Reality or Delusion?

We have to ask ourselves, is all of this prepping, survivalist, collapse mantra just another hoax? Is it just another relatively new economic opportunity for a section of entrepreneurs? Have we drank the “prepper” Koolaid?

There is no doubt the world is in a state of change, and in some instances conflict. Just to name a few.

  • Global warming vs. Grand Solar Minimum
  • Open borders vs. limited to no immigration
  • Socialism/communism vs. Nationalism/patriotism
  • New Green Deal vs. traditional ways
  • Democrats vs. Republicans
  • Congress vs. the President

And the list goes on and on and on, ad nauseam. The question is: What is really going on? What is true? What is hyperbole? What is a con game? What is really behind the curtain?

There is one thing that is obvious. Our government is at war with itself. Or is it? Is it all just a great show to distract us from something far more sinister? Are we truly to the point where we can no longer tolerate each other? There are more and more people saying the unmentionable words – Civil War.

It appears that the curtain has been pulled back to reveal the “business as usual” activities of many factions of our government. Some are shocked, some deny the 

many allegations that continue to pop up like summer thunderstorms on a daily basis, and some obviously don’t care, because what has been revealed is business as usual and has been going on for a very long time. So, what’s the big deal? Just because we, the public, didn’t realize how our government has been, and is being run, does that all of a sudden make it wrong? Why? Because some label it corrupt? Because I label it corrupt and have lost my last vestige of faith in the integrity, honesty and good will of our government? Because I now think I see the day to day machinations of our government for what they really are? What difference does that make?

Our lights are still on. Water still comes out of the tap when I turn it on. The shelves in the store are still filled with items that are available day or night. This internet is still up and running providing me instant resources from any research I care to conduct, all at the tap of a key or the touch of a button. What’s not to like about this life of ease and luxury that we live? This is reality. These things do exist and I take advantage of them everyday. So what difference does it matter how corrupt they are or much money they print to cover our bills?

Many have said for years, this is just another shift, a downturn, a momentary glitch in the system. Things have worked out before, they will this time also. We’ve all heard this many, many times. And you know what? So far, they are right and we are wrong. What does that tell us? 

In my bones, I have no doubt that one day our civilization will change – drastically. How? I cannot tell. I do know that more and more people are voicing their resentment against those that are intolerant. Now both ‘sides’ are indicating that the ‘other side’ is intolerant. There are now comments of irreconcilable differences between various factions in the country. Does that mean civil war? Does that mean secession of some states or portions of states or cities or what? Does that mean all out anarchy, every man for himself, violence and death in the streets all across our country? I do not know the answers to these questions, and I don’t think anyone else does either. We all have our opinions and theories, but that leads me back to reality or delusion.

We can state that our opinions, actions, statements are based on facts, but are they? Look at the current whistleblower fiasco. First the facts indicated this, then they indicated that, then one side said no, it’s this, and the other side said no, it’s that. What are the facts? From my chair, there is no way to tell what the actual facts are. You can word things in such a way that two sides are saying the same thing, the exact same words, but the context gives each statement entirely different meanings. 

If the corruption in our government, in our country has been going on for decades, just business as usual, what is the problem? If you have been cutting the tail off a turkey before you cook it, just like grandma did, is that wrong? Even if you find out later that the only reason she cut it off was to get it to fit into the pan she had? Is change required? Is it necessary? Yes, I know everything changes, seasons, physical abilities, opinions. Just because our government is corrupt, does it have to change? No. Now that I see, hear and read information detailing what appears to be massive corruption, do I want it to change? Yes. But wanting doesn’t make it so and hope is a very poor strategy.

It is difficult to lose all faith in my government. I have come to the point that I realize that I now love my country as my homeland, the place of my birth and life, but I loathe my government for the bloated, behemoth, oozing corruption and sucking the life blood from the fabric of our society. 

