Brace For Impact

Hi Everybody, Frank here.

Been paying attention to the news lately? Well, you know all the problems in Greece are solved. The Chinese markets are all doing great. Our unemployment problem here in the United States just about doesn’t exist. You know those precious metals we talk about all the time? Gold and silver? They’re going through the ceiling. The European economy is going great guns. Our economy here in the 

United States has set record highs this year. And that pesky Middle Eastern war? Everybody has just kissed and made up. Life is grand and we’re all back on the happy train again! I can hear them singing, Happy Days Are Here Again! So let’s all run down and buy us a brand new car, refinance our house, take out more student loans, and go into debt just as far as we can, because we all know that debt is good! We’ve been told this for the last 50+ years, so it must be true.

There’s only one problem here. One very large problem. Everything just stated above, is a lie, or if you’re a politician, someone misspoke. You see folks, everything mentioned above is not true. We sit in front of our TVs and let talking heads fill us with information that is a lie, and we believe it

because we want to believe it. We are a very comfortable nation. Just go into any Wal-Mart and look around. Look at all the grossly over weight, middle aged men and women dragging their fat little kids behind them with a candy bar in one hand and a sugar laced drink in the other. Yes, we are a comfortable country, but we have gotten too comfortable. We’ve become complacent. We expect everything to be done for us and all services provided. So when we watch the news, we want to hear happy time stories. Well, everyone of those stories mentioned above, as repeated before, here it is again, they are all lies.

The news media lies to us. The government is the biggest liar of all. We believe every word of it. We don’t have an immigration problem. Who are we kidding? We don’t have jobs. Go to any public clinic and you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who speaks English. Crime is through the ceiling in most major cities. I am afraid to be in a city after dark. Am I paranoid? No, I’m not.

Here, let’s review. Our government tells us that unemployment is around 5%. I beg your pardon! Private sources, reliable private sources, tell us it’s closer to 20%. Recently we crossed the threshold of 50%. You know 50%, or one half of working age people in this country are on some type of public assistance. So when did it become a right to have a cell phone? 

Have you looked at our politicians lately? I personally don’t care much for Donald Trump. I know he is a TV star of some type, but I’ve never seen whatever show he is on. But he is making our main stream politicians look like sissies. Why is that? Because he tells the truth. Why can’t other politicians tell the truth? Because they want to say what everybody wants to hear. Ladies and Gentlemen, that is impossible, therefore, they don’t say anything of substance. I don’t think we’re going to hear the truth any time soon.

Getting back to the top part of this story where everything is a lie. If someone were to tell the truth, we would have panic in the streets. You see, Ladies and Gentlemen, we are in the middle to final stages of the beginning of a serious collapse in this country. Therefore, since all

markets are intertwined, it would be a world financial collapse. What does this mean to you and I? Banks shut down. Credit for large corporations ceases to exist. Big trucks quit rolling. Shelves go empty. Get the picture here? Financial advisers, investors and prognosticators from all disciplines are saying that a financial collapse is imminent. But the stock markets did great today, you say. These are out of control fluctuations. But gold and silver went up today. Gold has dropped from $1800 to about $1100. But you’re right, it was up today. 

Look at the price of a barrel of oil, it’s around $50 a barrel. If it’s too low, that’s terrible. If it’s too high, that’s terrible. It doesn’t make any difference where the cost of oil goes, it’s going to be terrible. Speaking of oil.

Back during the oil boom days, oil wells were drilled less than 100 feet. Now days off shore rigs are going down about 2 miles. See the problem here? The easy to get stuff is gone. Not to mention the fracking technique. We’re having to pollute our water systems, we’re causing earthquakes where they never were before, but by golly we’re getting that oil out of the ground. The problem is at $50 a barrel, the oil companies can’t make a profit. At $100 a barrel, you and I can’t afford to buy products, because shipping costs too much. That’s just oil.

Do your homework and check out copper. Copper used to be easy to mine. Now there are pits in the ground miles across and a mile deep. The percentage of copper is about 3%, in other words, 97% waste. That 3% that can be harvested is a lower grade and quality than a number of years back. But that’s okay, because the demand for copper has dropped sharply, and so has the price. Until today of course, it was up. Happy times are here again.

I used to tell people that the wolf was at the door. I used to remind people that there were dark thunder clouds rolling across the horizon. But I quit saying those things. The simple fact is that the wolf is not at the door. The wolf is in the door. Those terrible thunder storms coming across the horizon? They’re here. Go back up to the top of this article and read all of those lies again. We are in the midst of a financial collapse that has never

been seen on this planet before. What’s going to be the ultimate catalyst? Who knows, but there will be one. Some people call them black swan events. When that black swan event does happen, your government, and mine, and our news medias are going to tell us the truth. Have you been reading? They are going to orchestrate a lie just like they have been doing for years and years and years. Be careful and watch out for a serious diversion. Some examples that come to mind, these are just examples, of course, the sharp escalation in a war somewhere; close the banks and have a bank holiday for your protection; maybe fly a plane into a building; maybe shoot down an airliner somewhere; release a pandemic; have community organizers start riots in multiple towns; or a self induced EMP maybe. Pick one, pick any one, pick two. Be greedy, pick three.

