The Deep State Government is the Enemy

The conservatives of our country cannot foment the ‘resistance’ that the left is currently doing, and most don’t understand the ramifications of how their actions are decimating our country. The left is following their Gramcian plans and it is coming to a head. This is not new, this has been going on since before the Civil Rights amendment ruined many lives by enslaving people to the government trough, and taking away independent ways of life. Question: Why can’t the conservatives ‘resist’ the left?

This article is very good. Read it. Ponder it. Then come back here.

What do we do? Somebody smarter than us has to come up with a solution. We need leadership.The Tea Party? The left demonized them as being teabaggers and they quietly faded away. We can’t say anything about people of color, that is hate speech. The left can do it because they are the government, so it is legal for them. Read the article again, then come back. Pay attention to the professional, purposeful organizers it speaks of and this quote “You can’t defeat an implacable enemy you refuse to name or willfully underestimate.”

Ladies and Gentlemen. The government is the enemy. You know what we’re taught? Vote. Look at some of those white shirted women that were elected by the people. Did the voters just stay home that day? Partake a bit too much of the ‘medicinal’ cocktails that numb the mind and blind the ability to see the end results? What happened to that powerful, career democratic politician in New York? How was he replaced by someone without any realistic connections to this planet? But that’s okay, the world will end in 12 years anyway if you listen to her, so don’t sweat it.

This next statement should discredit everything we say and will ever say. But here goes. If you believe the official government narrative of the following events, then you are naive and might as well quit reading anything we ever write. Here’s the list.

If you believe:

  • The Civil War was fought over slavery instead of economics.
  • The Gulf of Tonkin event actually occurred.
  • The Waco Massacre that incinerated women and children when David Koresh could have been arrested at a diner having a cup of coffee.
  • Ruby Ridge killed an innocent woman while standing in a doorway holding her baby because of trumped up charges on her husband.
  • Pearl Harbor could have been prevented. The government knew the Japanese were coming.
  • The 9/11 damage could never, ever have been caused by two planes. Impossible.
  • Oklahoma City Bombing didn’t affect some government workers, like the FBI. Somehow they were at a different location that day.
  • The Kennedy Assassination was from one magic bullet.
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq existed.
  • The Boston Tea Party was about taxes.

There are other events that just do not fit with reality either, it’s a long list. The official narrative on all of these stories comes from who? The government. Every telephone call, every email message, text message, social media contact, anything published on the internet – like this – all of your ‘private’ credit card transactions are monitored by the government 24/7. If you drive anywhere there is a government camera watching you – stop lights, banks, big box stores, Mom & Pop stores – government has access to all of these. 

There are exceptions to this, of course. Like when that big jet crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11 and then vaporized because the fire melted everything and there was not one camera view from anywhere, private, public or government that saw it. But, of course, we all know it happened, the government told us it did. Imagine the Pentagon did not have one camera view of that big jet hitting the building. Not one. But I’m sure they have a camera view of every person, every automobile, every movement anywhere in that area, except that big jet. Hogwash! But that’s the government’s story. A bunch of guys from Afghanistan and a few from Saudi Arabia put this whole project together.

We need a leader. Look at what happened in England. Tommy Robinson. He was warned not to say something, said it again, and went to jail. Look at Brexit. The people voted. It doesn’t matter what they voted, the government doesn’t want it.

Look at the problems with Italy and France. Italy is not responding to the bully, France. Europe has ruined their countries, ruined them by bringing in third world immigrants by the millions. And, guess what? We do it everyday. Everyday! Building a wall won’t stop it, but it will surely help. The left wants to flood us to the point that their control, through a dependent voting block, will be permanent. Can’t get enough red blooded American’s to vote for you? Import votes! Legal, illegal, immoral, unjust? Who cares, as long as power and control are maintained. The government is the enemy. All those people that come across the border? Send them back. But the government won’t do that. It’s illegal. See the connection here??? 

We need leadership. I said that earlier. WE need leadership. Conservatives don’t fight back, they just wait for things to ‘go back to normal’. Well, wake up folks, this is the new normal, or Realville, as the article calls it.We’re not going back to anything. The government will continue pounding on people’s doors at 5:00 in the morning with guns pointed at the heads of your wife and children. It’s too late to say, hold on there now, just wait a minute, my three year old Billy didn’t do anything wrong. Billy’s crime was being born into a family that believes in freedom, is the wrong color, whose parents don’t march lock step the way they’re told. You know, the ‘old’ freedom of anyone being able to say what they think, not just those of ‘the resistance’ on the left.

