Hi Folks, Frank and Fern here.

We have had some great comments recently and some people have mentioned how tired our work is making them. Not only is that humbling, it is motivating. You see the STARK REALITY of the situation is that the projects we are completing are not only exciting, but the impetus behind what we are doing, and the pace with which we are doing it, is because of the condition of our country. Our projects are aimed at living in a collapse situation. End of story. Could they be fun and give us something to do in case things don’t collapse? Sure. We have long lived a homestead life style and wouldn’t have it any other way. What is happening in our country that brings us to the conclusion that a collapse is not only probable, but inevitable? Frank has a short list that name just a few of the things that surround us everyday.

Our economy, which is interconnected with every other economy on the planet, is in a shambles. Terms like ‘kick the can down the road’ have now become common place when describing the lengths to which the Federal Reserve continues to go to prop up the giant bubble the economy and markets have become. The wild fluctuations of the stock market, which can cause it to sky rocket or nose dive, with a spoken sentence by select individuals, or the wisp of a rumor about a pending report, can be seen almost daily.

The infrastructure in most municipalities are old and deteriorating. They were never meant to support the number of people now placing demands upon them, and there is no way they can be replaced. There just isn’t the money to do so. Take our rural water lines, for example. They have been in the ground for decades and all need to be replaced. There is no way that will happen, it just isn’t economically feasible. All they can afford to do is patch holes when they occur. 

Take a look at our electrical grid. It is aging, inadequate and vulnerable to hackers and espionage. Electricity as a supply line is crucial to the functioning of every modern convenience and luxury we enjoy everyday. Like this computer and the internet, your cell phone, refrigeration, air conditioning, manufacturing, the list could go on almost indefinitely. Read about long distance electricity transportation, what it takes, how it is accomplished and how fragile the system is, not to mention how much is lost in the process of transmission. Our local electric cooperative seems to be in pretty good shape, but it depends on the larger grid for it’s supply of power.

Let’s take another facet of society. Welfare. This is one of the most insidious means our government has used to enslave millions of people. If women enter the welfare system, they are paid to remain out of the workforce, stay home and have babies. They can’t get married and have a husband, or they lose their benefits. So they have more babies to get more benefits, the only way they can get a raise. This thing is never going to stop, it can’t. How can a woman get married and lose benefits when they can’t afford to live? 

Then there are people that refuse to work, have never worked and never intend to work. These are some of the folks that I have heard described as the ones that breed like rabbits. They don’t work, they don’t learn, they don’t provide any type of intellectual stimulation for their children, and don’t appear to have any motivation to do any better in life. Stupid breeds stupid, and there are too many of them that sit on their butts, stare at the television or their cell phones, and demand others provide everything they ever wanted, even though the people paying the bills can’t live anywhere near the life style these folks can, because they can’t afford it.

Another result of the welfare system and the intellectual impact of children raised in that environment for the last few decades, is the dramatic reduction in the standard of education. One hand is lowering the standard, the other hand is raising it, like in Common Core and No Cow Left Behind or NCLB. They are both huge frauds conducted with the knowledge of state and federal government and a horrendous joke. They both amount to the mind control of our young people, a movement which TV and our government has embraced. Thanks to the current government indoctrination system we now have kids that are pro sexual perversion and liberal environmentalists that respond subliminally like robots to government controls via society and television. The worldwide global warming fascists have also been indoctrinating our children to march lock step to the requirements of their agenda for decades. Now these children are 30 years old and have become puppets of an indoctrinating government.

What ever happened to the Constitution, the1st Amendment, freedom of speech, the 2nd Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms? Life in our country has become THE GOVERNMENT VS. WE THE PEOPLE. Why is that okay? Why aren’t the politicians up in arms refusing to implement unlawful regulations against WE THE PEOPLE? What happened to serving the people instead of enslaving them? The 1st Amendment is all but gone in this country. There are so many regulations now that freedom of speech is being suppressed in an unprecedented way, and it’s against the law to disagree with the Nazi control agenda. 

Let’s talk about a few examples. I have the freedom to say that I don’t mind being around people of color, but I can no longer say I don’t like being around radical people of color. I can no longer use the words that use to be common to describe radical people of color because now it is a hate crime. Why is it that if a white person threatens a person of color, they go to jail, but if a person of color threatens a white person it’s their right? And what is a hate crime? You can’t say mean words? Not too many years ago little boys were taught, if somebody called their mommy a bad name, it was okay to hit the other kid. Now kids are taught to go tell the teacher, just like FEMA, if you see something, say something. Back to that little boy. What happened to defending your mother, or your wife, or your country, or the person that called your mommy a bad name? It’s a hate crime, and the school calls the sheriff and has that child arrested for a hate crime. If your child hits the hate crime perpetrator, he will be arrested for assault and battery. We’re even talking about first graders here, and it’s probably the same first grader that can’t tell the teacher she’s pretty because that’s a sex crime. He can’t pray before he eats because that is a religious crime. Look at where we are. Look at what we have allowed to happen to the institution of the family.

