Get Out of the City

Hello Everybody, Frank here.

A few days back I was reading comments on WRSA and I ran across this little clip. If you have a minute, and it won’t take much longer than that, just read it and get the gist of what it is saying. Fern and I have written numerous articles about storm clouds, don’t get on the bus, ample food storage, water, chickens, eggs, goats, cheese, gardening, what type of vegetables, canning, and the list just never ceases. It’s not just us, there are hundreds of folks out there writing and providing information to help you see what is obviously coming. 

It doesn’t make any difference if you’re right, left, red, blue or pink. This thing is going to affect everybody. There won’t be bastions where there is relative safety. If by chance there is, you and I won’t be there.

This guy’s comment, it was profanity laced, but read what he is saying. Here at Frank and Fern we don’t support this style of language in our written blog, but that doesn’t mean that this man is wrong. I’ll say it again. Read what he says, get the message. It is time to get out.

Now, if you would, take a minute and read this fellow’s comment.

Western Rifle Shooter Association

Anything Left to Talk About
 **Language edited by Frank and Fern


I have a lot of sympathy for people that are genuinely trapped in suburbia but I suspect that 9 out of 10 people that say “I simply can’t move to the sticks” are full of ****.

What, you need ******* dialysis treatment twice a week?
“Muh wife and daughter”.

Sack the **** up. Get out of town and if you don’t have the the authority to force everyone to follow then you weren’t the man of the house anyway. If you can’t force a move then what do you think is going to happen when things get ugly and your “household democracy” kicks into action.

“Who votes we just do what the man on the radio tells us to?!”
If you are in the suburbs you are ******. 


End of story.

Gangs are going to go door to door and burn out anyone that resists. They will take their casualties and have a thousand recruits waiting to fill the gaps because life will be so cheap as to be worthless. The leaders will send their soldiers and if you fight back then they’ll toss bodies at you until they win just to get your guns, much less whatever you’re using them to protect.

At that late point all your excuses about “muh wife and daughter’s social lives” are going to seem pretty ******* lame in retrospect.

I got out 10 years ago and it was a ******* hard sell and a harder move. Once we got here none of us second guessed whether we were better off back in the hives. All the hardship to get here has paid off a thousand times over, and we’re not even in the deep end of the **** yet.

Wasn’t that long, was it? Actually a pretty easy read. So, are you one of those type that thinks you will see what is happening before it gets here? It won’t do any good to talk to you, because you should have already done it.

I know, I know, I just can’t do it right now. Today I’ll use excuse #431. I hope I don’t upset anybody here, but if I do, get over it and find a way to take your family to safety. If you just show up at grandma’s house, she may turn you away. How is she going to feed you? Think about these things.

There will come a day when you are going to feel ashamed of yourself. Okay, you sensitive types put your fingers in your ears. You are going to feel very ashamed of yourself when that tenth guy has his way with your daughter. Wrap your head around that. That’s hard, isn’t it?

Okay, I’ll let you go so you can go back and watch TV, eat Cheetos and pound on your chest like a gorilla. We’re not all gonna make it through this thing, even the most prepared won’t all make it through it. Get your head screwed on right and quit riding the fence. 

Sorry about the bad news. The fat lady has sung.

We’ll talk more later,  Frank

14 thoughts on “Get Out of the City

  1. When people say they are comming over when SHTF, say great-I have salt to preserve any meat that comes to my door.

  2. CW2, thank you for your thoughts. I really try not to think most days about what is coming. You use the word unraveling. Very appropriate. Little piece by little piece, it is very slowly coming apart.I have two thoughts on time. I thought that collapse was imminent 40 years ago. I'm still astounded that our currency has held together. I watched the credit boom develop, and debt surge after we were taken off the gold standard. I've watched bubble after bubble develop and collapse. I've been watching the derivatives market for a number of years now. But something continues to keep this financial thread from unraveling. 40 years ago and today, I believe that our financial system is going to collapse like dominoes.I like the conveniences we have right now. A climate controlled environment. Open stores stocked to the ceiling. Relative freedom. Life is good, and it has been for a long time. But tomorrow may be the day. 911 almost brought us down. If we go down the whole world cascades behind us. Maybe someday another Bush will be President again. Maybe this time they will finally do us all in. The last two certainly tried hard enough.It is lonely, isn't it? Very lonely.Regards to you, too, and nice to hear from you.Frank Feral