Until WE quit being afraid of saying what we think and standing up

for what we want in our country, the left will continue to pound us into submission which will grow and grow until there is nothing left but blank-eyed, moronic, submissive robotic, used-to-be humans. But this won’t happen, the sheeple won’t stand up for anything. Not as long people sit on their couch and stare at that box on the wall, nodding their heads in unison. You know. Robotic.

Folks, we have allowed ourselves to become enslaved, pacified and subdued through the many long years of attacks by the left, which means by our government. At first we believed it was reasonable to treat people with respect and accept others viewpoint and opinions, but it’s gotten to the point that if you don’t follow them, you are the enemy to be destroyed, outlawed and decimated by any means necessary. Legality, morality and fairness don’t play into the picture. The time is actually past, that action should have been taken and it’s probably too late. But if not now, then when? When will it be truly too late to prevent the total enslavement of us all? I know it’s unbelievable to many that other ‘Americans’ would enslave us for their own purposes, but it’s happening and has been happening for years. Remember! Don’t get on the bus! It’s just that now the curtain has been dropped and we can see what has been building for a long, long time.

Did you watch the State of the Union? Did you hear many people in our Congress stand and chant, “USA, USA, USA, USA!!” Did it tug at your heart strings? The USA they are chanting for is on life support in ICU. The heartbeat of the country is failing, and soon will be in arrest, and many of us under arrest, if there is not massive intervention. The heartbeat of our country is fading. Can you still hear it? We have allowed the government to become the enemy of the people. How do we crack open the chest of our country and repair that heart, bolster it’s ability to function again? CPR won’t do it anymore, we need a drastic, massive intervention.

What do we do? How do we resuscitate our lives, honor and sacred duty to our beloved USA? We need leadership and a plan. We can sit around and continue to type out complaints about what is happening, but that doesn’t change anything, it’s just whining on a computer while sitting in a comfortable, climate controlled building. Which is what we’re doing right now with this article. What good does that really do? 

It may possibly make a few more people aware. Okay, so then what? There are more people aware of what is happening. Many people believe it is too late, and we would probably agree. We always want to go back, we need to go back. To where? Why should we expect a different answer from the same problems that got us where we are right now. We don’t think socialism will work. Why would it? It never has. This country is somewhat of a socialist nation right now with many, many social programs, and that is not going to change. People are not going to turn off their TV and they are not going to get off their couch. Okay a couple might, but the vast majority are not.

WE, you and I, need to put our heads together and support each other’s efforts to impact the current events in our country. We, all of us, need to develop a plan. It has got to start now. Remember, all politics are local. We still need to vote, and we still need to be polite and courteous in our dealings, but we need to do what we can. We need a plan to defend ourselves, and we also need a plan to take back what we have lost. I believe that is the tough part. We need solid leadership. Where do we look for that? Not in the Swamp. Look at our founding Fathers. Yes, they had their motives, and not all of their motives were pure, but they were willing to sacrifice. How many of us are actually willing to sacrifice to change what we see is wrong in our country? Lives, fortunes and sacred honor. That’s what the Founders pledged. What about us?

Now is the time. How can we participate in impacting our local government? Yes, voting is one way. What kind of officials are in office in your area? School boards, county officials, city officials, all of them. Do they support your goals, dreams and wishes for the country? Are they working to reinvigorate the heart of our country or rubbing their hands together with glee at the prospect of the final, fatal hour? The current government structure that reigns in most communities is the enemy.

We live out in a rural, county area. We don’t have city officials, but we do have county. Each election we vote to remove everyone in office unless we have knowledge of an opposing candidate that doesn’t meet our goals. That isn’t much is it? Will it change the tenor of our country? No. What else can WE, all of us, do? If you are able, can you run for office? Can you be part of the PTA? Go to school board and city council meetings? Have your voice be heard?

Remember, the sheep don’t like the sheepdogs. They are afraid of them and therefore, despise and revile them because they don’t understand how someone could possibly be that way. Then at the first sign of danger, they run to the sheepdogs begging, and in some cases demanding, entry, protection, supplies and a way into the ‘safe’ areas, i.e. our country, neighborhood or property. The current cadre of sheeple hate us and want us dead. Period. At least until their theories, actions and ‘community organizers’ call for their demise because they no longer ‘fit’ into the latest, greatest call for uniformity, conformity and submission. 