It’s here, Ladies and Gentlemen. It’s not coming anymore. It’s here. You need to get your house in order. You still have some time. Get things done

now. I pray every day that I am wrong. I like life the way it is right now, but the happy times are over. Reality is here and we are going to have to pay the price. The fat lady is singing, the game is over. You need to brace for impact. Get it done. If you think money in the bank is going to save you, you are sadly mistaken. If you have a bunch of shovels, then you will be a wealthy man. 

I’m not the only one that sees this. I know that there are lots of readers out there that see this, too. I know this is hard to understand, but we are in

the final stages of the beginning of a world collapse. It can’t be stopped. It just can’t be. If you see this coming, please respond. You may have a take on it that I didn’t see. Now is not the time to be shy. If there are fence sitters out there, your comment might cause them to get off of the fence. Today the stores are still open, and that’s today. There are no guarantees about tomorrow. We need to help each other while we still can. Thank you for providing me this opportunity to share. 

I pray to my God and Heavenly Father that I am wrong.

We’ll talk more later, Frank

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  1. SFG, thank you for the comment. There are lots of days I get tired of preparing. I ask myself, preparing for what? I tell myself, if I would just not read the news, then I wouldn't know what's happening, and then life would just be peachy and grand. But everyday, everyday, on the mainstream internet news there is another major story about top level officials lying to the American people. It doesn't appear to make any difference what group is in charge. So I will go back to preparing and I hope I can help one or two other people do the same. Tonight while having dinner, I read a news article about the Iran nuclear deal. Fern and I discussed it, and we both agreed that we as a nation and a society ARE IN SERIOUS TROUBLE. It appears that our government and our government officials are doing everything they can, as quickly as they can, to destroy this country and society. WE ARE IN TROUBLE. WE ARE IN TROUBLE.Frank

  2. I'm so glad that you post these kinds of posts. Just when I get to asking myself \”why and should I\” you post this. Thank you. It keeps me on track. I sometimes get fooled by the media into thinking things will be okay. I'm glad there are people out there who can really see what's going on.

  3. Interesting perspective. You will not receive any disagreement from the folks here at Frank and Fern. We respect your views. As a general view, we support a strong Christian doctrine, but at the same time, we are a country founded upon freedom of religion. Normally, we would not post this strong of a religious opinion, but there are times when we need to be reminded that we are slipping as a society. I thank you for taking a strong, direct approach. As you are aware, your name and organizational names were edited from this comment. I hope you understand.Frank

  4. The Bluesmans, thank you for the blessing and may God and peace be with you and yours. Your words hit the mark. I'm lucky to live in an area that has a strong religious influence. It used to be called the Bible belt, and I'm glad to live here. I know there are lots of folks that hide behind religion, and I don't believe there are as many followers of Christ as there used to be. Too many distractions I would guess. But I hope when times get bad that people can remember where they can find a home where they are comfortable. Home being church, school, a place of refuge. I pray every day for clarity. I know something is out there. Yes, I get information from various news sources, but what connects the thoughts together is a bonding agent that comes from somewhere else. The pieces of the puzzle are very slowly coming together. That's why I pray for clarity. It's similar to seeing something coming down a long road at a distance. You don't know what it is at first, but you know it's coming. As it gets closer, it becomes more in focus. It's coming, and whether I like it or not, it will come into focus. Don't get on the bus.Frank

  5. R.L. thank you for the compliment. Please take the time and look around our site. We comment occasionally on politics and current events, but our general theme is homesteading. Hope you enjoy it. Maybe a few more folks will take a look at your book. Best wishes.Frank

  6. Very well put. We have lots of people in this country that have seen different collapses. One of my grandfathers came to this country around 1904. He was a young child at the time, four or five years old, and he never talked much. He was part of that semi peaceful movement of relocating entire populations of people, an ethnic cleansing type, but not genocide. The victims were distributed far and wide. He never spoke, ever, of the past, and if his parents ever did, he never mentioned it.If you move the people around enough, you can destroy cultures, religions, any form of established normalcy. You're right about the collapse being in various stages, which would put us currently into the advanced early stages. It's like the old saying, \”All politics are local.\” The effects of this movement will also be local, except it will be on a world scale. Your thoughts are very intuitive, please comment every chance you get.Frank

