Prove Me Wrong

Hello Everybody, Frank here.

I’ve been itching to get something off my chest lately. No, it’s not body lice or fleas, it’s a different kind of itch. It’s the type that just doesn’t sit well with you or anybody else. What I’m about to say some people will find distasteful. Saying it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. This is not a story about making cheese or what’s your favorite grinder. It is grinding in nature, it grinds on your spirit and soul. It grinds down to the very core of mankind.

If you need to, stop reading now. This is not going to be a feel good type talk, because boys and girls, I don’t have a solution for where we are heading. For you regular readers, you might find some of the language out of character. My mother-in-law asked me a time or two, “Why can’t they make war movies without all of that bad language?” Because war and Mary Poppins just don’t fit together in the same movie.

The following is just my opinion, take it for what it’s worth. We are in serious, serious trouble. And I mean all of humanity is in serious trouble.

I’m a coward, you’re a coward. Prove me wrong. You want the truth? Here it is, but you’re not going to like it. Go into a Wal-Mart and look at all the fat asses waddling around. You think we’re going to fight? You’re out of your mind. Maybe over the last jelly filled donut, but that’s about it ladies and gentlemen. We’re not going to fight, we are fat, lazy and stupid. We can’t get anyone to join the military because we are cowards. If we will let TSA grope our little girls and not fight back, when will we draw the line and fight? We’re not. We’re cowards.

IQ levels are decreasing. Too many people are ignorant and stupid, but the fact is they are out breeding us. That’s not going to change. Go to any maternity ward, look around, how many people speak English? We are losing this battle on every front. Public schools, next time you go to pick up a child, look at the population that looks like you. Ask your child how many students have a hard time speaking English.They can pick any bathroom they choose. Is that guy in a suit really a guy?

In polar bear country they always recommend to keep one last round in your gun. I’ve lived in polar bear country, I’ve seen polar bears walk by. When polar bears come to town, kids don’t go out to recess that day. You and I are the invaders, the unwanted guests in our own country. Keep one last round in your gun. You may need it.

Abortion is murdering babies. Can you believe this? Okay, so one day I wake up and I decide that I just don’t want my baby anymore. I’ll just take it down to the local doctor’s office and let him kill it. How long is the warranty on that baby? One day, two days, six months. Oh, I changed my mind. Will you kill this thing for me? It is just too inconvenient right now. 

If we as a society have stooped to a level that it’s okay to murder a child that we don’t want, then there is no hope for us. But that’s where we are. Our politicians that we elected, along with their Hollywood friends, celebrate this as an achievement. Yes, we are cowards. Sick, perverted, deranged cowards watching those cheerleaders bounce up and down stuffing our faces with Cheetos.

Moving on here. We all know the world is changing, it can’t continue the way it is. So what are we going to do then? If something can’t continue, it won’t.

What are you going to eat when everything falls apart? What are you going to feed the kids that you decided to keep? For those of you that actually believe in keeping your kids alive. Do you have replacement handles for that shovel? The guy that used to come around and tin the pots for everyone, he’s not around anymore. Do you have any seeds? What are you going to feed those chickens and goats?

Look at some of the figures. We are now an oil exporting nation. How is that possible? Anything that doesn’t make sense is a lie. We are still importing millions of barrels of oil, so how can we be an exporting nation?

There is talk about shutting down the border. When? What about those African people coming across the border? They’re not coming from Central America. Those people that are coming from the Congo didn’t come on a rubber boat, they flew in on a jet! God only knows what kinds of diseases they are bringing with them. And those are the ones we catch. What about all the ones we don’t catch? Where’s the wall???

Go to a major city, not even a major city, just a big town. Pull up a seat in a mall and get a pop at a food court. Sit and watch the people go by for a little while and listen to their language. I don’t mean their profanity, I mean the language you don’t understand. Then go down to Sam’s and Costco. Look around, open your eyes. And if you believe the government numbers about anything, then – here it comes again – you are a special kind of stupid. Wake up!

The packages in the grocery are getting smaller. The toilet paper rolls are getting smaller. Snickers bars are getting smaller. Not trying to be insensitive here, but I would appreciate it if they would leave the size of a pat of toilet paper alone. Just charge more. But I guess some government study said our toilet paper pats are too big and need to be smaller to accommodate the average American. Due to the invasion, the average Americans are smaller in size, so we need smaller pats of toilet paper.

I am truly sorry there is slavery anywhere in the world, but slavery is color blind. Read your history. Speaking of reading history, you are aware that the Civil War was not fought over slavery. And you are aware that the Vietnam War did not start in the Gulf of Tonkin. And you are aware that the Twin Towers falling did not happen because of being hit by jets. And you are aware that John Kennedy was not killed by a single bullet. That means that you are aware that our government will kill any of us any time they want to. In my life time our good buddies, the Chinese government, killed millions of their own people, millions and millions and millions, it made Hitler look like an amateur. They kill their citizens, our government kills our citizens. Anything the government tells you is probably a lie. They control the way you think, how you are taught, what you eat, and if you disagree with them, they will kill you.

