Sit Down & Shut Up

Folks, we are screwed. If you believe anything we can say or do will change the outcome of the future events that are barreling our way like a run away train, you are delusional. And so am I. 

If any of us, including me at times, felt like having a different type of president in office was sort of like a mini vacation from the coming dark ages, we’re wrong. The current president may be a little different, but congress isn’t. The long, long, long term, deeply connected apparatus made up of those that have run the show and sold their souls long ago, haven’t gone anywhere, except maybe back deeper into the shadows.

But, you know what? The shadows aren’t so dark anymore and the thin facade that hid what has really been happening all along are being lit more brightly everyday. The pomp and arrogance of those that know they can do anything they want, any time they want, to anyone they want, has been brought out in the open. Right in your face. Can anyone say Epstein? Suicide? Give me a break. 

Look at the people that have come to testify before congress with their smug, ‘you can’t touch me’ attitude. Is anything really ever going to happen to them? I really, really want to believe so, but that is sheer stupidity on my part. Nothing will happen to them. Why should it? So a few people get Vince Fostered, who cares? They’ll be forgotten in a few days or weeks as we go on to the next crisis flavor of the month. Hmm… what crisis will we spring on the stupid, unsuspecting public this week? Something that will get them frothing at the mouth and wailing about how unfair it all is! They blocked me on social media! Waaaa! Boo-hoo! It’s so easy to control and sway people. It really is.

Some days the lies and treachery make us sick. Literally. Why has the curtain been pulled back now? There don’t appear to be any attempts to hide what is going on, instead it is shoved out in the open, right in your face. So the government lies about everything? So what! They always have, it’s just that they used to try to cover it all up with pretty little excuses and semi believable cover ups. Now. Who cares? Nobody, that’s who. Nobody cares about the lies, corruption or death of the country. As long as I get my ________, fill in the blank with whatever, then all is well. I don’t care who gets fired, suicided, black balled, bankrupted, red flagged, banned, jailed or killed, as long as I get mine.

So. You had better just sit down and shut up. If you don’t they’ll shut you up. You can’t say this or that on social media, print or video. I used to only worry about the government shutting everyone down. Now? For all appearances, and it’s just that, appearances, the government is fighting social media for shutting people down. Great big mega corporations that have the power to control the world. They do. With the advent of the computer, internet and all that entails, the world is controlled, lock, stock and barrel. If this platform doesn’t like what I say, they can shut us off. No more to be heard from again. Or just send us to time out for whatever length of time they deem appropriate.

Next, if you say something someone doesn’t like you will be Red Flagged. You know what that means, right? You may just be labeled mentally incompetent, deranged, or a danger to society. Who gets to decide? The person that feels like you cut them off in traffic? The person that doesn’t like the way you looked at them in the checkout line? The neighbor that is jealous of your holiday decorations or the sound of the bar-b-que you are having with family and friends in your back yard?

What’s it coming to, folks? Just know, whether you like it or not, that you are on your own. I cannot see any way that the future will remain at even the level of civility that exists in our country today, which appears to be getting worse everyday. Trump insists the economy is great, jobs are great and getting better everyday. Lies. Where is the wall? Why is the country still being invaded with illegal, criminal people? I’m not going to call them immigrants. They’re not immigrants, they’re invaders. It’s all lies, smoke and mirrors. What about the companies that are laying off people? What about the auto industry? What about John Deere? What about the housing market?

I would like to be wrong. I would like for people to be able to laugh in my face and tell me how wrong I am. But they can’t. Way back many years ago there was a song by Merle Haggard that included the line – Rolling down hill like a snowball headed for hell. That’s us. That is what is in store for all of us. When it rains on some, it rains on all. 

There is nothing we can say here that will change anyone’s mind, that will lead anyone to changing the way they think. As long as there is the mind numbing filth spewing from the television, computer or smart phone that can be used to drown out reality, nobody will change. As long as people are allowed to silence others by their choices if they don’t agree with them, what we have to say will make no difference. Maybe it’s time to publicly sit down and shut up. Privately? We are more determined than ever. Don’t ever give up.