This man took a stand along with the criticism and lost customers that it caused.

If you stand up and call for change, don’t conform to the Social Justice Warrior (SJW), cry baby, snowflake, pink hatted, white shirted sheeple agenda, you WILL be condemned, hated and in some cases outright attacked. You may be arrested for some trumped up charge of hate or abuse. That’s how they are winning, attack, attack, attack. Look at what they are doing to President Trump. Do you actually think it would be any different for you or I? We don’t have the position, power or protection the President has, so for us, it would probably be worse. The Trump phenomenon has taught us something. To affect a change you have to be willing to stick your neck out and take whatever comes your way. Then, when it comes, stand up for what is right. Don’t let others beat you down into submission.

We are much more comfortable staying in our nice safe cocoon, insulated from the world and all of it’s woes. Ol’ Remus’s advice to avoid crowds is still one of our mottos, and has been for years. So how do we blend these two perspectives or worlds together? So, the question remains. What do we do? What can each of us do? Will it make a difference in the end? We don’t know. The heart of our country still beats, faint at times though it seems. It’s audible, sometimes louder and stronger, sometimes almost so faint that we expect to hear of it’s failure, failure so drastic that it is fatal. Failure is unacceptable. Final. 

Frank & Fern

40 thoughts on “The Deep State Government is the Enemy

  1. Hi, Fiona. For the most part, government is corrupt. ALL government. Churches are impotent. Our Congress, look at it, it is pathetic. The family has collapsed. Education is a breeding ground for disease and a cesspool. There is no way this thing is ever going to change. It is too late and too far gone. That's it.Frank

  2. I am behind in my reading…The media feeds we use have been bombarding us with insanity from Washington. I keep thinking of the design of government…three branches to keep things balanced. It was designed and constructed by men of integrity who never saw the rise of Professional Politicians in tandem with the disintegration of morals and the loss of the Christian backbone of this country. We do our best here to get people thinking, right here though its a bit like preaching to the choir. Conservative, Christian and a Heartfelt love of these United States is strong here. The conversations are becoming more angry though, angry at the new generation of Congress and the weak older group who are too concerned with their position. Its a tone we have not heard before.

  3. BJ, nice rant. I'm not sure what John Mark means by separatist, but if I interpret what he says correctly, then you are probably right. Left to the cities, right to the rural areas and small towns. I believe there would still be commerce between the two, an exchange of trade items. You know, obviously big towns can't raise cattle, but the big towns do have the major medical institutions. If somebody wanted to live in a 'left' area that was 'right', they would just have to keep their views quiet. Over time there would be a natural attrition. But people could still visit relatives, free trade. I don't see where this could happen unless there is a civil war first. Glen Tate wrote a series of books along this same nature on the northwest coast. I believe the title was 299 Days. But the way things are going right now, people can't continue to live together. Sometimes, even in a marriage, the best thing is divorce. People can still be congenial, they can still share and raise their kids, they just can't live together.But we can't keep going down the road we're going down. We can't just go back and follow the Constitution because the Constitution is what got us where we are. There won't be another Constitutional Convention. Interests are just too widely divided. And it's not just regional, most of the big towns lean to the left and the majority of the rural areas lean to the right.I look forward to seeing what the rest of John Mark's videos are about. I don't know where this thing is going, but something needs to happen. We just cannot continue going down the path we are. Somebody is going to get hurt.Well, we'll see what summer time brings. And we'll see what the next election brings. I am utterly astounded that we are where we are now without some type of major disruption, and I mean major, to our current society and the way we operate as a nation.I appreciate your thoughts and comments. I consider myself a young man, but my physical body tells me otherwise. Thanks again.Take care, Frank Feral

  4. Please note in the previous comment that I am generalizing on ALL the non-white votes. I realize there are always exceptions. BJ in GA

