No Crisis Here, Move Along – A Re-Post

Folks, the words I wrote about a year and a half ago are just as true today as they were then, only now, things have continued to get significantly worse. I can’t even begin to recount the number of freedoms we have lost since this was written, or the growing resentment and anger that has festered to the boiling point all over the globe. We are a world in crisis, much of which has been brought on by design. We are about to see the culmination of many years of planning. For those that are taking control, it must be grand to finally succeed. The tyrants are on the lose and will stop at nothing to achieve each and every item on their agenda. 

I hope you enjoy this article and it provides you with food for thought. Fern


Originally published March 18, 2014

Remember when it took six months for the United States to amass the needed troops and equipment for Desert Storm? And then the storm came?

We are in the midst of many different storms and we have been given this time to amass our own equipment. Why is it that we have seen fluctuating supplies and sometimes shortages of everything from wheat grinders, to shovels, to canning jars and lids, to freeze dried foods, to ammunition? Because The People, many mom and pops, uncles, aunts, cousins, sisters and brothers are gathering what they need to weather the storm. There are so many things happening around the globe, and especially in our own backyard, that are adding impetus and energy to the storm.

How many troublesome things have you run across lately? They appear to become more numerous each day. The message seems to be hunker down, be ready, it’s coming. The harder we try to get things in order, the more obstacles arise in our way. But you know what? That’s okay. It just makes us more determined and focused …..because we know it’s storming all about us.

We talked to a medical doctor recently that told us he has a list of medications on his desk that he can no longer prescribe to Medicaid patients, I’m sure you know why. Digitalis is one of the most popular medications given for heart conditions and it is on his list. He is deeply offended for being put in a professional quandary. His hands are being tied when it comes to offering the best medical treatment for his patients. I can’t help but wonder if this is one of the ways TPTB (the powers that be) are going to save money. Not only will they save money on prescriptions, they will decrease the number of people receiving Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security, by impacting some of the recipients ability to get the type of medical care that would have prolonged their life. I know that is a very harsh thing to say, but I think it is true. And I think it is part of the plan.

The people of Crimea that could see what was coming to their country, took their money out of the bank. Did you? Have you spent the time wondering how you will be able to ‘buy’ what you need when the money you have is worthless, or you can’t get it out of the bank because the banks are closed, or they just won’t let you have it? You say this can’t happen? Look at the number of countries which are modern, industrial nations, where it has happened in just the last few years. The dollar becomes worth less and less with each passing day. The dollar in your pocket buys much less than it did just six short months ago. How much less will it buy in six more months? Do you know how to barter? Do you have anything that will be worth bartering? Do you have skills that are worthy of barter? Rush Limbaugh has said something like, if just 1% more of the people in our country became aware of what is happening, then the store shelves would be empty. Empty. Think about that. Just imagine what it would be like if 10% more people became aware and tried to stock up. There would be nothing left. There would be panic and chaos. But that’s what we want, right? More people to be aware and prepare. I know I do. But do we have the resources for that to happen? No. So, how can we get more people to prepare? Teach them to produce more for themselves for their daily necessities, and stop being dependent on the corporate and government systems.

How many people have been affected by the weather and cold temperatures this winter? Millions. How many people have had to go without because of the drastic price increases and shortages of  heating oil and propane? What would we do if the supplies needed to stay warm were no longer available? That would be a major catastrophe. A crisis. But what do we hear? Nothing.

No crisis here. Just global warming. Ha! So we need to put more restrictions on the ability of people and companies to engage in good old fashioned commerce, you know, free enterprise, right? That will solve the crisis of global warming. Crisis, what crisis? Move along and drink the coolaid. You know, that is one thing I am not stocking up on. We don’t drink it, too much sugar.

Can you see where the people in Egypt are better off than five years ago? And do you really think the people in Libya are better off than they were? Let’s go down the list. How about the folks rioting or 

protesting in Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela, Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Greece, Corsica, France and Spain? I’m not even going to mention central Africa. Don’t think it can happen here? What about the rising tensions in Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Israel? And don’t forget about Christians being murdered all over the world.  You don’t think it could happen in America as well? Then look at Chicago, Detroit and Atlanta. The United States military is removing God more and more everyday. I wonder when being a Christian will be some type of a crime in this country?

It seems that the ‘weather men’ that know the storm is here keep trying to placate The People with pleasant platitudes and the antics of the rich and famous, which include our illustrious bureaucrats. If that is not enough entertainment, then they fill the silver screen

with an overpowering, nauseating amount of filth, sex and mindless drivel. And to keep everyone’s attention riveted, every so often a false flag distraction is thrown in for good measure. Crisis of the day in any flavor you like. Remember, don’t ever let a good crisis go to waste. 

The bottom line folks, is that the less you are dependent on any other person or system for your health, wealth and well being, the better off you are. Don’t spend your time being distracted by the latest crisis or

non-crisis that is made to appear like another crisis. Don’t buy into the, “Oh, No! The sky is falling!” crowd. If you do, when the time comes that the sky truly does fall, you will be left standing there with your hands out wondering when the truck will show up with your next meal and bottle of water. Don’t ever get on the truck. It will be the last trip you ever make. Take the time to learn and decide for yourself. Don’t take the media’s word for anything, research, READ don’t watch, learn and come to your own conclusions. Don’t take my word for it either. Use your mind, heart and soul and pray for wisdom, knowledge and guidance.

