Death By Design

You need to see that what is happening in our country and world is by design to accomplish a purpose. That purpose does not bode well for our freedom or our current way of life.


Report: Limitless Immigration Creating Permanent Democratic Majority


Now take this idea and see how it is working out in Europe for the normal everyday folks in towns across the continent.


Meanwhile, in an Average German City

Hundreds of Refugees in Germany “Mysteriously Disappear”

Whistleblower Doctor Explains Horrific Reality Dealing with Muslim Invaders in Germany

This is an Astonishing Visualisation of the Refugee Crisis 
[scroll down for an animated view]

Austria Runs Out of ‘Long Guns’ as Europeans Scramble For Protection Against “Islamic Invasion”

In the midst of the worldwide refugee INVASION crisis, we are treated to the continuing saga of Playground Politics designed to distract and entertain the masses while behind the scenes, the death watch teams arrive in full force to ‘ease’ our dying country in it’s final days.

There are enclaves of watchers, waiting in the wings, waiting for their day to arrive. Watchers that will turn on their ‘friends and neighbors’ in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, this only goes to increase the distrust of people and further divides our country, by race, by ethnicity, by nationality, citizenship, by every conceivable profile. 

Not only are we watching the economies of the world teeter on the brink of extinction, we are watching the leaders of the world play the dangerous chess game of attempting to increase their power bases through importation of voters, by any means available to them, be it ‘humanitarian’ or the unconstitutional use of executive orders. There is a game far bigger than what meets the eye being played around the world, and WE THE PEOPLE, are the pawns being used for the fodder to feed those in power.

If you have enough pieces, the puzzle comes together with more clarity. The problem is, that it is a moving puzzle with untold number of possibilities. Remember the story of the Trojan Horse? No, I’m not talking about the computer virus, I’m talking about the Greeks overthrowing the city of Troy by deception. Metaphorically a “Trojan Horse” has come to mean any trick or stratagem that causes a target to invite a foe into a securely protected bastion or place.”

The death and destruction of life as we know it, of our country, is by design. There are many throughout history that tried to rule the world by force. The group that is now in the process of gaining total control has been patient and steadfast in their deliberate destruction of world economies, families, unity and freedoms.You see, we’re being invaded. They don’t have to fire a shot. We are giving these people our country. Our brothers and sisters in Europe will soon lose the majority vote. They, like us, are being invaded, it’s just that theirs is more obvious. Are they going to do anything? Probably not, because to comment on the obvious, has now become a hate crime.

Imagine if you had a business, any business, one we’re all familiar with, let’s pick a restaurant. You open your doors and let everyone eat for free. That is obviously not sustainable, but that’s what we’re doing. We have opened our borders, as has Europe, as a humanitarian gesture, and their big restaurant and our big restaurant will soon be out of business. In one generation, Europe is going to lose it’s identity. That’s one voting generation anyway. Soon it will be the law that all women must wear burkas. You say it will never happen? You are wrong. It is happening right now in France. There are areas where born and raised French, female citizens cannot go without covering their face and head. So what’s next? Sharia Law? You say that will never happen? It’s happening right now, as we speak, in France, and it’s going to happen here, too, the only difference is they are closer to the eruption of the invasion. It will soon be happening in Germany, it is happening in Sweeden, just give it time folks. But it’s okay, I’ve still got my TV, my football game with bouncing cheerleaders, plenty of beer and chicken wings, and the kids are pacified with their cell phones and electronic toys. 

There are reasons why gun sales in this country have made new records month after month after month. There are record gun sales going on in Europe right now. People fear for their lives, and you should too. But you say to yourself, “Never happen in America.” We are not only losing this battle, we have lost. We have been sold out. The Trojan Horse is sitting in our neighborhoods, our backyards, our schools and churches.

You need to prepare to defend yourself. 

Our destiny is being dictated by those that no longer care about WE THE PEOPLE. We are expendable pawns in their game of power and control. If you are not ready to defend yourself and those you love, nobody else will. 

The Trojan Horse has been invited in with open arms. It is the center of worship for so many that can’t see beyond the pretty, flattering facade that covers the blood thirsty hordes ready and willing to not only take, but annihilate all in their path. We have no time to mourn the death of our once great nation, our energies have to be focused on preparing for whatever may come, and come it will, in might or by stealth.

Prepare to defend yourself.