  5. Frank, I viewed the first three videos of John Mark and was very interested in what he had to say and could visualize that being the truth, possibly. Then further videos got into what we should do after the meltdown or civil war. He seems to think civil war is inevitable as many here do. He did urge us to prepare for the civil war(prepping) and to build our own lives – not to put our lives on hold. I agree totally with these two recommendations.Then, he takes up separation of the left and right. Ideally, I think this would be great. I just don't see it happening. I know I would not be willing to relocate, at my age, since I live near friends and relatives who think very much as I do. It would be great if the lefties went somewhere else. I live in Georgia – Atlanta is big majority leftist while most everyone outside Atlanta is on the right. This is probably true of most other states – urban liberal, rural conservative. So, I'm not sure how we could peel off the two groups. Something needs to be done for soon the densely populated urban areas will outvote the rural areas – as was said, demographics – two black universities in Atlanta and non-whites in urban areas. RANT – In the last election voting was held open until 10 o'clock in Atlanta so the black universities could get their votes in. I guess the 2-week early voting was not enough time, and the losing party still would not concede even though all absentee ballots were counted and she still came up short. She shouted voter suppression, of course, even though after searching the entire state she could find no cases of that. But that is what they are supposed to do, right? Oh, yes, Obama and Oprah came in for her rallies. So, how could she lose? Sounds like Hillary. RANT ends.I haven't viewed all of John Mark's videos as the newer ones appeared to be on the establishment and \”deployment\” of propertarianism. If this is to happen, it will have to be done by the younger generation because this is too far from how my generation thinks – we're too civil (sarcastic). It seems a little utopian from my point of view. But, I must say, the way I think seems pretty dark outside of divine intervention. Nontheless, I will persevere and continue to be intolerant of choices with which I disagree.While I was working there was a plaque on my desk that stated \”Be sure to get what you like, otherwise, you will be forced to like what you get.\” Seems rather appropriate now.Care to share your opinion of the videos? BJ in GAFrank, do with this as you like – read and delete or edit as appropriate, ie RANT. Not too sure how difficult it would be for you to edit. Mainly wanted to let you know my opinion. Since this is an old post, probably most people wouldn't read anyway.

  6. Hi, Will. I agree, things were bad when we quit posting three years ago, and to my amazement, they just continue to get worse. There is not a day that goes by that something doesn't happen that, no kidding, I find unbelievable. We all need to do what we can. Thank you for reading.Frank

  7. You guys brought Joy to my life today! I was really disappointed when you went \”silent\” awhile back. I always enjoyed your postings. Thanks so much for sharing your lives and thoughts with the rest of us!

  8. Hello. Well, I guess it takes all types. Yes, we are citizens of the states we live in and our drivers license are issued by the state. But besides that, since it is issued by the state, and there are 50 states in the United States, by default, we are citizens of the United States. Now that wasn't difficult, was it?If you want to travel to another country, you will need a Passport from the United States. I may be getting a little slower in my older age, but I don't think individual states issue passports. Your question, \”Why do we need that federal behemoth?\” Well, maybe we need it, maybe we don't, maybe things will change in the future.The general reader at this site has a higher intelligence base. In your future comments, please try to rise to that occasion.Frank Feral

  9. Here’s something to kick off a political discussion. “How many of you are citizens of the United States”?Then call bullshit on everyone with their hands raised. There are no U.S. citizens.Want proof? Ask for a show of ID. Every ID card has been issued by a state, not the U.S. We are each of us citizens of the Several States, not the nation as a whole.Why do we need that federal behemoth, again?

  10. Hi Bluesman. There is a lot of things I don't like to think about, and when I don't think about them, they are still there. You're right.We talk about change as going back to where we were because that is what we are familiar with. That's understandable. But where we are is like blowing up a balloon, you can't just let the air out. The whole system we have is designed to put more in, to the balloon that is, and that's what we do. This is who we are.Our whole system is based on competition, profit, gain, expansion and there is no mechanism within our system for downsizing, retreat, it's just not built that way. So we continue to pump more into the balloon. I am astounded that our balloon did not blow, pop or burst 20-something years ago. I keep saying that it will someday, pop that is, or maybe explode would be a better term. Most don't have a clue.So, I don't want to think about it. I'll just turn on the TV and eat Cheetos. There is only one problem here, I ain't got no Cheetos and I ain't got no TV. Life is tough.It's coming. Thanks for the comment. Frank

  11. Your article is a real brain twister. It just hurts to think about some of this stuff . I agree with your assessment of things in our country . I wish I didn't agree but then we do have to face the reality of things around us .I do not believe that there is one person who can step up to the task of being leader at this time . It will take many of us doing things in several different areas. Our focus is on those close to us , our family and close friends,trying to open eyes and minds by teaching skills such as gardening, wood cutting, carpentry, canning and thinking outside the box . People , so often need to step back and ponder over the big picture of things . We can share so much just through friendly conversations. I do not wish to be a loud and vocal person . The nail that is sticking up is going to get hammered down.Our country is way over taxed and over regulated and most of the money is wasted The changes the USA needs to make will take at least 1-2 generations , so it is a long haul task . The arduous journey of a thousand miles begins with the very first step.Bluesman

