No More Surrender

We raised pigs for a while, the American Guinea Hog. It is a standard breed, just smaller in size by nature. 

Well, the day of my uncle’s funeral, six months after my double bypass, we were feeding the pigs that night, which we had done every night for a year or two. The male pig decided he wanted to get a little aggressive. His weight was around 250 pounds, fully grown. I felt a nudge on the back of my leg, then I felt a nudge again, a hard nudge, which is not really uncommon, our pigs just did that. But on the third nudge, I realized he was biting me about knee high. I hollered at him and he started to circle me. 

Being the prepared person I am, I pulled out my pistol and fired a shot into the ground in front of him. This did not deter him, he continued to circle. It was still daylight at this time and I knew what was coming, so I shot him right behind the head, which ended the circling.

Here is food for thought. When I drew my pistol, I did not have to think, is my gun loaded? Is my safety on? You see, my gun is an extension of my hand. I didn’t even have to think about where it was pointed, where it was aimed, it was second nature. I know my gun. I know it well. I have shot this same brand of pistol for decades. You need to practice and you need to train. You don’t want to be fumbling for a light switch in the dark, you want to know where your flashlight is. You want to know that your radio is charged and what frequency it is on. Your life my depend upon these little, bitty, simple things. An animal circling is looking for a weakness. Don’t give your enemy a weakness to exploit.

So, you say what’s the problem? A 250 pound pig, the way pigs are built with their neck strength, if he had gotten me to the ground, he could have killed me. That’s the problem. So we waited a few months to see if any of the girls were pregnant, which they weren’t. We hauled off all of the pigs to the butcher, therefore, no more pigs. No more surrender. 

Frank & Fern 1997

If I had not been carrying my gun, well, we can speculate all we want. We are a gun carrying family. When Fern leaves the house, she is carrying a gun, and I don’t mean leaves the house to go to town, I mean when she leaves the house – to work in the garden, to take care of the chickens, to go to the barn, or any other household type chore that takes her outside. Fern is very capable and competent with her pistol. She is one of those people that knows which end of the gun the bullet comes out of. She knows that a gun will not fire all by itself, and she knows that her little 40 caliber Glock will stop a 250 pound beast from doing her damage, or worse, killing her. Fern lives in reality. A gun is a tool, just like a shovel, or a flashlight, it is a tool.

My pig story, it could have had a horrible outcome, and it did for the pig. You see, there are people out there that say I can’t carry a gun, and there are other folks that say I could have handled the pig situation different. Well, let me be very simple about this. I don’t care what those people think, and I know they don’t care what I think. But if anything messes with my way of life, I’m going to stop it, by whatever means necessary. On occasion, we’ll have a dog come through. What if that dog is a drunk, meth druggy piece of crap in the form of a human? Some people call it the Castle Doctrine, it used to be called Make My Day. But God, through the Constitution gave me the right to protect myself, be it man or beast. Rights come from God, and if you don’t believe in God, then your rights come from the Constitution, which by the way, those rights came from God.

I refuse to let some beast rape or kill my wife because some bleeding heart liberal refuses to accept his responsibility to defend his wife and family. I call these people cowards, among other things that I shan’t say here. A tool. It’s just a tool. Can a hammer be deadly? Absolutely. Can a diving board be deadly? Can a kitchen knife? How about that 4000 pound piece of 70 MPH projectile sitting out in your driveway?

I refuse. Listen to me very carefully. I refuse to surrender my right to protect myself and my family. There are more commandments than just the Big Ten. I’m leaning heavy on God here, but it is my right as a man, and a warrior, and it’s my God given responsibility to be a man and protect and defend those that I am responsible for.

I can hear the snowflakes screeching now. This beast is a barbarian! So be it. We are losing our society. Some people would say we have already lost. I’m one of them. If we do not get up off of our fat, lazy, stupid butts and take this bull by the horns, then in a generation or two, we will not even recognize our neighborhoods, our society, or our culture. Don’t think it can’t happen, because it is happening, while we sit and watch TV, laugh as we watch the perversion, and stuff our fat faces with Cheetos. Read your history. It has happened many times before, people have lost their cultures by idly sitting by. Once you lose, you lose.