  7. Dr. Mom, I believe you're right, a lot more people are aware that something is staggeringly wrong, but most don't know how to follow up, where to go or what to do. Many are afraid to talk about it because they've heard others branded as whackos, survivalists, tea party people, conservatives, veterans, Christians and the list goes on. There is many a day that I feel lost, I don't know what to do or where to turn. It appears that every avenue that I go down is soiled and decayed. Some days are hard, most aren't, but some are. We often discuss discontinuing this blog. It's not a game they're playing. You irritate the wrong person and you might become a casualty of NDAA. Yep, some days are worse than others. Thank you for the comment.Frank

  8. Michael, we blew up our TV over 20 years ago, and it's too bad, television could have been such a successful, productive instrument. I guess it is productive and successful if you're in the market for disgust, filth, porn and trash. We have a little house, not really little but small, simple and very productive. I like western NC, pretty area. Haven't been there in many years. I know our country has changed a lot in those many years. We still get a small, local newspaper and it comes in real handy for making paper pots for planting seeds and starting the wood burning stove on chilly days. And honestly, that's the only reason that we subscribe. Hope you enjoy retirement, we certainly do.Frank

  9. Hello, Karl. I know folks that do exactly what you're talking about. They work real hard for a short period of time, get to a certain point, say they're ready, and quit. If the disaster didn't occur during their time frame, then it was a waste of time and effort on their part. Fern and I see it quite differently. This is a way of life, a mindset, as you say. Our ancestors lived this same type of life everyday, because if they didn't, they didn't eat through the winter. I enjoy our comfortable life style, but it has produced generations of folks that have no clue of the past. They don't want to know the past because the future will always be upward. That is impossible. Thank you for your comment.Frank

  10. CWO, Hi Chief. I can't speak directly for your preacher, but there are a lot of ministers out there that are fence sitters. They try to make everybody happy, which in the long run produces empty seats. I like a preacher that tells me or the group when we're doing things wrong. It's not just ministers, it's everywhere. Men have turned into sissies and they're everywhere. Ask your preacher if you can do it, or ask if you can ask someone else to do it. Don't give up. Thank you for your service.Frank

  11. You shouldn't bail them out. We're not talking about the weak, the sick, the old or the handicapped. As I mentioned earlier, these people are adults and they will make their own decisions. You or I are not responsible for their bad choices. Stand strong. I don't see that I am doing without. I like my life style. This is the way I choose to live and it's a good life. But, I guess the other folks feel the same way too, they just made a different choice. Hang in there.Frank

  12. Hi Ray. I'm not familiar with this book or author. We have used deep mulch a few times and it does save on watering. We use our old hay that we don't use for our animals and put it on the garden. Then when we put the garden to sleep, we till it in and let it sit over the winter. Our garden is still a growth in progress. Every year we find a new way to do things. Thank you for the advice.Frank

  13. PDXR13, good advice. I think folks in the northern climates could benefit from solar panels the most, because us folks here in the south have gotten way to used to air conditioning. I remember when we moved to Anchorage, there was no air conditioning. I guess the folks in the south are just going to have to learn how to sweat. We have a small solar system. Thank you for reading.Frank

  14. Eileen, about the only other medication we keep on hand for chickens besides Pick No More, is a wormer called Wazine 17. It is a liquid that you put in their water for a day. Jeffer's has been our animal supply source for many, many years. Here is the link to their poultry section. They also carry supplies for most livestock, dogs and cats. sounds like you already have a good stock of supplies. Thank you for sharing your ideas and questions.Fern

  15. Bluesman here correcting my bible verse in the above post from Mark 8 :3 to Mark 13: 8 , regarding a time of sorrows . Sorry .

  16. The beginning chapters have already begun and all can see that there is a growing frailty of bonds that unite. Divisions appear everywhere. These seem small at first but Satan does not lose any opportunity to shatter unity and peace. Even America, which felt it had healed its racial wounds, is experiencing new and surprising divisions. Where is this coming from? Whose hand is guiding this turmoil? This is the mystery I will address.The Civil Rights Movement was deeply religious, rooted in the churches and supported by people of faith. Many were the religious hymns that encouraged the marchers and gained for them adherents from all religious backgrounds. This faith and these hymns kept everything peaceful. Respect led to great changes which have shaped America for 50 years.Now, that faith has waned, on both sides. Where are the hymns? Where are the religious voices? Where is the mutual respect? Without the peace that only religious faith can bring, inevitably there is rhetoric and clashes.I return constantly to this theme. Because America is uprooted from its faith, it is vulnerable to so many evils. These divisions will not go away and they cannot be solved by human leaders, who speak about “addressing the problems”.America, I will address your problems. Lack of faith is your problem. Setting aside your religious fervor is your problem. Excluding religion from public life is your problem. By my words I am addressing your real problems. Continue to abandon your faith and only darkness awaits you. Faith was the great light that led you through two world wars and placed you at the height of your powers. Because you have abandoned what led you, you now grope in darkness.