  12. Hi, DC. Thank you for your comment. This scope is beyond the realm of most. Your comments are well articulated and share a view that most do not ponder.Humans for the most part are herd animals, being left or right. That's the nature of the beast. I would have better success talking to my dog than I would anyone with a set ideological difference. Some things just aren't going to change.Most will not read this comment, it's a couple of days old. From an intellectual perspective I do not see a possibility of a positive change from the 'right'. There is really only one way that this is going to resolve itself. We will have civil war. Thank you for your thoughts and please continue, Frank Feral

  13. J.R. we all need to do what we can. It's not one single topic that we need to focus on, there are multiple issues in this attack from the left. Interesting strategy that they use – multiple fronts. But you have to fight the front that is in front of you. Never give up. Choose your battles wisely and appropriately.Frank

  14. Hi, Christi. I think you're right about the tipping point, the longer we go, the worse it will be. But I am so thankful every day that the sky is blue and we still have electricity. Someday the sky is going to be smoky and that source of power we have become so dependent upon will not be there.There are questions that have no answers, someday we will know those answers. They may not be the answers that we want. Stay to the path less traveled. Avoid crowds. Be sober in thought and vigilant. And pray.Frank

  15. Good Morning. Well at least it's morning where I am.I will call it our bypass because it affected Fern as much as it did me. For a while after that eye opening trauma, we tried to maintain things as normal, and we probably could. Until one day it dawned on me, my grandmother was born in a covered wagon. Everything that family owned was in that covered wagon. I probably, literally, have a thousand times more junk than my grandmother's time did. I don't need this stuff. Part of it had to do when a relative of mine moved into a nursing home, and her children had to go through her 'stuff'. We all have too much stuff, or in my case, junk. We have been throwing away boxes and boxes of junk. I kept old bed pillows for years. Why? They are now in a landfill somewhere.We have too many goats, which will soon downsize. I have some farm implements that I rarely use. Our garden has switched to items that are highly nutritious, easy to grow and proven producers. This is part of our downsizing.The good Lord gave me another day today and I believe that HE intends for me to do my part, so I am.Thank you for the comment, Frank.

  16. Tolstoy wrote \”Armies cannot resist an idea whose time has come.\”The same holds true in reverse; no army can compel adoption of an idea whose time has yet to arrive. Human beings herd, this truth is self-evident. Nothing sets up failure like success, this too is obvious. We in America enjoy the cumulative innovations of a lot of very bright people, and it made us complacent. The herd waxed optimistic and trusting, until openness became unhinged from reason. This is what a society that adopts Cat-Rescue-Hoarder insanity looks like. Pathological altruism, pathological openness and trust, and a pathological belief that \”everything is awesome\” create a society of lambs laughing on the way to their own slaughter. This is the idea whose time arrived 50 years ago, and we now live the consequences of collective madness.We cannot force reason on those who refuse it. In some cases, unreason fuels open self-nomination for Darwin Awards, for example Amy Biehl's efforts to \”fight apartheid\” in SA as a form of ideology-driven suicide. In other cases, the herd embraces what the animals around each member believes…which is the essence of all Leftism today.This fad can change on a dime, but it won't do so until real-time signals of irrational optimism (the high nominal prices of major stock averages and of bonds) enter protracted declines. Until then, not one damn thing CAN change, and we must endure.

  17. A.J. I watched the videos and I went to John Mark's YouTube site and watched his introduction video. Thank you. Now, I have not had the time to watch all of his videos, so I cannot comment on all of them.Now, my turn. I have a picture on my wall of George Washington praying at Valley Forge. Many a general through private has prayed before going into battle. I pray every day, and I agree that after we pray we need to get up off of our knees and prepare for battle. For a number of years I have written about the storm coming, dark clouds on the horizon, brace for impact, these are all synonyms for war. As in the videos you provided, I do not endorse, support or any way hope for war, but I know that it is very close and very near.We have to prepare for the inevitable. I agree, we have to get our minds right, I have written about this many times. Mental preparation is beyond a doubt the most important action any of us can take.Thank you for your comment and I hope the readers here will understand, which I think they will, what the initial videos have to say.You see, A.J., I volunteered for the draft for the U.S. Army in 1969. I volunteered to join the U.S. Navy in 1975. I volunteered, took the classes, and was certified to be a volunteer reserve police officer in 1995. I took weeks of classes after work every night to become a state and nationally certified EMT in 2001 and volunteered for the rescue squad and fire fighters. I AM the sheepdog and I AM a warrior. I encourage all to step up to the plate and do what they can.Thank you, A.J.Frank

