Government’s Uncivil War

What in the world is happening to our government? I don’t think anyone can adequately wrap their heads around it and explain. I know I can’t. Just to name a few things that come to mind.

Cover ups?
 Coup d’ etat?
New Green Deal?
Medicare for all?
Invasion at the border?

The example our government is setting can lead to nothing but chaos. If the populace continues to emulate the behavior of those we have elected to govern us, there will be no peace, there will be no sense of community, of belonging to one of the greatest countries on earth. If every workplace, family, church and organization dealt with their differences the way our government officials do, there would be anarchy in a week.

As educators we had a saying. ‘Want to know what the parents are like? Watch their children.’ If we want to know how this will all turn out, just watch our country’s leaders. 

And then there is the media. It doesn’t matter what you watch or read, everyone is biased. Everyone. Wherever you turn there is disagreement, censorship, and bias. What is true? There is literally no way to tell anymore. Truth means nothing in this society. Absolutely nothing.

Folks, I don’t see any way for people to come together. They are only going to continue to become more and more polarized, and in the process the division between races, cultures, cities, states, neighborhoods and political ideologies are going to spread farther and farther apart until there is no solution, no common ground, no tolerance, only judgement, condemnation and hatred.

There are a number of sites we read and watch that are warning of a coming ‘event’. They base this on the success of President Trump and the never ending attacks by his political opponents. The warning is that the Left, the Deep State, whatever you want to call them, need a serious event, a false flag, a black swan, a major catastrophe to use against the president. Something that may collapse the economy, or somehow present the notion that the President is responsible and thus unfit for office, or give them the support they need to win the 2020 election and take the country back. They need to win to reinstate their agenda.

There is also the issue of the coming reports from the Inspector General, the investigations by the Attorney General’s office and others that have been appointed to investigate those government employees that were involved in the investigation into President Trump’s activities during the election, while he was President Elect and after he took office. Some suppose that the almost hysterical behavior of the Democrats are in response to the current investigations and fear of what they may expose. 

Regardless of the reasons or actions behind the scenes that we are not privy to, the government, the Washington D.C. apparatus, is at war. Plain and simple. Their behavior, accusations and actions, or inaction from some viewpoints, are escalating to a level of viciousness I never would have imagined possible. Where will this lead? We have yet to see, but it doesn’t take much to feel the angst that is building all over the country, from the largest city to the smallest burg.

Add in what’s happening in France with the Yellow Vests, the UK with Brexit, the EU, Iran, North Korea, China and the tariffs, Israel and their neighbors, Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and the list goes on and on. 

Is it just our turn? Is it time for another world wide change? I know some people think it is the end times as predicted in the Bible. But there have been many generations before that thought the events of their time matched up with biblical prophecies. There have been groups of people that went up and sat on a mountain waiting for the rapture because they just knew the time was at hand. I think it is the same now. We just don’t know.

What we do know is that history is playing out before our very eyes, every day, on television, on the internet, an in our neighborhoods. Resentment and anger are growing to the point that people who never would have said anything to anybody before are arguing and fighting in public with strangers for the most trivial of matters. And sometimes it’s deadly. Has the value for human life and care for our fellow man fallen to such a level that it just doesn’t matter anymore? Some would say yes. Look at the new laws that applaud a woman’s rights over the life of another, the life of a helpless baby. Look at the backlash of the new anti-abortion law in Alabama and the other states that are following suit.

Our government is leading this uncivil war in our country. The people appear to be following that lead, for we are at war. A war that cannot end with a continuation of life as we currently know it.

Are you ready for TEOTWAWKI? The end of the world as we know it? There is absolutely no way to know what it will look like on the other side of this conflict. Prepare for it as best you can. Ignore it at your own peril.

What do you think? We’re all in this together.