  17. Good morning , Kudos on a very timely post , not things we enjoy discussing but they are very appropriate for the times we are in . It should not be a surprise to \” believers\” in Christ . There are ample warnings in scripture about days and times such as we face . I believe there will be only a remnant of true Christians as the world as we know it is winding down . Christ speaks of a \” time of sorrows \” in Mark, 8 : 3 , I think we are at or near that point now . The Bible speaks of a one world government during the last days , we are rapidly approaching that point through the United Nations and the elitists that rule this planet . The Christian churches are , for the most part , like bland tasteless salt . Organized religion seems to be on the way out and bible based home churches will probably serve true Christians best , the way it was in the beginning . It seems to be an experiment in absolute frustration to spread the word about what is going on around us to friends and family . They are adults and God gives them choices , they must deal with the choices they make . As for my wife and I , we will strive to be as self reliant as possible , carefully reach out to others with a like mind and try to be examples of Godly people . We are near the end of our earthly journey and are ready for Jesus to return and cease this nonsense world that we live in . We thank you for the words and information that you share on this blog and pray that you are blessed in all that you do . Mr & Mrs. bluesman

  18. This is the first time visiting your site. Bravo!!! I am in the \”choir\” also. So many others are not. I pray that we are all wrong. In 2004 I began my book \”Surge\” by R. L. Hadley, after losing everything in Hurrincane Ivan, in hopes of reaching others. It hasnt flown off the shelves but I have reached a few… Keep up the good work!! You've gained a new reader!!

  19. Great post. I fully agree that a significant reset is coming. It seems inevitable at this point and near at hand. But yet I thought that last year too. It is difficult to comprehend all the machinations that TPTB use to keep the façade up.When it does come, I strongly suspect it won't be what we envision. I fear we will not see a true collapse, but rather abrupt societal change. Fear and deprivation will cause a weak populace to support totalitarians. The farmlands and rural areas will be raped for the food to keep the cities fat and happy. Sure, there will be conflicts, but perhaps not as much as we think. It will all come under a guise of patriotism and service. Enough folks will believe helping starving people in the cities is a good thing and support it even at great sacrifice to themselves and their livelihood.My gut tells me that focusing on arms is a wrong choice. Sure, self-defense will be required in the long-run. But the initial phase will be very unfavorable to resistance. Totalitarians are always successful initially…they fail over time, but enjoy early widespread support. Cache the arms for the children. Stockpile the mundane that will be difficult to obtain in failing supply chains. Stockpile food to stay out of the bread lines. But go to the breadlines to show your neighbors that you are in the same boat.Electricity will flow, but intermittently and unreliably. Gasoline will be available, but with long lines and high price. Ration stamps will be implemented.Prepping is critical. Shovels, nails, hoes, seeds, fertilizer, boots, work-clothes, mason jars, wax, etc, etc. The very mundane things. 'Victory' gardens will be in every yard.Self-sufficiency is great, but out of site is an absolute must. No one must know or a target you will be. The first few years will be about keeping your head down while the new normal comes into play. Then, ultimately, the same outcome that happens to all totalitarian states….collapse and war. Sorry for the ramble. My train of thoughts is a bit bumpy this morning. I strongly believe we will see multiple, very different phases, of 'collapse' and it may be very very different than what folks are ready for. Prepping for a single 'collapse' is great in the longterm, but be ready for years of something very different initially

  20. Annonymous – just sold the old glassware, dishes & Christmas ornaments to a local vintage store for $75. They saw it on Craig's list. And, yes, I'm keeping the old husband too – after 47 years of marriage and 52 years of being together I'd say he was necessary too!

  21. There's no need to be without electricity. Solar PV panels are as cheap as they will ever be (in hours of labor). Having 800 Watts up and a few spare panels for repairs will keep a good battery bank charged and your freezers cold. If you don't need the freezer space (ate, dried, canned the food), they can be turned down to be chest refrigerators. A 2000W inverter of 96% efficiency will run a couple of big freezers, lots of lights, comm, sensors, small appliances, almost everything except \”hog\” appliances like electric stove/oven, electric water heaters, welders, and central air conditioning. For those things, burn some fuel in a genset for a couple hours and enjoy the 20th century briefly. pdxr13

  22. It's nice to read that others feel the same way as we do. I think many propel feel it but have no idea what to do. I was at my children's dentist office this afternoon and chatted with the staff while my son was being worked on. We started talking about the local fair and how I had won some awards on canning. She asked me what I can which led to a discussion about wild berries and plants and how I teach classes. Suddenly everyone was listening and there was even a \”well, you won't starve when things fall apart.\” They wanted my blog info. The undercurrent is everywhere and bubbling up.