I’m angry, I’m broken hearted and I’m determined. I’m tired of watching our world and our country go down the tubes. I cannot see living under the yoke of a tyrannical, socialist government that gets worse everyday. There IS a crisis here and we will not just move along, shuffling our feet to the beat of the wrong drummer. If you have not already done so, you need to open your eyes, truly look around you, and take the action necessary to provide for you and yours, because no one else will. If you think they will, you will have a long wait, and in the end, you will be sorely disappointed.

I pray God’s blessings on each and every one of you.

Until next time – Fern

That’s Why They’re Called Chores

A long time ago, let’s see about 25 years ago, we were at a doctor’s office. Frank was talking to him about the things we were doing or needed to do around the homestead we lived at then. The doctor looked at him and said, “That’s why they’re called chores.” Chores are daily routine tasks. If we were all sitting together in a room tossing out ideas that come to mind we could make a big, long list of chores that lots of folks do every day, week or month. I was thinking about the idea of chores this morning as I, yes you guessed it, was completing some of the chores.

  • Make coffee and fix breakfast
  • Feed the cats, chickens, pigs, dog, goats
  • Milk the does
  • Strain and cool the milk

  • Clean up the chore related stuff, like buckets and such
  • Grind wheat and make a batch of sourdough bread; left to rise
  • Wash the dishes
  • Frank stripped the bed and started a load of laundry before he left this morning, so I put them in the dryer. Later the bed will need to be made and the clothes folded and put away.
  • Now for a different kind of chore, a project chore. Remove the barrels from the greenhouse, rinse out and hose off each one, let it drip dry, then towel dry. Sweep the floor and plywood pieces before replacing the barrels on a square of plywood and replacing the table top board. Repeat until all were finished.
  • Some of these chores are repeated throughout the day, like fixing meals
  • Evening animal chores include everything listed above, except add watering all the animals to it. This time Frank goes with me.
  • Wash the eggs, put the milk away

  • Strain and feed kefir
  • Bake bread and eat a sample. The eating isn’t much of a chore.
  • Get the coffee pot ready for tomorrow
  • Some days include gardening, mowing and all kinds of other things

Now take your daily routine and throw in the need to do everything yourself, with or without the help from others, for all of your daily needs. You knew I would be talking about this, didn’t you? It’s what we’re all trying

to prepare for. Our daily routines, once the collapse occurs, will be filled with chores from sunup to sundown. Chores that will be required if we expect to survive. Chores that will make us wistfully wish we had a few of the conveniences that we now enjoy, things that would make our lives much easier. Like turning on the faucet and having safe drinking water at our fingertips, or hot water at the turn of a knob. We live in the lap of luxury and yet many days we will hear complaints about doing chores. I think that’s what prompted the good doctor’s comment. “That’s why they’re called chores.”

Okay, so let’s use a little imagination and see if we can describe even a small portion of the chores or events that may happen in one day post TEOTWAWKI. Ready?

Wake up and get out of bed. Are you sleeping in a bed? Or were you on guard duty all night and find relief at the rising of the sun so you can go to bed?

How about a hot cup of coffee? Do you have any coffee left? Do you have a cup to drink it out of? Did you store enough to last a while, even with rationing? Okay, do you have the type of coffee pot that can withstand the heat of a fire or the top of a wood stove or rocket stove or whatever device and fuel you have that will produce heat? Did you bring in wood last night for the fire or do you need to gather it this morning? Okay, we have coffee and heat, now we need water. Did you haul and filter the water last night so it will be ready this morning? Does it need to be boiled before it can be made

into coffee? Where is your water coming from? Is it a public source? Do you need protection to go there and get it? How much can you haul at once? How are you going to haul it? Or are you able to reroute a water source through your existing plumbing and continue to use your kitchen faucet? That would be a luxury in a collapse situation.

By the way, when you got up this morning, assuming you weren’t on guard duty, where did you go to the bathroom? Have you been able to take care of a safe, sanitary toileting location? This isn’t something people talk about much, but let’s face it, everyone of us needs some hygienic way to take care of toileting. Yes, we still haven’t decided on the location of our outhouse, but we will soon.

Okay, toileting taken care of, water, coffee and heat. Now I’m hungry. What’s for breakfast? Are you going to cook? That brings a whole new set of thoughts and questions. Where did you get your food? Did you grow or raise it? Does it need any preparation? Are

you going to have a piece of bread and butter and call it good? Where did you get the bread? Did you make it or barter for it? Where did you get the wheat or flour, leavening, oil or fat and salt? Do you have an abundance of those things on hand? How did you bake the bread? Do you have a functioning oven, wood stove, cast iron dutch oven or something else to bake in? Do you have the fuel it requires? Do you have the pans you need? Now for the butter. Where did it come from? Are you milking an animal that is giving you enough cream to make butter? How are you keeping the milk, cream and butter cool enough to prevent spoilage? 

