Raw Fermented Cacao

When we found out about Frank’s heart blockage, my research went into high gear. We were given the gift of extended life without the damage of a heart attack and I want it to be the best experience we can produce through the efforts of our own minds and hands. That’s why we have them. To work, to use, to do all we can. Everyday.

Therefore, research! 

We changed our breakfast from high protein bacon and eggs with berries to oatmeal, eggs and berries. In time we changed to lacto fermented oatmeal which we feel is even more healthy. We added flax oil, hawthorn berries and low does aspirin to our supplement routine and probably some other things I no longer think of as ‘new’.

One of the things we ran across after a relative mentioned it was raw, fermented cacao powder. After reading a number of articles and figuring out the difference between dark chocolate, cocoa and cacao, we have settled on this. As with most things we buy, we shopped around for a good price in bulk. Healthworks sells this by the pound which we appreciate, so we buy it by the 5 lb. bag. It’s also available on Amazon and other places.

Here are two articles that discuss some of the data we used in making our decision. Two of the main reasons are for the antioxidant properties and the affect on cardiovascular and blood pressure.

So, how do we partake of our daily cacao? We still do not use any sugars or sweeteners of any kind except for honey in our kefir and sourdough and that applies to our intake of cacao.

By the way, before we changed our diet and cut out all sweets I was a serious chocoholic. Very serious. I missed chocolate very, very much. Adding cacao to our diet is good for us? Hallelujah! Chocolate has returned to my taste buds! Okay, that’s a little over board, but I really do like chocolate and enjoy our medicinal dose of cacao every single day.

We put it in our coffee. A cup of coffee, a spoonful of cacao, a splash of goat milk creates a real treat, and it’s good for us. Who said living right had to taste bad and be torture? It’s not for us, it’s the good life and we appreciate the opportunity to live it.

Until next time – Fern

6 thoughts on “Raw Fermented Cacao

  1. CW, it's difficult to get accurate information from the news media. I have read that the primary crop this year will not happen. I've also read that most of the grain stored has also been flooded. No, I do not follow grain prices, maybe I should start. I do follow other commodities. So it's difficult to get accurate information. I hope you and yours do well and I hope it's not a make or break situation.Thank you for the information. Frank

  2. You know, Mary, we used to be those people. The doctor would say, you feel like this? Here, take this pill. And we did. For years. Now I feel rather stupid for doing so and wish we had figured all of this stuff out years ago. But we didn't. Now, I'm just grateful to be able to live this type of life in this location. And I'm glad we have the freedom to do so.Thanks for the insight and encouragement! Fern

  3. Isn't it great when you find something that's good for you that also tastes wonderful? And to think you can now get your chocolate fix without guilt! We too love chocolate in our house, and being vegan limits my options considerably. Cacao powder and dark chocolate fit the ticket. And the cacao powder can be used in baking as well. I'm glad ya'll found something that will enhance your health and is a welcome addition to your diet. A lot of people would simply continue on with their old diet, using prescription drugs as a crutch instead of doing the research, work, and lifestyle adjustments needed. Well done!

  4. I knew something about the different kinds of chocolate but have never heard of fermented cacao! Dan would love this in his coffee (me too).

  5. Very interesting. I was not aware of this so thank you, Fern! It sounds like a tasty, but healthy little treat! Frank, you asked if we were drying out? The answer would be…sort of. Last fall our harvest was wet and difficult so we were unable to complete our fall tillage. That needed to be done this spring before we could begin to plant. Once again, we have had more rain that kept us out of the fields. We had a few nice dry days last week to get a little corn planted, but today we have had more rain, It can sometimes be a challenge, yet we have always been blessed with a crop each year; some better than others. As a side note, people have expressed concerns over food shortages due to flooding and planted acres lost. Well,if you follow the grain market, you are aware that our prices are quite low due to large carry over of bushels from last year. Our input costs are still very high, so a number of farmers are in a make or break situation. Thank you for asking. I didn't mean to derail the post. CwfromIowa

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