I have another question. Why aren’t the churches talking about all of these problems? Why aren’t they more vocal and active, fighting for the souls of those they serve? Unfortunately, I think it is because they don’t want to jeopardize their tax free status. Isn’t that like the pot calling the kettle black? Worshiping the Almighty Dollar instead of our Almighty God?

Then here comes Johnson & Johnson, who became a world medical supplier in WWII, not to mention all of the mega, mega, mega pharmaceutical companies. And speaking of them, why do pharmaceuticals cost sharply less in Mexico? Those people are making a profit too, and yet they sell their products for pennies on the dollar compared to our country. Why? Medical insurance and Obama Care is causing huge problems and sky rocketing the cost of medicine and insurance premiums. That really helps achieve the goal of universal health care, don’t you think?

Viral infections are being manipulated and experimented with around the globe. Can anyone tell us why flu vaccines are pushed so strongly? Why are they free to the children? What is it that the government wants to control now? We really don’t believe that the government wants to increase the health and well being of the American public, because if they did, they would make health care actually affordable, like the act says, instead of continuing to fleece the people and line the pockets of the mega giants in the health care industry. Sometimes it seems like we live in a big cesspool of experimentation. It’s like, “Wow! Did you see how many people that virus made really sick? Some of them even died! What should we release next?” Folks, things like flu vaccines and childhood immunizations are part of the government control, socialist agenda. Just one more thing they can force you to do, and to the children, no less.

One of the great benefits of Obamanation Care is that now they are able to track all of your health care data, free of charge. They will be able to tell you when to eat, when to sleep, what drugs they insist you take to ‘improve your health’ so you will continue to line the pockets of those health care mega giants. And when all that wonderful care they provide you with causes your bodily systems to begin crashing, one right after the next, they will tell you when it’s time to die. If you survive all of the viral experimentation, that is.

I don’t even know if we can stand to talk about what Planned Parenthood has been doing, selling off body parts of the babies they just murdered. You know, it must take a special kind of person to be able to perform that ‘job’ day after day, and still be able to live with themselves. That is something we totally cannot fathom. We now live in a day and age where it is okay to kill babies and sell their body parts. When I was young we used to read Bible stories about these horrible people that sacrificed their children on an alter during worship. Are our times any different than theirs? We hear about partial birth abortions on a regular basis and nobody bats an eye. What does that say about the times we live in?

This is only a partial list of what is happening all around us everyday. We have GPS tracking everywhere, in your car, phone, credit card chips, computers, you name it, it’s there. The NSA is having a hey day with it’s data collections systems. There is no telling how many lists you are on. We know there is some kind of computer monitoring going on all the time. My computer can be off,  and the internet server off, and yet I get reminders that updates are ready before I turn on the computer. How does it know there are updates available if everything is off and it’s not connected? I can’t get a signal through but they can.

GMO food is poisoning the people with every bite they take. TV is sucking the minds of the people dry, leaving barely anything recognizable as human in it’s place. Pornography is so rampant and common place, even on regular television programming, that people look at you funny if you even mention it. Don’t you dare speak about how women are dressing now days. Most of them look like hookers, flashing their cleavage and trying to keep their too tight pants hiked up so their other cleavage isn’t hanging out.

Then there are the illegal immigrants, or we could just call them criminals because that’s what each and everyone of them are, that arrive demanding food, water, shelter, medical and educational benefits that most Americans only dream of. Many, many of them end up with a higher standard of living than the average working family. Tell me that’s going to end well. These immigrants can end up better off than the countries they are trying to invade. It is not desperate refugees searching for a better life, it is an invasion, here, Europe, everywhere. Would we sit back and allow an army to invade our country? Apparently so.

And then there are the Nazi’s running the climate control scam. Bilking the ‘richer’ countries out of more money for the ‘poorer’ countries, when in reality it’s just a bunch of greedy bazillionaires scarfing up as much money as they can while it’s still worth something. Add the UN to the mix, with their insatiable appetite for world control, and we will all live long, happy lives together, if you like slavery, that is.