Got seeds, water, shelter, food, protection? Probably not. Because you believe what the government tells you. Here it comes again. THAT MAKES YOU A SPECIAL KIND OF STUPID.

I know, I’ll just take my family and run out in the woods and survive. I saw a guy on Dancing With the Stars do it. Pull your head out of your ass. That’s TV, that’s entertainment. Well, I’m just going to drag my travel trailer out to my relatives and live happily ever after. What are you going to eat, Bubba? I know you’ve got a case of chili, good for you. Got a shovel? Got two shovels? Got canning jars? Got a canner? Got beans to put in those jars? Got the soil ready? Or are you still chasing that rainbow? Seriously. What is your family going to eat while they’re chasing that citified rainbow sprinkled with pixie dust?

What about your neighbors? Your current ones and your future ones? Do you know them? Are they strung out on opiates like a huge part of our population? Not just opiates, that’s just one small category. Look at all the other mind altering drugs that way too many people take everyday.

Got that garden turned yet? I doubt it. Got your mind screwed on right to deal with the things that are coming? Are you prepared to defend yourself while you’re sitting on your ass watching Dancing With the Stars or some other unrealistic ‘reality’ show? I know it’s more fun to watch cheer leaders bouncing up and down while eating frozen burritos, Cheetos and drinking Pepsi cola. Don’t forget your Xanax, of course. If that’s the way you live, you are dead. And so is your family after those neighbors that you don’t know get finished with your wife and kids. How do those cheerleaders look on TV now? How does that burrito taste now? Pulled your head out yet? Got that garden turned over yet? Ready to work your ass off from dawn till dusk and then some just to survive?

Do you know what a sanctuary city is? Well, you’re not welcome there. I live in a sanctuary city, population of two and no one is welcome here. I am not the government, what I say is true. Don’t come to my sanctuary city unless you are invited. You better call before you come. These sanctuary city things are unbelievable. How can this be? There are big cities now that don’t investigate or enforce what are considered to be petty crimes. Like my home town, where I was born and raised, Dallas, Texas. People are moving in there faster than they can move out. Multiple sources tell me crime is escalating rapidly. This is happening in every major city. Look at the homelessness nationwide. Go tell those people that the economy is doing better. All skewed government lies.

The stuff you were taught in school, no matter how old you are, is not true. What the government says is not true. Walk into a new wave style church, God forgive me, but what is being taught is not true. There are not solutions to the plethora of problems mentioned above. We can’t go back to something that didn’t work the first time. We can’t deport millions of people from other countries. We can’t do it. If you think we can, then you are a special kind of stupid.

So what do we do, realistically? Well, let’s see. We need to go back to God. We need to go back to the Constitution. Do you really think that’s going to work? That is what got us to where we are today. In my humble opinion, there is going to be a major reset in this country and the rest of the world, also. Things cannot continue the way they are. How is that reset going to look? That’s like trying to predict what a car crash is going to look like before it happens. You know it’s not going to be pretty. Some will choose to continue to sit and watch the cheerleaders bounce up and down. Some, but very few, will grab a shovel and a package of seeds.

What most of us don’t understand is that everything that we have has been built on a forward progressing model. None of us have ever seen an negative reverse model on a large scale. Everything we have been taught is a lie. It’s not true, it’s not realistic and it is not sustainable. Remember the story about the tower of Babel? Some things just can’t continue upward. It’s impossible. Pixie dust will not solve our problems. 

There are many things not mentioned here. What happens when the population exceeds it’s limit? Read the story about the coyote and the rabbit. One goes up in population, then the other goes down. We have too many people on the planet. There is going to be a reset. I don’t expect our government to tell us that the sky is falling and we’re all going to die. I don’t expect our government to tell us the truth. I would hope that most people were capable of intelligent thought, but hope is a poor strategy. Whatever term you want to use for what is coming, whether SHTF, TEOTWAWKI, brace for impact, it doesn’t make any difference. The coyotes and the rabbits fluctuate, and so will we as humans. Are we going to survive this thing? Most of us, myself included, will not.

I would recommend you get a good shovel and a package of seeds. Make sure it’s a good shovel because you’re going to be digging a lot of six foot deep holes.

