Hello Everybody, Frank here.

This is the weekly installment of a previous article. It deals with a terrorist act that occurred in France a few years back, not the current events going on with the Yellow Vests.

Why the title Intolerance? Some of us believe it’s time to quit turning the other cheek and quit accepting that boot in the face. So, intolerance will be a new theme around ‘Frank & Fern’. If you agree or disagree, please let us know, because I am tired of turning the other cheek.

So, we’ll see where this goes. It’s time to take a stand. Hope you enjoy the article.

We’ll talk more later, Frank Feral

Originally published November 14, 2015

One More Wake Up Call

In the wake of the latest acts of terrorism, our prayers are with the people of France, and people the world over. One of the frequent comments we’ve read since last night is, where is this going to happen next? When will it happen here? Unfortunately, we live in a day and time where the expectation of a terror attack, an economic collapse, or a government take over of the country is common around the globe. No wonder there are so many people that continue to deny the possibility of these things happening, they are unbelievable. How can our world have come to this place and time? How could we have let this happen?

Giving in or appeasing has never been equated with safety or respect of power. Once civilization reached the point of meeting the demands of people because if they didn’t it was racist or a hate crime, all was lost. If someone shows up at your door demanding entrance and accommodations, can you deny them? Maybe on an individual level, but apparently it is no longer allowed on a national level. Why is that? Who decided to change the rules? Bleeding heart liberals, that’s who. People that never worked a day in their lives. People that think it’s okay to take something you have just because they want it. That is a generalization and may include some folks that don’t actually deserve to belong in that group, but if they don’t, they know who they are, and can exclude themselves.

We watched a video by Ann Barnhardt not long ago and the the statement that stuck with me the most is that she is no longer a nice person. Nice is weak, nice gives in to the demand of others whether they are valid demands or not. Nice gets people killed. Frank and I are no longer nice people either. Sometimes we offend people with the things we say and write. That’s okay. Sometimes things need to be said that others don’t want to hear.

Recently Frank had a conversation with an intelligent, professional woman. She has a gun, but won’t shoot it because she is afraid of it. Her husband now travels a lot and she is home alone with their three young daughters, all beautiful girls, and so is this woman. When Frank asked her what she would do if men broke in and had their way with her oldest 10 year old daughter, what would she do, she almost looked sick at her stomach. What would you do? Watch? Scream? What good would that do? There are things in this world that are not nice and getting less nice by the minute. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it but watch it unfold, and unfold it will whether we like it or not.

If you are someone that is preparing for an uncertain future, because you have no doubt it is coming, I’m sure the events in Paris have caused your heart to skip a beat or two. It has also caused you to review your preparations, and begin another list of things you would like to have, or need to have, before that time arrives. I can only hope that Christmas trees will find many, many useful instead of frivolous, items underneath them this year. Things like buckets of wheat and a grinder, extra socks that the kids will grow into, garden seeds and tools, anything that is needed for a serious survival lifestyle.

As Frank and I read the news about Paris last night, we began to discuss what we needed to get, before we can’t any more. That is something we have given much thought today. We are making serious plans to accomplish or acquire some needed things. Soon. Very soon.

One thing we need to keep in mind is the curfew or martial law that occurred in France as these coordinated attacks unfolded. It’s something to seriously think about. What would martial law do to your life? Your routine? Access to family or friends? There are areas of the country that are having difficulty dealing with law enforcement because of heavy handed, militaristic tactics. There are other areas that work hand in hand with their law enforcement officers, because they are all on the same page, protecting and serving their communities. Do you know which kind of community you live in?

There will come a day, that appears to be getting closer by the second, that we will no longer leave our home. Will it make any difference? I don’t know. Will there be folks that come to the gate begging or demanding? I don’t know for sure, but we expect them. Will we be able to defend what is ours and survive the coming catastrophe? I don’t know that either. What I do know is that we are no longer nice people. If someone comes demanding, it won’t end well, one way or the other. If someone comes to harm and take, that won’t end well either. Will we come out on the ‘winning’ side of any of these encounters? There will come a day when winning means living another day and losing means death.

What I do know is that resentment is building. There are people that resent the fact that some people worked hard all their lives for what they have. There are people that demand to have what everyone else has that haven’t worked a day in their lives. There are people that resent folks that can’t work through no fault of their own. There is a growing group of people that resent working hard all of their lives to pay for those that refuse to work. There is a national movement to divide the races that is causing groups of people to be a target just because of how they look or talk. This too is building resentment among different peoples. What good can possibly come of this? Will people band together and refuse to take part in the coming wars against those that aren’t the same or don’t have as much? We can only pray so. But it won’t be the case in many locations, that has already been proven over and over and over. What about where you live? Know what surrounds you.

