On the Brink

The world has been forced to the edge of a cliff. Little by little the advance has been orchestrated and manipulated, whether by design, greed or avoidance it matters not, the outcome is the same. When people take

notice of the direction they are traveling and voice concern, distractions immediately appear, to the left, to the right, filled with mind numbing, wanton pleasure. Thus, the advance continues, one step at a time, until all of mankind stands on the brink of the abyss. The chasm is too deep and wide to see what is at the bottom, or if there is any way across. The view is murky and dim, limiting discernment of the coming fall. The only sure knowledge shared by those standing at the precipice is that their turn for the plunge will arrive all too soon. Ready or not, here it comes.

Folks, the preparations we are making for this future are deadly serious. They are not a game, a novel or a movie. The events that are unfolding before us are truly unbelievable at times, but are real, nonetheless.

There are people that ‘play’ at being prepared, with the latest, greatest, coolest ‘things’. They have learned all of the buzz words and know how to use them. They really believe that their ramming vehicle won’t get flat tires, fatally stopping them in their tracks. They believe that they will be the one to beat the odds, and bug out of the city in just the nick of time, with or without a destination. Sadly, these are the things dreams and movies are made of, not reality.

When the day comes that we are forced over that cliff, when TEOTWAWKI truly does arrive, the devastation will be unimaginable. For over the cliff we all will go. Some people will have parachutes to soften their landing, most

will not. Even if the fall is not fatal, the mental devastation may be. Several of our friends have recently voiced how the stress of current events are affecting them. Times are difficult now and pondering the unknown catastrophe that approaches is affecting all of us. I think one of the most difficult aspects is not knowing how the collapse will occur. We can only speculate, given the constantly changing conditions before us. We received an interesting quote recently, “and if the New Year isn’t a good one, let’s hope for the strength to survive a bad one.” Good sentiment.

I don’t say these things to make fun of or belittle people. I say them to try to bring as much serious reality to our situation as possible. You see, we aren’t preppers, we are hard core survivalist. Not in the manner that

survivalist were viewed before the prepper movement began, but in the sense that we are trying to prepare to survive the long term devastation of the world as we know it. Our future will be one of incredibly hard work, grubbing in the dirt for our survival. By the sweat of our brow, and the knowledge in our heads will we eat, drink and try to be safe. There will be no cavalry riding in to the rescue. If your good neighbor down the road runs out of food for their children, they will be at your door with a different attitude than you’ve ever seen before.

The very basics of life will rise in importance like no riches, gadgets or ‘things’ ever could. Food, water and shelter will be the things people die for. Literally. The ability to maintain these basics, is and will be paramount, for without them we die. A good supply on the shelf is a good start, but what about the ability to replenish dwindling supplies before it becomes critical.

We have said this before, and it is well worth repeating. It is time to get your houses in order with your final plans in place. Whatever you need to do to get your family prepared and ready, whatever they need to know or do, get it done. The regret of postponing a vital preparation until the day it is too late may be your undoing, physically and mentally. If we are wrong, then Hallelujah! We would still rather be considered a prepared fool, than an unprepared one. Folks, we are on the brink. One more step, and life as we know it will be over. Period.

Until next time – Fern

28 thoughts on “On the Brink

  1. I'm looking back over some of your posts now that things are getting out of hand with the attacks on the police in Dallas and Baton Rouge. The upcoming 2 weeks with the conventions will undoubtedly see more bloodshed. Thank you so much for shouting the warning for some time now. May God bless you and our country.

  2. Your post made my heart race with urgency. I wish you the best and want to thank you for such an insightful blog. I have learned so much from you all and the inspiration you have given me is invaluable. Stay safe in Gods hands. I will think of you always.

  3. I am in the UK, and if you are in an area of high population density, like us, you will not be able to run for the hills and defend your patch … so the best thing is to form communities now. Sharpen your skills and make sure everyone knows about them. There's no point taking out the one person who knows how to trap game, or gut it, or make herbal remedies or forage for food. In these circumstances, make sure you are irreplaceable.

  4. The problem with movies is that you're always living vicariously through the ones who \”make it.\” I have no such delusions, and know full well that I may not be one of the ones who survive what's coming. If that happens, what I've laid up will help my family. If not them, someone else who God willed to survive. In any event, you are no fool to prepare!