It’s raining at my house today. A good day to sharpen your kitchen knives. A good day to sharpen your skills. Just look around Ladies and Gentlemen, 90% of the people will never fight, 1-2% of the people will fight. King George had the overwhelming majority of people on his side. If you don’t know who King George is, then you should. He had the overwhelming support of the people in the colonies and 1-3% of the people overthrew his local government and his trained military. These were tough people in a hostile environment. Do not believe a word our government says. You know we need leadership that I do not see stepping up. Our last president, Mr. Obama, said that we are not a Christian nation, he was wrong and is wrong. We ARE Christian and we are in need of those 1-3% of the people to do what the majority will not do.

I refuse to surrender. You should refuse to surrender also.

A shift here. You’ve got to have food and water. You have got to have shelter. It is imperative that your head is screwed on right. You need the ability to protect yourself. You’ve got to have water.

Next. Quit trying to change the minds of people that you’re not going to change. You’re wasting energy. I have tried for YEARS and the government and the media has convinced the people that everything is just fine. So quit wasting time trying to get other folks to see it your way. Be very careful who you do trust because through the kindness of their own heart they may tell someone what you’re doing and that person may not be a kind, gentle person. I have heard people in church stand up and ask for prayers for when they go on vacation for two weeks. Great. They just told a whole church full of people they’ll be gone for two weeks. If one person, in light conversation, mentions that to the wrong person, their house could be empty when they return. 

It’s time to quit talking and thinking about telling people what you’re going to do. A veteran street fighter knows that when someone tells them what they’re getting ready to do, it’s not going to happen. A veteran street fighter never tells someone what they’re going to do, they just do it. Trust me. Remember the last presidential campaign when Mr. Trump said we are going to quit telling the enemy our plans? Word to the wise.

It was me or that pig. I chose me. I am the person responsible for my house. I choose life over death. Our mindset is strong. Plan to feed those you can, but if you can’t, don’t worry about it. Do not put your family in jeopardy for the fool next door that didn’t prepare. It’s your choice.

Choose wisely.

We’ll talk more later, Frank

46 thoughts on “No More Surrender

  1. Hi Frank, Thanks for offering additional help! I'm interested, like you, in \”survival communications\”. Two primary areas of interest. First, I'm reading about two-way radios like the Midland you referenced; also looking at a Baofeng. Trying to decide if I want to get the license, etc. I'd like to be able to communicate with wife, children, and neighbors/church family around me. Neighbors are within a mile. Wife/kids could be 30 if I'm at work (or on way home) and they are home. SW Ohio, close to Cincinnati – not overly hilly here but built up nearer to Cincy (we live well outside of the city). Second, I'd like to get a good SB radio with SSB for listening. Any comments or information you'd like to share beyond what you have already written is most appreciated. The new Baefeng I'm looking at has variable power, up to 8 watts. Not sure if one can charge batteries while in the unit like you can with the Midland. Have an excellent weekend; back outside as we're boing down sap to make syrup! Best Regards, Tim(fromOhio)

  2. Hi, Tim. Do you have a particular area of focus for radio communications? Ham radio, non-ham radio, just listening? Not being recognized when you transmit? If you have a particular interest, let me know and I will try to direct you to sources that can help.Me, for example. Yes, I have a ham radio license, but my primary focus is what I refer to as survival communication. I want to know what's coming down the road and I want to be able to talk to my neighbors if need be.Some guys don't want a ham license because they don't want the government to know where they live. First off, you can use a post office box. Second, if you have a drivers license in the United States of America, then the government knows where you live, cut and dried simple. Therefore, invalid argument.Let me know your interest, and if you don't know, let me know. In the very near future you will see more radio articles, reason being, this is my area of focus. Survival communications.73, Frank Feral

  3. Hi Frank and Fern,I started reading your blog again after you resumed posting and am focusing on the communications posts. Just wanted to write and thank you so much for all of information you have posted on all topics, not just the communications topic I mentioned. Truly appreciated. God bless you both. Best Regards, Tim(fromOhio)

  4. CW, this particular article was also displayed on WRSA and for that I am truly thankful for a sharp increase in readers. One of the comments on there mentioned that any article referencing God is not worth reading. There are lots of comments like that on other sites. These guys are all advocating freedom of speech, but when someone uses the word God, they are not worth reading? So, I guess they support limited free speech. Or, almost free speech. What's the difference in what they're doing in trying to limit my free speech and the liberal left is doing? I believe in God, I believe in Jesus Christ and I wish that others did too. If they choose not to believe in my God or any god, that is their freedom.May God bless you, Frank