  23. Love the Nubians. In a past life I dabbled in dairy goats with a herd that reached over 50 head. I kept a mixture of Nubians and Saanens with the Nubians for the heavier cream and the Saanens for the higher volume. Simpler days then but working a full time job and taking care of 50 goats could really fill the day. My children showed both in 4H and at NDGA and did well.I am nearing time for retirement now and my wife and I are looking at moving to far western NC and following John Prine's advice:Blow up your TV. throw away your paperGo to the country, build you a homePlant a little garden, eat a lot of peachesTry an find Jesus on your ownPrepping physically is necessary as is expanding your knowledge in many things once known by all country folk but long forgotten by most. Even more important is to prepare spiritually. Thanks for your post…

  24. Losing topsoil is a common problem with modern farming techniques. No topsoil = bad harvests. As others have mentioned, deep mulching can build back topsoil, if you can wait a year or two. We've watched \”Back to Eden\” and have been trying its method of deep mulch/no-till this year. While too early to see how much topsoil we gain, it has been beneficial enough in keeping weeds down and moisture up that we are going to keep at it. I believe that \”Back to Eden\” is available on YouTube, so free to watch.As to getting ourselves in order, we are working like there is no tomorrow (there literally might not be). I have to keep reminding myself that preparedness is a mind-set and a process, not a journey with a destination. There aren't any preppers that go at it for a few years, then sit back and take it easy. Once the basic bullets, beans, and band-aids are put back, you move on to water storage, sustainable farming, and off-grid power. Once that's done, then you prep for your community's needs, on an on. You cannot be too prepared, but most of it is about building skills and a survival mindsetRocketmanKarl

  25. A good way to improve your garden, and reduce your work load, is to use the deep mulch method as designed by Ruth Stout. I am using it this year and have done very little weeding, during dry spells I've not had to water, and the mulch breaks down and rapidly improves your garden soil.Her book is long out of print, but there are used book sites that may have it, and there may be Internet sites that give the same info.Also, besides NPK, you need to add small amounts of borax (20 Mule Team) and Epsom Salts for the micro-nutrients that are not in NPK fertilizers. These two make a world of difference in your gardening results.Ray from Buffalo, KY (the OTHER Buffalo)

  26. Congratulations on your move. Your garden is critical. Fencing is also critical. Good fences make good neighbors. You might want to hurry just a little bit. The best way to get a chicken house built is to have day old chickens at the post office. Then you have to get it done. If you have the financial means, go ahead and stock up on all the supplies you will need to continue your development. You can always stack things in a non-traffic area and cover them with a tarp for later use. I have unintentionally used the chicken technique more than once, because when the baby birds show up, they're only going to be in a brooder for a limited amount of time. Stock up now while you can. Many people feel that it is near. Congratulations on the move.Frank

  27. Grace, thank you for sharing the eternal words of wisdom. We at Frank and Fern adhere to and support a strong belief in God. We have no intention of deviating from this plan. We are also supporters of our savior Jesus Christ. We promote strong spiritual development because here in the near future we are going to have to deal with things that are unimaginable. This will require a strong spiritual belief to deal with. When a human can't rationalize what is happening and has no where to turn, that is a sure diagnosis for failure. Having a strong belief in the hereafter, and being able to articulate these beliefs will help us all deal with the inconceivable events about to surround us. I genuinely thank you for your words and wish you the very best.Frank

  28. Hunter, most of the usual support systems don't work anymore. People used to have small, local churches, and some still do. But the big churches you see out on the highway, that have a huge parking lot and not a house in sight? I can't see where those types of churches are going to make it. This will be the only support system that I see still functioning. I see people drive 20 to 30 miles to church. They may drive past four or five churches of their preferred denomination. When those days are over, these folks will have no extended community. We're going to have to learn to get along with each other. Those little petty things that upset us, we need to get over, grow and develop as adults. There are always going to be little things that upset us. I hope the local community churches step up to the plate and fulfill that extended need. That's my hope anyway. I believe we'll find out soon enough.Frank

  29. Mac, I know folks that only store bullets and their accessories. They have this wild perspective that if they have enough armament that they are prepared. And they buy more. This is not necessarily a bad thing to do. There are items that will be crucial for barter. Bullets don't have a shelf life, they don't have an expiration date, but I still just don't understand.We have a policy in this house to not barter, sell or trade firearms. Yes, over the years I have done this activity, but on a very, very limited basis. Years ago, many years ago, when my 40 year old nephews were teenagers, I gave bricks of 22LR for Christmas. Did you know that two teenage boys can go through two bricks in one day? You might say they had a blast.Keep an eye on those folks that only stock armament, that's a very touchy situation. Instead of a log splitter, how about some good quality mauls and wedges? Those can certainly come in handy in the long run. So will shovels and axes, spades and hoes. Buy good quality tools. Don't forget the things to sharpen them with also. Take care.Frank

