Red Flag Laws

Hello Everybody, Frank here.

Well, today I was planning on publishing a radio article. Instead I decided to have my cataracts removed, which by the way went fine, so you will have to wait a few days for that.

I ran across an post on Western Rifle Shooters Association, WRSA. It was written by a man named Pastor Chuck Baldwin. You’ve heard me mention Reverend Jonas Clarke before. You see, Reverend Jonas Clarke was part of the Lexington/Concord issue with King George.

King George ordered his soldiers to disarm or confiscate the weapons of the citizens of Lexington and Concord. The rest is history.

Pastor Baldwin has penned a scathing open letter to the Representatives and Senators of our Great Nation. If Senate Bill 7, that his letter addresses, becomes history, the results could be unimaginable. 

Here is the link to Pastor Baldwin’s site. His letter is contained within. For the most part, it could be considered a long read. So take the time and read it. Read it to your family. Send it to your friends and neighbors. 

This has got to STOP. 

It was a pretty day in southeastern Oklahoma today. Mild winds, pleasant temperatures, beautiful sunshine. I had a medical procedure in a free country and that’s the way I want it to stay.

This Senate Bill has got to STOP NOW. I seriously encourage you to read this article and act accordingly.

Thank you for your time.

We’ll talk more later,  Frank

16 thoughts on “Red Flag Laws

  1. You're right, Frank. The NY and CT \”SAFE\” laws garnered a sub-4% turn in/registration compliance. All those 96+% of citizens are now felons and–given the right mix of insane sociopaths–could see their doors kicked in at O-dark-Thirty.When one reaches a certain age a person knows when to stand and fight and when to fold. I think our generation–the sons & daughters of \”The Greatest Generation\”–understands that we are at a tipping point and we will not be pushed much further.To quote \”The Pig Trap\”: \”What cannot continue will not continue.\”Be well.

  2. Hi, Will. Good link, thank you. I have read this before.It is interesting doing the math, not to mention all of the unknowns. Look at how many people turned their guns in in New Zealand. From a mathematical perspective, just about zero. Yeah, a couple here and there turned them in. Look how many people turned their guns in when Connecticut said they had to. Guns are ingrained in the American man's soul. Some people just don't understand. It's not just cutesy.Taking the guns will NEVER work. Let me say it again. NEVER will they take my guns.Thanks for the link. I hope others read it. Frank Feral

  3. MC, I agree with you whole heartedly. I have taught 18 year old kids that bought guns legally that have no business with a gun in their hands, period. These former students grow up to be adults. In the state of Oklahoma through a judge or a doctor, they can take your guns right now, and for some idiots, this is a good thing. My question is, why do we need a federal law when states and counties already have the authority? Something doesn't smell right here.We should all be worried. Keep your powder dry. Frank

  4. James Wesley Rawles posted this important article entitled \”The Mathematics of Countering Tyranny\” (see link). I previously posted a link here to \”The Pig Trap\” and believe that the above is also 'required reading.''Required reading' because I believe that there will be a final exam on this material, sooner rather than later:

  5. I've known a few people who really shouldn't have had so much as a .22. There was a time when I would have agreed with red flag laws.No more. Now I realize that the same abusive psychopaths that cannot be trusted with a gun are 1) the reason I need one, and 2) even less to be trusted with a law.They will not hesitate to use red flag laws to harass people, or to disarm a potential target. As a matter of fact, they will feel smug and virtuous about doing it.I'm really, really worried.

  6. John, I've got the Lord and the wife part down pretty good. I'm on day three right now of cataract removal. For the most part it's going pretty good. Inside the house there are few issues, outside walking on unlevel ground, my changed depth perception creates some minor issues. Glad you had success. I hope soon I can share your enthusiasm.Part of the reason I'm doing this, is to provide me the opportunity to see down the road in the days to come. This procedure may not be available when the SHTF. Seems that separate sides are gathering and preparing for some form of confrontation. Everyday is a new venture.Thank you for your comment and thank you for reading. Frank

  7. I had cataracts removed and followed with lasik surgery, left eye is now 20/15, right is 20/20. Besides giving my eternity to Christ and my lifetime to my wife the eye surgeries are the best decisions I have ever made.

  8. Hi, Vicki. We as Americans have illusions of being grandeur, wilderness seeking type people. The old John Wayne cowboy type vision. But look around, this is not who we are. There are a few, but very few. Very few will fight, most will not. Look at World War II, people lined up to serve their country. There have been less and less people signing up to serve their country.Most people now want their country to serve them. Times change quickly. Most will not fight. They don't know how.Prepare. Frank

  9. Mary, astute observation. Where will we be living in 10 years? Folks that believe like I do will be buried in a forest somewhere. Others will be living in camps. In 20 years, picture Libya right now. But then, most of us alive now will have already starved to death and our children will be living in the conditions previously mentioned as slaves.I don't think this can be changed. Whether they pass this particular Senate bill or not. It's just a matter of time.Enjoy the sunshine you might have today. Enjoy the smiles on the little kids faces. Just look back where we're coming from. We will see exponential growth, except on a negative scale. It's coming. It's already here. Welcome to the future. Sure hope I'm wrong. Frank

  10. Thank you, and you're welcome. I hope some of these people are wrong, but as you know hope is a very poor strategy. We need to prepare for them being right. People will just keep pushing and pushing until they get what they want. Both sides do it, it's a common strategy. Adults use it, teenagers, little children.Some day we'll have a black swan event, and they will come for the guns. It all goes back to making the planet a more peaceful place. Pay attention.Short comment, long response. Frank

  11. Our state legislature is proposing the same law. I haven't heard if it has passed yet, but I wouldn't be at all surprised. The city people are all for it, but I have no doubt that the rural folks will not take to anyone trying to take their guns without a fight. Someone is bound to get hurt or worse if that happens – guaranteed.

  12. A perfect example of politicians trying to change the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Are we as a nation and people so meek as to accept whatever is thrown at us? Don't we care about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? What is wrong with us that we would even consider passing this piece of legislation? Our country is deathly sick, and a good deal of it's people are sick, too. We must do what we can to protect our country, ourselves, and our Christian beliefs. If we don't, what kind of country will we be living in in 10 or20 years? God help us.

  13. Frank, thank you for posting this letter. It is a powerful statement of just how serious red flag laws would be. Iowan Reader

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