Pondering, Fishing & Pigs

We had a nice, short rain this morning, then the sun came out and warmed things up. My sinuses are healing up nicely, but I am still not doing anything very physical or anything that requires a lot of bending over. So after the morning chores, I thought I would see if I could catch a fish or two from the pond. I always start out very hopeful, and dream of fried catfish for lunch. There are lots of folks that don’t care for catfish because of their life style, but if you were raised in the south, you were raised eating fried catfish. Both of my grandfathers took us fishing as children, then grandma made up some really good things to eat when we got home. They are great memories, and with them came a definite preference for fried catfish.

This time I took the feathery lure thing off the rod and traded it for a regular hook. Frank had me add three prong hooks to our shopping list since we don’t have any, or we can’t find them. This hook is bigger and much stronger than the one that was on there when I tried fishing last time. I thawed out some chicken gizzards to use for bait, got my bucket, a pair of needle nose pliers and a fish stringer, just in case, and off I went.

The fish pond is in the pig pasture, and they wondered why I was there in the middle of the day. The first expectation was that it was feeding time again some how. As I walked down to the pond they followed me with grunts and squeals, wondering where I was going with this extra large feed bucket.

It took a while with sniffing and tasting of the bat we use for correcting improper behavior, nudging the bucket to see what was in it and poking their muddy noses on my radio, for them to calm down and realize I had nothing for them, in fact, I was pretty boring and after a while, they all wondered off.


Soon the dog and the pigs all decided it was a good time for a swim.

About five minutes after I threw out my hook, I started getting nibbles. Then I quickly caught, well almost, a small sun perch that jumped off the hook at the bank, flopped around a couple of times, then swam off. Well, that is a good sign, there are fish in the pond, even though it has been about four years since we last stocked it.

You know, for me, fishing is incredibly boring. I know people that would fish all day every day if they could. I think I would go crazy. One good thing about carrying everything in a five gallon bucket is that it doubles for a chair. I also put the jar of gizzards under it so I wouldn’t have to protect it from the pigs or the dog, Pearl. Pearl did get a piece of gizzard, though, while the pigs weren’t looking.

I was glad that the dog and the pigs came wondering back around and provided me with some entertainment. Lance, our boar, decided to hang around and give me hand or take a nap, I’m not sure which.


Not long afterward, I caught a catfish! Yea! But it was very small, not enough for a meal. The good news is since we haven’t stocked the pond in four years, and this guy was small, that means they are reproducing. This is very good news.


Back to sitting and hoping for a fish. While I was sitting there enjoying the peaceful beauty of the day, my thoughts turned to the events unfolding in the world. My prayers are with the fallen police officer’s family and friends in Houston that was gunned down while buying gasoline. I thought of the video interview Frank and I watched yesterday with yet another prediction of dire circumstances for the economy by October. October 1st is just 32 short days away. I thought of the mounting racial tensions across our country and how the death of a black person causes outrage, riots and speeches by well known political and religious leaders. Yet at the same time, the death of a white person causes silence by well known political and religious leaders. Not to mention the inundation of people illegally coming across the borders in droves and what that is doing to many communities and cities across the nation. These growing phenomenons will be at the root of a great many coming difficulties. There is a sense of the haves and have nots, those that do and those that do not.

There are those that will prepare and those that will not. All of these things are adding to the mounting resentment and unease that is slowly starting to erupt and ooze across our land like a putrid disease. There is no good that can come of it. Our leaders are fomenting actions that will destroy our land and many good people with it. What will be left is anybody’s guess. 

This is what I pondered. You know what? I also dearly prayed that none of it is so. That I could be totally wrong. But if I am wrong, then so are

thousands and thousands of others, whose numbers grow more and more everyday. No matter how hard I wish it weren’t true, and don’t want it to be so, it doesn’t change a thing. I told Frank about this when I came back to the house. I told him I am in mourning for our country. I mourn the coming strife and devastation. I mourn for the children that will be caught up in unbelievable situations. I mourn. But at the same time, I am filled with gratitude for these days that we have been given and the motivation to prepare for what lies ahead.

After awhile, I caught another small, sun perch. Nice looking little fish, but again, not big enough to eat. So after it posed for this picture, it got to swim away for another day. That was it for fishing today. Maybe sometime I will actually catch something we can eat. While I was at it, the pigs gathered for another dip in the water and mud, then settled down for a nap. Lucky pigs.