Until next time – Fern

34 thoughts on “Government’s Uncivil War

  1. The early Christians who expected His return were not living in error. He told all of those who believe in Him to expect His return and live accordingly, and in the meantime call upon the Holy Spirit in His name. Those who have done so then and since have simply been following His words._revjen45

  2. Hello, Johnny. We the People could win. We the government, can't. Let's win? Absolutely! Failure is not an option. Not winning is death. I am a white, male, Christian, conservative, heterosexual, Veteran. Let's win. Otherwise, I'm dead. Let's fight. I'm ready. Some think this is naive, they are naive. Frank Feral

  3. John, it's already too late. Fern and I are both retired public school teachers and public school administrators. There are some local schools where things are fine, they are not fine at any state level. But it goes way back, it goes back to the beginning of the public school system.It can't be corrected. It's the courts, the universities, the education of the teachers, the philosophy of government and weakness of parents that have been indoctrinated by the same system. It can't be fixed.Home school, private school, parochial – some of these are better and some of them aren't. I know parents that home school that their kids sit in front of a TV all day long.We're in deep trouble. Thanks for your comment.Frank

  4. Hi, Mark. It would appear there's an opportunity available that doesn't come often. We are on the threshold of an opportunity to observe the change of the current world regime. If our leaders have the fortitude to go forward we could possibly see a shift and destruction of the one world order type theme. We should know soon whether we have been conned or we've been connected with an opportunity for serious change. This may be the last chance.Frank

  5. KT, thank you for your comment.Times are changing quickly. In my personal, private world, I support your comments.In my public world, as a general rule, we need to maintain a softer image. But there are lots of folks that believe that soft has got us where we are today.When it's time, no mercy. When it's me or them, I choose me.Thank you for sharing. Frank

  6. Whacking a few at the border would stop the invasion. Politically correct? No. But let's not mince words here, we are under attack, via an invasion. Our entire political system is under attack. We are a big country, but we cannot absorb this influx of ILLEGAL immigration forever. I would hate for our government or soldiers or citizens to ever use lethal force, but I can easily see where it would come to that some day. I hate saying this kind of crap, but this is where we are. Stop it today, or stop it tomorrow. Thank you for your comment. Frank Feral

  7. DOD funding, Government overspending (read corruption) understood, is money well spent. The US military is more than capable of securing our borders or anything else for that matter, their only impediment is Government!!! Failure, is the only product Government is capable of producing in abundance!

  8. Most people who say they are Christian based on participation in a weekly social group are probably not Christian.

  9. \”It's time for Men of God to stop avoiding politics ! And being afraid of offending weak minded people.It's time for Men of God to stand for truth and Righteousness ! Just as our founders did. It's time the passion for what's right, and the Rule of Law, to come into view on the plane of Truth and Reason !\” – Brooks Conner

  10. Most Christians are biblically illiterate but won't admit it cause they think that going to church suffices. Main steam churches have been deceived and derailed just as our media. No surprise, Satan does his best work from many pulpits but we would know this IF we had only read God's Book ourselves. We are spiritually lazy and will reap what we've sown. The rapture is spiritual fast-food and any professing are malnourished for knowledge. Why would God write a whole bible and expect His kids to not read it, He is not arrogant or stupid, we are. After shit gets nasty enough, the world will love the first and false god to save our asses. Our love of pretty lies exceeds our love for the truth of God Thomas

  11. Frank and Fern and Readers,You must look up the Noahide Laws and then follow the rabbit trail. Educate yourselves on Kabbalistic Rabbinic Judaism and their Endtime scenario/Messianic Age. This is the root of our country's problems. The Anti-Christ's One world religion will come through the Noahide laws, which unites the three Mainline religions: Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Only true Christ believing Biblical Christians will refuse to submit to them.Also educate yourselves on the Anti-Semitism Bill and the Equality Act. They are going to take away our Freedom of Speech and bring Persecution to all Christians in this country. Matthew 24:9Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem through Christ and that the veil would be removed from the Jewish people's eyes! They are the brethren of Christ in the flesh.Romans 9, 10, and 11.

  12. Do American tax-payers invest several trillion Federal Reserve Promissory Notes annually in their Department Of Defense, yet are unable to defend their borders?Does this sound like an extremely poor ReturnOnInvestment?

  13. my only hope is God interceding and intervening. miracles are His business and we need a slew of them only a visitation by the Holy Spirit can bring sanity to our people.

