Keep Your Ear to the Ground

We wanted to share some things we’ve been reading lately that have given us pause. There are many things afoot that make us wonder what will be next. Just when we think things can’t get much worse, something new comes along. That used to happen a few times a year, now it happens almost everyday. In addition to the unbelievability of these events is the willingness of The People to accept them, and in some cases, even embrace and defend them.

Planned Parenthood Sells Dead Baby Parts

Judges: Nuns Must Obey Obama

Schools Offer IUDs to 11 Year Old Girls Without Parent Consent

Oregon Allowing 15 Year-Olds to Get State-Subsidized Sex-Change Operations

Events in the world are compressing into a time bomb. Each event that happens shortens the fuse a little more and a little more. Just yesterday Frank talked to a man that can see what is coming, but he still told Frank that he can only hope he is wrong, as he goes about his life trying to keep things as normal as possible. This is the disease that our world is suffering from, cognitive dissonance. According to Wikipedia, “In psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time, or is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values.” This is the terminal, fatal disease that will cause the deaths of millions of people. It will incapacitate them to the point that when they are faced with the collapse and disappearance of everything ‘normal’, they too will collapse into a state of numb disbelief, or they will turn into animals that will do anything to survive. Anything. Either way, they will not be able to live with what has happened or what they have become.

Freedom or the Slaughterhouse? The Police State from A to Z

Chinese Stock Plunge Resumes with 1200 Stocks Halted Limit Down; Yellen, Greek Elections on Deck

Why Some Texans are Suspicious of a Massive Military Operation called Jade Helm 15

New Executive Order From Obama Authorizes Turning Americans into Government-controlled Slave Labor Force

Sometimes I feel like a helpless little ant scurrying around trying to be prepared for the fall. But how can we possibly be ready for the fall? We try to prepare mentally, to envision or imagine what it might be like, but I know there is no way to really know, to really be prepared. So, why do we try? Why do we keep working and learning, harder and faster than we ever have? That’s an easy one. We want to live. We want to survive.

So, we try to keep our ears to the ground, listening for what may be coming down the pike. I know there is no way we can fully comprehend the complexities of what the world has become, but we can do what we can in our little, tiny corner of the world. When it all boils down to it, this teeny, tiny piece of dirt we call home, is what matters. Our small, two person family is what matters most in our world. Then extended beyond that are our neighbors and two small, surrounding communities. This will be our world after the SHTF. Once again the world will be a very big place, but people will seldom travel beyond a mile or so from home, if that far. Few were the people that traveled very far back when this country was young. They provided for themselves, or traded for what they could. There were a few settlers that traveled far, to find a better piece of land to live on, but they were few and far between.

There are days the coming events of the world weigh heavy on our hearts and minds. Today is one of those days. If only TEOTWAWKI would never come. If only the disease of cognitive dissonance wasn’t so prevalent among the peoples of the world. If only…… But those are pipe dreams and best left for those that choose not to live in reality. That’s what I tell myself. It’s times like these that it’s best to get back to work preparing, because if this collapse does come and it’s anything like we expect, we will be lucky to live through it. We will do all we can to survive and do it well, but if by chance we do die, we want to do it with our boots on.

Until next time – Fern

16 thoughts on “Keep Your Ear to the Ground

  1. I agree, Sassafras, we all need a break from being prepared all of the time, but we are finding our breaks are getting much shorter and farther apart these days. There is still much to do before the storm arrives in all it's fury. Thank you for the link and for your comment.Fern

  2. Having difficulty helping loved one's see past the forest to see the drought stricken plain on the other side? We've all got normalcy bias from time to time. Like one commenter said in this post below, I sometimes need a break from preparations but always come back to it…Threats, they be real – sometimes it's a layoff, or a flood or tornado, but getting 'off the stick' and into the work required sometimes leads us to overcoming our normalcy bias.

  3. Fern,It's frustrating to see where this country is going, and how many citizens believe in what's being fed to them by our government. All we can do is to continue preparing, and educating family and friends on how to prepare and protect themselves and their families. I have an issue when this country awards a person for \”COURAGE\” on coming out and identifying they’re transgender. The honor of \”COURAGE\” should go to all military troops defending this country and fighting for our freedoms, law enforcement defending this country, and protecting, medical and fire staff for saving our lives. These are true positions of courage. When this country idolizes Hollywood stars as having courage over those who are truly heroes of courage it’s obvious this country is heading in a downward spiral. The refusal to open one’s eyes to the true problems of this world will only end when this country comes apart, and they won’t know what to do.Hugs,Sandy

  4. Well put, Fiona. I don't really have anything to add to what you just said, it speaks for itself. We have become a dependent society. We have had relatives ask us more than once, why do you do all that work when you can just go to the store and buy it? That little statement says a lot. Our society has changed, our values have changed, hard work is scorned and degraded. We have no problem killing our own babies. We now call our returning soldiers terrorists. I pray when this thief in the night comes, he is quick and thorough, because most of us are not going to survive. Good news on your farm. You still have electricity, you still have sunlight. Don't dally.Frank