We’ll talk more later – Frank

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  1. For Lee Ann, Frank & Fern offer so many good tricks 'n tips here; why not print out a few, and put them into a notebook/binder to start? That way, if there's something you need to refer back to, (in case the grid is down) you've got it already printed up. Start with the basics and go from there.And Frank & Fern: 'So glad that you're back! Thanks for sharing all of your homestead experiences.Melissa in MI

  2. Ralph and I were talking about how much time we have left….not before we die, that can happen anytime. How much time we have to get things set up here. There is so very much to do. Water….heat… we listen to the news. Its bad in such a deep way. Our Amish neighbours moved and the new people terrify me. They use the garden spot as a horse corral.The world is built with balance…hot/cold……wet/dry…..up/down.We cannot continue the way it is…it has to correct.Its not going to be pretty when it all comes crashing down.God Bless and Keep you safe.Thank you for telling it like it must be told.

  3. Think you are overstating the inability to respond. Ever train a new military organization? Goes from being a hot mess to an efficient organization in six weeks. Walmart fatties? After six months of post apocalypse they will either be dead or lean yeoman militia that would make Daniel Morgan proud. As the rules change so do the responses.

  4. I have a photo on the wall of my wife's family taken in 1922 or 23. There are 23 people in the photo. The names are on the back of the frame including \”two children we took in\”. There were no state agencies and orphaned children from \”the flu\” were taken in by neighbors. I am now the oldest living relative from my mother's family. I am more prepared than anybody I know locally. That said, I have neighbors coming home from the cities. They know things that no city person has ever known. South Africans being driven from their farms see three choices: Australia, America and Russia. Most are choosing Russia because they cannot possess firearms in Australia and they see Russia as having more freedom for the common man than America. Think about that. Westill have pockets of freedom, but as South Africans perceive our country, they still think Russia will have more freedom than we have in 10 years.

  5. WOW..nothing like straight and to the point huh??? all too TRUE!!I laugh when I go to Costco anymore….I count to see how many WASP's are out there…not to many in my neck of the woods…Middle Eastern/Asian are the predominant \”classes\” any more.Indians(no, not native American ones)with their ENTIRE family unit with them shopping..Next in line would be the Hispanic groups with their multitude of children running amok all over the store then their come little ole me…1 in maybe 30 people who are white/non Hispanic (as the IRS has it) out bred at every turn to be sure…we don't/won't stand up for ourselves as it makes us a target for all those mealy mouthed little tarts who feel somehow yelling at you makes them a better person over trivial things like RESPECT..or the lack they have for us!!!

  6. Try fenbendazole. It is a veterinarian drug used on several different species and is rather non toxic, except for parasites and cancer. It is cheap and thus the pharmaceutical research community doesn't want to development it. No way to get rich.

  7. You know what the biggest problem is among preppers is they focus on the wrong thing…They don't realize it won't be how much stuff they have or how many skills they have it will be how many good people they have around them helping them out…Which is why for the last ten years I've been advocating for people to be building Communities of like minded people…But alas like you said most people are either to stubborn or stupid to take the steps needed to do that…

  8. Here's a wake up call for you all. This life is but a blink of an eye. Sure be prepared as best you can to live your days on this earth but I would be more concerned about your eternity. Better spend some time with Jesus. Know who He is and what He has done for you. Leaving this world in an untimely manner or in a bad situation is a step into bliss, that is if your spiritually prepared. I'm not worried at all.

  9. Hello, Tim. You sound very busy. If I may, I would like to give some free advice.Stay with redundant systems. If everybody has the same radio, then it's easier to program and use. Same advice for trigger items, also.Have you started listening to local repeaters in your area? I'd recommend that. If you need PL tone information, contact your local ARRL club.If I can be of any assistance, don't hesitate to ask.73, Frank

  10. Hi, Lee Ann.Next time you go to the store, buy a couple of extra cans of whatever you just bought. It's good for a couple of years. Breakfast cereal? Buy extra. Don't worry about a one year plan or a five year plan, start with enough food to last your family a week. Food is critical. Then gradually continue to increase your food supply. Rotate it. Store what you eat. Don't forget comfort food. You will need water. For the minimum, 2 gallons per person per day. There are water containers made just for water. Wal-Mart sells some 8 gallon varieties. Shoot for a weeks worth of water. Protection. If things fall apart, you'll need to protect yourself and your loved ones.Shelter. The clothes on your back are your first line of shelter.Learn some first aid. If anyone is taking medication, talk to your doctor about getting a little extra. If you can, find a way to do without.Improve the condition of your body. Improve the condition of your mind.Keep quiet about what you're doing. Go online and check out the Red Cross. They will have some information. If you live in a cold climate, prepare for the cold. If you're a religious person, get in touch with your God. Don't panic.Food. Water. Shelter. Protection. If you have a drug or alcohol problem, plan accordingly. But don't tell anyone what you are doing. It's okay to ask some close friends or relatives if they have ever thought about preparing and see where the conversation leads you. Don't join a group. There are always some bad members in a group looking for a free ride.Develop a plan. Have a goal. You can't do everything at once. Don't try. If it makes you feel better, buy a case of water and stick it under your bed. Try to get a weeks worth of dry packaged or canned foods.Pay attention to your surroundings. Keep your gas tank full. If you can, keep all your tanks full. If you need medical attention, get it done. These are things you're going to do anyway.We're all scared. But that doesn't mean we can't prepare. The former Boy Scouts motto was, Be Prepared.Don't forget things like flashlights, batteries.Read. Learn. Have humor and have a good time. Once you start, you'll feel better about yourself. It can't be done in one day. It's a lifestyle, enjoy it.Look back in the old posts in this blog, read some of the comments. We make no profit from this site, we have nothing to gain except helping our fellow man.Come back often, Frank