  18. Follow on to \”Just one topic.\” Yes, I agree that this is the situation we are in and we aren't going to change it for everyone, but, my point is, we must be the counter balance for our children, family and, as much as possible, for our associates. You haven't stopped fighting have you? Then we haven't lost. Vote, join with others who are doing something, NRA, Birchers, \”We build the wall\” – has collected over 20 million so far and have secured private property on which to build. Don't wait for the government to do everything. Do what you can where you are. Everything is a help – no one can do it all.

  19. Excellent article. Very thought provoking. My husband and I often ponder the last 3 questions and have no answers. How horrible of a tipping point will the country need for a leader you speak of to bubble up and find support? That is a scary question because there are so many truly awful scenarios that come to mind that could happen to bring about that leader. We are doing our best to prepare for whatever that tipping point is. I fear the longer we go without reaching that point, the worse it will be.christi

  20. Frank, your last few years have been similar to mine. Bypass, downsize the homestead, pigs gone, cattle herd halved, garden reduced. Ironic that as the threat increases I am less able to provide for the extended family. Stay upright, you have been my validation on the future I see. As long as your kicking it's not as lonely out there …God Bless you both.

  21. If you want to do someting… first get off of your knees and stop praying and sniveling for Jesus to come down and save you. Not going to happen. Not at all.Second, watch the following videos I linked and this will be a start down your path to action… sure to watch all of the videos from John Mark… first have to get your minds right before action is taken.

  22. Thank you, Jana. How do we continue? We continue like people have since the beginning of time. We harvest and prepare for winter. Some of the techniques may be a little different. We seek guidance and inspiration and we keep taking one step at a time. Someday we will all reach our destination. In the meantime, prepare. Some days when I have to leave early, the night before, I make sure everything I need is ready. I lay my clothes out, make sure the water filter is full, and the other things I need for the day are prepared. One step at a time.Lots of us feel that dark cloud. But we're not the first to feel that cloud, and we probably won't be the last. I've got my clothes laid out for tomorrow. I plan to be ready for the day no matter what the weather brings. Sunny or cloudy.Frank

  23. BG, excellent. Well put.We all have a big stake in what happens in this country. We ARE a Christian nation. In God we Trust. But sometimes we don't act that way. Just look around. I don't know where to start. I made a financial purchase recently and the financial person at this institution tried to cheat me out of a sizable chunk of money, and I caught her doing it. All she said was, \”Sorry.\” It's everywhere. Not everybody, there's still lots of good people. This is my primary concern, the problem seems to be getting a little bit worse everyday. And it's been getting worse as long as I can remember. How many more pieces of clothing can our entertainers afford to not wear? How can the language get much worse than it is now? It's not an abortion issue anymore, it's a murder issue. How do you abort a child that is born? God only knows.Thank you very much for your words. Frank

  24. Hello. It would be nice if life was a paradise found, some type of utopia, but it's not. Maybe someday it will be, but not now. It's hard to make difficult decisions, that's why they're hard and difficult. It's hard for parents to dress their kids in a conservative manner when others are dressed in a liberal manner. It's easier sometimes to just give in.We have to decide where we are going to draw that line. There comes a time to say, \”No. No more. I will not do it.\” Life is tough sometimes.Frank

  25. BJ, some very good points. When people are trying to put shoes on kids feet, and attend after school activities, you're right, they just don't have a lot of time to ponder some of these ideas. And you're also right, a lot of the readership is a little older and retired, which leads to my following statement.The old lead, the young fight. That's a very loose paraphrase of a book title I read a number of years ago. I was visiting my grandmother in the early 80's and she had an old book that had a title something of that nature. The old lead, the young fight. The old have seen life, experienced it also, and have solid ideas about how they got where they are. But their bodies are old. Now, on the other hand, the young have not seen a lot of life and conversely speaking, their bodies are young.The older folks need to mentor, guide, teach, console, and lead the young. The young need to listen, ponder, learn and follow. It's difficult for the old to guide the young, and it's difficult for the young, too. I'll say it again. We need leadership.BJ, anything that we post, anyone can share. I do not participate in social media.Frank