Until next time – maybe – Fern

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  1. Sorry for the delay in answering. Thank you for stopping by. I don't have a way out of this mess, and I can't recommend one. Up is always a solid choice, but we have been placed here to work and survive and to fight evil.Prepare to defend yourself.Frank

  2. I wish I had an answer for you. At this current time, white appears to be the dominant color and as a general rule, we always attack upward and not downward. White is the obvious choice, especially white male. And yes, we are playing into the enemy's hands, and yes, they are the enemy.Frank

  3. GWN, Fern and I have this discussion on a regular basis. Why would anyone want to burn their own building down? Why would anybody want to destroy their own civilization? But it is obviously an organized movement. It's easy to analyze the surface, but for the life of me, I cannot find a reason, a true reason, why anyone would want to shoot themselves in the foot. We do discuss it and we do not come up with any realistic reason for this self imposed genocide. It's just stupid, not that stupid hasn't been around for a long time. It seems that stupid people don't want to survive. This movement will go all the way to the top. There will be no sacred enclaves. The world doesn't have walls and castles where people can hide. You can't eat gold. Wealth is now controlled by XXs and OOs. I just don't understand. Yes, I understand power and greed and I'll leave it with this. You can't eat power, greed or gold.Thank you for your thoughts. Maybe others will listen. It should be a very interesting ride.Frank

  4. Every Democracy commits suicide once the parasites realize they can vote themselves a measure of wealth. The U.S. being a Constitutional Republic (for now) has resisted these trends the longest by such safety mechanisms as the Electoral College. Once these safeguards are removed (they are being gnawed away at currently) the full force of current suicidal immigration policies will become apparent and Whites will see what a multicultural paradise really looks like. Disarmed and dispossessed is the goal here for the people that built modern civilization. Mindboggling.The irony of this is the extreme leftists are merely unthinking puppets. Useful idiots as Stalin called them. Once this \”socialist\” revolution becomes reality the true wielders of power will have no problem lining the intelligentsia up against a wall. The history of the Bolshevik revolution in Tsarist Russia is a very enlightening read and an almost exact playbook for modern leftist political discourse.America has the Second Amendment for a reason. It must be used or I fear tyranny of a Biblical sort will descend even further.Good luck to all who read this. Even the tapeworms that serve our governments.Great White North.

  5. daisy luther's website has an interview with a man who lived through the serbian bosnian croatian conflict overnight he sawcivilization disappear and turn into the killing fields it can happen anywhere and with stunning swiftness

  6. You nailed it. I believe the only way out of the mess we're in is up, and I'm not talking about spaceships. I'd love for the Lord to airlift us out of here asap.Btw, this is the first time I ever saw your site. I wonder why. Google is atrocious.

  7. If everything white people do is so bad, why is every one else still speaking English? Isn't that playing right into our racist oppressor hands?

  8. I live up in the Flathead Valley. Returned here after 30 years in Southern California. Been back a couple years now. It is a much safer and more stable area than the LA/OC/Riverside tinderbox we lived in.


  10. See that is exactly the attitude I am talking about…You haven't looked into anywhere else because you are to comfortable where you are at…You don't have anyone around you that you can build Community with (which will be the only way you survive) but your too hardheaded to look at other options…Why do you think the left is winning it's because they have a goal and show up to implement it…Sad that we as rugged individuals are going to be overrun one by one because we didn't band together…

  11. Tim I have been online on WRSA, Knuckledragging,TheZman, and a few others for quite some time now advocating relocating to a more secure area and offering to help those who want too…

  12. Well there is one place that has a few families that believe like we do and are working towards a goal and that is my area here in the Bitterroot Valley of MT…I have been on WRSA since 2012 advocating to move here or work on drawing people to your area if you are in a good area as well…But like you said a whole lot of people are to comfortable where they are at so they won't make the effort to do that…