  11. Wow-this is giving me alot to think about. I am not prepared in the least. And sadly I don't know of anyone locally who can help me.I've got a lot to learn. Thanks!

  12. Hi Frank – thanks for asking about our radio pursuits. I have a couple of Baofengs and we are working through using CHIRP to play around programming them. A guy I work with gave me a CHIRP template, used by his local off-roading club, that I'm modifying for our needs. Much easier for me to learn by such an example. My boys are starting to get into it and I think all three of us will take the test for technician – targeting end of summer. We had to get through getting the garden in, some straggling home-school subjects, and finishing the fencing of our backyard first! Never-ending projects ….As for what to do about it? Pray, ignore conventional media, and work to effect what is within one's own sphere of influence. I can do nothing about where our country is going on a macro level but can educate my sons, try to help fellow church congregants and neighbors, and work to become as independent as possible from the overly complex and interconnected systems that we have become dependent upon to provide the necessities. We are ramping up our food storage and gardening activities. I also feel that if so inclined folks should be stocking up on items with triggers. At some point, whatever you've got is likely what you're gonna have – stock up not just for yourself but think multi-generationally. Safety and other training should be included. Do what you can where you're at geographically, financially, etc. NOW and work to improve your situation long-term as well. Don't let short-term situations that might not be ideal be impediments to some sort of action.

  13. Tim, I think you are right, we are on an unsustainable path. So what are we going to do about it?It's about to storm here at my house. There is absolutely nothing I can do about the storm, but I can prepare for it's effects and results.So what are we going to do about it? I'm going to prepare. Temporally, spiritually, but most of all I'm going to get my head screwed on right. Different topic. Kind of like changing channels on a radio, here. How are your radio pursuits coming? Did you get your boys on board? An update would be appreciated.73, Frank

  14. CW, thank you for your opinion. Most of the things we share here are opinions. Folks disagree with what I say and I sometimes disagree with what they say. I think our world and country are both collapsing. Most folks I know, don't.I have a solid belief in a Christian God, there are many people that don't. I believe that I am funny, entertaining and a pleasant person to be around. This is sad, but true, there are some people that don't. I also believe that I am right. And, again, there are some that don't. I also believe everyone has the right to their opinion within reason. There is a growing group that don't. I am concerned about this group of people.It's raining here again today, and it rained yesterday. You take care.Frank

  15. Excellent summary of where we are as a country. We are on so many paths that are unsustainable. We are bankrupt spiritually, monetarily, agriculturally, … you name it, we are collectively on the wrong path. Name any sin and we seem to be on the cutting edge of embracing and advancing said sin. I do not see how it can continue. Thank you Frank and Fern for your blog, sharing your thoughts, and sharing your knowledge. Best Regards, Tim(fromOhio)

  16. Frank, I don't have an answer for you; just an opinion. Of all the people I know, some think logically using facts as their basis for opinions; thus their conservative political inclinations. Others think(?) or operate with their feelings and emotions; thus their liberal and progressive political leanings. And some are just plain and simple mad at the world. They want to blame everyone else for their failures so they resist! They resist logic, people with hope or faith, and the existence of God. It is hard to persuade others when they are so convinced they are correct. Just how I see it…CWfromIowa

  17. Hi, Herbie. I wonder why some can see what is coming? If you read the comments up above, there may be some differences in the conceptual presentation, but they all have genuine similarities. Fern and I talk about it on a regular basis. Why is it some can see and most can't? I know many would say it has to do with their creator. But, what little chromosome or gene or synapse? What has connected that there is a group of people that know what is coming? I wish somebody could answer that for me, and I bet there are a few others out there that would like to have an answer to that, too.Frank

  18. Hi, Mike. Congratulations on your escape. I haven't been to LA in 30 years except to fly in and fly out. But 30 years ago at night time, Fern and I had difficulty seeing the street lights due to smog and the air smelled bad. We all need to be ready, both spiritual and temporal. Someday the Lord will return, but before He does, we have many, many miles of hard road coming. We have not even started to see bad times. No one knows the future, we have been blocked by the veil. But we've been told what to expect and we have not even scratched the surface of horrible times.Take care. Thank you for your thoughts. Frank