Each one of these topics could be an article all by itself, but we include all of these facets of our STARK REALITY for a reason. What is to come of this? What is the STARK REALITY of our situation? What will be the tipping point for the slide into the abyss of anarchy and chaos? Will it be the fight Obama is putting up for gun control? Will there be eruptions along racial, ethnic or religious lines? TPTB have been using their community organizers to foment war for years now, but it just hasn’t quite taken off the way they hoped and planned. Make no mistake about it, there will be confrontation, there will be war. How widespread and of what venue we do not know, but it will come to your neighborhood and ours, and you can bet the government will have a hand in it. It’s not going to be one confrontation, there are multiple wars going on in Europe all the time. Military against military, military against organized resistance, government against the people. Those who control,with their robots following blindly behind them, will seek to destroy or overrun those that resist.

What kind of wars may be in our future? We don’t know, but it is easy to read the writing on the wall. It’s there is BIG BOLD letters for all to see. The possibilities are numerous. Racial wars; black and white; black and brown; brown and white. Hetrosexual vs. homosexual. Urban vs. rural. Immigrants vs. Americans. Americans vs. immigrants. Anyone that speaks a different language or has an accent vs. ‘normal’ Americans. Federal government vs. State government. Local government vs. local people. 

In any of these scenarios there will be tyrants that surface when there are temporary power vacuums. You can’t support this John Wayne mentality that people are going to stand up and suddenly start supporting each other. It’s not going to happen. Turn on the TV and look at the American spirit, look at what’s its actually turned into. A bunch of rude, vulgar, whining, sissies that want every problem of the world to be solved in 30 minutes so everyone can go home happy and eat their TV dinners.

The haves vs. have nots, even if it’s only a perception and not reality. Rich vs. poor. Welfare & disability recipients vs. those that work and pay for their lazy butts. This is one area where resentment gets stronger every day. Immigrants demanding entry, food, water, medical, housing vs. those with that have little and cannot support them. Border wars or invasions of many countries vs. citizens of those countries. Why is it that a country can no longer decide who they allow to immigrate? Why is it that immigrants can now demand to be let in and totally supported just because they want to? How is that possible?

There will be, and already are, religious wars. Muslim vs. Christian. Protestant/Catholic/Mormon/Jehovah’s Witness, they all persecute each other and non religious people. Some of them teach hatred against everyone that is not one of ‘them’, not all but way too many. Then there are people that persecute everyone with any religious beliefs, except the Satanists, of course.

How come an isolated, black, religious leader can stand in a religious forum, advocate shooting and killing white people, and absolutely nothing is done? It has somehow become okay. If a white preacher were to do that, he would be in jail, for, guess what? A hate crime. That is an issue. This folks, is a major problem which could lead to war, easily. We are already hearing about it on the news, people that murder and call it a race war.

Our government has betrayed the people. The government has abandoned the Constitution, infringes on our legal rights more and more everyday, and this could lead to a conflict. They are already prepared for it, are you? We have been lied to, we have been cheated, and it continues to get worse everyday. Look at the way the shootings in Oregon are being skewed and used for political means. One day it will not go any farther because it can’t. That will be the day the shackles will be tightened around your leg to the point there is no escape. They are already there, all the have to do is tighten the noose around your neck. You think Jade helm was just a military exercise? It was. It was a data gathering exercise. Peaceful? Yes. Our military has been purged. Our military will fire on and disarm the American people. Don’t kid yourself to think otherwise. WE THE PEOPLE, who stand up for our rights have now become the enemy of the state. Don’t get on the bus.

Yes, we have a war coming. It’s black and white obvious. Look at some of the simple, simple data. Just look at it. The conditions are right. One small trigger will set this thing to rolling. There will be numerous coordinated attacks. They’re already happening. Look at Ferguson, Missouri. Look at LA and the homeless problems. Look at towns all over this country with immigrant issues. Look at the EBT card issues. These people are not going to be happy when their cards are empty. Look at the banking problems. Look at schools, churches and our military. Look at the new openly gay secretary of the Army. Does that send you a message?

So, how is it going to happen? No telling. It could be a power grid failure. It could be a semi-truck accident carrying biologicals in a major town. It could be a freight train derailment carrying any number of assorted gases. It could be riots in a handful of major towns. It could be a viral pandemic. It could be a bank holiday. Many things could cause it to spiral out of control. But the government has their cards in place. They could start a riot at any time, they have been practicing all around the country. They’re called community organizers. They are ready, they are organized, they are structured, disciplined and eager. WE THE PEOPLE have allowed THEM to control our lives through various forms of indoctrination and propaganda. We have few precious days left. We need to be mentally prepared for the horrors that are about to come upon us. We need to come together in neighborhoods, communities and towns across the country.