  26. Very good article. I agree with most everything. As a Christian, I know the only answer to all the evil is a relationship with Jesus. I am assured of my eternal life with Him. But, while I remain here, I find myself at odds as what to do. I am sickened at where this country has gone. We are in a perverse, evil time. I feel as though a black cloud of evil is quickly enveloping this country. My husband and a preacher friend of mine keep telling me that all these things must happen before Jesus returns. I agree with that, but what to do in the meantime? We have done some prepping, but if everything really falls apart, how long will all our best efforts really keep us going? I try to not worry, but I do fear for my children and grandchildren. Jana

  27. CW, well put. Very difficult questions.I don't think you fight evil with evil. I think you fight evil with good. Sometimes the methodology used by both sides may appear to be the same, but the long term goals are significantly different. God used a sword to smite a sword. We're told to teach our children to fight. But remember, the other side thinks they're right, too. We need to fight evil with good. But if we continue to surrender more daily, then the fight will get harder every day. We need leadership.Both sides of the battle have skin in the game, and both sides have motivational speakers to encourage them to win. The masses have the skin, the community organizers on both sides are paid, then they often disappear once the battle starts. This is why we need leadership at all levels.I believe that good will prevail. I have to believe that good will prevail. Your comments are thought provoking. Thank you, Frank

  28. JR, a lot to digest with what you just said. But, JR, I am familiar with the John Birch Society, I read the New American for a number of years, it's still out there. I had really not thought about them in a long while, maybe I'll look again.Just one topic here. We like to blame some of the public school educators for being liberal, but what else are they supposed to be? They come from liberal parents, liberal churches, liberal colleges, the entertainment industry is obviously liberal, their college professors are liberal. So what else could they be but liberal? Or any tag you want to put in there besides liberal. We can criticize public school teachers all day long, you see it's not going to change, because it can't. You can't make an oak tree become a pine tree. Can't teach dogs to fly. What something is, it is. This is where we are.I could pick on medical doctors just as easily as teachers. They have been educated to believe a certain way, and this is just the way life is.Scooting back a little bit, the liberal system doesn't see anything wrong with the way they are. If the majority of people are liberals, and they believe themselves to be right, then that means everyone else must be wrong.We're in trouble, Bubba. Serious trouble. Maybe an answer will pop up in the not too distant future. Thank you for sharing, Frank.

  29. No, Rosco, I don't have a leader to suggest. I don't want to think that one will just pop up, and I can't see under what format one would show up. And, I'm not sure one will show up. But if enough people discreetly and cautiously put their heads together, something will formulate and solidify. Let's keep looking.Frank

  30. Nina, lots of folks feel like you and your family. But we have to talk about it, if we don't we are just going to continue to be run over a little more everyday. I think awareness and conversation is a good place to go from.Thanks for the comment, Frank.

  31. BG, thank you. I don't consider your message a rant. I agree with what you have shared. I wrote a reply but lost it to Google…CW 🙂

  32. Some of the responses to this article would indicate that people are afraid to be a part of the solution or just don't know how to be a Christian and a part of the solution. It was said in more than one place in the Bible that \”some are so heavenly minded that they are no earthly good.\” We can be both. Jesus and the apostle Paul were examples of being both. Their eyes were on heaven but while they were on earth they worked to be a part of the solution. Did Jesus get angry? How about throwing the money changers out of the temple.I have a big stake in what happens with this country. I am a Christian. I have kids and grandkids. I fear for what their lives will be like if we can't change what's happening in our country now. Maybe it is already too late but that doesn't give us the right to give up. Vote. Speak out, influence others. Prepare yourselves spiritually, physically, mentally, and with provisions to be prepared to help yourself and your neighbor when the time comes.In the meantime let's get that wall built. I don't hate those people trying to come here. I do want them to come in legally. Sometimes, most times, we have to make choices. Help the people while they stay in their country. Those that are climbing the walls and forcing their way in are motivated and able-bodied. Stay home and help make your country better for everyone. Stop, as much as possible, drug trafficking, human trafficking, criminals and terrorists. Are these objectives not worth a Christian's involvement? How about late term abortion, sexual perversions. Isaiah 5:20 \”Woe to those who call evil good and good evil…..\” Happening right here and now folks. BG in GA

  33. This is a very dark time and I find myself pondering the proper response for a Christian. Making sense of \”love your enemies\” and yet defending oneself and one's property becomes confusing. Finding myself under attack brings a range of responses but I find it hard to reconcile as I belong to Christ.Our founders were operating under a Christian ethic and came to a time to no longer 'obey the emperor' or honor the government that they found themselves subject to. Just war theory, self-defense, God given right to the property we make or earn, I find no easy answers.