You want some eggs with that bread? Do you have chickens living under the right circumstances to provide you with enough eggs for breakfast? Again, how are you going to cook them? Serve them? Do you have plates and forks? Salt and pepper? A table to eat off of?

Now it’s time to clean up from breakfast. Do you have any soap or cleanser? A dishcloth and towel? A sink, basin or dishpan? Now we’re back to water again. Did you heat up enough water to wash dishes while you were making coffee and cooking the eggs? What are you going to do when you run out of soap or cleanser?

Okay. Now I’m tired and we have only talked about getting out of bed, making coffee, fixing breakfast and cleaning up the dishes. That is only the very beginning of the day. Now is when the real work begins, work that will entail the basics of daily living,

obtaining water, fuel, food and remaining safe. Everyday, day in and day out, chore after chore after chore. Like Frank said recently, there will be no commercials, no time outs, no vacations or mindless distraction staring at a big or a tiny screen. I really don’t think some people will be able to handle the drastic change of life as we know it and the expectation of having to work hard everyday just to stay alive. I feel sorry for the people that can’t, won’t or don’t give it any thought at all. There will be many people that are unable to cope with such changes. They just won’t and that is very sad.

Please spend some time reviewing the list of chores you will be required to do when the SHTF, and everyday after that. There will be many things we haven’t thought of, even though we feel like we have been preparing for this all of our lives. I know there will and have tried to prepare myself for that. Even if there are things we haven’t acquired or prepared for, we need to be prepared mentally for that shortfall and not let it devastate us or stop us in our tracks. We will do the best we can with what we have, that is all we can do. And it will be enough. 

Until next time – Fern

Projects for TEOTWAWKI Life

A homestead is never without a long list of projects. There are the ones that are in progress, the ones waiting their turn on the list, and the ones that fit better in the distant dream category. Nevertheless, if you homestead, or plan to homestead, don’t be discouraged that the list never gets completed, because if it did, you wouldn’t have anything to do, and you’d be bored. Boredom is not something that occurs here very often unless we’re expending our energy avoiding the things on the list that need to be done.

The installation of this lattice work has been planned for years.
We think it turned out great! I see green beans growing the length of the house next summer.


A friend of mine recently told me that she just couldn’t keep up with us and all of the things we’re doing. There are a lot of projects that are in progress right now, and when Frank and I stand back and take stock, sometimes it seems like a bit of a whirlwind. One thing that has allowed a lot of this to occur is being able to hire a man like Henry. With his help, Frank has accomplished a great deal in the past few months. The conditions of the world are the major driving force behind the pace of our work and the kinds of projects we are completing. The focus of our work is survival, plain and simple. The things we are doing will make the work required to live easier, we hope, so keep that in mind as you read here. All of our planning, work and goals are with an eye to survival.

Most of the projects we are currently working on have been on the drawing board for quite some time, and in some cases, as long as seven years. Over that time frame we have acquired supplies as our budget would allow. Now we are investing in the remainder of the needed supplies and the labor to accomplish some tasks. These investments will pay huge dividends for the rest of our lives.

Yesterday while I was attending a meeting, Frank and Henry built new steps with a handrail for the front and back door. They are simple, strong, sturdy and wonderful. You see, I like simple, I prefer simple. Anything else just wouldn’t do. We will find another place to use these concrete steps.

Today we planned some odds and ends. While it was cloudy and a cool 68* outside, the greenhouse stayed cool as well. Table tops were cut and barrels were arranged in a workable layout. Don’t they look great? I can’t wait to bring the tubs of plants and seeds in. 

It’s hard to see from the angle of the first picture, but when I take a picture from up here, you can also see the shelves they put along the outside walls. They will show up much better once they are filled with plants.

We had some great comments on the last article about the greenhouse. Several folks mentioned using fans to help with the temperatures. Frank had a fan to use in the building that will house the solar panels and batteries that we hadn’t installed yet. He pulled it out and mounted in over one of the vents in the greenhouse. 


He had already put a power pole connector on the wire to the fan, and had an transformer that would work. After mounting the fan over the vent and plugging it in, we were in business. After about 20 minutes the temperature had started to drop.


After an hour or so, the temperature had obviously been affected by the fan. Great! One step closer to putting the tubs of seedlings in the greenhouse.

Frank and Henry also utilized all of the sheets of plywood, along with some 1/2″ plywood to cut ten 24″ squares, to put under each water barrel as a barrier from the concrete.

Now we need to rinse out each barrel, place them in their permanent home on a square of plywood, fill them with water and treat them with bleach. Then we will be able to start bringing the seedling tubs and other plants in. That will be a red letter day!