So, are we working hard? Yes. As long as we can, we are going to continue working hard. We want to do all we can to be prepared for the STARK REALITY that is about to come upon us all. Are you working hard? There are only so many days left, and if you know it’s coming, then do something to prepare. Make a list, accomplish one of the tasks, and check it off. Or you can wait for the government to do it for you, and they will check you off of their list. Don’t ever get on the bus.

Frank & Fern

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  1. Hello, an old article, thank you for the comment.My grandfather by marriage came from Russia. Of course there are good people from every walk of life. I hope that I did not project or imply that all immigrants are bad. My grandfather came through the port of Galveston and people were vetted. The ones entering our country illegally, obviously are not vetted and they should go home.Thank you for your comment, Frank

  2. Frank, I was meditating writing them too long even if you don't believe it, I regret your concept about all immigrants, in an apple basket you will always find rotten apples, but you will also find the good ones, my grandparents were immigrants and they were honest and hardworking people, that They taught their children, one of them my father who instills us values ​​of work, responsibility and honesty, I do not intend to change your point of view, just to make you notice that there are other types of people.

  3. Hello. Very well put. The pressure canner analogy is very interesting, it is going to blow, and it is very grinding, very grinding. But, today, the sun is going to come up, we have choices to make, and we have work to do. Everybody is at a different place, and some will never see what is coming or what is here. Be thankful you have what you have, and prepare, because it is here. The king, as you referenced, will probably be replaced with the queen, and it will get much worse, because the queen is evil personified. We're in deep trouble. I wonder how they're going to write about this in history, or should I say, chisel in stone? I seriously fear the possible depths of this collapse. We might have a modest change in the way we do things, or we might go back to uncharted waters. God, I hope the beast is not loosed. these are my prayers. Thank you.Frank

  4. Hello, interesting questions. God is omnipotent, He can transform and reconstruct. the issues you mentioned are from human development and perspective, these are not issues for my Almighty God. What will be will be, and yes, WE will have to choose, but God will not. Things that are beyond my ability and scope, on occasion I will ponder, but there are just things I do not have the ability to start to formulate or comprehend. This is where I rely on my Heavenly Father. I have made my choice. Now we all need to get to work. Thank you for your question. God bless and may Peace be with you.Frank

  5. Thank you for your honest assessment. The bottom feeder type you mentioned are everywhere, and they always have been. They will be an issue when things get bad because they are an issue right now. It's sad about our legal system. When I was a teenager, a friend of mine had some skirmishes with the law. His dad always hired the best attorneys, for the very reasons that you mentioned. That was 50 years ago, and that teenager is now a successful member of a community. You're right, it's not what you know, but who you know. The scenario you referenced has been going on since the beginning of time and will continue going on until the end of time. Nothing new here. But thank you, it's always nice to be reminded. It's not a question of, well it should be different, this is the way it is. Thank you for sharing.Frank

  6. Dear Frank and Fern, I love your blog site. You folks are amazing. I only just learned of your site from an individual posting a link to it on the Forum \”Survival Monkey\”. In a quick scan of your site I am impressed that you have done so much and have shared reflections of so much of what you do with others. You are to be commended. I have bookmarked your site, and most likely will subscribe as well. May good bless you both with happiness, comfort, and very long lives. You have made a new friend. I am a bit of a dinosaur on the computer. The \”Comment as\” menu merely confuses me. I normally post using a screen name as TacmotUSN. due to the confusion clicked anonymous

  7. Thank you for your comment, G, and you're right, there are many people on disability that would give anything not to be. Unfortunately, there are many that abuse the system, it was this group that I was referring to. I thank you for pointing out the difference. If I hurt or offended anyone, I am sorry. Please give your father our appreciation for serving our country.Fern

  8. Love reading your articles! One things hurts me though. That you would lump welfare with disability. My father would much rather be still working than on disability, that by the way he paid in to for many years. He also served his country by proudly serving in the military. I also know some younger folks that are stuck in the nursing home that would give their eye tooth to be back in the work force. Some times bad things happen in life that are out of our control and we have to deal the best way we can. Respectfully (G)

  9. I'm not Frank or Fern, but your last question jumped out at me, because I read 1 & 2 Peter all the way through yesterday, and Peter addresses these questions forthrightly and clearly. I am going to re-read 1 & 2 Peter a lot in the coming days, as reading it gave me the heavenly perspective on what we Christians must continue to be and to do in spite of the chaos and persecution going on. The truth is always hard, but to have God's reassurance is a balm and a salve on our human grief and pain.

