Do You Have the Discipline to Survive?

We continue to have some very thought provoking comments here at Thoughts From Frank and Fern, and I’d like to talk about a couple of them. As the world continues to spiral ever faster out of control, there is truly much to think about. While Frank was responding to Bellen in one of the recent comments, the word discipline stuck in my head. Here is what he said.


Hello, Bellen. It always pays to be vigilant. Who would have thought that a Christmas party in California, during the daytime, before noon, on a weekday, would have been a death trap. But it was and it is. The rules are changing. Fat, lazy and slothful just don’t cut it anymore. People have the ability, they need to use that ability. This easy life that we’ve experienced for decades now is going to haunt our very survival. The enemy isn’t fat and lazy, and they are filled with hatred. Where does that leave us? Thank you for your words of wisdom. Time is short, but we still have time. Prepare now. Right now.



What struck me in this comment is the fact that our enemies are not fat and lazy, but we are. We’ve had it way too easy for too long,
we’re soft and don’t want to do the hard things in life. It’s true, I spend way too much time sitting in front of this box, looking, reading, writing some, just goofing off when I could be doing something constructive, or learning something. It’s not like I have to do hard manual labor every minute, but there are always things that need to be done instead of sitting here. Here is another one of Frank’s comments.


Hello, Hobo. Yes, it will happen here, because it is happening here. Let’s take a short look at history. The Japanese government’s involvement in WWII did not start with the bombing of Pearl Harbor. That is not when the Pacific war started. It started months and years before the first bomb was dropped at Pearl Harbor.

The war we’re involved in right now has been festering for years, and it’s not going away because we put economic pressure on some country, or we tell some government that if they don’t stop we will punish them. This war has begun, and it has started. For those that roll their eyes, well, there is nothing you can do about those type. Do the best you can and prepare for the effects of war, because it is happening here. It’s happening over most of Europe, and most of us don’t have a clue. Take a serious look at the Middle East and Africa. Most of those countries are suffering the effects of war today. All that is left is the western world. This is all by design. It’s not going to be pretty. I feel sorry for lots of people, my friends, neighbors and relatives. I just don’t know what to say. Prepare while the sun is still shining, because it is going to get dark. Prepare your mind to do the unthinkable.



Just think about that. We all know that some terrible atrocities are coming to our country. We are not immune to the plague of terror that is becoming the scourge of the world. There is no vaccine to

prevent it. No medicine to cure it. No amount of thinking, wishing or praying will change the destiny of our world. The financial markets are wobbling to and fro like an old fashioned wooden top, and you know what always happens to tops after a time. The glitz and splash of this commercial season has done little to distract or contradict the evil mist that is infiltrating weak minds that are looking for some type of meaning in life. Some are convinced that the only way to be powerful in their own right is to take the cowards way out and kill those that are weaker than themselves.

Frank is right, time is short and it will be getting very dark soon. So do we have time to be lazy and slothful? No, we really don’t. This is where the thought on discipline comes in. When I sit back and try to get a realistic picture of the work that will be necessary every single day in a survival situation, I know it will take just about everything I can muster, and some days even more than I think I have in me. The discipline I can develop now will payoff in ways untold when it is crucial to our survival.

When your enemy, either foreign or domestic, is a trained, disciplined, determined foe, full of hatred and wishing you death,

how can we justify a lack of discipline on our part? I don’t mean in ‘preparing’ things like beans, bullets and bandaids, but in all things. There are days I just don’t feel like working hard, I’d rather sit back and spend too much time entertaining myself in front of this box. If the enemy were at my gate I don’t think I’d have the luxury of sitting back with my feet up counting the tulips, unless they were the ones on my grave.

Discipline is an exercise of the mind. Your mind is what controls everything, your appetites, desires, needs, wants, fears, excitement, everything. We are all experts in justifying what we do, giving numerous reasons or excuses for this or that, but the truth of the matter is that we do, or don’t do, because we have made up our mind to do so. The reasons don’t matter, the outcome does.