  13. Hi, CW. It's difficult not to judge. Most of us think that what we do is right, therefore, that means what others do that is not the same as us, is wrong in some form or another. I believe my American form of republic democracy is right. I think my Christian belief is right. I believe, me a male, being married to Fern, a female, is right. But I also know there are lots of folks that don't agree with me. There are those that support socialism and communism. There are many folks that don't support Christianity. There are large groups of people that don't believe my chosen life style is the only life style to choose. That means I judge, and they judge. In a truly free country, truly free, they have the right to make their choices. But we don't live in a truly free country, because many people don't agree with the choices I make and they want me punished.I've been following South Africa for years. Before that it was Rhodesia. I do believe that if I live long enough, lets say maybe four or five more years, these types of events will occur here, because they are well developed and are already mainstream. Just take a look at the candidates running for president. These people will say anything. We've got very tough times coming. I hope your family has several more generations where you are.Frank

  14. Hi, Tim. Fern and I stocked and stored food, mostly of the commercial variety, long before Y2K. I knew Y2K was a 50/50 chance, so we stocked up heavily. At the time there weren't preppers and survivalists weren't the gun toting types, they were just survivalists. We used to teach groups from our church. That passed on. After doing a number of years in Alaska we moved back to the lower 48 about 11 years ago. The reason we moved back here was that I could see what was coming. Thinking that I was bright and advanced, I knew I had to share what I could see that others couldn't. Share it with everybody. Then one day it dawned on me, most people thought I was crazy, had no desire or will to do what this crazy man was advocating. Then there were those that were looking at what I was doing and not in a healthy way. Then there were those that had every intention of coming to my house and me taking care of them. Some of them I believe were actually dangerous, but I know who they are and I know what they look like. Now don't get me wrong, there are still folks I know locally and talk to on occasion that are fine people.I've quit trying to save those that have no desire to see things my way. I hope these thoughts help you with your decisions. Check out NVIS. It works. Always remember, anything you say, somebody can hear.73, Frank

  15. Hi, Tom. One of the best ways to bring Donald Trump down is with some kind of economic collapse and then blame him. That's just the way the game is played. Whoever is at the helm gets the blame. You are correct about the world's economy being interconnected. If we have a collapse and it is severe enough then our purchasing power will also collapse, then there will be a very quick domino effect. If this happens, then we'll see every type of bad imaginable. I guess the one I worry about the most is some type of plague. Maybe natural, maybe man made.Thank you for your comment. Frank

  16. Each of us are living under different circumstances, and it is wrong for any of us to judge what others are doing or not doing. It was mentioned earlier that the problem with conservatives who are aware of our country's most serious problems, are too comfortable or too lazy to make changes in their lifestyle. That may or may not be the case. I have often pondered where my family and I would hide if the \”golden hoardes\” made their presence known in our area. Some people would say we are located in a relatively safe place…thinly populated, rural, Midwestern part of the country. I agree that it is probably much safer than many other areas, yet there will be no place to hide from those who want to harm us. I don't know if there is a better location or how we could improve our circumstances by moving. Our family has worked very hard for decades to establish ourselves as secure and stable. We are more self-reliant than most, and know of no other family or family members who we could work with as a \”conservative\” community. Our farmland is our life's work and achievement. Some of our land has been in our family for generations. We cannot pick up and leave what we have worked so hard to earn and take care of for decades. We are also very aware of the fact that as socialism and communism take over, the farm families are often killed and their properties are taken over by the state or those in power. This may seem unfathomable to many in this country, but it is happening in South Africa and in South America at this very time. God has allowed us to live and work this land as a fifth generation farm family. We will be staying on our land and defending what we have had the honor of making our life's work. I will try very hard not to judge the choices that other people are making. Thank you…good to have each other and learn from other points of view…take care, be aware, and continue to prepare.