  14. Knowing that you come from a Christian background, I suggest that we read Isaiah 51. Our experience parallels that passage remarkably well. The solution is found therein. Deo Vindici. Pray for it.

  15. It's civil war between the Bolshevik and the Zionist factions of US governmnet and apparently Americans have no stake in this slow smoldering war for total legal and political control over whats left of this wrecked Republic.

  16. The people of this country who know the true and indepth history of our nation did not learn it in a public school setting. Most educated people gain their knowledge through study they do on their own. They are also aware of revisionist history, and they attempt to find older more reliable sources. The same holds true for current events. They do not accept the garbage that comes from the media. It takes a little extra effort to look for the truth and very few are willing to do it. It makes me so sad to see what we have become and how the majority of Americans will celebrate this Memorial Day…completely unaware of how fragile our nation is today.Thank you, Fern. You and Frank know, so much better than most, the real and nasty struggle ahead of us. Too many people are uninformed, brainwashed, or are in denial. We will all suffer the consequences. There will be no hiding from what is coming. CWfromIowa

  17. Hi Fern, The world about us is certainly in very chaotic times. It is sad to see the erosion of this once great country.I believe it will take something very unpleasant to happen before things will get better,if they ever will improve from today's craziness. The destruction of our country has taken a long time to occur. I believe bad things got a strong foothold here during Wilson's presidency. The Communists infiltrated F.D.R.'s administration at high levels in the 1930's . Senator McCarthy was right ,but the press did a job on him.The takeover of our country's educational system was a major step for changing the way people think. If only we could learn from history , but we refuse .Things are going to be different this time , right. I think not. People should get familiar with United Nations , Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 to see the direction of things that are planned for us . We prepare for bad things as best we can. We don't know what event will \”trip the switch\” to liven things up , but something has to give, these situations cannot continue forever. Turbulent times are here . We pray for guidance and direction on a daily basis , may the Lord have mercy on our country.Bluesman

  18. The schools are the main weapon of the left. Bring public education to an end foryour children. Sacrifice to home school or send your children to a private schoolthat you monitor. It will take a concentrated effort by millions of families, butunless you break that generational indoctrination by communists, it's all over.

  19. You should read 'Earth Abides' – a late 1950's apocalyptic novel, that shows what laxity on the part of an intelligent but deracinated individual, miscegenation on future generations, and total societal collapse will do, to a once-noble nation. For all of these things, outlined passively in the novel, are now an active part of our demise. – Fr. John+

  20. No. It is not from Alexander Solzhenitsyn, it is from Theodore Dalrymple.How strange that it is first unattributed and then mis-attributed Web search makes it quote easy to find sources for long quotes. Any 10 or more word search is quite unique and will return the proper author for attribution.

  21. Good comments here.I was thinking of the southern border and the invasion going on.Damn what if a group of people stepped up and started whacking people coming across the border.Can you imagine word of this getting to the new caravans starting their accent to our border.Things might slow down.Just a thought

  22. Anonymous, That Quote is From Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn . you can do well to read his writing because this is where our country is heading, a place of Barbed wire, hate and interment camps. History repeating itself , rule number one don't get on the bus or boxcar.

  23. It will come to Free Fire Zones and bullets spanging off walls.Bodies will lie in the street until feral dogs drag them away.Warlords will take what little you have.It will be Hell on Earth for ten years or so. Eventually, one Warlord will become top dog, and things will begin to taper off.Another ten years will see an established government in some areasof the country. And 100 years later we will have attained the living standard of the late 1870's. Science, Engineering, MedicineTechnology will remain primitive for another 100 years, simplybecause anyone who knew anything is dead, the survivors will have no interest or ambition beyond their next meal. Feudalism reigns.