While the men were working on the greenhouse, I was cleaning out the ‘weaning pen’ in the barn. Lady Bug, one of the does we are milking, is still letting her five month old doe, Easter, nurse. I was hoping she would go ahead and wean her, but stay in milk for our use. As I was milking her this morning, and getting very little, I began to wonder if she could be weaning Easter and drying up. This would defeat our purpose of keeping her in milk through at least mid January when One Stripe, Copper and Cricket are due to kid. After this thought hit me I knew I needed to start penning Easter up again at night so I can not only have more milk, but keep Lady Bug producing more, and hopefully longer. Thus, I needed to clean out the pen and get it set up for this evening for Easter. We’ll see how Lady Bug’s milk supply is in the morning. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

We still have some chickens that need to be put in the freezer, so after I finished cleaning the pen, I went down to the house to set up the butchering station. Very soon, this part of the task won’t be necessary. Frank, Henry and the tractor were wrestling with the stump in the outdoor kitchen area when I got back down to the house. Men and machine won out over the stump, although it did give them a run for their money. Now, in it’s place is a nice gravel chip pad and the beginnings of forms for concrete. When we butcher the chickens that grow from the eggs that are currently in the incubator, we may have this kitchen set up so we can dress the chickens here. I didn’t get any pictures of this process because I was butchering chickens down here at the end of the porch, but I was close by and got to watch.

My chicken butchering set up, washed and drying for next time.

You may wonder why we are building an outdoor kitchen. It’s not for fun, or looks, or to show my friends. I truly believe that it is something we will need to have in the coming years. It gets hot in Oklahoma in the summer time, and the propane tank that fuels our kitchen stove will run out one day if the trucks quit running. I need a place to cook, process the garden produce and meat from our animals, can food, wash clothes and provide for my husband. This will be where that happens. As we get everything set up and functional, we’ll give you another tour and more explanations. This project is still in the planning stages and has already undergone a number of changes. It will be interesting to see it all come together in a final product. Most of the things installed in this kitchen have been here for a while, some longer than others. A few things will need to be acquired for it’s completion.

Before the wrestling match with the stump commenced, the clothesline poles sprouted wings. We will let the posts continue to cure in the ground for a few more days before we hang the clothesline. I am really looking forward to hanging our clothes out on the line again. As you can see, the clothesline is close to the kitchen which will be very handy. 

After Frank and the tractor won the stump contest, he also ran the disc through the garden again. There are several places that the grass has really grown tall and it’s good he is working it and getting it ready for winter. We will soon be adding barnyard and wood ashes to rebuild what was lost in the early spring torrential rains that took much of our topsoil.

We still haven’t decided where to put the outhouse……

What projects do you have in mind for TEOTWAWKI? In the seven years we have lived on this homestead our purchasing has been with an eye to a future that will probably not resemble life as we know it now. Frank has seen the demise of our country and world coming for a long time. That is why we have purchased many supplies that have been waiting in the wings for quite a while. Now is the time for us to prepare these things, for soon the time of preparation will be past. Even if you are unable to complete a needed or wanted project now, obtain as many supplies as you are able. There will be a time when what you have is what you have, and that’s it. Think about that. What you have is what you have. No more stores or driving to town to get something. If you don’t have it, you can’t get it. What is it that you really need for TEOTWAWKI? Think hard, talk it over with your family. Make a list and acquire what you are able. Now. The time is now.

Until next time – Fern

The Survival Greenhouse

Now that the greenhouse is up, has doors and looks wonderful, I want to fill it with plants! I’m not a very patient person and I’m ready to get started. The problem? This afternoon when it was 89* outside it was only 117* in the greenhouse. It would make an excellent dehydrator at this point, and would cook any plant I put in there. The solution? Plant seeds anyway, but leave them on the porch in the same place we have been growing seedlings for the past few years.

Speaking of growing seedlings in the past, the other day when we cut the hole in the wall of the house for the door, I did some reminiscing. The window we removed was the first place I learned to grow seedlings. It wasn’t ideal and they were usually a little leggy, but it was all we had at the time and we learned a lot.

This is also the time we discovered using newspapers and a Pot Maker to make our own seedling pots that would quickly break down the in soil and recycle newspaper at the same time. We have been very successful transplanting the seedlings we grew this way. 

So as that window was removed and the door installed, I remembered our learning process of the past and looked forward to this new learning process in our future. We have never had a greenhouse, so there is a whole new learning opportunity in front of us. My problem is I just can’t wait to get started. 

This afternoon after finishing up a batch of mozzarella from our fresh goat milk, I got out the seeds and sorted out the ones I want to try growing in the greenhouse. Some of them will probably make you shake your head and wonder, but we want to try all kinds of plants and see how it goes. Our greenhouse will be unheated except for the sun and the thermal mass of the concrete slab and ten 55 gallon water barrels. Our theory is that with the sunshine during the day, the concrete and water will absorb heat. The question will be how slowly that heat will dissipate through the night and what effect it will have on the air temperature surrounding the plants. This will be fascinating to observe, a great learning adventure. We also have some frost cloth to use if the temperatures are going to be very cold. I have only tried them in the garden up to this point, so that will be another experiment. We can only wait and see how our theories pan out.


For most things, I used some of the dishpans and bus tubs we have used previously. They get pretty brittle in the sunshine, but we will keep using them until they break down and are unusable. I still have a few on the shelf that will have to go. Eventually, when time allows, we will build some planting flats from wood that will last for years. For now, these will work fine.


I keep soil in a 30 gallon trashcan. After some seedlings have grown large enough to plant in the garden and are removed from the tubs, the remaining soil is put back in the trash can for use again the next time. Each tub has a layer of gravel across the bottom to help with drainage.