  17. Lots of moving discussion. Personally, I would feel far more comfortable in a significantly lower population density area than where I currently am and on a significantly larger piece of property. Problem is employment in such places is few and far between. Further, it takes time to get established in any community – time that may be in fact passed. I'm not sure what to do other than do the best one can where one is at and with the resources at one's disposal. Unfortunately, too few folks irrespective of geography seem to be doing anything. Other than discussion with folks like those on this blog, I have ONLY ONE FRIEND who actually actively works at becoming less dependent on the interconnected, overly-complex, and (IMHO) destined-to-fail systems that moderns are 100% reliant on for the necessities of life. Just one. I know many folks (mostly from church) who talk about the sorts of things we talk about here, but none actually do anything about it. None. Further, while I am orders of magnitude more prepared than any of these aforementioned folks, I'm still woefully underprepared relative to my goals. All any of us can do is keep working towards decreased dependence and pray.Tim(fromOhio)

  18. Unless DT does something really stupid, which isn't out of the question, I don't see a democrat on the horizon who could beat him if things stay reasonably the same. Which leaves us with the question: What would move the voting public to oust him in favor of one of the dem creatures currently vying for the office? To me, the economy is his vulnerability, and where leftists have leverage. I doubt Bill Maher was alone in saying \”A depression would be worth it to get Trump out.\”I agree wholeheartedly that somewhere in the next 12-14 months the economy will tank, long enough ahead of the election to really take hold.The problem is, even though the leftists have enough leverage to create a depression, they don't have the control to manage it's growth or depth. The world's economy is too interconnected to keep what may have started out as an election \”dirty trick\” from turning into a meltdown internationally.Maybe to them it's a consequence they're will to chance, or even accept, but the fire they're playing with can, and will burn us all.On the bright side, in the past several months we've met three young (mid-twenties to mid-thirties) who've expressed interest in prepping. Two of whom we've taught pressure canning to, and they're filling their pantries. The Ozarks will be a good place to be in coming times.

  19. Hi Lineman. I've read about folks moving to new areas where people have the same values and it wasn't any different there. Fern and I moved to where we are now and folks are still the same. I do not recall having seen an advertisement, maybe outside of the northern Rockies, that said – move here, we think and feel this way. There are family groups that have similar type values, but most of them really don't. You might have one believer and the rest are just dissenters. So, I guess what I'm saying is, I don't know of a place where I could move or would recommend that anyone else move, that is an established community or one that wants to change. Many of us have commented that we have tried to sway our community in a different direction, but it just hasn't work. I don't think moving to an unknown location is a wise move, not unless there is a known, established base of support.Now, if I lived in any major, moderate, or town of any size, I would be moving if at all possible. Sometimes moving is just not an option, but if it were an option, get out now. But where to get out to? That is a good question.Most people don't want to sacrifice their time or effort or comforts. And some of those that do are looking for a free ride. Be cautious, be wary, and be prepared. If that means moving, then do so.Thank you for your comment. FrankP.S. There are reasons why we live in southeastern Oklahoma. Thanks again.

  20. It's not even about the bad news scenario it's about living a better life around better people but people would rather complain online than make an effort to make something like that happen…

  21. lineman, I would say that 95% of the folks do not want to hear any bad news scenarios, it makes them uncomfortable. Most people are satisfied with their hot pizza,cold beer and a 55\” flat screen T V . Educating people to the unpleasant possibilities in the future is a very frustrating endeavor and one I just don't waste time on anymore. Don't give yourself a headache.Bluesman

  22. @StrykerBrother we are probably going to have to do that because we didn't do what we need to right now which see below for what we need to be doing…

  23. The right needs to be forming up Communities that are self sufficient/sustaining/secure that focuses on taking care of one another by building up systems that don't rely on this corrupt government in any form…If your area is not conducive to doing that because of geography, demographics, politics, climate, or weather then you need to be moving somewhere that is…But like I said before everyone is still to comfortable yet to make that life choice…I have been trying to get people to do that since 2010 and it's like beating my head against the wall…

  24. Don't give up…never, ever give up! You must begin each day with a renewed effort to do what you are capable of doing. Otherwise, those who are trying to take our freedom and liberty from us will have succeeded with our help. You just may be the person who makes a big difference for all of us. Don't give up and as Frank always says, and \”don't get on the bus.\” CWfromIowa