  3. A very interesting thread, Frank. I long ago ceased to try to encourage friends, family & neighbors to prep. Nothing hardcore, just to put aside some supplies like water storage, 25 year foods, propane, etc. plus work on muscle memory (guns & ammo) and muscle (personal fitness) should the day come when the lights go out or our insane fiat currency can no longer be artificially propped up, etc. I am now \”The Gray Man,\” quietly prepping, living my life and making plans/contingencies and trying to set up a rural redoubt at least \”2.5 gas tanks\” away from the cities. A Leftist neighbor joked–many times–that he'd come over to my place during a time of civil unrest. I told him that he'd need a 'ticket'–a significant store of goods, guns, ammo, food, etc. sufficient to serve his family's needs for many weeks, before I'd consider letting him into my AO. He seemed perplexed…..Our country is unraveling as I type and I no longer believe that it will be my grandchildren who will have to fight for their survival; it is I who may have to \”gather the clan together\” to protect us all. Please keep posting. I was very glad to stumble upon your website to learn about homesteading, etc. It's lonely being the crazy prepper guy of the family.Regards! — Poster of \”The Pig Trap\” and \”The Mathematics of Countering Tyranny.\”

  4. Hi, Mary. We use to have folks comment that they would just come and live with us. I would ask them – where are you going to live? What are you going to eat? Then you realize they had not thought about it. I have a small house and it's filled with my junk right now. When I told them – I'm not going to feed you – they were just astounded. I've quit talking about it, so we don't get those comments anymore. I was talking to a buddy one day about after the collapse occurs and there's no gasoline or electricity and he was talking to some other folks about building a dormitory style kind of structure. I asked him – where is everybody going to eat? He looked at me like I was stupid and said – Well you know there's a restaurant in town. You could tell that he had really thought this scenario out well. No electricity, no gasoline, but some how or another the restaurant in town would be open for business. This was his level of thought and I am dead serious, this is what he told me. In reality, this guy is pretty sharp. Imagine how those not-so-sharp are going to come to logical conclusions.We're in trouble. Yep, I'm just going to run down to the restaurant and eat all my meals. How childish and naive. This guy belonged to a local militia group.I don't talk about it anymore.Take care, Mary.Frank

  5. Hi, Pete. Where I live, rural jobs are at a premium, there just aren't any. Yes, you can work for a utility, or the county, but there just aren't any big industrial plants anywhere in my area. Most people in my area that are still working drive long distances or work away and come home on weekends.The man in the article shared his point of view and it was very graphic. I wish there was a solution for everything, but there is no solution for this thing coming down the road.Thank you for sharing your views, Frank

  6. Stryker, interesting story. Fern and I have a similar story. We moved to the rural parts near her mother. It's always nice to have family close by.We left strong careers, excellent pay and benefits and drove 4000 miles to get to where we are right now with no jobs waiting for us. We downsized, were very fortunate to find local employment and have prospered here. Not so much in a financial sense, but we have prospered in quality of life.I know everyone can't do this, but it worked out for you and yours, and me and mine. But to be fair, some folks can't leave the city and there are lots of reasons they have that are good and valid.By the way, I started planning for what's coming a little over 45 years ago. Maybe someday I'll write about the whole story.Thank you for sharing your story, Frank

  7. Bluesman, well put.I live in very remote Oklahoma. Most of the folks that I know out here have very little food packed away. Most of them go to one type of store every couple of days. The family dollar type stores are very popular. Even out here we have Bubba type gangs.By no means do I want to be in a city or even close to one. Things happening on the national level right now scare me. I just hope that when the wheels come off the bus that it's during the winter. I would rather acclimate to change during cold weather and not hot weather.Thank you for sharing, Frank

  8. CW, a lot said and I think most folks living in the country would agree with everything you've said. Fern's mother relocated to where we live now when Fern was in high school. Fern and her mother are both still considered outsiders. That was 45 years ago. Fern and her mother are obviously both females. I hate to say this, but in our area females are just less valued.I appreciate everything you shared, and I agree with all. Thank you again.Frank