  19. Hi, Anonymous. Can't disagree with what God said, and I really don't believe we should be murdering babies.I also don't believe we should be breeding like rabbits and expecting the government to feed our unwanted offspring. Shouldn't we practice a little responsibility? Shouldn't it be required that kids actually know who their dad is?Sustainable agriculture is a theoretical concept, but it would be impossible to feed the people we have now without GMO laced Roundup crops. Our farms, or should I say mega-farms, would be impossible without a petroleum based agriculture which is not sustainable. Africa can't feed itself. China can't feed itself. Most of Europe can't feed itself.So, let's continue to breed like rabbits and let government raise our children with food grown by Agra-Business that has diminished nutrients laced with poison, which is what Roundup is, a poison. Let the electricity shut off for a while and let's see how sustainable agriculture looks then. The people in Chicago, Detroit and a number of other towns will be dining on soylent green. There is no way in the world the planet will survive, we have too many people. Remember what God did during the Passover in Egypt?Thank you for your comment. Food for thought. Frank Feral

  20. Hello. You're out of your mind! Who, in their right mind, would want to be President? No joke intended here, but a President cannot always tell the truth. Therefore, I can't be President.But you can send me a donation. Tax free, of course. Cash only. Unmarked envelope. Check's in the mail. Naw, no checks.See ya, Frank

  21. Hello. Thank you for your words of encouragement. Some would say that we have reached the stage of Sodom and Gomorrah, others have believed that the end was very close multiple times. There are many that do not believe in the Christian concept, but I do believe that we are all God's children and that He has plans for all of us. This is an easy area to step on toes, but at this time, in this country, we can agree or disagree. Some places are not allowed the opportunity to disagree.I do believe we all sin. I know what I've been taught and I know what I believe. There are times that I struggle with what I believe. There are times that I struggle with what I was taught. Life was meant to be a struggle.Frank

  22. Hi, Red. Thank you for the information. I hope others recognize the value of heirloom seeds. Almost everything we plant comes from our harvested seeds and the rest are all heirloom. We have some interesting winter squash this year from a cross pollinating experiment we did last year. We do the same thing with our tomatoes and peppers every year. It's interesting to harvest our own seeds and see what they produce. I'm trying to develop the perfect tomato. I haven't had a red tomato yet this year, only green. Hope I haven't messed up.Take care, Frank

  23. Joy, back in my police days before I would go on duty, I would stand and look in the mirror and intentionally shift my mood, knowing that there was a possibility, as remote as it was, that I might have to take a human life. I did this every time I went on duty.Now days anytime I leave my immediate surroundings, I shift my thought patterns. When I visit or go to a large town, I shift to an entirely different mode, knowing what might be necessary if, for some unforeseen reason, I am trapped or stranded there. If it doesn't feel right, I don't go. But I do plan and prepare for what I will need to do to get back home.I have a couple of trips scheduled to a big town here next month. One of those will probably involve a short stay in the hospital, it will be outpatient. I cringe at the thought of going to a city.Thank you for sharing, Frank

  24. Thank you, Bluesman. Okay, so a whole lot of people are cowardly sheeple. Is it our responsibility to feed these people or teach these people? Recall the story about give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you've fed him for a lifetime? Even older folks can learn how to fish. Those that do know how should be teaching those that don't.I've quit trying to convince my neighbors. There is a young man in my life right now that I am trying to teach. He is receptive to learning, but Lordy he is hard headed. I guess hard headed can come in very handy when things get very trying. I was very hard headed, and I guess you can say I still am.Let's help all we can. I like fish. Especially when someone else catches it. I know, I know, I shouldn't say that.Thank you for your words, and blessings to you, too.Frank

  25. Hi, Craig. We should all do the best we can, no matter what our age. I'm not 25, 35 or 45, not even 55 or 65. I need an extra finger or two to count the major surgeries I have had. But I will NEVER give up. When the Big Guy wants me, He will take me. Some consider that sacrilegious, but I talk to God every day. I also try to teach everyday.Now this next part is between me and God, but I will share it with you. God has given me skills that few men have and I try to share them every chance I get. Most fall on deaf ears. But then we all have skills that other men don't have. We all need to share those skills. I've said this before, we are all in this thing together. We need to teach and at the same time, we need to open our minds and learn.Thank you for your words. Frank