  30. I have people tell me the same thing. They say they're coming to my house, and I never know how to respond. I read something that was perfect. From now on, I will say, \”If things get bad, you'll have to know the password to enter without being shot.\” When they ask what the password is, I'm replying, \”I've brought my own food!\” I don't mean to be cruel, but I have driven the same car for 11 1/2 years, wear the same clothes year after year, shop the clearance racks when I do get clothes, never get a mani/pedi, don't color my hair, don't take a yearly fun vacation, and never have \”girls' day at the spa.\” They spend more money than they make, and talk about their fear of the future. I'm tired of hearing \”I know I need to prepare, but I don't know where to start.\” That's just an excuse. They don't want to give up the good life. They're too busy keeping up with the Joneses, while I'm scrimping and saving to prepare for what we all know is coming. Why should I bail them out, when they've been warned?

  31. 55six, you're probably right, there have to be many more people that can see it or feel it. I don't know if it really makes any difference or not. They may be the first ones to get out of town, but as stated earlier, I can't feed the planet. Everybody has brothers, sisters and cousins, and all of them have brothers, sisters and cousins.We have invited a couple of folks to come to our place, but the rule is, bring your own shelter, bring your own food, bring other necessary supplies to support life and be prepared to work. These are the rules. There are some minor exceptions, but these are the rules.This is going to sound cold, but I'm not going to starve my family so I can feed a slacker. It's just not going to happen, whether they know or not.Frank

  32. Waiting, your garden idea sounds like a great idea. We lost a couple of inches of topsoil this year and our plants aren't doing near as well. So we will work to reestablish what we lost. We have to work within the circumstances we are given. Sometimes that can be touchy. Do the best you can with what you've got. Improving your garden soil is a wise investment. That one should pay off for years to come. We're all waiting and there are times it's very difficult, but when I consider the options, then it's not that difficult.Frank

  33. I have approached my preacher three times over many years to conduct survival training for the senior citizens (of which I am one) but there was no interest….what is this about tending the flock???cwo2usmcret

  34. Shannon, I don't have a positive take on my unprepared relatives. I can't feed them, I can't feed their spouses and children, or their spouse's family, and the list never quits. Adults have to decide for themselves what they're going to do. Fern and I have made peace with ourselves, that many folks are just not going to make it, and some of them will be loved ones. You can't save them all. But you can save seeds. We have got to have extra seeds. Keep up the good work.Frank

  35. Hi, Everett. Your comment was very well put. We use banks for the same type philosophy, an instrument to pay bills. We left Alaska for the same reason you discussed, about all your products come on a vessel powered by oil. Understandably, Alaska is not an island, but many locations are only accessible by plane or barge. All of the places where we worked were only accessible by plane or barge. In my humble opinion, when the big trucks quit rolling down here in the lower 48, then the barges will quit coming and the planes will quit flying to remote Alaska. That's not where I want to be. Keep sharing your comments, they are very well received on this end. I wish you the best.Frank

  36. Hi Bellen. My grandmother never threw away anything. I guess she had a hard time through the Great Depression era. She had a big, old, two story house and every square inch was stuffed with what most would consider junk. But she tried to have a use for everything. Space is also precious. We organized one of our storage buildings last year and in doing so, had a lot more space. You know, space, the final frontier. Thanks for the comment.Frank

  37. Herrick, you are a wealthy man. The tools that we use are of a higher standard. But when I go to a store that's having a sale, we try to pick up a handful of shovels, rakes and hoes. Then the next time we go if there are some on sale we pick up another handful. You know the story about giving a man a fish and feeding him for a day, teach a man to fish and you've fed him for a lifetime. We believe that hoes, shovels and other hand tools will someday be priceless. Throw in a handful of seeds and you have fed a man and his family. Thank you for reading and thank you for the comment.By the way, are you going to have any clothes pins anytime soon? I'm on your waiting list. Thanks again.Frank

  38. Thanks for the kick in the pants to get back to prepping. We've got enough food for a few years but we really need to get the garden going and start up with some chickens. On a good note, we've been distracted for the last year because we just built a house and moved to our farm a few weeks ago. We are almost ready for whatever comes our way. Like you, we pray nothing happens, but deep inside we know that it is inevitable. Our government knows it too. Cheers from the South East!

  39. I'm laughing as I read your post. I just did the same thing! My basement is now free of the 'old and unnecessary.' (I kept my husband. He's old, but necessary 😉 ) I'm selling old china and glassware. It was from my grandma, but I don't need all of it to remember her. I feel that I am more prepared than most, but not as prepared as I need to be. I have plenty for my husband and myself, but I want my kids and grandkids to be ok if they end up at my house. (This is a strong possibility, due to the location of our rural home.) Good luck with your sales. I'll see you on Craigslist!