What did I plant today? Five kinds of lettuce: Romaine, Buttercrunch, Tango, Corn Salad & Endive.


Two kinds of spinach: Mustard Spinach and Bloomsdale Long Standing.

 I planted two kinds of peppers, yes peppers even though it is fall. We are going to try to grow a few ‘hot weather’ plants and see how they do. Banana peppers and Marconi Rosso Sweet Peppers.

Yellow Crookneck Squash

Banana Muskmelon

Danvers Half Long Carrots

Golden Ball Turnips

I ran out of space on the table and daylight before I got to the beets, kale, collard greens, kohlrabi, cabbage, chives and onions. I’ll also be planting more carrots at intervals along the way.

I thought this might be a good place to put these tubs, but then I remembered the cats always think these tubs are litter boxes. I hope they don’t get into them up on the table this time.

I didn’t plant tomato seeds today, instead, I went out in the garden and cut some starts off of a few of our tomato vines. I’ll root them in water then plant them in this pot.

My theory is to put the ‘hot weather’ plants against the wall of the house or in the middle of the greenhouse away from the outside walls. I’m hoping the heat from the house, concrete and water barrels will provide enough heat for these plants to grow.

And I cheated a little. We were at the lumber yard last week and they had some bedding plants. This is the first time I have seen fall seedlings and I picked up a few.


We really look forward to the possibility of eating fresh food during the winter. This greenhouse has long been on the drawing board with supplies bought and stored years ago. There are many different ways to accomplish a goal, sometimes sooner, sometimes later. Frank has had a saying for longer than he has had me. Postpone gratification for long-term gains. We have long lived by that motto. We buy most things on sale, and if we can’t pay for an item, we don’t buy it. It’s that simple. This greenhouse is a very good example of living by this creed. We have dreamed of having a greenhouse for many, many years. The time has now arrived and we are very thankful. It is unfortunate that the excitement of a new learning opportunity has an underlying sense of necessity. The coming storm will tax us all in our endeavors to survive. This greenhouse is one more means of producing food. Food that we will need for survival. A survival greenhouse.

Until next time – Fern

A Collage of Comments

Hello Everybody, Frank here.

We’ve received some interesting comments lately, and we’ve posted some interesting responses. I’ve never done this before, but it seemed like the right thing to to. Not everybody reads all of the comments. When I’m reading other folks blogs, I think the comments in many cases are the most interesting part. I know other bloggers that never read comments. I found these particularly interesting and I wanted to share them with you.

At the same time, I would also like to encourage you and invite you to share your thoughts. You see we’re all in this one big stadium together, whether we’re in Florida, Washington, Maine or Oklahoma. When this thing comes down, it’s going to come down on all of us. Some people have some very interesting things to say.

So here are some comments that were a response to What Do You Think?  Enjoy the read.


Everything is upside down and backwards. Some can be charged with a crime for voicing an opinion while others can march in the streets calling for the killing of cops and nothing happens to them. Upholding the Constitution seems to have become optional. I have to wonder how long it will be before bloggers who speak their truth are silenced. That still, small voice has turned into a very loud scream of warning. Vicki


Thank you, Vicki. I don’t think things are upside down and confused, I think everything that is happening is by design and has a purpose. The more confusion you have, it’s actually easier to control the masses. You see, we

have multiple conflicts coming soon. It’s not going to be like the Civil War of the 1860’s. This war is going to be vastly different, and it’s already started. You need to get your head wrapped around this. It’s already started and it’s going to continue to escalate. Our government is going to continue to do things that rational folks will believe are crazy and insane. But we have to change the way we think, because it is not crazy and insane from the government’s perspective, from their perspective to achieve their goal, it is logical and practical. Opposing thoughts are often difficult to see and interpret. Think like your opponent. The war has already started. The lines are still being drawn, and we the Sheep are going to get trampled, because we have become lazy and fat with our greed and selfishness. We are in serious trouble. Things aren’t what they appear to be. Get your head right.



We all know what is happening and why. Satan walks the earth unchecked as foretold. Years ago I often wondered how it would all unfold and now I know….. I could have never imagined it back then. Tewshooz


Well, Tewshooz, it’s here. We have let evil into our everyday lives, we have welcomed it. We elect evil politicians, we are the problem, we have allowed this to happen. We, as a whole, are sick, deranged and demented. That is what we elect, that is what we choose to watch on television, and that’s who we choose to associate with. As stated earlier, we are in serious trouble. So, do we give up and join them? Or do we choose to take a stand? They are significantly more formidable, and we are weak.