While I fished and the pigs roamed around, I got a good picture of Liberty, our gilt. She tends to spend time alone away from the ‘boys’, although when I arrived at the pasture today, she and Lance came up from the pond together. Liberty is about five and a half months old now, so she will be breeding before long. We figure we will have our first piglets sometime in January or February. That will be an interesting experience. We will also be having kids around that time since three of our does are bred. If they took and don’t come back in heat, they will all kid in January.

Since I didn’t catch any fish, I lolly gagged on the way back to the house. We’ve been noticing butterflies all over the place lately and they were out in force this afternoon. Several of them were nice enough to pose for pictures, so I thought I would share them with you.

The time has come that we all need to be very aware of our surroundings. More so than ever before. All the preparations in the world will mean nothing if we aren’t here to utilize them. The world is increasingly becoming a more dangerous place, where you may be attacked only because of your appearance. If you aren’t familiar with the concept of the grey man, you need to look it up and start practicing being grey. It may save your life and the lives of those around you. Be careful and watch your back.

Until next time – Fern

19 thoughts on “Pondering, Fishing & Pigs

  1. Grammy, if you look up towards the top of the blog in the right hand column under \”Things To Read\” you will see \”The Things You Can Do With Milk\”. This is where my articles about cheese making are located. I have written about several simple cheeses that we make. Nothing fancy, just yummy! I hope you find what you're looking for there. Thank you for asking.FernP.S. I'm a retired teacher. (-:

  2. I have a couple of options for rennet, Mindy. I have several bottles of rennet stored in the frig that I am slowly using now. What I have will last a couple of years. Then I also have rennet tablets stored in the frig if there comes a day that I run out of liquid rennet. We've also talked to our vet who researched how to make rennet and explained which of the stomachs in a newborn calf or kid is used for that process. So if worse comes to worse, we'll use a young kid's stomach. We don't plan to do without cheese, because like you, we really like it. But not only that, it is a great way to store nutrition if you make a hard cheese and wax it. I made mozzarella today and it is very good fresh. The cheddar we make is waxed and stored to age. I really hope I can continue that even if the SHTF.Thank you for sharing your experiences with honey. It's very valuable information.Fern

  3. Well, Goodwife, maybe I should have taken the chicken liver instead of the gizzards, but I thought the gizzards would hold up better. You see, tossing it out there and letting it sit on the bottom may be the right way to fish, but then there is nothing to do. I guess I'm just not cut out to fish because it is the sitting there that gets me. I'm always fiddling with the rod and reel and reeling it in 'just a little' over and over.You're right about the grasshoppers. It appears the world is overrun with them. It's always nice to hear from a fellow ant. Thanks for the inspiration.Fern

  4. It is nice to spend time pondering outdoors, Sandy, but sitting still to fish just isn't my thing. I want something to do besides sitting and waiting for something to happen. I enjoyed the email, and thank you for sharing. Fern

  5. Do you have a good recipe for cheese? I've only made it once, and that was with the kids in my classroom. (I'm a teacher.) The lesson we learned was simple; we don't mind paying a high price for cheese. It was difficult to make, and didn't turn out as expected. I'm getting goats soon, and look forward to making cheese.

  6. Long time reader, first time commenting! Just wanted to echo the praise for using honey on cuts. It is amazing how much faster wounds heal with honey! The first time I used it was on a whim. I had nearly severed the very end of my finger. After finally getting the bleeding to stop with cayenne pepper – yes, it will stop bleeding beautifully but it isn't exactly true that it doesn't sting. After stopping the bleeding I applied honey and a bandaid. I did this for a couple days, replacing both about once a day. On a homestead it is hard to keep a bandaid on! After a couple days I gave up on the bandaid, the cut looked amazingly well anyhow. By the next week you could hardly tell I had cut it at all! We now use honey extensively, and with three kids living in the country, including two rough and tumble boys, we've really put it to the test. So, there's my testimonial for what it is worth! Now, since I am finally breaking down and commenting I have a question. Do you have a long term plan for rennet? Do you know how to make it or do you just plan to enjoy cheese until it runs out and then live without? We love our fresh cheese and ration it during the months the cow is dry. I know we could live without it but it sure would be a great comfort food as well as a good source of fat and protein if I can figure out how to keep rennet on hand.