  10. Frank and Fern, you are spot on. Stark reality is that each and every morning we wake up to a \”new\” America and a \”new\” world. Just when we think it can't get any worse, we are slapped in the face with shocking new morning headlines. Today, for me, it was a headline about the new head of the Army talking about the coming \”discussion\” of our nation's young women being forced to sign up for Selective Service. I have only sons, but there is no way I would allow a daughter of mine to be conscripted into military service. Then there was the headline where the king was thinking aloud about a third term as \”president\”; he is sure he would win, he said. I am sure of it, too, unfortunately. He would win one way or another. The constant barrage of news proving our government only functions as a financial sieve of the common folk and as a corrupt body of LAWBREAKERS is just staggering and wears us down each and every day. But like a pressure canner set on high for a long period of time without the heat turned down, the outcome is inevitable. It is hard to foretell when the final line in the sand will be laid down and the Rubicon crossed with the American people,but as most here agree by their comments, it will come.

  11. Dear Frank, Fern and Readers,This is a question that has been on my mind a lot recently. It is a stark reality that the godly people in America are under attack by those who are ruled by satan and all good things are being marginalized, demonized and criminalized. With all of the relentless attacks, it is best to remember that even a dog will finally bite their tormentors when pushed into a corner.Good Christians understand that some nations will cease to be nations during and after the Tribulation. God is allowing satan to sift all nations and individuals right now to determine who are His and who are not. So, if the conflict you speak about in this article is inevitable – if we have to choose between going along with their agenda or civil war – which way would perhaps lessen God's judgment on the entire nation when he separates the sheep and goat nations? At this point we are really two nations (and my percentages may be idealistic): 1/2 is the godly, Christian first principals nation the Founders envisioned. The other half is the bully socialist/fascist police state ushering in the NWO (and satan's plaything). How best should the godly half pursue righteousness before God during this chaos if we would like to see America still a country after Jesus returns?All your thoughts would be appreciated.

  12. Dear Frank and Fern,BRAVO! Can't say that I disagree with all that you've said. Just two points I can add to the conversation:ONE–I retired after 40 years as a lawyer (I know…I know. hold the barbs and jokes.) And I have seen first-hand the demise of the rule-of-law. Today, we are ruled at every level by whim, caprice, and discretion (sometimes even downright bribery, fraud, and corruption.)My advice: STAY AWAY FROM THE LEGAL SYSTEM, at all cost. It is not what you know (\”law,\”) but WHO you know and how much power or money you can shell out. Greed, power, and corruption now rules this former pillar of American society.Early on in my career, I had a civil case. Law and the facts were on my client's side. A dead-bang winner (or so I thought in my then-naivete.) Later a court \”pre-trial\” was held in the judge's back chambers and the opposing lawyer's first comment was: \”Saw you last week on the eighth green of OUR country club, Judge. How'd you play that last hole?\”Just guess how THAT case turned out for my client? Hummm? That was back in the 1970s. Now, it's worse than ever. TWO–for the most part, most city people should forget this \”bug out to the rural countryside\” option. Yes, with some it will work, but the majority, as I see it, will fail. Why do I say this? Simple: a lot of the rural areas have problems you don't see at first, or don't see until you live there a while.For the past twenty years, we had a huge farm of many hundreds of acres, over two hours from any major metro area. My and I both worked our \”city\” jobs and managed \”the farm\” from a distance. Most of the \”tranquil\” countryside was infested with low-lifes,drunks, meth heads, and takers of the first-degree. Our stands of mature cherry and black walnut trees were under constant assault by those willing to cut down a huge tree, haul it off to a mill, and get \”a few bucks\” for beer, wine, or dope. (You can't keep a constant eye on hundreds of acres, especially in hill country.) Our barns and outbuildings were a treasure trove for locals to find or \”borrow\” tools of equipment when no one was looking. Fences were cut, run over or trashed. Bottom line: rural paradise was not what it seemed. Even for us who did all of our homework and due diligence when we \”bought the farm.\” Things only got worse. We woke up one day to find out the EPA \”declared\” the 30 acres behind our farm house a protected wetland. Couldn't touch it. Even though I showed the powers that be the fences, fence lines, and tiles that had been there close to a century allowing us to farm the acres. Nope. Hands off. Government theft.Then, the power companies and oil and gas pipeline outfits started coming in claiming \”eminent domain,\” surveying, tearing up farmland, and acting like THEY were listed on the deed. Supreme arrogance. After 20 years, we threw in the towel, and now live in our \”citified\” area, close to family, church, and friends. We have learned to value, nurture, and grow these relationships.We are \”sheltering in place\” and God-willing, will do so until the Lord calls us back home.Thank you, Frank and Fern, for your honesty and truth.