  5. I agree with the \”trusting God\” part. In fact, for me it was a message from God that got me started in preparing. I've asked God several times over the last few years if He'd give me some idea of what is to come, so as to be better prepared. God told me that it isn't important to know exactly what is going to happen. What IS important is to know that SOMETHING IS going to happen. I told God I was overwhelmed; that I didn't know where to start (this will happen again and again, by the way). He told me to start preparing for what happens when the lights go out, and expand out from there. I'm passing this advice along to you…

  6. Love the new picture! If it was messier and far more crammed with books and seed catalogs and 12 paper plates of drying tomato seeds on top of the books – it could be one of my shelves! Especially if that paper bag contains a couple speckled romaine tops waiting to have the seeds cleaned (hehe). Except I did get my drying hot peppers (paprika, serrano, jalapeno, poblano, habenaro & cayenne) put into jars and the seeds in envelopes last week. I agree that things are getting very interesting. Interesting because that \”one more step\” could be almost anything that will tip up over the edge of \”normal\”. Could be the economy (here or abroad), could be the climate, could be the powers that be going too far on any number of issues, could be misguided patriots pushing the envelope, perhaps a major epidemic or asteroid strike…or could just be a gradual slide into \”OMG!\” I don't even care anymore, or pay much attention to the latest \”disaster du jour\”. Any of these things could radically change everyone's lives – luckily ours less than most, since we have been using this period of \”normal\” to try to make sure we have a sustainable (without much outside input) system of water, food, shelter, heat. I think the main thing folks should be doing now is choosing who they want to spend the coming Darker Ages with…those you will be living and working in close quarters with during extremely hard times. Hard choices to be made…you might want your oh-so-handy, hardworking brother – but what about his nightmare bipolar wife? Or your very best friend – but what about her dependence on antidepressants and her alcoholic husband? Don't count on those from far away showing up – chances are they won't make it after it becomes obvious to all that \”this is it\”. Really need to make these choices now, before the hordes show up at your door and stress levels skyrocket and you have to pick someone to help without the luxury of time to really think things through. The wrong choices could cost you your life…so invest some quality time to really think this through. It truly doesn't matter how much you love someone – you need upbeat, useful, handy, hardworking, moral folks rather than whiny, needy, moody, lazy, fussy, criminal dependants you have to care for. Once you have thought through your choices, and made the best choices you can – OPSEC be d-mned…let them know what you are planning, their place in your plans, and what you expect of them. Make absolutely sure they know not to bring others with them – no matter who they are, because they will be turned away with NO exceptions. Face it – you can't save everyone. It is going to rip your heart out, but there is no way around it. Help them come to terms with what you know is coming – this investment in time and teaching will really pay off over the long term.PlantLady

  7. One of my close neighbors is a medical doctor with a spouse and four children. I hope to help them some, as I may also need their help. There are also four nurses, a pharmacist, and a chiropractor within a few miles of my home. We live in rural farming and coal country. I hope we can ban together, but I know we will not be equal in our readiness and work ethic. It could get ugly. However, I am trying to be prepared to care for my family and have some extra for others. God help us all.

  8. \”If your good neighbor down the road runs out of food for their children, they will be at your door with a different attitude than you've ever seen before.\” It's not IF, it's WHEN!!! Try to prep for a few of your best neighbors, if you can. God Bless you and Fern. Lord help us all, but we must help ourselves first!!

  9. First???Eliminate any and all spending that you describe as unnecessary; this will be different for everyone.Second, secure food.That's a start.

  10. I always enjoy your posts! This one is so profound in simplicity and advice. Getting everything in place is a great way to put it as I am not sure that we are ever 100% prepared. There are times when I feel panicked. I am 64 yro and the country that I grew up in, has disappeared. Did I just wake up from some fog 8 years ago? Was I so busy making money and working and buying all the wrong stuff-that I never noticed a world gone colder, meaner, and more angry? This last 8 years of Obama has stolen my savings and that is frightening. Sigh. When I need to a pick-me-up, I read The Bible on passages of faith, prosperity (which isn't necessarily money), and The Lord's protection. Gets me going again. I remind myself that every day that life is \”normal\” is another day that Noah was pounding nails in the ark. -Sandra T.

  11. Of course you can borrow it – I found it in ads for home renovations – we do live in SW FL, home of the snowbirds and, I think, the county with the 2nd largest population of those over 65 in FL.

  12. I like this term 'aging in place'! I am going to borrow it, if I may, because even two of my sons think my husband and I are a little \”eccentric\”. We are trying to be as self-reliant/sufficient as possible, but that takes a lot of time and (unfortunately)money. But we plug along despite the questioning we get from others. So, Bellen, thanks for your wonderful new terminology!