  5. Thank you, it's good to be back, I hope.I don't know if I always believe the news or not, or actually, I know I don't. I don't know if anybody really knows what is happening in Venezuela. When it happens here, I don't know if anyone will really know what caused it here. But you're probably right. To get to the stage of Venezuela we will need to change a number of gun laws, which they're working on. One step at a time, every day, never letting up. I'm talking about the Republicans. We're in sad shape.Thank you for your comment. Frank

  6. Frank and Fern, you have really made some vital points in your recent postings. I also have puzzled over the reason why some \”get it\” and some don't. I feel blessed that I have been sent a message from God, to face reality and to prepare for what is coming. For a while, I felt the need to help others understand the downward spiral coming. It didn't take long for me to realize how fruitless my efforts were. One of the comments above, mentioned the issue of who to help or not help, and the can of worms that could be opened as a result. I know my small family of three would struggle under difficult situations, yet we know of NO ONE we could trust to partner with for support. We have changed our lifestyle and done much in preparation for what is coming. It is my hope, that our efforts, our decisions, and faith will sustain us. Thank you again and God bless, CW

  7. If anyone still believes it can't happen, they need to take a good look at the situation in Venezuela. That's where this country is headed unfortunately. So glad to have you two back!

  8. Thank you, Michael. I'm hearing from more people that live off grid. When we had a home in Anchorage, but worked out in the bush, we did not have air conditioning, it just wasn't necessary. But living in the south, it's going to be real tough living off grid. Fern comments, 'I sure hope if we ever lose electricity, it would be during the winter, that will give us time to acclimate'.I'm glad you read the comments. Some of the places I read, I look through their comments. There are a lot of nasty, rude people in the world. I hate to say this, and just plain stupid. The folks that comment here as a general rule are well informed, articulate and an overall cut above. If I recall correctly, of all the comments we have had, I have only blocked one or two. One that I remember advocating shooting politicians. So I blocked that one. Actually, I blocked that person from ever commenting.Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I seldom ever waste my time, talking to the wind. Take care. Frank

  9. In glad to see you're posting again. I had found your blog about the time you hung it up, which was disappointing. It's encouraging and important to read blogs and the associated comments from like minded people. I agree with many of the sentiments expressed here. I'm 60 yrs old, my wife and I live off grid, raise much of our own food and of course have done some prepping. I used to preach preparedness to people but have up a few years ago. I figure if they can't see what's right in front of them, they probably won't have the wherewithal to keep their head above water anyway. Our first priority is to our own folks; family and friends. May God bless our endeavours. Thanks again for staying online, you encourage more people than you know.Michael

  10. Bluesman, I hope that someday I wake up and this is all just a bad dream. A nightmare type. But I get the distinct feeling that many people are having this same nightmare. Except their eyes are wide open.We have quit telling anyone in our immediate locale what our plans are, and we haven't for a few years now. That may sound cold and callus, but mine come first. That's just the way it is.Thank you for your comment, Frank

  11. Hi, Pete. Thank you for your comment. Interesting analogy.If I may, I would recommend dry land, I've not learned to walk on water yet. Those still dancing, say good-bye to them. The vast majority of the people on this planet are still dancing. It's extremely difficult. This is what I mean about getting our heads screwed on right. Even loved ones, say good-bye to them.Pete, thank you for your service. Frank

  12. Hi, Citori. It's sad, but this is just the way it is. Most of my neighbors are older, as am I. There are a few young bucks around, it's hard to tell how they think. I do believe there is a difference in the generational gap, and there should be. Fern and I discussed a night or two back how for generations few things ever changed. But in the last 100 years, things have changed faster than most humans can process. I have nothing in common with most folks 40 and younger.Jerry Jeff Walker, an old country and western singer, had a real popular song out called \”Pissing In The Wind, betting on a losing friend\”. In the end, we're all going to stand alone. Get your mind ready. Frank

  13. Hi, Fish Bones. Under normal circumstances, in a more controlled environment, I use the between the eyes technique. I've used it many times over the years, some with a pulse, some with a steady stream.I had plenty of meat at the time, so I called a neighbor and he came over, we loaded the pig in his vehicle. He did all the processing necessary, but he let it hang too long and it soured.I would like to try a racoon someday. A person I know, a rather sophisticated lady, butchered one a while back and she said it was quite tasty, fatty, but tasty.Have you ever processed and eaten any wild game like a racoon or an opossum? If anyone else out there has, please let us know. How did you cook it? What spices?Thank you for the comment, food for thought. Frank