So, will all of our preparations make a difference in the coming collapse of society, or not? There is no way to know that until it happens. We only know that if we are to die, by whatever means, that we want to do it ‘with our boots on’ working side by side to survive, doing everything we possibly can. Neither one of us want to have to look the other in the eye and say, “Well, things will be okay. The government will take care of us.” Or the neighbors, or the notorious ‘they’ will take care of us. There is no way on earth that we want to be dependent upon someone else to provide when we are perfectly capable of doing it ourselves. Dependence is weakness and when the SHTF, weakness is death.

The atrocities in France are one more wake up call for all of us. We don’t believe anyone can actually be ready for what is coming. We can only try to be ready, and try with all our might. If there are those among us that choose not to try, then they have sealed their fate. If a person will not lift a finger, or spend a dollar to provide for themselves, their children and their families, then I pity them and we’ll pray for them, but there is no way we will jeopardize our lives and safety for them. We will not be nice appeasers giving in to the demands of those that would not be satisfied with a crust of bread for a starving child, but insist their needs and wants be met just because we did prepare and have food on our table with a warm roof over our heads.

Folks, there are some very, very difficult decisions coming to all of us. If you have not given deep, serious thought to what you will do in the coming days, you need to. Mental preparation is one of the most important parts of being prepared. Discuss what you will do when someone comes demanding to be fed, housed, clothed and entertained. Come to a decision that everyone can abide by, and do it now before the scenario unfolds. Remember, united we stand, divided we fall.

I can only wish I never had to write these words. Wishing doesn’t change the condition of the world or the need to be prepared for what is coming. Evil walks the land and it has many faces. It laughs in the face of death, terror and horror. Plan, then execute your plans with unwavering determination.

Until next time – Fern


20 thoughts on “Intolerance

  1. Well, Fiona, by being mean and intolerant we are losing readers and comments. Some people want tough, but most want soft.We have lost this battle, Fiona. Get your Victory Garden up to snuff. It's going to happen soon, but I've been saying this for 40 years. Soon.Frank

  2. I find we are FAR less tolerant than we used to be. There have to be consequence for actions.Keep writing and reposting…your words are even more critical now, fewer and fewer people write honestly. They dont want to seem mean or intolerant.

  3. Watched three of these videos tonight and look forward to more as time allows. Not sure I'm reading the same ones as you are since I couldn't get there through your link above. I went to youtube and searched for John Mark and looked for the oldest ones listed. The first two were about how the left thinks and why and how the right thinks and why. The third one I watched was on intolerance. I never thought of the first two the way he layed it out, however, it does make sense. Intolerance on the other hand I have seen from the gitgo. I rant when a republican resigns or backs down when there is a little controversy. I want the right to stand up and fight. Looking forward to listening to more of the videos. BJ in GA

  4. Hello. Your story sounds very similar to ours. Facts are, you can't save everybody. You can't save relatives either. We need to have our heads screwed on right and be prepared to do the unthinkable.Good point about the dominoes falling first in the more populated areas. But remember, there are people in rural areas that are unethical opportunists. We, Fern and I, are surrounded by them. Not all, but too many.I thought John Mark was interesting. Before I buy a product, I do a lot of research on it, read the recommendations and reviews. This is where I am right now with John Mark, but I am still looking at him. If you have further recommendations or comments, please share them. Communication, in my humble opinion, will be of critical importance when these dominoes start to fall. A single solar panel and a car battery with a couple of radios will let you know what's coming, short and long distance, and be able to communicate with someone down the road. Food for thought.Thanks again, Frank

  5. As has been mentioned before , 3 + years since the original article and any changes have not been for the good . Wife and I have many discussions about our line in the sand moment. Unpleasant talks ,but necessary in the mental/spiritual preparation for what we see coming ahead . Fortunately we are in a rural setting away from large cities. What happens in cities will take some time to reach our way . So we have a little time on our side.Some things we have settled on are : we cannot save everyone, family included. We will not allow anyone(at this time) to move in with us , except family, if they could even get to us .We will not try to reason with anyone evil, evil does not care, evil lies ,evil robs. Evil may be the reason to kill, as unpleasant as that may be .I think things will gradually crumble apart . The firearm legislation being pushed now is a big thing and the economy is another deciding factor as we circle the drain .Thanks for the link to John Mark, very interesting material.