  25. Leigh, I like to come over and look at the pictures of your goats and cats. It is a refreshing break from the madness of the world. At the same time I wonder about the bloggers out there that I read and hope all will be well with them when the curtain falls. How well any of us will manage is like pretending we can read a crystal ball.Honestly, as things get worse and worse and our bodies age, I sometimes wonder – what's the point? We're going to die someday. Someone will come along and take or destroy all we have worked so hard to prepare. Is all the work worth it? And then I take a deep breath and know that collapse or not, I wouldn't trade our lifestyle for any other, anywhere. Outside of blog world I don't know one person that doesn't think our choice of location, animals, diet, just about everything isn't very strange, weird, eccentric, just plain crazy. Why would anyone in the world choose to live like this? Another selfish reason Frank and I chose to start blogging again. We obviously don't write very often, but we really like hearing from folks when we do.The insanity of the world makes us look a little more normal everyday. Unless, of course, we're being viewed from the eyes of the progressive left. What outcome can possibly come from two such diametrically opposing views? Avoidance doesn't seems to be working anymore. We hear more and more about separation. Splitting the country into two or more different countries. That would be an amazing thing to see in our life times. Truly amazing.Leigh, I just know that I am not near as nice and tolerant a person as I used to be. Not anywhere close. I resent the judgements placed upon me because of who I am and the choices I make. I resent having to pay for others choices. I resent the death of my country, the country I grew up with. I don't guess I'm very good at sitting down and shutting up. And that's a good thing.Always good to hear from you. Fern

  26. That is a very interesting possible scenario. Next summer will probably be one of the hottest on record leading into \”the fall\”. Buy all of your Christmas stocking stuffers early. You may need them sooner than you think.Thanks for the comment. Good one. Fern

  27. Hi Chipmunk. Thank you. Buckle your seat belt. Crazy has just started. Keep your eyes focused and your head clear and sober. This attack is just starting. When the major offensive comes, it will appear overwhelming. And it might be. There is a chance we'll have no news, period. Give ham radio a thought. It's a whole lot better than looking at a blank screen. That's the only reason I do ham radio.Keep your head straight. That's what they told Jeffery Epstein, too. A little sick humor there. Keep your head straight so you don't get Jeffed.Frank

  28. I'm with Stryker and CW, and heartily glad for your reply that you want to continue blogging. Y'all have been a major encouragement to me over the years, increasingly as our society gets crazier and crazier.

  29. lineman, the reason for this is that Conservatives have a different view of things than the Progressives. It's not that we like 'being screwed.' One of my Pastors said that it's because the Left is outcome based. They think 'The ends justify the means, and because the ends are so crucial, any means of accomplishing them are right and moral.' The Conservatives (especially Christian ones) are concerned with right principles. We think, 'The ends must be achieved in a right, moral, and ethical way.' It is like we are in a chess match and while we scrupulously follow the rules, our opponent has ditched the rules, is actively cheating, and beating the snot out of us. As a Christian, I am in a moral dilemma. In order to win we will have to engage in bending/breaking rules, laws, and ethical principles. That's not something we are comfortable doing or very good at. So we take a defensive posture and wait for the ugliness to come to us. You can't win a war playing defense. This also allows our enemies to define the battlefields. This is not good. I wish I had some answers…

  30. Keeping watch. I really expect DT to win the next election. Then the riots will start. That will be the perfect excuse.

  31. Hi Lineman. Thank you for your comment.My following question is intended for information purposes only. If you could, would you share with us what you see can be done to stop what is happening? There are certain guidelines that need to be followed for information to be published. If you could, please keep your recommendations within that realm. I would love to hear what you have to say.Thank you in advance. By the way, we seldom edit responses. Normally it is to take out personal information like names, addresses, phone numbers, but not content.Thank you again. Frank