  34. Frank, I would like to share this article on Facebook but can't see a way to do that or even know if you would like it shared. If you would like it shared can you make it sharable or share it on Facebook or other social media yourself? I believe social media is where a great majority of working folks, young and middle age, get their news.You are wide-eyed aware of our situation. Many of us out here are also aware of our situation but most of us are retired and keep up with the news. People who work are just trying to get through the day, take kids to their afterschool activities and try to make ends meet. Your articles bring home the reality of America's condition. It is obvious you spend many hours pondering and preparing these posts. Your very heart comes through in them. I appreciate what you are doing to try to wake up the sheep. Stand strong! BJ in GA

  35. Frank and Fern…once again you have written another excellent piece to promote critical thinking. I have been reading and rereading your last two articles. Do not give up on your readers when they do not respond quickly. I am sure they feel much like me. They are mulling it over in their minds.I would like to ask several questions:1. How does an individual who values good moral character win in a battle against those with evil intent? I'm not willing to battle evil with evilness.2.Do those who wish to destroy everything our country stands for really have any skin in the game? As I see it, most of them live off of foundations, political appointments, do-gooders, paper shuffling, or government hand-outs. How did they get what they have? We as workers and producers are funding their schemes. How do we end or cut off their ill gotten gains?I know no one else who is willing to join me in a meaningful conversation. Thank you…CW

  36. Wow!!! Just Wow! I was aware through the years of most of what was contained in the linked articles (except for Gramcian) but it became overwhelming when reading them all at one time. We have been numbed through the years by being spoon fed this information a little at a time (boiled like a frog). The corruption that has been going on for many years is staggering. We see the results of the Cloward, Piven strategies/tactics and Alinsky's Rules for Radicals which have been taught in our universities. Obama's and Clinton's politics are prime examples of the destruction these strategies wreak. We have radical (liberal) teachers at all levels in our schools brainwashing our children and without a strong grounded home life to counteract these teachings they will grow up believing what they have been taught. If we can't stop this madness now, it will not stop before our country is completely destroyed.The odds are stacked against conservatives for winning public office by big money and the unwillingness to get involved in the slime and illegal activities the liberals embrace. Voter fraud is rampant and is aided by the motor voter act. I recently renewed my drivers license and a big deal was made out of registering to vote at the same time. You were urged to register to vote!It would be good to get this article published more widely, although, you might get harassed for doing so. Taking a political stance may be one reason for not getting as many responses to the articles as you would expect. Many have blogs of their own and shy away from politics to keep their readership in tact.You are correct that we need leadership to fight the radical left and we need broad participation. One possibility, The John Birch Society. I had not heard mention of them in years but less than a month ago came across an article about the organization. Maybe their time has come. Google them.

  37. Amen Amen but You are Preaching to the Choir. Where do we find the leadersWe are 87 & 81 and live in a bedroom community, We Vote but in the Valley the Libs outnumber Us, Eastern OR is more Conservative But Libs still Win. My thought is to move from Oregon to Idaho but Wife Wants to stay close to Family.Do you have Leader to Suggest??Peace Rosco

  38. I cannot count the times my husband and I have been sitting at our table at dinner or resting from working in the garden and have talked about those last three questions in your article – What do we do? What can each of us do? Will it make a difference in the end? Our son keeps saying that \”they\” are just waiting for the last of the real moral fighting men and women of character, those who stood and still can stand for a cause to pass away. He says when the Vietnam vets go we're done. Now I don't exactly agree with him on that for I realize there are a lot of good men and women still out there but there are times I wonder where all our resolve, our strength in the face of trials, our belief in God, has gone. I laugh whenever I see the advertisement on tv about the fact that they are now selling cubed chicken and stating that now we don't even need our cutting boards. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO US? Meanwhile, I'm still trying to find the answers to those questions. Sorry, I've spouted way too much.

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