  26. Thank you, Pete. Thank you for your observations and comments. I hope everybody reads them. Lot of information there.Fern and I try the very best we can. This medium, this blog, is our opportunity to communicate with those we have something in common with. Techniques vary, opinions are sometimes different.But remember, Humor is the Essence of Survival.The Pentagon on 9/11, the \”plane\” that hit that building, just vaporized. No wings left, no fuselage. The only time in recorded history that a plane crash of this magnitude, just vaporized. No camera shots anywhere. No one saw the plane coming in. Wonder how that all happened? I certainly believe the government's story. And I wonder how that third building collapsed when no plane hit it? The older buildings surrounding that complex didn't collapse. Jet fuel certainly won't do it. But I believe the government. Excuse me, I didn't finish that sentence. I believe the government is LYING.Humor is the Essence of Survival.Pete, get ready, because whatever happens next, our government will sprinkle pixie dust, and it will all be better tomorrow. Something is coming. This show going on with A.G. Barr, I look forward to seeing how our government handles this. You know, I believe the government!!Frank

  27. Bobby, 5% is a very generous number. I wish I had a better vision of what was coming. Even if I did, I wouldn't be able to put it in print. Things might get horrible. Horror. A truly interesting word.Take care. Don't get on the bus. Frank Feral

  28. Hi, Allan. I don't know what to say. The elections? I don't see anything good coming out either way. Some major event happening? Strong possibility. Whether it comes from outside or inside, who knows?You mentioned a pandemic. That is my personal belief of what will happen. That is the best way to seriously reduce our population. The 1918 epidemic is a very interesting read, about who it affected, where it started, how it was transmitted. I don't believe the official version.As Ol' Remus says, 'Stay away from crowds.' Especially crowds around hospitals.Thank you for sharing, Frank

  29. Yes, Mary, we're in trouble. Insurmountable trouble.If I were guesstimating, within a one mile radius of my house I know of one person that attends church and she's about 90. Recently she quit gardening.Now I live in a rural area, and your list above, most folks can do the things on that list, but I don't think it's that way in the cities. Few have any stored food at all, rural or city. Even Cheetos.My closest neighbor works six days a week, Monday morning to Saturday evening. Oftentimes on Sunday he will drive to the store to get cigarettes. You would think he could plan far enough ahead to make it from Saturday night to Monday morning, but he doesn't.Take care, Frank

  30. Hello. Do you know that most people can't change a light switch and the steps needed to do so? Few people, believe it or not, know how to cut up a store bought chicken.I hope you do well, and thank you for the comment. Frank

  31. Hi, Vicki. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.There seem to be groups that have survived unbelievable odds, to survive and prosper. Those folks I truly admire. But that spirit is not among the masses, they would rather steal, cheat and lie.Sounding judgemental here, I'm not too worried about good people. But I am seriously concerned about that vast majority. They're not always in big towns, they're in little towns, too. In my physical area, I know of no one that puts away adequate preparations for what is coming. No one. Not one.Keep up the good work. Frank

  32. Hello, CW. So are these people too stupid to get out of the way just going to starve? Is the government going to save them? Where are they going to get their food?I have felt like the wolf was at the door for many years. I sometimes question my sanity. How much longer can this thing hold together? We also, WILL NOT COMPLY. Keep your head down, unless you're under water, of course.Frank

  33. Red, \”Slavers never change\” is an interesting way to look at it. There is always going to be a playground bully somewhere. Some just play rougher than others.Hope your garden does well and thank you for the blessing. Frank

  34. Hi, Grammy. It's good that you still have the opportunity to treat pre-melanoma. Fern and I discuss often the benefits we have under our current system, whether medical, electrical, and so forth.Yesterday I stopped by the grocery store and picked up a few items. Just this morning we discussed how different life would be without being able to buy those few items we take for granted. In our house, we try to get things done as quickly as possible, especially medical. Little things pop up, like cataracts, and we get them done. Let's get it done while we can. Thank you for your observation. Frank

  35. Yes Cheetos may be the thing to save, should last 20 years or so!Frank, you and everyone commenting on this are going to be the next remnant of God's people one day. We are all hearing the same warnings in one form or another. My story: I moved family out of LA in mid 80's to small community in the Sierras. The end of 2015 got a wake up event, then read \”Lights Out\” by Koppel. Started a local group to plan for major event. Last summer Lord walked me through Jeremiah, first 30 chapters. Word was all the toys and little gods would stop working and to make homes and raise families where we were. That a lot would die so be prepared for bad stuff. However the Christian communities would be sending Missionaries out into the new world.I agree with Rich Mullins.Mike

  36. Frank, I'd say you're about 98% spot on. I'm with you with pretty much every observation, except for your comment that there are \”too many people on the planet.\”We would have more if the murdering of babies did not occur. And there would be plenty to feed them if sustainable agriculture was practiced throughout the world, and if governments didn't politicize and withhold food from its citizens. God would not have told us to be fruitful and multiply if the Earth He created wasn't able to support human life.Other than that, yeah, I'm with you. Rich Mullins said, \”To say the time is short just means the time is now.\” We need to look to God our Father, and trust in Him alone.