I believe this is not the time of the great coming, things are going to get sharply worse before that occurs. We aren’t even close to that event coming. I know, because we’ve been told. That time is not near, so now we have to deal with what is near. Get ready.



i am very curious about the silence of congress.
of course, the loudmouth nuts are the ones you hear about but what of the many others? are they blackmailed into silence?

each generation falls into the same traps. if the devil ever laughs he must be amused by human gullibility. it is said that God has no grandchildren. that is because each one must learn the lessons of our ancestors anew in every generation. there is no collective , cumulative wisdom. it is all new all the time.

we know the end will come and we know that He said there would have been nothing left alive if He didn’t intervene when He did.
it will be misery undreamed of. shudder!!!

but no man knows the time. in my life i have seen Europe try to coalesce into one country several times. each time it came apart. the time is not yet ripe. ‘when with the ever circling years shall come the time foretold.’

these are but the beginning of sorrows and the tip of the iceberg.
it is like watching a wreck and being unable to intervene.

pray more! i pray for safety for my child. what else can we do? it is in God’s hands.



Deborah, everything is in God’s hands. But God has given us talents, and He expects us to use them. If we do, then we are rewarded, if we don’t, we aren’t. You’re right, the time is not here, and it may be many, many years before it is.

As far as Congress goes, they are a sad LOT. We used to have separation of government, we don’t anymore. The courts determine laws which used to be the job of Congress. The executive branch overrides the judicial and legislative branches, and nobody does anything. I wish I knew the true reason why these former men of honor have been silenced. I would like to know the answer to that, but that is not within my pay grade.

It is time to knuckle down. This is not going to be a picnic, and there are not going to be any commercials. This will be constant, endless, continuous bombardment. It’s here. Best of luck.



Fern – once again you have made me sit back and think about and reconsider my life plan. What is going on in the world, especially Europe with the refugees which will no doubt spill over to the US, the far East and South America with weather events and here in the US with weather, politics and news, or lack thereof, should be having much more of an impact on how we live our lives. My neighbors and acquaintances, most in their late 60s to mid 70s, seem to live in a cocooned insular world. They are choosing to ignore what is happening. Those I know in their 30s-50s are still living a me-first existence and those over 80, unbelievably, seem to think their end is near so who cares.

Once again, as snowbird season arrives, we are cleaning out what we don’t need or what will not enhance our lives. Snowbirds buy, seems to be one of their major activities. With that money we are adding food supplies, gardening supplies being sure to take advantage of end of season seed sales as our season is just beginning, food plants to our landscape, well made natural fiber clothes from the consignment/thrift store – anything to make our lives easier to care for, more streamlined and easier to maintain when the economy goes. We just sold a truck accessory, we no longer have the truck, and bought a ‘worm farm’ and red wigglers to add some much needed soil amendments to our wonderful sand that is called dirt – also uses the kitchen waste as we can’t have a compost pile due to HOA regs.

So, I will take a look at your referred articles, pay attention to local news, keep an eye on the weather and how it will affect food supplies, continue to streamline my life and plan for how I will weather the storm of the upcoming disaster and I’m sure there will be a disaster whether man-made or natural or a combination of both. Bellen


Hi, Bellen, astute observations. Your comment about the snowbirds having a tendency to buy, I wonder if they would be buying different things if they could see past their perceived ideals of a slick buy.

I meet few people, very few, that are earnestly preparing for what is obviously here. Most are more concerned about the sporting event on TV, or the newest commercials. They’re just blind. This is the way, and the process, of long-term conditioning. These folks aren’t going to be hard to control, manipulate or defeat. These are the folks the camps are made for.

God, I hope we never experience Soylent Green. I really hope this does not occur. If they will harvest baby parts and murder the babies, why would they waste a protein rich human body? Dreadful thought, isn’t it? Aborting babies to harvest their organs and sell their tissue, this is where we are, and these are the type of minds that control our government. Sick thought, sick government. These people will do anything. Soylent Green is what’s for dinner.


There are lots of us that see what is coming, but we are still the vast minority, and we don’t all agree on how it’s going to come. We’re told that we are supposed to help our brothers. This is what Fern and I do. The many people that comment, this is what they do, too. These people are not sick, mislead, or to use a common term, crazy. We’re solid, productive, caring, loving individuals. We’re doing what we have been told to do.

Time is dwindling. Whatever this thing is, it is upon us. It has consumed the vast majority of us, and one day, when the perfect storm is just right, it will lash out, taking many immediately with it. Ol’ Remus used to say, “Avoid crowds at all costs.” Folks, now is not the time to be burning bridges, figuratively speaking of course. Now is the time to be mending bridges. Get right with your neighbors, your relatives and God.

This thing coming is going to be a real rough ride. Just because some of us know what is coming, doesn’t mean we’re going to survive the war. Please heed the warnings.

We’ll talk more later, Frank

Homestead News, Volume 12

It has been a very productive week in our little corner of the world. We seem to have a lot of irons in the fire, but at the same time, the progress we are making on a number of projects and tasks, not only makes the days fly by, but when we stand back and take stock, we are amazed at how much we are getting done. I’ll probably forget something, but here goes with the latest news from our humble homestead.


We showed you the progress on the greenhouse door #1 earlier in the week. The next day the storm doors went up, completing the exterior of the greenhouse. The doors were trimmed to match the window trim that was used earlier when we had the new windows 

installed. Yesterday when it was 97* outside, it was 120* in the greenhouse. We have been trying to learn the temperature variations in there. It’s too hot to plant anything in there now, but it won’t be long.