  13. Hi, Griff. I am discovering that there are more of us out there, but there needs to be a lot more of us out there. Reason being, there are a multitude more of them than there are of us. That is not a good force multiplier. Hard times are coming. Thank you for the comment.Frank

  14. Hello. Thank you for sharing your rabbit tales. It's nice to know there are productive rabbits, there are even some pretty California rabbits. But rabbits, like rabbits everywhere, breed like rabbits. Thank you for sharing. Cute story.Frank

  15. Hi Vickie. Thank you for the examples. Just more examples of how our society is deteriorating. It's impossible to go back to where we were, because where we were, is what allowed us to get to where we are. Some folks say we just need to go back to the Constitution. We've always had the Constitution. Some will say we need to follow the Constitution. That cart is broken, it can't be fixed, but I don't see anything else better around. The Constitution was written and formed by men under the inspiration of God Almighty. That is not going to happen again here unless things change drastically. Thank you for sharing.Frank

  16. Hi, Deborah. I concur with your retired teacher friend's comment. I love the internet, but as you are aware, it has a very dark side. At the touch of a button, little kids can see things that I never saw until I was an adult. I know they do, because they talk about it. They know it's wrong, because they try to keep it from adults. I don't really know what to say. These fertile minds can never go back. Some kids play games where they shoot and kill, chop people to bits with a large ax, and some of the music glorifies rape. This is where we are. STARK REALITY. Thank you for your comment.Frank

  17. Hi, Carl. It is sad, and it is true. We've got some real hard times coming here very soon. One day something will cause the dominoes to tip, and it will be over quickly. Thank you for your comment.Frank

  18. Hello, Linda. You are welcome. We try to offer a wide variety of reading material. Most of our articles are not like the one you referenced, but some are. Most of the articles are about making cheese, raising chickens, or radio communications. I hope you find something else you like here. Thank you for the comment, thank you for reading, thank you for sharing. Take care.Frank

  19. One of the ways I get through hard times is to remind myself of exactly what you quoted about \”going through.\”My version goes like this: \”The only way out of a gauntlet is straight through. Run hard and keep your head down.\”Just Me

  20. Hello Frank and Fern,Your last post certainly hit home, and it is very encouraging to read the comments afterwards.And as for rabbits…..well, my husband thought that we should cut back on the females, as he is getting tired of butchering. I don't blame him, we hate doing it. But it seems that the Good Lord had other plans.Usually, we are pretty good at determining what is girls and boys, at three months, the boys get moved to a separate cage, girls stay with mom and then a month later, the girls and boys get butchered.Seems that a couple of my old girls are making nests. Oops! I see this as a sign. Doesn't hurt that rabbit is so delicious. Its a bit difficult to find good greens for them over the winter, but they don't mind apple and carrot peelings. They get a stem from kale now and then too.These are GOOD rabbits, not useless ones, for sure.

  21. Yes. I agree. The next war will come to our shores. I have looked at and I am implementing a few solutions on order to survive if that should occur. We may want to consider an underground solution if we need to wait a few things out. I know some people will think, \”Not another project!\”, but some of our congress critters have

  22. OMG – you are right about the infrastructure! I saw a news report where some street lights are killing people and dogs because the electrical wire insulation that runs beneath streets and sidewalks is crumbling and causing shorts – essentially electrifying entire light poles! I also heard that million dollar penthouse apartments in New York City will be worthless because there will be no electricity for the elevators (who wants to walk up 50+ flights of stairs?), fresh water lines will fail, as well as sewage lines. It's all too old and our government isn't keeping up with replacement. Also, my husband and I talk about the illegal immigrant problem all the time. We believe that our nation really doesn't have to build any walls or fences. Just stop giving noncitizens free services. If they couldn't have free food, free housing, free education, free health care, free cell phones – they probably would just stay in their own country! My husband just retired from state service. He was so disgusted he couldn't work there anymore. Why? Because he had so many co-workers that were NOT citizens of the US! Many of them could barely speak 10 English words. But the state hired them to do jobs that required them to work with their team (computer programming). Between the Koreans, Indians, Pakistani's and Colombians (none of which were citizens), not much work was done because no one could understand the other! That was one of the reasons for the complete failure of one of the computer systems the state was trying to update. I hope I can get prepared in time, but always feel that I'm not working fast enough. I enjoy reading your blog and the comments because I learn so much. Thank you. You have a story that needs to be told!