  7. We are catfishermen and really don't fish for anything else, except for bluegill. For us chicken liver is the best catfish bait, on a treble hook with a nice big weight to hold it on the bottom. It's also a good way to catch snapping turtles, which is another delicious dish to put on the table. I feel so close to God when I'm fishing and pretty much spend most of the time talking to Him, and thanking Him for all the beauty and bounty around me! We always say we are ants living in a world of grasshoppers, and the grasshoppers just keep getting more and more. As for the state of the world, as we always say, get right with God, do what you can, and then just live remembering that nothing comes as a surprise to our Heavenly Father, and He knows exactly what is coming. That's a huge comfort to me, that I don't have to be in charge, because God is in control of it all.

  8. Shannon, I have read the same thing, and feel comfortable using honey for these purposes. My infection was affecting me in a severe way. One of the antibiotics I was given is the same one that is used to treat meningitis. I was told to stay cool, rest, and not even walk unless absolutely necessary. Like Fern said, I think I might not be here if it weren't for antibiotics.

  9. Fern, and Frank,What a beautiful header picture on your blog!!!! As you know, I love butterflies. There has been all kinds of butterflies flying around this year, and humming birds. They're such beautiful delicate creatures. I'm sure they're sending us all messages about our future. Truthfully Fern, I go fishing not just to catch the fish, but to spend time with nature (God's gift to us) and of course with my husband. We usually will get up early in the morning (when everyone's still sleeping) and head out fishing until about 9:30 – 10:00 AM. It's good to see you're doing better after your procedure. Please continue to take it easy, and don't over do it. Give your body time to heal. Sending hugs, and prayers to you my friend :-)At church today part of the sermon dealt with \”The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Romans\”, 1: 18-32 Unrighteousness, rebellion, and the turning of our backs to the good Lord. Scary thought, it's what is happening in our country at the present time. Hugs to you both,SandyP.S. Sent you an e-mail.

  10. That's a very good question. What will we do? I've read stuff about them using honey on wounds back in the Civil War, but I would have to read a lot more before I tried something like that. I have a book called, Herbal Antibiotics, along with several on medicinal herbs. Even though I hate to say it, back before the super antibiotics came along, people died from infections much less serious than the ones you describe. It used to be common for people to die from pneumonia, when now days it is seldom a healthy person dies from it. If we have a wide scale collapse of all we know, including the medical services we currently have, then unfortunately, many more people will die from flus, infections, cancers, injuries, etc. I recommend you do as much research as you can, then acquire whatever books and supplies you feel will be useful to you and yours in your situation. Best of luck.Fern

  11. I have also been mourning for our country and for the children for generations now that have not been taught the path of life from the bible. It may just be time that this passage from Isaiah has such profound meaning: Isaiah 26:20 Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be past. Of course if one reads the entire chapter one sees the prophet message that is possibly happening now in the world. We don't have a pond on our property however two of our neighbors have good size ponds and they have fish in them and we have been given fishing rights. We are blessed.

  12. Fern, thank you for the pictures of the beautiful flowers and butterflies. Very smart of you and Frank to have the pond with fish (and all your other animals and projects). Keep feeling better.

  13. I feel as you do. Something is on the horizon, and it isn't good. This knowledge has me aware of the shortcomings in my preparations for hard times, and I am desperately preparing daily. As part of my preps, I am a beekeeper. I was stung by one bee this week. Nothing to be alarmed about, since I'm not allergic…or so I thought. Less than 48 hours later, I was battling an infection which required two different powerful antibiotics. Also this week, a twelve-year-old I know battled an infection. He cut his knee while playing baseball, and later got a scrape on the same knee. The infection he contracted resulted in him being life-flighted to a major hospital, and his internal organs began to shut down. Thank God he was treated with IV antibiotics, and he is home now. He looks as if he has lost 25 to 30 pounds in five days. My question is this. What do we do in a TEOTWAWKI situation if we need strong antibiotics? What natural alternatives are there? I am looking for any advice you or your readers can give me.

  14. Good call on the chicks, Fiona, springtime maybe too late. We always like straight run, it's kind of like opening a Christmas gift, you never know what you're going to get. Just think, in three months you'll have fryers, then in six months you'll start getting farm fresh eggs. Good call.Frank

  15. We ordered the poultry now instead of waiting until spring…it will be more difficult to have fall chicks but we felt we couldn't wait. These are straight run so we will start our walking food supply now. The signals from the world are unnerving.God bless you both and I so enjoyed this post.

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