  32. CW, from the great state of Iowa. You're wrong. Fern and I do this for very selfish reasons. You see, we do this to remind ourselves from your comments that there are other people out there like us. There are VERY few people in our area that truly believe that our country is in trouble. They see little problems, but it doesn't slow them down any, doesn't change anything. So, yes, Fern and I are greedy and selfish. We need to know that we are not alone.To a younger person, the internet has always been there. But when I was a child we had a party line, and no, this is not a group of swappers or swingers, this was a telephone party line.So, forgive our selfishness, but we do this for our sanity. Is there such a thing as sanity? Is it sane to believe that our society is going to collapse? All societies collapse eventually, so I guess that makes us sane. I better stop now.CW, remember, that humor is the essence of survival. I thank you earnestly for your comment and kind words.Frank Feral

  33. I'm beginning to think the right likes being screwed because they do nothing to effectively stop it from happening…There is a ton of stuff the right could be doing so that they are not screwed now and have a lot less chance of being screwed later but they are just to comfortable where they are at so they don't do anything more than complain online.. Sad That…

  34. Stryker, you're right, everything you say I agree with. I wish I could tell you what I really think, but if I did they would shut this little blog down in a second.You see, I am a terrorist. Let me qualify that, of course. I am white, a Christian, a male, a heterosexual. I worked all my life. I pay my bills. I am a retired school principal and teacher. A veteran of two military branches. A former state licensed Reserve Police Officer. A former state and national certified EMT. And I am happily married to a woman. Do you know how many of those qualifications make me a terrorist? This is according to the news media, and the part that hurts the most, my own government.Thank you for your kind words and thank you for your comment.FrankAnd don't get on the bus.

  35. revjen, you're right. There is nothing we can do about it. This type of activity has been going on since the beginning of time. King David did it. And yes, that is David of David and Goliath. Look back at the French Revolution, not the current one, but THE French Revolution. They will mercilessly kill thousands of people. Both sides, not just one side.So what can we do about this? First, THEY will turn commoner against commoner. That's already happening and it will escalate. It will just continue to deteriorate from there. Study the Bolsheviks. Look at what happened in Yugoslavia, modern times. These were people just like you and I, cars in the driveway, open air restaurants, Winter Olympics. A couple of weeks later they are burning furniture to avoid freezing to death. This is where we're headed.Get your head screwed on right. As mentioned above, we will not see another peaceful transition of government. Those days are over. Keep your powder dry and your pantry full.Frank

  36. Fern and Frank, I agree with Stryker 4570. The two of you are an awesome source of information and inspiration for all of us who are struggling to prepare for the train wreck. Many of us see the train coming and are puzzled by the normalcy bias that has a grip on those that we love and care about. It is time to face reality and be ready to deal with it, regardless of what others think or do (don't do). The more of us who deal with the realities of life, rather than feelings or emotions, the stronger we will be when the need arises. Keep your posts coming. After all, you are the two that reminded me I need to quit being so nice and to put on my mean face as needed. You are a blessing for all of us…CWfromIowa

  37. Bluesman, excellent advice. It doesn't make any difference what causes the trouble, once the trucks quit running, it will be chaos. Be where you need to be, have what you need to have. The more you have, the better you'll be.This thing is going to get real nasty, as you said, very unpleasant. It's coming to a head. I'll say it again, everybody needs to have their head screwed on right. Don't get on the bus, Frank

  38. Excellent question. I don't have an answer. But what you say is true. The Bill of Rights has been destroyed. The breakdown of a moral society and the American culture. Anybody with half a brain can see it. I would have thought we would have crossed the \”red line\” years ago, but we haven't. THEY, the left, the socialists, the communists, THEY have the advantage and THEY are going to continue to push that advantage.That \”red line\”, I just don't have an answer, I'm sorry. But I think we will find it sometime within the next 13 or 14 months. And that \”red line\” will be painted with our blood.Frank