  6. Hi, Spinnersaw. More oatmeal. I know little about the pending trade deals with China, and I read stories that some farmers are unhappy and some are happy. Food is always a good place to go for comfort.Thank you for reading. Frank

  7. Always re-assessing what we have and what we should get more of. I have seen a few news stories about how hard the trade deals with China are being on our farmers, putting some out of business. I'm thinking about a couple more buckets of rice and wheat. What are your plans?

  8. CW, thank you for sharing that. Now if you want to have some more fun, check out Jonas Clarke, born December 25, 1730. He was instrumental in the Revolutionary War. I don't remember where I heard about him, but his story is very interesting. There are a lot of interesting people in our past. I wish we had more people like the Reverend Jonas Clarke.Can you imagine fighting in a war at 80 years old? Being left for dead and live 18 more years? I'd like to know what that guy ate for breakfast. Bet it wasn't Twinkies. Thanks again. Take care, Frank

  9. I did not know about the gentleman, farmer, and soldier you referenced but I do now. I believe his name was Samuel Whittemore. Amazingly, at the age of 80 he took an opportunity, setting himself up with all of his weapons behind a stone wall. As the British soldiers were leaving the area following the Battles of Lexington and Concord, he was able to kill 3 of the British. Of course, he was shot, brutally beaten and left for dead. Yet, family nursed him back to good health, and he lived to the age of 98. Amazing!Lesson learned? Don't ever be a quitter or ever give up! Too many have done amazing things in an effort to keep us free from those who wish to control us.I appreciate you sharing that piece of U.S. history. CWfromIowa

  10. Hi, CW. There are few facts in life that I feel comfortable stating, but every breath that we take and every minute that we live, we are getting older. About the life here after, I'm preparing for it, too. Thank you for your kind words.Do you remember the story about the old guy, it was either Lexington or Concord, I don't recall, that was shot and left for dead? Well, he recovered and live to fight many battles, died another day, much older. If you know the story, please share it.If we're here, we have a purpose. We need to deal with it. Thanks for the comment.Frank

  11. Fern and Frank, thank you! I am so glad you are posting and reposting! You are helping many to get past the daily frustrations and come to grips with the stark reality that things are not improving. It is our responsibility to do what we have the ability and finances to do in preparing for whatever is before us. I may be old and limited in physical strength, but my plan includes being as independent as possible and for as long as possible. Thank you for your inspiration and common sensed approach to life and beyond…CW

  12. The police department has a saying, \”Pain is our friend.\” Some will find that is cruel, but an uncooperative inmate will generally respond to pain.How about, \”Mean is our friend.\”? Some would consider this cruel and insensitive, but being mean may save your families' lives. Mean is our friend. For the rest – Suck it up, Buttercup!Mean is our friend, Vicki.Frank

  13. BJ, check out this link, it was sent to us from another reader in Georgia. I would recommend people start with his oldest videos and proceed to the newest. This guy, John Mark, has a teaching agenda. Some if not most, would consider his ideas to be a tad bit radical, it's just food for thought. I started with his first video and have watched all of them. I don't agree with everything he said, but it's enlightening and educational. And, he may be on to something. Again, start with his oldest videos and proceed to the newest, it's like reading a book, start on page one and read to the end. There is a way to organize oldest to newest, or newest to oldest. Feral

  14. Leigh, thank you for another venue of news. I'll take a look at Voice of Europe. For a long time I have relied on Fox News and it's pretty much the same as CNN and ABC. Thanks for the update, Frank.

  15. It is amazing to me that within the time span of the first posting of this article and today, little has changed for the good. If anything, we are much closer to having to make the hard decisions. Me…I choose my family, without a doubt. I have had those who have seen my shelves of home canned food (It is tough to hide it all in a small apartment.) tell me that if things get bad, they will just come to my house. I say, \”No, you won't.\” My money and my time is spent making sure my immediate family is cared for. I refuse to watch my grands go hungry because others expect someone else to take care of them. If that is being mean, so be it.

  16. Leigh, thank you for the link. Haven't had time to read any of the articles, just scanned the titles. Several I would like to read. I see Soros and Antifa are creating problems everywhere. BJ in GA

  17. It's getting tougher to get accurate news. I've been noticing that even our so-called conservative news sources lean toward the mainstream media slant, I suppose because they all get their news from the same sources. The yellow vests, for example, which even OAN calls terrorists when they are really protesters. Some of your readers might be interested in this one – Voice of Europe for what's really going on over there.

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