  23. carl is correct. any republic to follow must be a new one.i don't have much hope for the establishment of one.reading this article makes me glad i don't have any grandchildren.they might become grist for the devil's mill.even if they were to hold firm in Jesus, the influence here of evil is ubiquitous.we were at dinner with some friends, one of whom retired from elementary school teaching last year.she told us that by the time she left, five year old children were talking about things we never heard of until we were in high school or later.they have been denied their innocence.

  24. I'd like to thank you for this article. Lets face it The Republic is lost and not recoverable, sad but true.Carl in the UP

  25. Hi Frank & Fern, This is the first article I've read in your blog. My daughter sent the link to me in an email. Great article! I subscribed to your blog. Thank you for sharing your private thoughts and feelings. I couldn't agree with you more. We're retired great-grandparents who live out in the country. We do all we can for our community. We talk among ourselves (at community & family gatherings) about the state of our nation, state and town. Most of our family, neighbors and friends are very concerned about the very things you wrote about in your article here. We're building bonds and pulling together in our community.My husband and I have been preparing and doing our best to be good stewards of our time and property. As we get older, we find we aren't as strong or have the stamina we had 30 years ago. We do what we can and work together.Writing this article took courage. Thank you again.

  26. I think you're correct about regional enclaves being survivable and sustainable. But even inside these enclaves there are going to be undesirables and maggots. They are everywhere, and they will be a problem for a while. Either shape up and be productive, or ship out. Who knows what the government will try to do to these regional areas. But, the same for them. Either shape up or ship out. I do wish we had some form of reliable leadership. Going through local tyranny will take a while to filter through, and the process will be very divisive. These things haven't been written yet. It's going to be very difficult for a while. I pray that we don't slide into the unknown, because there is that possibility. Get ready.Frank

  27. Hello. I really doubt if the folks in the grocery store believe your reasons for buying bulk food. They probably just get tired of asking since you're not going to tell them what they want to hear. Besides that, it's none of their business. But beans and rice are a very good combination. If you have the means, you might want to prepare for all your children and their immediate families. The more eyes and ears you have, the better things will be.Lots of folks don't know that southern Illinois is an agricultural area. When I think of Illinois, I immediately think of Chicago. I hope you do well.Frank

  28. Hi, Mesquite. Thank you for sharing. It does appear that difficult times are right around the corner. Multiple sources continue to pile tender. One day, either intentionally or not, some event will ignite this tender. The conditions are more and more favorable everyday, and the inferno will devour many. I don't believe we will see a reconstruction period for a number of generations. This is not going to be a weekend event, and come Monday everything is back to normal. The war will be devastating. The recovery may be worse. I won't be here to see it and neither will anyone reading this, or their grandchildren. So much for doom and gloom.Frank

  29. Dear Farmwife, God has dealt us all different decks to play with. The hand He has given you is different than most. Because of this, you will need to play these cards in a different way. God has a purpose for all of us, from the biggest to the smallest. I hope you find your purpose. Our prayers are with you, and may God and Peace be with you.Frank

  30. So much truth in one article. Thank you Frank and Fern. We feel much like Vicki. A recent post by a man from Indiana sums it up. He wrote, \”At this point, the only way out is through.\”Something(s) will rise from the ashes of this once-great, now-wicked nation. Hope lies molding that. There still exists large geographical areas with the makings of another great republic. The people are God-fearing. They homestead and still possess 'life skills'. Homeschooling thrives. And woe to anyone who tries to disarm them. One of the non-501(c)3 Liberty Pastors titled his column this week, 'MOLON LABE, Mr. Obama'. Gotta love it!America 1776-2011(McCain/Obama NDAA signing) RIP. We now care about preserving liberty, not a government.Montana Guy