  39. Thank you for your comment. In reference to the video you mentioned, remember, you can't fix stupid. Now let's get past that.Either people are with you or they are not. Sounds like George Bush, doesn't it? I am a retired educator. Our schools have been pounding useless propaganda into our kids and adults heads for decades. This is just during my observable tenure. Most people just can't see it. They have been taught to not see. You and I and all the other people that stuck our heads in the sand are to blame. But this is what we have and this is where we are.It won't be 18 months. It will be before then. We will never see another peaceful transition of government. NEVER.I have tried for years to influence people's thought, and I might as well have been urinating into the wind. Either they get it or they don't. Yugoslavia is an excellent example. We are going to fracture and segment. Be where you want to be.As mentioned above, get your head straight. Be prepared to do the unthinkable. Thanks for your comment, Frank

  40. Lance, ammo is critical. It also makes for a great bartering item. If I may recommend common calibers, easy to find calibers, don't shop online, pay with cash and don't tell your friends and neighbors. Avoid steel if possible, brass just works better. By your name, I would say you have your head straight. All the ammo in the world does not prepare someone to do the unthinkable. Make sure your head is straight. Trust no one. And, of course, buy more ammo.Frank

  41. RHT and Anonymous, you can't believe the news media, we can't believe the government. Most people are influenced by the news media and most people believe the government is there to save them. Is this not a recipe for disaster?I understand \”Never Again\”, but I am sorry to say that \”Again\” is at the door.Frank

  42. CW2, you can't put the genie back in the bottle, and all the kings men couldn't put Humpty back together again.The events coming are past the point of going back. I don't know when, I don't know how, and I certainly don't know why. This thing is not going to be reconciled in the ballot box. I just don't know what is coming. But I do know that it is coming.I just don't believe my government any more. It breaks my heart to say that.Keep buying supplies. Watch your back.Frank

  43. Fern, I understand your frustration. I see the same things. However, you and Frank need to keep writing. Those on our side need to see that they are not alone and that they are not crazy. Blogs like yours help us to see that there are others like us and that the other side is really murderously insane. As bloggers on the right give up and go silent in despair,and others are deplatformed, the rest of us become more isolated and vulnerable. We become less informed. Keep up the good work, even if you are writing posts on simple survival prep and super basic preparedness, it helps. I know that the political posts are hard and take something out of you when you have to face the stark facts. Thanks for all you do.

  44. The 2nd scariest part is that the corruption has become so endemic that they don't even bother to try to hide it. The murder of Epstein took the rag off the bush. Everybody knows that the cause of death was Arkancide. So What? What are We the Peons going to do about it? What CAN We the Peons do about it?The scariest part is what TPTB will do in their desperation as their treason, sedition, and usurpations come to light. I fear that Lamestream Media may successfully smother most of it._revjen45

  45. Frank & Fern, The first 4 words of your article sums everything up pretty well, folks we are screwed!Further on you asked the question : what's it coming to folks? We do not know what it is that is coming , but I'll bet my bean patch it will be unpleasant, very unpleasant .Sadly, George Carlins quote rings very true.Since we don't know what or when something will take place, we prepare for the worst case scenario. It could be an extended electrical outage , severe storm , an economic collapse,shutdown of the transportation system or some kind of civil craziness. What ever it may be I urge all to have whatever it takes you to survive for several days or weeks in your home now. Stay away from crowds and crazies. Blessings to all.Bluesman

  46. Excellent rant. Everything they are doing is very in our faces; a sign of boldness and confidence in what they're doing. But you're right that more and more folks are catching on. It would be nice to think that would make a difference in the voting booth, but computer algorithms are easy to manipulate. Does anybody really trust the results they report?The economy is only doing great for big business and investors, not for the common consumer who only sees prices go up and quality goes down. But that's part of the formula for increasing dividends to keep investors happy. The idea of \”the customer is always right\” is antiquated. Everything is geared toward the investor. Customers and laborers are a necessary inconvenience. Red lines. So true about who gets to decide. The self-policing of by social media industry is a joke. They just define hate speech as anything contrary to their own agenda. I get that these things need to be said, but honestly, I (personally) have to be careful because, although the knowledge keeps me motivated, it can become mentally and emotionally consuming to the point that I am overwhelmed by it. It robs me of my trust in the One who is sovereign over all things, and of the peace that passes all understanding. So yes, sometimes I will blog about recipes or pictures of my goats and cats. It's my way of coping positively while doing the best I can to be prepared for the worst.