  9. A bold layman's article. Bold because saying out loud what most people don't want to hear requires a thick skin. Many times I have been ridiculed for my prepping; even some family members just don't get it. My granddaughter is 8 and her world would be turned upside down if things go south. Extended family members have jokingly said they would just come to our place. My husband and I have talked about that, and we are of the mindset that if they would be productive assets, then we would take them in. What that means is that our \”beans, bullets, and bandaids\” have to increase accordingly. Whew! No pressure! All the while on a budget! This new homestead could certainly house and support a large extended family, but the uncertainty of everyone's willingness to work \”hard as a dog\” in order to survive is always in our minds. People that stick their heads in the sand, scoff at the preparedness idea, or just rely on someone else to help them out are going to be in for a world of hurt. We need to keep our faith in God, ourselves, and each other. We need to get back to basics, because pretty soon that's all we're going to have. We need to learn as much as possible now, so that we can pass that information on when there's no one else to learn from.We need to remember the 10 Commandments and the Golden Rule. One day those things may be the only things that keep us human.

  10. \”Sack the **** up. Get out of town and if you don’t have the the authority to force everyone to follow then you weren’t the man of the house anyway.\”Uhhh… The man if the house needs to be able to get a JOB if he moves to \”the sticks.\” Otherwise he ends up being a part of the problem he's trying to get away from. Another thing this sage doesn't seem to get; the city moves to the country, and the country becomes the city. Look at what happened to California!'Sounds like this guy's probably single… and for good reason…We can't keep running…

  11. Frank and Fern,I am originally from Montana but had lived in SoCal for 31 years. A couple years ago my wife and I sold our house and our business and moved our family back up here. We just couldn't take it any more. I told all my friends the same thing. \”It doesn't take an Einstein to see that a fight is coming, and this is not the place to be when it comes.\” They all would hang their heads and mumble something about my wife and me being right, but job, family, blah, blah, blah. We moved lock, stock and barrel. We didn't have jobs or even a place to land, but things worked out, and we built a new life, decent jobs, better schools for the kids. It took about 8 months or a year for things to stabilize, but I wouldn't have done a thing differently. We found a great church home, our kids are thriving, I am close by my folks house and we are far away from any real urban population centers. To any of your readers sitting on the fence, they should seriously consider the move. House prices are high in most urban areas, so you can sell and make enough to start over somewhere cheaper. The job market is good most places so you can find work. Even if it doesn't pay as much, rural areas are usually cheaper to live. These conditions will not last forever so people need to seize the opportunity. Thanks for the work you both do on this blog. Glad you guys are back.

  12. Frank, Valid points about living in a city,or even a small town in most cases. An extended electrical outage would open the floodgates of utter chaos within 2-3 days . Cities are dependent on electricity for their survival and a power loss could happen in different ways. Gang activity is everywhere in this country and gang people are evil people and are not open to reason. Making the decision to move out of a city is a big decision for most folks. I too think it is a necessary one . When the wheels finally come off the bus life will get very unpleasant in short order.When that happens it is too late to head out for greener pastures . We live in the country and we do not want hungry strangers coming into our neighborhood . They will not be rational reasonable people at that time . We are a nation of sheep so very few will heed todays warnings about tomorrow's future . Very few will have extra anything in the cupboard. Very few will survive in the city. Thanks for cleaning up the article's language. Bluesman

  13. Your article really got me thinking. I read it several times and agreed with the idea that things are going to get pretty ugly. Living in a city would make life extremely difficult and unsafe. The idea of \”getting out of Dodge\” sounds like a better option and may have been had one chosen this option several years ago like the author of \”Anything Left to Talk About.\” Becoming established and accepted in a small community or rural area takes time. Well, truth is the time has run out. If a person or family has intentions of moving from suburbia to a rural area, they better start hoppin' to it. Once things blow up those in the \”country\” are NOT going to welcome them with open arms, jobs, housing, food, etc. With a few exceptions,they will be considered invaders who offer nothing in return…no relatable skills! Small rural communities are struggling now with the elderly population, poor housing, and offer little in the way of jobs. Small town USA will be unable to take in those that suddenly realize the reality they created is unsurvivable. It is totally unrealistic to think that by relocating from suburbia to the countryside to begin a new lifestyle, one could improve their situation by much. I for one would not be very excited about welcoming a horde of city slickers into my backyard…I have enough on my plate as it is. Just my perspective from that of a country lovin' bumpkin.Take care and prepare, CWfromIowa

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