Frank & Fern

17 thoughts on “Death By Design

  1. It won't be enough…Doesn't matter how well supplied, well armed, well fortified if you don't have a community that loves freedom as much as you do then your just playing Russian Roulette… They will overcome us one by one if we aren't banding together right now before it gets really bad…Lets just face some realities if you don't have tribe/community then all your doing is prepping for someone else to take your goodies… Problem is most won't realize that until its to late…

  2. Hi, SJ. We are looking forward to the greenhouse. It's new, it's exciting and we have a lot to learn. There will be some failures, but that's just part of learning.It's wise to be cautious. We are very protective of our identities. Sure there are some local folks that know, but the vast majority of them only know about us through our radio efforts, which are struggling. Seems as though everybody wants somebody else to do everything for them, but we're going to keep trying and hopefully our little radio group will flourish.Frank

  3. Many of us have been trying for years, but seldom, very seldom, do I meet someone that truly believes. In fairness, some do believe, but the vast majority just talk it. None, virtually none, of my relatives believe what is coming, and I've been preaching this for years, and they just look at me like I am stupid. Sad, but true. Thank you for your comment.Frank

  4. Hi, Pete. Yes, he is in the oval office right now, but he is just one of many that has sat in that seat. It's just now, it's more obvious, and I have a real bad feeling about the queen. This should be an interesting coronation. Keep your eyes open.Frank

  5. Hi, Vicki. I think you're right, those days are over. Sad isn't it, to end this way? I never thought that I would see the day when our government betrayed it's own people. I feel sorry for those that can't see what is happening. I can't tell you what I really think, and that's the way it is. Thank you for your comment.Frank

  6. Well put, and as you mentioned, that type of thought pattern is prevalent in our society also. We have opened the doors and given the house away, and as the title stated, death by design. Let's just wait and see how this plays out. Thank you for your comment, very insightful.Frank

  7. We should have seen this coming. We've been controlling the way kids think for a long time. When I was a school principal I would sometimes wonder how young teachers could possibly think the way they do, but it's easy to see now. Our schools have been conditioning the way folks think for a long time. This ball game is over, and we lost. Thank you for the comment.Frank

  8. Hi, Tewshooz. I would really like to say that you're wrong, but I just can't bring myself to do that. There's going to be a heavy burden here someday, I wish I had a clearer image, but it's getting there. Now is the time to have a sober mind and focused on what's coming. It doesn't do any good to be scared anymore. Take care. Keep your powder dry.Frank

  9. Your post and the related links were thought provoking. Definitely trying to do all I can and to find like minded people locally. The latter is quite difficult – there's that balance of being cautious about sharing what I am doing while at the same time looking for like minded people.BTW, love the new photo showing your greenhouse. Cheers, SJ in Vancouver BC Canada

  10. OK, you get, your readers get, and my family gets it. Europe is lost and embarking on a 1000-year dark night punctuated by screams. Yes, many of your readers think they are ready for empty supermarkets here. But a better plan would be to also somehow convince unknowing friends and neighbors. At first, the goal would be to have more kith and kin. But if done effectively, perhaps a critical mass of open-eyed people can be achieved and the worst of a collapse could be mitigated. As for me, I ave been unable to convince even those that should know better, but they don't believe they're lying eyes.

  11. There have been many Trojan horses put into play throughout the recent history of our country. One of them though, the most damaging, was made of glass, with the enemy hiding in plain sight. He's sitting in the Oval Office right now…

  12. You are spot on. We live in a bread and circuses society. Unless someone is beheaded in the back yard next to the fire pit, nobody notices as long as the grocery store shelves are full and there is enough going on to keep us entertained. Even if folks are aware of what is happening in Europe, they just do not believe it could happen here. Personally, I don't think it makes a bit of difference who is in office. The slide toward the bottom has already begun and no amount of political rhetoric will stop it. In my humble opinion, the best we can do is to prepare and be ready to defend ourselves and our families. The days of the cavalry galloping in to save the day have long since passed.

  13. I have family who are German citizens, naturally their politics don't line up with mine at all. Their view of these immigrants is that they must help them or they will die. They truly believe it's mostly women and children, despite the pictures. They view any opposition to this immigration as racism and extremism. They liken it to the extremism during the time of Hitler and claim that it's\”frightening\” that some are speaking out against this. No amount of discussion can change their minds. This is what the world is dealing with and there are plenty of these types right here in the good old USA. The muslim community and third world nations know it and they are capitalizing on it. I won't be around when the transformation is complete, but my children and for sure my future Grandchildren will be. I wish I had some power to stop this. God help us all.

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