  13. Sadly, I've given up on trying to save others – the culmination of all the little events is too close to risk losing my preps at this point. I'm alone, except for my pets, and my attempts to find a like-minded partner have been expensive lessons about people. At least I'm in better shape than many.

  14. To make it more palatable to others, we are calling what we do 'preparing for aging in place'. Amazingly, everybody accepts that terminology. Downsizing by ridding ourselves of unnecessary stuff so we can be stocking up on staples, enlarging are gardening area, buying tools, doing 'crafts' such as knitting & sewing, making necessary repairs and changes to our home – all necessary to weather the storm, but all accepted under the term of 'aging in place' and it's not drawing attention to us.

  15. I agree – you start with trusting God. That is the hard part. We want to be our own master. Follow that with learning skills likes gardening, preserving food, hunting, shooting, repairing, etc. Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance when it comes to your preps. Stock up only what you usually eat. I pretty much have what I hunt or raise myself. It keeps me busy but I know when SHTF, I am already prepared.

  16. I like the sheep picture. It is so obvious to Dan and me that people are truly as dumb as sheep and blindly following the rest over the edge of destruction. It amazes me that people either don't know how to see or think it through. (And then there are those who climb out on the limb and proceed to saw themselves off just out of spite! But that's another story)

  17. I may print this out and put it on every door of my neighbors.Thanks – appreciate your efforts and wish we were neighbors.

  18. Wow, thanks for that comment. You capture the essence of the pressures people are under, and it gets worse by the month. You're right to be in the country, building up your self-reliance, but feeling such regret on behalf of others. Yes, God's love envelopes us, but He expects us to do all we can preparing. It's people like you who'll do the rebuilding when a new spring comes. God bless.

  19. Thanks Fern. I feel the same. We recently moved and I used a lot of my supplies so I wouldn't have to move them. I am trying to replenish my stock. It is so much more expensive. I was keeping a price book, I need to do it again. My husband is retired do there won't be any increases. The sad thing for me is that I have 4 grown children and none of them have good jobs. Three of them have degrees. I try to share and help them out. This government has ruined the middle class. I don't trust them. I have been self-sufficient for a long time, or try to be. I was a stay at home mom with limited funds. I sew, garden, can, dehydrate, cook from scratch and search for good sales. We live in the country with a pond and a well. I hope it doesn't happen. I know I don't have everything I need. I keep trying to stock up. I have even cut down on buying dog food. The better grades are so expensive. I cook for her now. She is healthier and happier. I believe in God and His love for us. That keeps me sane.

  20. I totally agree. I finally had my eyes opened around five years ago when my small daughter and I became homeless. It was then that I realized I had to change. I have taken the last few years to learn skills I once thought were antiquated. I have learned to sew (both by hand and machine), bought a treadle sewing machine, learned to can (both inside and over open fire), learned to grow food in even small containers (I grew 35% of our food last year mostly in containers) and started buying in bulk and storing in long term containers. I am currently learning to dehydrate (by machine and other methods), learning to fish, learning to clam dig and learning to crab. I will be learning to process wool this summer. I am a single parent on a limited income, yet I am buying a 997sq. Foot mobile home and am in the process of finding viable and defendable property to put it on. I have so much more to learn. I am buying a gun with income tax this year and learning to use it. I will then be purchasing a rifle and learning to hunt. I hike twice weekly and am learning to forage. I sincerely appreciate your blog because it's so full of learning material for me. But also hope. Thank you and keep up the awesome info.

  21. Every month when I get back from my monthly stock up trip and am unloading the truck I think to myself, good lord if I croak before the S hits the fan, My brother and nephew are going to have a good laugh when they go through the house and find all the stuff crammed into every last place. Then you write a post like this and I feel vindicated.Carl in the UP

  22. Thanks Fern , for another great post on preparation for the coming unknown events . The only thing I am sure of is that it will be an unpleasant time .Trying to waken people to what seems to be an unpleasant and difficult future is a daunting task and difficult to do without sacrificing OPSEC on ourselves .Paragraph # 5 says a lot , what we consider \” basics\” today will be items of the utmost importance in the future . Replenishment of supplies will not be possible from the grocery store , gas station, hardware store , etc. etc. As we move forward to whatever awaits us we are comfortable in the Lord, and seek his direction in all we do . Blessings to you .Bluesman

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