  37. Your article is spot on!You should run for President, I would vote for you.Thanks for speaking the truth,

  38. While I agree with much of your assessment, I still have faith in God. Jesus told us in his Olivet Discourse that when we see \”all these things begin to happen\” we are to look up, for our redemption draws neigh. I believe it, so I am looking up. That doesn't mean I have stuck my head in the ground. Jesus also asked if he would find faith on the earth when he returns? Judging by the level of pessimism I'm seeing in the comments, I wonder. Being a retiree, I know I am limited in just what I can do to survive, so I have learned to shoot, have stockpiled certain items for use and barter and hopefully, what I leave behind may help another after the reset. But the catastrophe that is coming was inevitable, given humanity's fallen nature and Satan's hatred of God. God's response will be to cleanse the world of evil, and then institute His government on earth. He is coming to save us from ourselves because He loves us and desires none perish. That is why there has been delay to the S hitting the fan. God being longsuffering and patient and wants as many as possible to come to Him. Therefore, the most important thing to do now is get right with God. Repent of one's sins and embark on a sincere journey of rejecting sin and cultivating holiness in oneself. You won't be perfect at this, Lord knows. But He promises to help. Those who truly know Jesus will continue to have faith. We know this life is but prelude to eternity. Those who do not believe will experience God's wrath on earth and pay for their evil in perdition. All the beans, bullets and Band-aids won't mean a thing unless you know you are saved by the blood of Jesus. A recent poll stated that 94% of Americans believe they will go to Heaven when they die, merely because they are Americans! It doesn't work that way. You must repent of sin and follow Him daily, by reading the Bible everyday. Turn away from anything that will fill your mind with thoughts of lust, greed, and gratuitous violence. Pray for guidance, of which He gives freely and generously. Allow the Holy Spirit to conform you to be more like Jesus. People who flinch at merely hearing the Name may already be lost forever. I pray that all who read this are saved and know Him, our Blessed Hope. And I pray we all meet a good end, running the race well. Thank you for the cold water, Frank. We all need it every so often.

  39. Sustainable Seeds is shutting down here in California due to the fires from last year. Farmer John is selling out. He has some old and unique seeds for sale. I picked up Quinoa, Daikon Radish and old heirloom squashes. Red

  40. Recently visited family in a large city… looked around at the masses of people and cars and realized the insanity and violence that would ensue if there was any sort of grid down, political unrest, natural disaster, etc. I COULD NOT WAIT to get back to my little, boring town and my home. Yes, you are preaching to the choir, but keep on preaching cause maybe some of those who have their heads in the sand and are unconvinced of the enormity of what could very well happen, will wake up and sound the alarm. The more that are prepared, the better off the rest of us will be.

  41. Hi Frank, I wish that I could disagree with your statements , but sadly I cannot. We are a nation of fat, lazy, self centered , stupid and cowardly sheeple. It has taken a while to get in that awful situation, but that seems to be where we are. I do not see any improvement on the horizon .All the signs indicate a very rough road ahead of us as a nation. This is a critical time to teach the young ones, develop strong relationships when we can and to have seeds, shovels and stuff set aside. For us it is also a time to get closer to the Lord. Your message is preaching to the choir , I really wish the choir would get larger , but we'll see how that goes. I am tired of reaching out to folks with words of warning and I do not wish to be the nail head that gets hammered down . Blessings on the journey,Bluesman

  42., have three shovels and hoes and lots of seeds…I do but, I'm 75 and I don't have as much time as I think I need to teach my Grandsons' what all they need to know..but I will keep trying until I'm done. I said what you said around twenty-five years ago and most people looked at me oddly…'s only gotten worse .. going to homeschool the Grandsons as the govt. schools are a total waste of time and purely indoctrinational.. God Bless you and yours.

  43. Frank, I assume your soapbox is made of solid cement, lest you stomp the slats out of it! You're on a tear today!You're right, of course, on 99.9% of what you said. The WTC thing; eh; we saw the planes hit. A prominent architect also explained to me the structural flaw in the buildings' design that allowed planes to take them down. D'gubmeyent did, however, leave the city gates open for the perps to come in and educate themselves in how to fly the planes. It was also able to conveniently springboard from 9/11 to deploy our military as a mercenary force to bolster oil interests in Iraq and rare Earth elements in Afghanistan. Yeah; how convenient. But I digress. Our government IS lying to us. It IS succeeding in weakening our country by letting an invasion force of MILLIONS enter with nary a shot fired. It IS turning one citizen against the other with its lies. Yes, the S is about to HTF. Who survives and who doesn't is entirely in God's hands. Those of us who prep see the writing on the wall. We do what we can. Can all of us move to a remote homestead? Certainly not. We will, however do what we can to anticipate situations and figure how to counter them. I've got the seeds, the shovels, the food I can afford and store, the radios, the guns, the bullets; the list goes on. I also have the knowledge to put those items to use. The garden is in and producing. I get better at that every year. Will all this be enough? Who knows. Will I survive what's coming? I can't say. I CAN say, however, that if the coming times bring about my end, it won't be due to my lack of trying!God bless you and yours…

  44. Frank, You are 100% right on….unfortunately…I believe that less than 5% of the people who say they are \”prepared\” really are, the same number of people are willing to take any action needed to do what it takes to defend in a TEOWAWKI situation…and I agree with all of the comments above.