  47. RHT447 that is where this is all headed , my family lost many members in the last conflagration many were on both sides, the ones on the other side did not fare well , out of 250 family members only 4 remain all that were trapped in Europe perished . the similarities to what is happening today is totally frightening the stories I grew up with are now becoming a reality again . to me \”Never Again\” is not just words or an empty slogan , it is a way of life. those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it with all the accompanying horror. I will Never get on the Boxcar or Bus because I know where it leads to , a place called Auschwitz.

  48. What is our \”Red Line\”??We have watched a Deep State coup take place. We have watched our Bill of Rights getting destroyed. We are witnessing a complete breakdown of a moral society and our American culture. When will we collectively say that we've had enough? What is our \”Red Line\”? Aside from preparedness, what can We The People actually DO?

  49. It is obvious to all who have discernment the next 18 months will be a game-changer. The question all of us must ask ourselves is: Are you prepared for what is going to happen? And I do not mean do you have enough beans, bullets, booze, and band-aids. Are you prepared psychologically for a dystopian society which will NEVER come back to what once was? Are you prepared for Bosnia times Rwanda with a touch of Panem(cue THE HUNGER GAMES)thrown in? If you want a little example of Normalcy Bias mindset, go to You Tube. Reference a made-for-TV movie titled: THE DAY AFTER. Watch the episode(VI, VII, or VII) where the poor slob farmer is trying to get his wife and clueless daughters down to the basement while he and his young son are desperately trying to fortify the homestead. Do not be that family. Bleib ubrig.

  50. Initially we can do little to change the outcome of that barreling train heading our way. However we can prepare for when the train derails and fly's off the tracks. One way we can do that is by buying ammo. If you can't afford to buy a case then buy a box. Maybe we can't change anything now, but we can buy ammo. There will be a breaking point of which we will not let pass without resistance, yes? Well then, buy ammo, our day is coming…Semper Fi, ~Lance

  51. Nazi. Right. What's next, \”Arbeit Macht Frei\”?When I was stationed in (the former) West Germany, I spent one of my R&R days walking the grounds of Dachau. I have also stood, as an American GI, on the podium where Hitler spoke at the Nuremberg rallies.To the progs–come on over. I'll wait.

  52. I wish I had some revelations to counter your comments, Fern, some ray of hope to which we could all cling. Sadly, I am as pessimistic as you; my wife & I have curtailed reading most of the political & social commentary of the day because there is nothing worth reading.Where is the moral center of our Nation today (my friend asks me)? My response is the there IS no moral center today. All we decent Americans have is our small moral centers that rightly guide us in our interactions with family, friends and those others with whom we make contact daily. Every time I observe another traitorous political swine railing against our values, our First, Second and other Amendments, our very Constitution, I respond by ordering up another case of…, rice, beans and heirloom seeds.None of MY people will go gently into the coming Night.I wish you well!

  53. Thank you for your comment, Will. If I were a betting man, I would say next summer is going to be real hot. People have short memories. Whatever happens will need to be right before the election, be it financial problems or social unrest. Be prepared.Frank

  54. With all that has been going on – you guys have been a ray of hope and inspiration to me. I've learned a lot on a lot of subjects – especially communications and gardening. I have no idea what to do other than emulate your lifestyle. I believe we have until next year – planning on a much bigger garden and laying in more supplies until then. God bless you guys….

  55. The sitting down part? Got it nailed. It is the 'shut up' part that gives me trouble. Can't do it. Won't do it. And I am willing to bet the farm that you and Frank won't shut up either. We are now in the fight for our lives. I am way too old to physically fight any more. But I am not too old or too feeble to tell it like it is. My life, your lives, the lives of my family and friends are way too important to me to even consider shutting up. For if we quit fighting, we might as well just climb onto the truck.

  56. Fern, did you know that the new definition of Racist is anyone who disagrees with a Liberal, Socialist, Communist, Progressive and Democrat? Red

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