  24. Don't recall where I found this, but it sums things up nicely.\”In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is in some small way to become evil oneself. One's standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.\”

  25. I've been watching this and have come to the same conclusion that you have; there's no path to victory here. America has become the world's largest dysfunctional family. Hell; families can't even sit down at a Thanksgiving dinner without ending up in a raucous, family-dividing political argument! Abortions are not only legal, but encouraged. Life is cheap; 'don't like your classmates? MOW 'EM DOWN! 'Don't like the fact that some stranger is wearing a \”MAGA\” hat? BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF HIM! You'll be CELEBRATED on THE VIEW! You cannot turn on the TV or go to the movies without the homosexual agenda being rammed down your throat. Even preschool kids' shows are showcasing homosexual marriage and portraying it as \”normal!\” The toddlers watching things like this will grow up knowing nothing else. To them homosexuality WILL be normal! Our government \”representatives\” don't even TRY to hide the fact that they're lying to us. Neither does the MSM. The sacrifices of our forefathers are trivialized and even DEMONIZED! Their living memorial, the American flag, is trampled and burned as a matter of free speech, even though doing the same thing to a Mexican flag flying in in the neighborhood is considered a hate crime. It goes on and on.Kids reaching voting age this year weren't even alive when 9/11 happened. In fact, they've known NO disruptions to their sensitive little lives. Their freedom has never been threatened. Their idea of a crisis is when the internet goes down for a couple of hours. They walk out of class to protest \”climate change\” after being ferried to the school… in their parents' cars… from their houses a few blocks away! Unfortunately for America, this batch of weebles is larger than both the Millennials and the Baby Boomers, and is being solicited by \”folk heroes\” like AOC and, for some reason, Bernie Sanders. In short, they're too dumbed down to know any better. They're so stupid that they don't recognize the Trojan horses being wheeled through the wide-open gates, even though they're made of clear plastic, plainly revealing the soldiers inside.I could go on all day…No, I don't see a path to victory. If America is to return to its roots, it won't happen until things get WAY worse; kinda like what happened in Old Testament Israel… …Stand by for heavy rolls as the ship comes about…

  26. Personally, I now believe that we are passengers on a runaway train, the brakes don't work and the bridge is out a mile ahead.Greed and corruption and lies have nearly always existed in politics. But never in my lifetime have I seen those things displayed so openly. Candidates for the office of the leader of the free world are openly celebrating the murder of babies, every perversion known to man and the changing of our system of government that takes away the freedoms our forefathers fought and died for. And a fair share of our population are in the front row, standing and applauding.We have ourselves to blame. When TSA agents at the airports began digging into granny's Depends looking for bombs and began touching our children in places they had been taught were private, we wrote letters and signed petitions and wrote blog posts condemning those actions, but we did nothing that might make a difference and we soon accepted those behaviors as normal.When hairy men in dresses and heels and lipstick were allowed in the same restrooms as our daughters and granddaughters, we raised a ruckus and vowed to boycott the businesses that allowed this practice. But we did nothing that would actually put a stop to it. By this time we feared being labeled racist or homophobic or some other 'phobic.' We soon accepted this practice as normal.When we were told that to openly express our opinions about things like Sharia Law or that All Lives Matter or our dismay at the unstoppable tide of 'refugees' illegally crossing our southern border, we were told to just shut up or be accused of 'hate speech.' College students were told they could speak freely only in designated 'free spaces.' School kids were told they could not wear t-shirts that had anything to do with our flag or with guns or with Christianity because others found those things offensive. We fussed about it. We wrote op-ed pieces about it. A few PTA members objected, but nothing happened to change it.I, like so many, have no answers because I believe we are now so very close to the end of what was once the most wonderful place on the planet to live and there is no turning back. We have become afraid and understandably so. Twenty years ago I had little if any fear of going anywhere alone other than the obvious 'skid row' areas of cities. Now I wouldn't even consider walking around my block in daylight or after dark without protection. Those I know living in small towns or rural areas are equally cautious these days. I do not know what is coming. I just feel in my bones that it is bad. This seems to be the prevailing thinking of those who pay attention. I know there is nothing I can do to change things. Those we hire to see to our well-being in government are far more interested in power and lining their own pockets than they are in doing their jobs. So I continue to get ready. I fill my deep pantry and stockpile everything I can think of to make life bearable for me and my family when the world comes crashing down around us. And it will – sooner than later.

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