  40. Prepping for temporal things is all well and good. Keep it up. The most important prep any human can make is preparation for the eternal. Humans are eternal beings. Our bodies will die but our essence, ourselves, never will. We go on forever in one of two places. May I humbly suggest that all read, exceedingly slowly and carefully, the book of Romans, specifically chapters 1 through 8 in the KJB, and come to terms with who and what you are; AND what God through Christ has done on your behalf. All the physical preps in the world cannot prepare us ultimately for what is actually coming. Grace and peace, now; but eventually, judgement and war, as mankind itself in total has a far bigger problem that societal collapse it does not want to admit. \”For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.\” Romans 3:23\”For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.\” Romans 6:23

  41. I admit, I am on the fence and suffer from normalcy bias. But I am still trying to hedge and prepare as I can. I have a question, what supplies for chickens would you suggest keeping on hand? I a have my first flock of backyard city chickens, 7 barred rock pullets that will hopefull start laying in September. Besides feed, and you have mentioned no pick in other posts, are there any medicines and supplies you suggest keeping on hand? I thought some of my girls might have coccidiosis and wanted to treat with Corid, but had to check 3 farm supply stores before I found one that had it in stock. This got me thinking I should maybe have on hand some other medicines or supplies besides feed, oyster shell, grit and bedding.Thanks for the time you take with your blog and posts.

  42. appalachiaremember to stock what your dogs need in vet meds and emergency supplies.anything your flocks need also, remembering sell by dates which are important for antibiotics.just a thought.

  43. I to agree with your blog. I have been trying to tell my friends and family for a long time since 2006. I have been in the financial industry for 17 years and it is debunked. Done. Pretty soon the ATF will be seizing your arms and Jade Helm is in effect. We must have a support system of our own.Truly,Hunter

  44. I hear you also Frank. It amazes me of the Normalcy Bias out there that surrounds my wife and me.My brother and his family was at the redoubt this past weekend. His prepping ad getting ready for what ever the good Lord has in-store for us is to just add more money on top of more money in the area of firearms and ammo. No beans, no band-aides only bullets.We watched he and his family consume and waste good products. Our log splitter died and his response was, \”We should go out and buy another one.\” I diagnosed the problem to a blown gasket where the carburetor joined the engine block. Ordered the $9.30 rebuild kit while he wanted to go out and spend $1,200-. This is just a small example of the normalcy bias I have already chatted about. There are many more examples of people that surround MrsMac and I – Family and friends both.Inclosing, something is indeed coming. Keep your nose to the grindstone (your prepping todo lists. Even if it will not be 100% done by the time of the trial that will befall us – You will be ahead of the curve. You will be able to help out your brother & his family and your neighbors too. God Bless from MrsMac and JohnyMac at the redoubt.

  45. I had a member of my extended family come over unexpectedly the other day. She caught me with my garage door up and saw a big steel shelf uncovered with its cases of canned goods. She also saw some backpacks and other things. I have attempted to talk to and warn ALL of my family and friends to no avail so it was not funny to me when she said she was coming to my house if she ever needed a can of green beans. I just smiled and said that she knows in her heart she needs to buy her own green beans very soon because mine are already allocated. She seemed to frown and then changed the subject.People Know. They do. It's just that they cannot bring themselves to admit that it is all gonna come down. Normalcy bias. Mosby's latest article is about this topic. I too pray for more time. Take comfort though that if you are even 10% prepared then you are multiples better off than the average family ignoring that twinge in their gut. -55six

  46. I know that time is running out and in some respects I hope it does soon. I'm sorry to say that I'm tired of preparing. Tired of being the one that plans for an uncertain future. I easily stock piled a years worth of food but because the end didn't come and we've been preparing for years, my husband says no more. So now because all the food takes up space and because we have or had so much, my husband says we need to use it. So we are now out of many items and I'm unable to replace them. I'm just suppose to buy what we use each week.Thankfully there are some preps that don't need resupplying. The fruit trees are planted, apple, pear, persimmon, fig, plum, chestnut, hazelnut, mulberry and others. But they haven't started bearing yet. The pond is in for rain water catchment, the roofs have gutters and we have rain barrels. The propane tank is full. The chickens and ducks are laying eggs. The fences are up and the pastures have been seeded with a variety of grasses and forbs for the sheep. We have livestock guardian dogs that protect the animals from the coyotes and bears. There are some other things we are planning to do that will help us be in better shape no matter what the future holds. One item is late this fall or as late as early spring, we'll be bringing in loads of organic planting soil to improve our garden area. I'm looking forward to increasing the productivity of the garden. It would take years to improve the soil without this input. I know the more people that are prepared the better things will be for all of us.Waiting in Appalachia

  47. I hear you Frank. I see it coming and have done about all I can to fill the pantry and keep back ups for most everything that is necessary. My family thinks I am a bit of a kook but they humor me. I wonder if our family in the big cities will be able to make it to our place after they see what's in store for the populated areas, I hope so. I have done what I can and now the rest is in the hands of our blessed Heavenly Father. Thanks for all your efforts to warn. There are many that have been listening.