Next we finished the new trim on the storage buildings. It’s too bad the original trim was such poor quality. It rotted in just a couple of years in several places, so we replaced all of it before we had to deal with more rot down the road. We laid the cucumbers, trellis and all, down on this bucket so the trim on the window could be replaced. I was glad this worked and they are no worse for the move. Frank comes up with good ideas like this all the time.

Frank ran across an interesting article about canned food expiration dates, both store bought and home canned. It’s very interesting and basically states, with a number of references, that there is no such thing as an expiration date. I agree. It’s a very well done, interesting article that I recommend reading, Dispelling the Canned Food Expiration Date Myth.

We bartered the rest of the young hens and a few roosters, that we are not keeping for our replacement flock, to another young couple in exchange for help servicing our tractor. This young father, they just had their third child, has worked with his father in their tractor shop for years. His help will make for short, accurate work on our tractor. Another very good trade.

We found out this week that one of our American Guinea Hogs has greasy pig disease, or exudative epidermitis. See why I just called it greasy pig disease? From several conversations with our vet, and research in books and online, we found out that pigs generally have staph bacteria on the surface of their skin. As long as they are healthy and don’t have any injuries, this generally is not a problem. The vet said staph is everywhere, on the pigs, in the ground, and very common. Well almost two weeks ago I noticed a few spots on a barrow’s face. It looked like small, white bumps, but not anything important. We watched him for a few days, and when they didn’t go away, called the vet and set up a day for him to come out and look.

Vet’s assistant

The vet took several little scabby areas of skin from these bumps, took them back to the clinic, looked at them under the microscope, then called to tell us it is greasy pig disease, which is very contagious. The good news is that it is easily treatable with penicillin. The bad news is that pigs are hard to catch. Last night the vet and his helper came out and we tried to trap the pigs in some panels to give them the shots. We were only able to treat Liberty, our gilt. We had not put the pig pen back together since putting the lean-to shed up on the barn because we hadn’t needed it. While the vet was here, we got the pen put together. Then this morning when I fed them, I locked them in the pen and called the vet to let him know we had them up. He came out again today and cornered the pigs with a piece of stock panel, and the three boys got their shots. We talked about what could have caused this and found it could be anything from getting scratched or poked with a thorn or on the fencing. Afterward we had a conversation about what to do if this happened again and we didn’t have access to a vet or penicillin shots. Antibiotics in water will work, iodine would work, or maybe something else with strong antibiotic/antiseptic properties. Interesting conversation.

By the way, there is a possibility that Liberty and Lance bred a few days ago. If so, we can expect piglets around January 10th, right in the middle of our first kidding season of the year. Piglets and kids in January will make for a fun winter addition to the homestead. We also found out that the reason Lance keeps poking the other pigs in the side with his nose. It’s normal dominance behavior. He seldom does this to Liberty, but often does it to the barrows. He is a sexist pig.

I’m glad to report that Faith is recovering from the reconstructive surgery she had last week. She still has a way to go, but has a great attitude and looks forward to getting back on her feet and out doing things, like visiting with her goats again. Thank you for your prayers on her behalf.

We have a couple of new projects on the drawing board. The first one deals with the beginning stages of an outdoor kitchen, or what some might call a summer kitchen. This area right behind the porch is the location. 

For Frank to work over this weedy, overgrown area, we moved this section of antenna tower to an empty area of the garden, and this hay bale that is used for mulch into an empty area of the herb bed. We were surprised at how well the tractor was able to clear off the vegetation that was growing all over. 


While he was at it, he also used the disc to mix in the chicken manure we put in the garden last week after our good trade of chickens for a clean chicken house. 


After I raked and cleaned up what was left, I mixed some weed killer to spray down the whole area. It hasn’t been applied yet, though. There were several other things to take care of at the time and I haven’t gotten back to it yet, but I will one day next week.

This location is central to the garden, house, greenhouse, clothes line and in a very convenient place. There will be a water supply from guttering on the house and a large storage tank. Firewood will be handy since we keep it on the edge of the porch. Washing produce from the garden or

dressing out chickens will be accomplished here with a basin sink and work bench. Cooking can also be done here, along with a grid down laundry service. Right now, it’s dirt and planning. This tree stump will have to be removed, but that will happen when we have the water line dug and installed. The radio towers that now sit between the two holes that will house the clothesline poles, will also be installed before long, some of them here and some of them in another location that will facilitate our community radio communications network. This is another upcoming project which will enhance our ability to communicate by radio.


The water line we are installing will go 400 feet from the barn to the house. Here at the barn the guttering on the lean-to shed will funnel rain into these three 1550 gallon water tanks. As you can see, this project is also underway. Frank and Henry installed metal trim on the edge of the lean-to roof yesterday to cover some bare wood. It was an oversight when the lean-to was first built, and more will be installed on the pig side of the barn next week.

We met with the man that will be digging the water line for us one evening this past week. He will also dig the trench for the electric line to go from the new power pole out in the pasture to the barn. Frank and Henry have already wired the barn and installed the lighting, all it needs is juice to the fuse box and we’re in business. This will probably be accomplished in the next week or so.