Do you have the discipline to survive? To do what is necessary, day in and day out? To defend your loved ones and food supply? To do the unthinkable? It’s impossible to imagine what it will truly be like in a collapse situation. The events that occur will be dependent upon the impetus that pushes the world over the edge of life as we know it. One thing is for certain though, there are some events that appear to have been set in motion that will bring out very strong feelings in many people. Feelings that deal with freedom, the right to defend ourselves, raise our food, and live life the way we see fit. It’s time to quit playing at preparing and discipline ourselves, especially our minds, to sharpen our wits and focus on the scenario that is unfolding before our eyes. It’s time to be ready to defend ourselves.

Turn the volume up folks, and listen very carefully. Be ready.


Until next time – Fern

25 thoughts on “Do You Have the Discipline to Survive?

  1. Steve, powerful comment. Probably true though. We are looking horrible in the face, because it is here now staring right at us. I wish I had a better idea how this is going to turn out, there will be some left to see, but I believe most of us will be gone. Enjoy the time you have.Frank

  2. Hi, Sarah, thank you for your comment. We added a new Bible verse to the right hand column of our blog. It's short, but powerful.The LED light bars. I'm familiar with the type you speak of. People also use them in storage buildings, not to light the entire building, but it does help you see upon entry. Dark hallways, inside walk-in closets, you're right, handy gizmos.Yes, Christians are under attack, not just from the outside world, but from inside our own country. Most people choose not to wake up. It's just easier for many not to see or acknowledge. Tough times are very near, if not already here. Prepare now.Frank

  3. Prepare and enjoy life now. These will be looked upon as \”the good old days\”. I fear we are in for a war against the Communist – Muslim alliance. There won't be much left of the U.S. when it's over but hopefully it will be ours.

  4. Another way I am prepping is to memorize more Bible verses and the content from which they sprang. Having this prep has made a lot of difference in my continuance and calm. One thought about prepping supplies I want to add in case not thought of. I get those under the counter LED light short bars. The ones you swipe you hand over and they go on or off. The ones that go up by screw or magnetize. We use them instead inside cupboard doors or on shelfs. In the middle of the night we only have to open a cupboard and use these lights to light up the shelf for a medication or clothing. They are portable so can be used in anywhere anytime. Usually use 2 or 3 AA or AAA batteries. Ours we have had for years and only once changed a battery in one of them. Used in a cupboard they only light up inside it so no light within the room to show. No electricity used either. I can usually find them at discount stores for $1 to $3. Prices vary at regular stores. Some even have the light bar that can be swiveled to point exactly where you want it. Also nice to use by a door leading into a dark hallway or on a bed stand. Just a thought. I come here and gather so many ideas and pep talk. I know my life in the 50s even were not perfect but compare them to now and… scary. I did not imagine Christians would be turned on like they are more and more either. Oh I read it would happen, but here it is going on more and more. Thank you for taking out time to write this blog. Sarah

  5. I'm sure the fourteen dead in San Bernadino had faith and prayed for their safe deliverance from the evil that was taking place…..The book of Revelation is very difficult to understand and interpretation can be daunting..

  6. Paul, we have been reading The Fate of Empires and Search for Survival by Sir John Glubb, which has a very similar premise. All empires end in one manner or another, and most go through similar development and decline. It's interesting reading. Thank you for sharing this resource.Fern

  7. You might be interested in this book: gives quite a different perspective on how people in the past have escaped centralizing power and slavery. It turns out a civilizational collapse might be just what the doctor ordered, as that removes the pressure from a massive state apparatus. Civilizational collapse is far from rare; it is baked into the cake. Certainly it will call for new efforts in survival, but it is not the end of the world. It's just the end of the empire.