  45. Hi Frank First thank you both for your blog(and your radio posts)I look for updates everyday. I also understand you may want to stop again, all things considered. I'm with you on all counts, I don't think America can be saved, too many sellouts . Either way the election goes I think it's quickly downhill from there. Some major event is coming, maybe more than one. A Russian fleet sailed into the Caribbean Sea today. They don't fear us, neither do the Chinese or Iranians. Countries are switching from the dollar into gold. Our debt load can't be sustained. We are due for another 1918 pandemic, probably Ebola next time with all the undocumented influx. I have skills,common sense, try to be prepared but it won't be enough. Going to be a heck of a ride. God bless you, Allan

  46. Frank, maybe, just maybe, somebody is listening. If not, the fallout from the coming dark years will be more than catastrophic. In this day and age, it's all too easy to sit back (Cheetos in hand) and let somebody else do what needs to be done. Fewer men can do handy work; fewer women can do house work. By that I mean: make home repairs, build something, mow the lawn, till a garden, maintain livestock, shoot a gun, mediate arguments, cook a scratch meal, repair clothing, preserve food, nurse a wound, follow simple how-to instructions, etc. Most importantly, where is God in our world? Do most people even pray or have faith anymore? Their lives do not exemplify Christian values. You're right about your talking points in your article; I can't prove you wrong. God help us.

  47. I am not good at putting my thoughts into words. I am not a writer. But you have put all my thoughts into words very succinctly. Thank you. this will catch up to us. I have my shovel and my seeds, and everything else I think I will need to survive this. I am probably missing something, but I am trying.

  48. I can not prove you wrong. I learned years ago that when it comes to the government, I believe nothing of what I hear and only half of what I see. It is obvious to anyone paying attention that the train wreck CW mentioned is close. And for the most part, people don't care.But there are still a few of us who do care. There are a few of us who still have a spark of hope left. There are a few of us who still cling to our Bibles and our guns and our faith. For without that faith and that spark of hope, we might just as well crawl into bed, pull the covers over our heads and wait to die.I won't give up that easily. I may be too old to fight any more, but I am not too old do everything in my power to see to it that my family survives. Whether it is through stocking up or having taught them how to grow their food or instilling in them a love of country and for each other, that spark of hope needs to be nurtured and kept alive.There were some in history who had a spark of hope while going through horrors that we have yet to see. If not for faith and hope, there would not have been survivors of Auschwitz-Birkenau, Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald, or Dachau. But against all odds, survive they did. And many lived to have families and productive lives. They did not give up.I will likely be one of the first to die as will many elderly and ill. But I'm not dead yet. I can still work toward the survival of my family. I will never, ever give up. Nor will I get on the truck!

  49. Frank, I can't prove you wrong because I agree with everything you have written. I feel like I am looking down a train track at a train roaring towards me with no way to get out of it's path. Yes, it's coming faster and faster, and people are just standing along the track waiting for it to hit. I know only ONE brave person who would try to save me or do anything to save anyone else. Most people are utterly stupid and self-serving. I am in the latter years of my life. My days are spent doing what I feel will help my family when things go up in flames…beekeeping, gardening, canning, etc. I am no hero, but when there is a knock at the door from an uninvited guest or gooberment official I'll be prepared to give them a big surprise without hesitation. I WILL NOT COMPLY! Frank and Fern, few are listening to the warnings and most are too lazy to do anything about anything anyway. There is really nothing to look at. The game is about to start…CWfromIowa

  50. Good evening Frank. You are right. Add this to the list. Slavers Never Change. They covet power, control and what We The People have. My garden is late this year. God Bless both you and Fern.Red

  51. I can’t prove you wrong. Here’s another. I always wear sunscreen, have never been someone who tried to get a tan, and I have pre-melanoma. I went from nothing visible to two weeks later having something I could see that will turn into cancer. With no dependable medical care in TEOTWAWKI, I will end up with cancer and die what will probably be a slow, painful death. I can milk a goat, usually have a super garden, and bees for honey and pollination. I’m ready for lots of stuff. Cancer isn’t one of those things.

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