  5. Steve, for the longest time I believed that survival was the strongest innate drive that any animal had, including humans. But I'm not too sure about that with humans anymore. There is a good chance that when the bottom falls out of our world, we are going to see mass suicides. I believe this is because people do not have, or have lost, that human desire to continue as long as possible. Steve, I think it's near. It's been coming for a long, long time, but a whole lot of us can feel something bad. Thank you for reading.Frank

  6. Deb, people work for the devil because he pays good in this world. Some don't even know they are doing the devil's work. Most of them have sold their soul. Look at our congress. With few exceptions the vast majority of leaders in this country are pathological liars. They're doing the devil's work. Truly look and study and find out what's really going on in Greece. Why can the banks worldwide commit atrocities openly and blatantly, and only a lower level manager is punished? The people of Greece are going to end up with nothing, and it is spreading. Every institution that we have is collapsing. If somebody out there can name one major institution that is doing better, I'd like to know what it is. Thank you for your comment.Frank

  7. Thank you, Kymber. Some days are just harder than others. Even though some of us can see what is coming, there are just days that it just eats your stomach out knowing that there is nothing you can do about it and that there is very little that can be done to influence others. You know what's going to happen when the vast majority of the people? We don't talk about it much, but there is going to be a whole lot of people not make it. There's going to be a whole lot of people not make it to church tomorrow. But the not making it that I'm talking about is where millions and millions of people don't make it. Some days that's real hard to deal with. There are days I think of the Jewish Holocaust. Millions of people died. Governments all over the planet knew what was happening and let it happen. But something we don't talk about much in history is that millions of people escaped the Holocaust because they saw it coming. Same type scenario here. Many people see what's coming and they're doing everything they can to escape in a figurative sense, or in a literal sense, to survive. But there's still going to be a lot of people that just don't make it. Loved ones, family members, colleagues, neighbors. So, let's call it what it is, they're not going to make it. They're going to die. Millions and millions of people are going to die.Frank

  8. Shannon, there is a storm coming. It's been coming for a long time, and most folks don't have a clue. A whole lot of people are going to get rained on real bad.Frank

  9. Vicki, try this on for size. Most of us have never tried to explain the details of death to a four year old. A four year old does not have the ability to understand this type of trauma. That same four year old is also dependent on someone. So, let's say most of our adults actually have the emotional development of a four year old, and they are dependent, most likely, on the government. This is what we have allowed to occur, and the chickens are coming home to roost. You might want to prepare for impact. Thank you for your comment.Frank

  10. We were just reading about A women's college that will accept Transgender men. Now this made us a bit crazy… many institutions that were all male are considered sexist and have to allow women. Womens institutions are not considered sexist if they do not allow men to attend. Let's throw more mud into the water by adding Transgender. The crazy behavior over the Confederate Flag, the sad lack of awareness in the population. Perhaps apathy is a better word. We are saddened by it.Now we have our farm, Ralph has told his family to decide if they want to order chick's or vegetable seed. We are more than willing to help them get a start on healthy food to can and store. All they have to do is come and pick it up. Not one expressed interest. That made us even more concerned. How can people not feel or see the thunderstorm on the horizon?

  11. Thank you for the reminder to keep creating a life that is God directed and one that will allow us to serve. If we aren't around how can we serve?

  12. hi.remember one of the prophets [isaiah?] said he saw a time when people would run back and forth over the face of the earth like the 'vicar of wkefirld'. he was reassigned and there were tears and final goodbyes.i thought he must be going 100's of miles. he moved 20 miles away and they all thought that this insurmountable distance would prevent them ever seeing each other again!i was astonished.but usually no one went more than a walk of a day or two.remember daddy saying there were places men could stop and sleep. said his brothers both got bitten by bedbugs at one of these places.these places weren't manned and you took your chances. didn't cost anything either.all dirt roads, no transport other than shank's mare.generally women did not go out, and certainly not alone. what WE caN DO BESIDES PRAY , I DO NoT KNOW. IF WE RAISED A RUCKUS WE WOULD ONLY BE ABLE TO GET TO THE 'SMALL FRY'.DOWN TO BRASS TACKS, THE DEVIL IS RUNNING IT . he has many willing minions. that i do not understand.why would you work for the devil. he wants to eat you! why do his dirty work?sorry about caps. clumsy on keyboard.

  13. Fern – both you and Frank are survivors! you are survivors because you paid attention to the early warning signs and got yourselves set up and then learned, tried, planned, learned some more and practiced. and prepared. and all of those things then became your way of living – your way of life! you guys are doing it, living it and sharing it with others both in your community and on the internet. you both will survive whatever is coming – i just know it!your friend,kymber

  14. That explains why so many around me just plain don't want to know. They become upset if you mention any of the horrible events that seem to be coming at us like a runaway train. I have wondered how the \”special little snowflakes\” of this world will ever be able to cope. They have been sheltered from anything unpleasant, even to the point of needing a trigger warning if something other than unicorns and fairy dust is mentioned in books or movies. When the time comes, as I am convinced it will, when their world is turned inside out, they will never survive. You need to know about reality in order to make it through.I, too, feel like I am rushing about trying to accomplish as much as possible in as short a time as possible. If only people realized that even the smallest of things, like storing a case of bottled water, could very well be the difference between surviving and not surviving. God help us. But he also helps those who help themselves, and that is the part that most don't get. Bless you for your posts. You always give me something to consider and encouragement to try harder.

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