When it comes, it will come from every direction. Few will not feel it's intensity. It's here.Frank

  7. Calidore, we all hope for the best. It would be easy to pretend like all is well, but it's not, it's not even close. We try to put away, prepare, practice mental exercises, but for what some of us see coming, there is no total preparation. This thing is going to overwhelm all of us, some a lot more than others. Today, the sun is shining, and all appears to be good, but there is a cancer just below the surface and it's growing, not receding. Take care.Frank

  8. Certainly we have those conversations, C.M., doesn't everybody? Okay, let's role play. I am the man of the house. If tomorrow for whatever reason, I were to die, is the woman of the house going to sit out on the ground and cry, \”I don't know what to do! I don't know what to do!\”? No. And the opposite applies to me. We may all have our specialties, but everybody needs to be able to function. We all need to be able to survive. Thanks for the thought provoking comment.Frank

  9. LTW, when my grandmother was a child there were no preppers, survivalists, doom or gloomers. If you didn't can the harvest and put it away, then you didn't eat. Are we preppers? Who knows. We're just preparing for the long winter coming. That's what grandma did. If you don't put it up now, then you may not eat in the future. Thanks for the comment.Frank

  10. NurseC. it used to bother me a lot more that people wouldn't even try to see. I still care, and wish I could help them, but I don't have the time anymore to worry about those that would rather play than prepare. My efforts are focused on myself, my family and my community, because this is where I am and this is where I live. I wish I had a magic wand to help all to see, but I don't. Pretty soon, they will be on their own. Literally. It sounds like things are going well your way. Good luck.Frank

  11. Janet, as time goes on I meet more people that can see it or feel it, but I don't see anybody coming up with a plan. It would appear that the other side, whatever or whoever they are, are sharply more organized and much better armed. It concerns me that I can see it, but I don't know how to stop it. Thank you for your comment.Frank

  12. For the longest time I thought my husband and I (and some folks on blogs I read) were the only ones who feel this unease, but our church pastors have addressed it fairly directly several times in the last few months.

  13. Palpable here too. Absolutely and I'm hearing the same from others and blogs I read. Something is happening and I think it's started. x

  14. I did a huge shop today. It was my monthly shop but I bought more than usual – all paid in cash – and feel so much better about our food situation. Yes I need to garden, can and preserve more – but at least I'm on the way. Like so many others I feel there is a sense of doom hanging around and while I try not to worry and prepare for the worst (and always hope for the best) it's hard not to. Thank you also for the link to that blog post – very interesting and so how I'm feeling at the moment.

  15. Fern, I just went to Sunshine's blog and wanted to let you know that she mentioned you referencing her post and among other things, said \”If Blogger didn’t delete all my comments, I would tell her, “Thank you!” 🙂 And her post is worth reading – it’s another perspective on the matter.\”

  16. Fern, this was really well written. Do you and Frank have those conversations that start out with \”If something happens to me, this is where I keep the …\” or \”this is how you do …\”, etc.?

  17. It seems like so many people walk around with blinders on. They are living with huge house,car,and credit card payments. Living pay check to pay check. My husband and I are canning,freezing,dehydrating all we can get our hands on. Our house and cars are paid for. This is our third year putting in a garden. We learn something from our successes and failures every year. I try to encourage people I come into contact with to put something away every paycheck but they just look at me like I have three heads and say,\”you must be one of those preppers.\” I feel sorry for them because I know they are totally unprepared. Thank you for your blog it makes me feel less alone.

  18. You're right, Tewshooz, many of us were. What amazes me is the people that can say they know things are going to get really bad, but seem oblivious to how that will affect their daily life. Either that, or they just don't want to accept the responsibility they have been given to provide for their families. Thank you for sharing, it is good to hear from you.Fern

  19. Those I know who \”have ears to hear\” feel it, and so do I. Glad to know we are in this together and that I am not losing it.

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