  8. Thank you for the admonition to have faith. My relationship with my Heavenly Father runs very deep and without it we would not be here living this life and sharing on this blog. Frank and I pray everyday, read the scriptures after breakfast each morning and end each day on our knees in prayer. We live our lives by the guidance we receive from God. He has lead us to prepare and has warned us of what is to come. Our faith and prayers will not stop what is coming, only give us the strength and courage to try to endure it's hardships. Without them we would be lost.Thank you for your comment.Fern

  9. I don't think that this is what Fern was going for here. In Gen 18 and 19, Abraham, knowing that Lot was in Sodom, pleaded for it to be saved. The die had been cast by the sins of the people of that city though, and the most the Lord could offer Abraham was to get Lot and his family out before the destruction came. Fern sees the same situation in our current events, as do I. Indeed, I've prayed to God many times about the situation in our country. God has replied that He will look after His own, but that He won't do anything to heal our country until His people return to Him. Yes, your faith WILL wave YOU. Those with no faith, however, will fall. Given the numbers of both, those with faith are going to have one heck of a mess to deal with very soon…As for \”No amount of thinking, wishing or praying will change the destiny of our world;\” Revelations pretty much drives that point home…

  10. Again, a good thought provoking post and very timely . I certainly agree that the SHTF situation in our country is underway , and has been for quite some time . It has been created overtime through a series of events . I would compare it to the \” boiling frog \” scenario that is often referred to. By making one small change at a time , over time , minds are changed , liberties & freedoms are lost and pretty soon the citizens are brainwashed into thinking and doing what ever the TPTB wish them to do .Venezuela and Cuba are great examples of \”central planning\” and how well it works for citizens .We are headed down the same pathway .Time is critical if you wish to be self sufficient and try to survive what is bearing down on us, it means to live a life of self discipline . We are creatures of habit and we change our habits over time , usually with our heels dug in the ground .We cannot afford the luxury of time anymore , because simply put , time is running out quickly .If you are in a \”comfort\” rut , you need to climb out and get on the road to self-reliance .You are correct in saying that we must be diligent and aware of everything going on around us, because our life may very well depend on it . Thanks again for your thoughts and your post .Bluesman

  11. When I saw the video tag \”Merle Haggard and Toby Keith\” my first thoughts were ' awesome! I love this song and have never seen the two of them, (who I both like and respect,) do it together.'But unfortunately, it wasn't the song I hoped for, and the one I think we really need to be pondering. the jingoism of the the fighting side may seem like a rallying cry in these uncertain times, I think some critical self-evaluation of how we got to this point is more in order, and are the good times really over for good the question we need to be answering.

  12. I've often said that Americans, as a whole, are disconnected with the reality the rest of the world is dealing with because our freedom has not been directly threatened militarily since WW2. Recent assaults on American freedom have been more covert than not, with some of the worst offenders being our own elected \”representatives.\” One needs to have a trained eye to see the headlamp of this oncoming train, and must keep that eye on it at all times. Many can't see what we're talking about. Others prefer the ostrich approach. From my viewpoint, these people have little hope. I'll continue to prepare, based on both what I see, and the direction I've received while in prayer. People can go ahead and continue to think I'm \”off.\” I'm sure people thought Noah was \”off.\” That is, of course until it started raining… and didn't stop…As for the video, there have been several occasions in just this past year when I have pointed this song out, stating that the words are just as relevant now as they were in 1970… …Even more so…

  13. \”No medicine to cure it. No amount of thinking, wishing or praying will change the destiny of our world\”.Shame on you. Do you not believe in the power of prayer? It is called Faith, dear one, FAITH! That is how we got into this mess, by rejecting our Creator. Still going to do it on your own?Good luck.

  14. I am in the beginning stages of our family's sustainable and prep journey…better late than never, right? Your blog has been a great resource for us, and this last post hit the nail on the head, in a very eloquent manner, as to answer the question of \”why do we prep?\”. Your insightful, thought-provoking posts are my favorite, and I look forward to learning more from you, Frank and Fern.

  15. Thanks for all you 2 do. And that video is a fitting end to that page thank you. I thought that there was time to get all in order for the coming SHTF time, but as time goes on and we look at our world today, I realize, it just ain't so. I have been getting out of debt so long I can't remember when I started, but now I am using it in a constructive manner and paying it off each month. makes some big purchases a lot easier each month. I am getting all my beans bandages and bullets together with a lot of seeds for the garden. Had about 3 yrs. worth to stat and now up to about 5. PLEASE keep up the good job and know that help is close if you need it. Thanks again from Randy in NE Texas

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