We fired up the incubator again this week. We have a number of chickens in the freezer, but not near enough, and we haven’t canned any yet this year. There are approximately 60 eggs in there and we hope for a good hatch to supplement our meat supply.

We also found out one of our young does, Easter, has a stifle problem. Her back legs have a wiggle to them when she walks which is not good. We asked the vet about it when he was here and we have traced it to our buck. According to the vet, since Easter’s mother and grandmother were born here and didn’t have this problem, more than likely it comes from the buck. Another interesting thing is that Easter’s mother, Lady Bug, and her twin sister, Cricket, both had kids with leg problems this year. Cricket’s boy, Bo, was the one with the severe bowlegs. There is always something new to learn when you have farm animals.

As you can see, we are trying to complete as many major projects as we can in a short amount of time. We are investing heavily in tangible assets and labor. This investment will pay off in untold ways once we arrive at TEOTWAWKI. Do all you can. Time is precious.

Until next time – Fern

What Do You Think?

Just when I think the condition of our world cannot possible get any worse or any more unbelievable, it does. Over and over and over again we read about events or conditions that are not only unbelievable, but appalling, disgusting and one more nail in the coffin of life as we knew it. I can no longer say life as we know it, because our lives as we knew them are long gone. Disappeared beneath the onslaught of decadence, crime, hatred, bigotry and greed. 

Can someone tell me why it is not okay for everyone to have freedom of speech instead of a few chosen minority groups? Why is that okay? Two Days After Reporter’s ‘Race War’ Murders, CNN Returns to Phony Race-Baiting. It’s okay with some groups, call them Group H, to disagree with another group, call them Group C, to the point that they remove all rights to free speech of Group C just for having a differing opinion or viewpoint. Take this article for instance, Scientists Ask Obama To Prosecute Global Warming Skeptics. What? You can no longer think for yourself and be skeptical of others opinions? It is now a crime?

It is unbelievable the lengths to which our current leadership is going to destroy our country. It is so obvious and blatant, no steps are being taken anymore to disguise it at all. Like this move, Obama to Nominate First Openly Gay Service Secretary to Lead Army. Or this one, Obama Admin Won’t Reveal to Congress Number of Americans Killed By Iran.  

Why has it become open season on law enforcement? Georgia Police Officer Shot and Wounded; 2 Suspects Caught. Better yet, why haven’t the politicians of our country, especially those in leadership, come out strongly against the rash of murders recently? Are those doing the killing acting at the behest of the folks in charge of the show? You can’t help but wonder. But remember, you have to be careful about thinking too much, you could be prosecuted for that.

The financial and economic roller coaster ride continues to get wilder by the day. One day it will rocket right off the track and land in a big heap to become indistinguishable from it’s previous appearance. Amazingly enough there are still companies that promise no matter what happens, they will be able to protect your wealth as long as you give them your money. What a joke! Give me your money and I will protect it, even in the event of a total economic collapse. Sounds like voluntary robbery to me. Many folks continue to sound the warning, with some warnings coming from surprising people and places that don’t usually issue warnings. Mark Spitznagel warns: If Investors Thought August Was Scary,”They Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet.”  Then there is this possibility, Fed Opens Negative Interest Rate Pandora’s Box: What Happens Next. Another impact on the economy is that Nearly 50 Million Americans Now On Food Stamps. So are we ready for a repeat of what happened in 1930 or more recently in Greece? The Day All the ATMs Ran Out of Cash

Many situations are brewing around the world, and as the heat is turned up, from warm to hot, something will boil over. From here, Security Council ‘Gravely Concerned’ Over Temple Mount Violence, to here, Why Kim Davis Was Right – And Is a Hero, to here, Migrants Crisis: Neighbours Squabble After Croatia’s U-Turn. Where will it end? It only seems that it can end in conflict, major conflict. The Pentagon is Preparing New War Plans for a Baltic Battle Against Russia. Not only that, but differing countries are forming new alliances, Russia Moves It’s First Tactical Fighter Jets to Base in Syria.

Where will it all end? I really don’t know. What I do know is that regardless of how disturbing knowledge of what is happening in the world is, it is better to be informed and know what the adversary is up to. I have had more than one person lately tell me how depressing it is to know what is

happening in the world. It may be, but it is better to know your enemy than to have to guess what he is like. Why do we read history? To know what has come before to help us understand and be prepared for what is going to happen again. There is a reason ‘history repeats itself’ is an old saying, because it does. Mankind does not appear to have a very long memory, and tends to make the same mistakes again and again. Now it’s our turn to live through the downturn of society into the shallow, narrow minded, pleasure seeking, mob mentality that has come to encompass all of us, voluntarily or not, this is where we are. 

Know what is happening. Don’t get caught up in the distractions of the day. They are there for a reason, and most fall for the drivel dished out by the talking heads every day. The mainstream media are no more news outlets than the man in the moon. They are the bought and paid for slaves of TPTB, spewing forth the script they have been given without regard for the accuracy of what they are saying. It’s just another example of speech control instead of freedom of speech.

Keep an eye on each other. Pay attention to your instincts. Listen for that still, small voice. Wisdom and reason are your best friends right now. Pay heed to the warnings they are giving you. Time is short.

Until next time – Fern