  31. Frank and Fern, I am so secretive about my planning and preparing. When I’m in the grocery store and buy a large amount of food, bleach, etc., I get looks and comments from others. Strangers ask why I need all of that rice, or what I’m canning. I am a teacher in a public school, and usually say, “You’d be amazed at the stuff that teachers use in their classrooms.” This usually satisfies them. One couple I knew kept asking about the 30 pounds of rice I had in my grocery cart. The usual answer didn’t satisfy them. They wanted to know what I used rice for. I told them that we have used it for art projects and put it in the sensory table for my little kids. They finally believed my white lie. For the last few months, I have felt a sense of needing to hurry up and finish our back-burner plans. I hadn’t told my adult kids about my amped up preparing either. I didn’t want them to think I was crazy and paranoid. Sunday dinners have shown me that my two sons agree. Son #2 was telling son #1 that I had some “apocalypse food” delivered. (He saw the cans of freeze-dried food on my kitchen counter as I was unpacking it and adding it to my ‘food storage log.’) #1 is an electrical lineman, and said, “When North Korea attacks us, everyone needs to get to my house within 3 to 4 hours. I can get us to a safe place out of town.” Since then we’ve talked about our family’s survival. Daughter and her husband don’t want to discuss it, but we’re planning anyway. # 2 is now talking to #1 about living at “Mom’s house because she has what it takes to survive.” My husband and I have been preparing our rural setting for quite some time. As far as government indoctrination goes, NCLB and Common Core are nonsense. My fellow teachers and I are fed up with it, and we are teaching what WE know is right. I teach in a small public school in Southern Illinois. (Chicago and Cook County rule our state, even though my culture in the extreme southern part of the state doesn’t agree.) That’s right. I live in the worst state for debt, welfare, and gun control. Our state is imploding. My school has 78% student poverty. I see welfare moms drive to the school in their new Lincoln SUV, with their new iPhones, $300 leather boots (I didn’t know this, but someone else told me that’s what they cost.), designer clothes, freshly manicured nails, and new tattoos. I paid for these things, but they aren’t in my driveway or closet. Nope. I can’t afford them. I’m not jealous; I don’t want these things. I do resent having to buy them for someone else who just sits on their butt all day. Yes, I’m bitter. I’m scrimping and saving to build a new goat barn. They don’t even save money to buy pencils and paper for their kids to use for homework. My point is, you’re right. The world is crashing around us. I am thankful for my wonderful grandma. She taught me to cook, can, sew, make soap, cook over an open fire, dress a chicken, and the list goes on. She said to have 2 years of food stored, and then you could eat if you had a bad year with your garden. My grandpa always said, “You need to remember that this money (He was holding up a $5 bill.) is only worth what someone says it’s worth. Silver always has value. Well, gold does too, but it’s more expensive. Everyone can afford a little silver. Always have some silver stashed away. Some day it may be all you have to buy stuff with.) Most of all, they taught me to have faith in Jesus Christ and to pray. I’ve listened to their advice. Well, I need to get to work. We’re cutting down a tree above the location for the new goat barn, harvesting some honey from our beehives, and canning apple pie filling. May God bless us all and keep us safe in the coming turmoil. A loyal reader

  32. Frank, I asked a month or so ago what type of war you saw coming. I want to thank you for your answer You have given me more things to think about that I did not see. I know it gets exhausting. I can see the pain you feel in your writing. Many of us feel this same pain for our country. Those of us that are here at this time are.meant to be here. We are here to go through these hard times and support one another. Thank you again to both you and Fern for reaching out and guiding us. You are a born leader. Please don't forget that…Mesquite

  33. The Lord is blessing you both with many graces to be able to accomplish all you have doneand the work you are doing with this blog. Thank you for sharing so much of your life with me & the other readers here. I pray every day for our country, our world & of course our families. The devil is working overtime to try to destroy us all through the hands of the super rich & powerful. We have God on our side and He will prevail in His time!!! Keep on preparing as we do not know when we will need to hunker down. I spent almost 2 months in the hospital this summer as I lost my whole left leg to cancer surgery, I am not able to prepare much any more, but thank the Lord that we did as much as we did in previous months. My husband even got some garden planted/first time the farmer has had a garden. It was small but some good home grown food. Now we work at what we call \”our new normal\”. It is a struggle but we have God on our side always loving us!!!!! God bless you both. from a retired MN farmwife

  34. Hi, Vicki. If someone hears something enough times, that little switch, or that little voice, might go off in their head. Your comment might be the one that is needed to make that difference. I cannot disagree with anything you said. We need to continue to gently persuade folks to see. Your words are earnestly appreciated.Frank

  35. There was a time when I actually thought I could make a difference. I thought that politicians really did represent those who voted them into office. I was sure that ministers preached God's word and spoke the truth. I believed that our country stood for what was good and right in our world. I was wrong.There are still good people in our country. I read their blogs every day. They see what is happening and have the courage to share those truths with the rest of us. But their numbers are few compared to the numbers of people who would work to enslave the population. They are few compared to those who think it is OK to take and take and take some more, never giving in return. And they are few compared to those who refuse to see the handwriting on the wall.I have come to the conclusion that it just doesn't matter what I do to try and change the evil that is upon us. The war you speak of has already begun. There is no stopping it. All I can do now is continue to prepare the best way I know how and to work at keeping my family as safe as I possibly can. And pray.

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