  48. I Have no personal knowledge that this collapse is going to happen, no insiders telling me to get my money out of the bank, nor anyone telling me to stock upon \”things\”. When you live on an Island where every single thing that you use in your day to day living, comes over here on a boat powered by oil, it is only a real short leap to come to the realization that sustaining life on this small piece of terminal moraine can be an immediate problem. One with no quick resolution. SO I took it upon myself to begin to do what I could do to mitigate the results of this coming collapse. I have been prepping for this for quite a while. We keep only enough money in the local bank to cover the monthly expenses. Of course what ever is left in there will be no good for anything except for lighting the fire in your stove. I have tried to instill in my kids the notion that their lives in the near future will be much changed from how they live today.Electric power will be the first thing to go and anything you have in a freezer will be unusable in a couple of days. So We have been learning to live like out ancestors did out her 150 years ago before the advent of electricity.It is coming and I feel it comes at a faster tempo every day. There are not enough hours in the day to do all we need to do still. All I can say is that you had better be doing something to help yourself now or you will most assuredly be one of the first casualty's in the first 60 days of Armmegedon!

  49. Hubby & I know we are in for a long, bad patch. While we are preparing we are also cutting down on possessions that won't do a thing for us. Repairing and selling 2 pressure washers that were given to us, listing odds & ends on Craig's List, selling a bulk lot of old glassware, dishes, Christmas ornaments, etc – all the sales free up storage space and gives us money to purchase what will be necessary for our survival in the not too distance future. I know we are in the minority in our area, but we are in it for the long haul without having to rely on others to provide for us. Again, thanks for a very thought provoking post.

  50. I had to chuckle when I read your comment about the shovels. I bought three good-quality new ones last year and put them away. One for each of my sons. And I have a good hoe for each of them too (even bought some replacement handles to have on hand for when I find more good used hoe heads at flea markets), and I got 'em three nice sharp bow saws too. Thanks for the reality check, Frank.

  51. N.W. I don't know about your hordes, it just depends on where you are and how far you are off the beaten path. But there are probably lots of people right there in your own neighborhood that will be at your house before the hordes get there. I live in a very rural area, but I don't believe that most people around here are prepared for more than one day. I hope these folks will think there is safety in the cities and head in that direction. Keep your powder dry.Frank

  52. Hi, Tewshooz. Fern and I try to take advantage of every day that we have. Right now it's too hot to do anything outside. I took this inside time to sharpen all the kitchen knives. I know that's not much. Take advantage of the days we have left. Always keep your gas tank full and have a alternate route home. I really appreciate your comments. Thank you.Frank

  53. Hello Frank & Fern, N.W. here. Thanks for all the info you provide and the thoughts as well. I believe you're spot on with this latest comment. I read recently how precious metal sales are through the roof. Suppliers can't keep up with the demand. But as you and I know, those metals are darn hard to eat and there is no calories in them either. Thankfully I'm not in a big city, I live in an agricultural county. But the fear I have is the hordes from the cities thinking they can just get their canned goods and packaged foods right off \”The Farm\”. No joking, most city folks have no idea where the food comes from. The time for hunkering down is here and now. Inventory you're supplies and get what you need now. Everything may seem O.K. when you go to bed tonight but we may wake tomorrow to a very different set of circumstances!

  54. Hi, SJ. There are lots of things a person can do no matter where they live. Being prepared is also a good solid frame of mind. It would be nice, though, if you had a friend or relative that you could go to in time of need. Just food for thought. Try to have a bug out bag and a bug out location. Thanks for the comment.Frank

  55. Great post. Thank-you for the honesty. Here's something I've noticed lately in watching the news – the three major U.S. 'nightly news' shows tend to run the exact same news pieces in, usually, the exact same order. Weird, right? About the only unique piece is the last spot, usually a public interest story.I so wish I had my own land and my own property instead of an apartment. I can't do anything about that situation. I do make the decision while at the store to stock up on something – whether it's band-aides, food , matches, something extra. SJ in Vancouver BC Canada

  56. Ja, Frank… are preaching to the choir. Those of us who read your blog are aware, ready and braced, locked and loaded. We are hunkered down and the hatches are battened down. We have one more shopping trip to make and then we are done for the big September showdown. If nothing happens, we are still prepared for just about anything. So, hang tight and let not your heart be troubled.

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