  14. CA Mountains, Thank you for sharing your ideas. There's a lot of folks that believe in older type gods. There's a lot of folks that do the pyramid/Ramses connection. There were Central American gods and there are gods in the deep jungles of Cambodia. There are Buddhist gods, Shinto, some folks believe in Mother Earth. My English/Irish ancestry has some interesting views about Druids, Valhalla, Odin and Thor on a strong, romantic flair all across the Saxon world. But all these gods seem to point, maybe point is a poor choice, but they seem to follow a loose common thread of a Higher Power, as do most of the modern religions.I personally believe it helps the individual as an integral part of humanity, to have a belief beyond one's own existence. My particular choice is the God of Abraham. Thank you for sharing, Frank

  15. Frank, first off thank you and Fern for taking the time to do what you do. Not everyone has the talent or the time. As to why some people feel the call and others do not? I walk a different spiritual path than you, following old God's that some would call Pagan. I do believe that all God's try to inform all of their children, but as with any children some will heed and others will not. All parents have dealt with a rebellious child, or one that won't listen until they have burnt their fingers on the stove. There are parts of the Bible that warn of this, such as Lot's wife. It is a personally held belief that the reason so many people are on 'anti-anxiety' medication is because they are choosing to ignore this calling. For me there is a feeling that is hard to describe, a persistence in my thoughts and a urgency in my heart to be prepared for something. Maybe this is what the animals feel as a precursor to winter coming, a subconscious itch to stock up. Or maybe I need meds too….. Lol. May your God continue to walk with you and guide you.

  16. ATTENTION READERS: The above link is a LONG read. The language at times is salty. It is intended for an adult audience. It is slightly dated.I would encourage EVERYONE to read it, EVERYONE needs to read this.To the anonymous person that sent this, Thank you. Frank

  17. Excellent post , concise ,to the point and very timely considering the state of the state. We also have pretty much given up on trying to educate the masses. They are too comfortable in their feel good world . They expect someone else ( govmnt) to rush to their rescue when something bad happens .Wife and I often have \”what if\” discussions about who to help , if anyone . We believe that giving assistance to someone would open a can of worms scenario that may get very uncomfortable. We don't want that. Very difficult decisions will have to be made at some point in time , it is best to make plans now when things are fairly quiet .As the man, I am responsible for my wife's safety and well being and that is my goal.Thanks again for a great post.God bless,Bluesman

  18. We need to do what's necessary to save our country, folks. Too many have either been too brainwashed, dumbed down to even know there's a problem. I took an oath at the start of my 21 years in the military. If honoring that oath brands me a criminal, then so be it.I've tried to tell those around me to prepare, but none take me seriously. I've quit trying. These people won't even prepare for a local disaster, even though, where I live, an earthquake could level our area at any time.Aboard a foundering ship, there comes a time when you realize that the time for trying to keep the ship afloat has passed, and that you best chance lies with noting where the nearest dry land is, and boarding a lifeboat. If there are no more lifeboats, the only choice is to save the ship… or die trying… I'm game for either scenario. On the other hand, if one wants to continue believing the ship unsinkable… there's dancing in the ballroom… Don't mind the fact that the deck is leaning towards the settling bow…

  19. Extremely glad you are posting again. Gives me comfort that I am not alone in my thoughts and fears. I too struggle with feeding my neighbors when the time comes. Hints and advice is shrugged off. I have a couple of friends who are like minded. We will stand alone.

  20. Well said ..sir as a butcher of 43 years …how did he taste…between the eyes works well too..I used to do it all the time…food is all over..just have to gather it…thank you

  21. Hi, Gunner. Interesting results from your hired consultants. You appear to be in command of the written language, articulate and assertive speech.To address your comments, when I was studying to become a school administrator, something that kept coming up is one's ability to make a decision. For some it was so easy and natural, others struggled with the exercises, even when they were hypothetical. I believe it's a natural ability, not necessarily a strength or a weakness. Some are taller, some are faster, some are smarter and others are not. I wrote a little piece lately about making a decision. Again, I think it's just a natural ability.Some officers in the military are leaders in combat situations, but most are not. They work in offices. The ones that can lead, the others work in other positions that are just as important. Most police officers, EMTs, and firemen normally think very fast on their feet. They have to. Being able to think quickly and precisely may produce the wining ticket in a life or death situation. If you're good at it, do it, if you're not, associate with someone that is. Some people can spike a basketball, most can't.Interesting study your company produced, thank you for sharing. We all have strengths and weaknesses. What does everybody else out there think?Gunner, thank you for taking the time to comment. Frank Feral

