Behind Door #1…….

Frank and Henry installed the door going from the greenhouse into the house today. Everything went well and we are very happy with the results. Tomorrow will see more work completed, and before you know it, we will be planting things in the greenhouse. Here is how the day went.

 Taking down the inside trim


There is Frank doing his Wilson imitation. The outside trim is now off.

Cutting some of the exterior and sheet rock really gave us a cloud of dust. Out came the small fans to clear the air.

Henry is taking off the outside exterior.


Now we have a big hole in the wall. As you can see, this door enters into a room which we call the sewing room even though it houses a number of other things.

There was an outlet right in the middle of the opening where the door now resides, so Frank moved it over to the side of the door and reinstalled it.

Just a view out the door into the greenhouse.

Neat, huh? There is a nice layer of dust on everything in this room now, but that’s okay.



Shimming the door


Here come the steps.

When we moved here, Frank got a large set of door knobs all keyed the same. They sure have come in handy. We only use one door key which is very convenient.

It still needs trim and a curtain on the inside, but it is beautiful, and a dream come true! We’ll show it to you again once it is finished. By then we may also have the greenhouse set up and ready to plant. You just never know.

Until next time – Fern

20 thoughts on “Behind Door #1…….

  1. Hi, Vickie. We haven't talked about permanent type plants yet. I'm sure on our list will be a bay tree, probably some peppercorn vines, and the citrus is an interesting idea. We're still about two zones north of citrus country, so we'll see. Thanks for the idea.Frank

  2. SJ, we poured the pad for the greenhouse about seven years ago. I bought the materials for the exterior shell about five or six years ago. Now there is an empty spot in my garage, which means I need to fill it with something. Sometimes things take a while. We have multiple projects in progress. That's a nice was of saying, incomplete. Thank you for sharing.Frank

  3. You'll thank yourselves in years to come to make that top step coming out the door extra wide and extra deep. It cuts down on tripping hazard when coming out the door with your hands full of things.I made them make a similar top step on my house a full 21/2 feet deep and I'm glad I did.

  4. Where did you find your beautiful exterior doors? I have shopped the big box stores and Amazon but don't find anything of this quality. I'd appreciate your advice if you don't mind a copy cat. Julia

  5. Beautiful! Now (in my humble opinion) you should get a dwarf lemon tree! And maybe a dwarf mandarin! I have a neighbor who has a greenhouse attached to her house also, and every spring when her citrus blooms she opens the adjoining window and door and lets the wonderful scent waft in! Heavenly! As a bonus, in the winter she enjoys the lemons and mandarins that the trees produce! I can't wait to see how you finish eveything!

  6. Everything looks wonderful – so excited for y'all. (And I love Henry's \”Wilson\” impression. One of my favorite TV characters. 😀 How fun! Perhaps he'll help you put up a fence for more photos. LOL)

  7. Hi Frank and Fern – congrats on getting your new door. It reminds me of work I did in my house. Five years into ownership, we were able to enclose the kitchen door and change out the window to a door in the adjacent 'dining room' (actually just a corner of the living room). It took five years to get done but was a project I had envisioned when I first walked through the house. I so understand waiting to work on projects and the joy of seeing them accomplished. Cheering you on, SJ in Vancouver BC Canada

  8. Thank you, Sandy, the guys did a great job, and tomorrow will see even more progress. It's very exciting to see everything come together. I'm starting to get the planting and playing in the dirt itch. It will really be amazing to see something growing in our greenhouse. Talk about a dream come true! Yippee! If I were younger I would literally jump up and down. Now I just grin ear to ear. By the way, Frank hollered at me to come to the greenhouse when the steps were completed so I could be the first one to try them out. That was really cool! He is a real sweetie and I am one lucky girl. Fern

  9. Fern, and Frank,I have to say Frank and his work buddy sure did a fabulous job with your new door, and the green house. Having all your door knobs keyed the same makes a world of difference when talking convenience. Enjoy your new view :-)Hugs,Sandy

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