  22. Hi, Grammy. Why is it some people can see what's coming and most can't? It could be a spiritual belief, it could be some kind of hidden message. I read other sites and people see what's coming and they have no belief in a Higher Power at all. Again, why can some see and others can't?Frank

  23. Hi, Nina. Fern and I feel very similar to the way you feel. I hope and pray, literally, that we never have to use what we have stored, or what the Mormon's call, food storage. Even FEMA and Red Cross recommend you have food for an emergency. Every time there is a disaster somewhere in the country, the news media show people lined up at gas stations, trying to buy gasoline. Take hurricanes for example. With modern technology people know days in advance, and a large number of people, after the hurricane passes, are out of gasoline, food, and water. These are the people that still have their homes intact. I just don't get it.I battle daily with feeding my neighbors when the time comes. I battle in my own mind, that is. But if I feed the unprepared neighbor, the next day the numbers will go up by ten times. The next day it will be ten times more than that day. I will feed my own. I'm trying to prepare myself mentally for that task and everything it involves. Thank you for your articulate comment. Frank

  24. I wish I had your concise and potent command of words. No mincing. No apologies. Just straight ‘bam!’. Well Said!Our comapny hired consultants to determine the traits of ‘over’ achievers from average. The conclusion? The Overachievers had two extremely strong characteristics 1) They anticipated exceptionally well, and 2) they were decisive. To your credit (and the pigs demise) you were both. Well done, and Well said 9written).

  25. Wow! I wish I could write in such a compelling manner. You are so correct. So absolutely accurate. So clear in your thinking. You have decided before the ‘thing’, Anything has happened. In my business, a profession consulting group did a survey of our ost productive (successful) employees. Their conclusion? The Most successful had two strong traits that ‘average’ employees did not. 1) they anticipated far better, and 2) they were decisive. You were both with the pig, and I have no doubt, the same it the other areas you reference (gun control, protecting yourself and your family, etc.).Very well said. Bravo and thank you.

  26. Got a great big \”AMEN\” for your above article!!! I've tried to talk to people about preparing and sometimes I've tried to simply get them to prepare in the most elementary and smallest of ways. I mean there are floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. that a little preparation would really go a long way; but they either begin to roll their eyes or say yes, I really should – but they don't. I've finally shut up. I have to be honest, even though I continue to do my own preparations, I sometimes wonder why I even try. I often think when it \”all\” goes down I won't be here anyway since I'm so much older but I continue on. I figure maybe, in the time I have left on this earth, somebody will wake up and I can at least be there to help them see that preparing is so much more than just an end-scenario journey. It's becoming skilled, interesting, educated and inspired. Even though nothing could come of all that is happening in our country and world, I have learned so much and appreciate even the air I breathe. I know not when but something IS coming, in fact it's already here. Most just don't realize it because it hasn't had its full impact yet. When it does it won't be pretty!

  27. Thanks for asking, Frank…He is feeling better since the stents in his arteries were inserted. There is still a ways to go in the stroke recovery, but each day brings him closer to getting back to a normal life. He remains positive and that goes a long way to aid healing.

  28. Hi, Vicki. A lot of folks feel the same way you do. The sad part is, we are the vast minority and we are under attack everyday. I wish I had better news, but the good news is we can see what's coming, most can't, or choose not to, which is the same as can't.It feels near. You're right, don't get on the truck. Don't get on the bus.Thank you for being there. How is your boy doing?Frank

  29. Great article. So many believe nothing will ever happen to them and if it does, the government will take care of them. I fear they are sadly mistaken. If things in Washington go the direction it seems to be headed, those who refuse to prepare will find themselves digging in dumpsters for their next meal. I will not be one of them. Nor will my family if I have anything to say about it. And, I refuse to get on the truck.

  30. Hi, Mary. We do live in troubled times. It's easy to say words. I wish I had a definitive grasp on what was coming, but my gut feeling tells me it's near and I had better be ready for the unknown. And everyone else should be, too. Thank you for your thoughts, please keep sharing. Frank

  31. Here, here! Well said. Excellent advise. Inspirational testimonial. This is the best article I have read recently on preparedness. NO ONE determines how we live but us, and we must take steps to safeguard our livelihood. Today's culture is scary at it's best, sinful at it's worst. Thank you for another timely article.

  32. Things are out of control in Washington, CPB, and it's not going to fix itself. No one knows what's coming, but anyone with any sense, knows it's coming.Thank you for the comment, Frank

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