Do I think we have massive unrest possibly leading to anarchy, mayhem and a break up of our country? Yes. I actually can’t see anyway around it. Look at Washington, D.C. Look at the war currently taking place in the halls of Congress, in the White House and in many state and local houses of government. What do you see? People coming together as communities to take care of those they have been elected to serve and protect? Look at the homeless crisis that grows everyday. 

There are still good people. People that stop and help each other. You just don’t hear about them because they are not the ones out there in front of the camera, and some of those people are even in Washington D.C. They are the quiet, hard working folks that make the country tick. But the sound of that ticking has been dimmed by the rancorous anger and hatred being spewed across the airwaves and internet. One day, I pray that quiet majority doesn’t reach the end of the line and that ticking counts down to an explosion. An explosion that has built up over many, many years and has a massive amount of energy behind it. I heard someone say recently that a human being can only take so much. I hope this part of my vision is the delusion and not the reality of our future.

Until next time – Fern

64 thoughts on “Reality or Delusion?

  1. read that california is trying to close down ham radiowhat is in store? know you have read it in the prophets it will be as in the days of Noah treasure will be left by the roadsides as starving and dehydrated people keep walking to find water and food until they drop in their tracksHimself said that if He had not foreshortened the time there would have been no flesh left living

  2. just read at 'bayourenaissanceman' about 'journalists' faking war footagei never knew!i think most of us are just finding out how deep and fly blown the corruption islike discovering a deadly tumor just before you die and it is far too late to excise

  3. I am reorganizing after moving 3 years ago. Yesterday I opened 12 cans of food from March of 99.I write purchase date on top of can. After 20 years storage one can of peas was black. The rest smelled and looked fine. The chickens ate them all.After watching ER nurses force charcoal down the stomachs of people who were attempting suicide by meds, I now keep a supply of homemade charcoal on hand.Billybob

  4. Daniel, thank you for your input and your interest.Botulism and ptomaine are serious situations not to be trifled with. Ptomaine is a form of food poisoning. If there is any doubt about a food whatsoever, we do not eat it. Food poisoning symptoms can occur 24 hours after the food has been consumed. I cannot advise my readers to follow your 30 minute technique. Will I eat expired food? Yes. Can I recommend this to other people? No, I can not. The food that I can does not have an expiration date on it. Be careful. Be very careful.In a grid down situation, botulism, ptomaine or food poisoning could be the last meal you ever eat. Thank you for your input.Frank

  5. Yes, everyone chooses what risk they're willing to take. I should also add that since then, I eat a spoonful of the can contents and wait for at least half an hour to see how my stomach handles it; so far, no problems. If something passes the half-hour test and still makes me sick, I'll know that isn't long enough :).The food poisoning was 24 hours of misery. The mushroom soup tasted very good, so there was no warning there. Wife was out of state at the time, so at least no one else had to watch me go through it. Final advice for those who need it: If you start to feel nausea, get to the bathroom and stick your fingers down your throat IMMEDIATELY. Don't assume it'll pass in a couple of hours.Thank you for your website and generosity sharing your knowledge, Frank and Fern.

  6. Hi, Daniel. Thank you for your comment.This is not a recommended practice. Fern and I have always eaten home and commercially canned products past expiration date, or recommended use by date. Yes, we don't eat bloated cans and I don't buy dented cans.This is one of those cases of each to their own. But I do know people that will eat a canned item up to the day of the expiration date, the next day they will throw that same can away. The can seems to know exactly when it should expire.Again, thank you, and again, each to their own.Frank

  7. Call me crazy, but I don't throw out canned food past its best-by date. I open it, checking the motion of the can top when I break the seal, and eat it. I have what is probably a lower volume of canned food than many folks here, so can only claim to have eaten several dozen, but out of all that, I have gotten food poisoning one (1) time, 5 years ago. I had failed to watch the top of the can to make sure it rose, rather than fell, when I broke the seal. It was Campbell's mushroom soup about _4 months_ past its best-by date. That was a hard-learned lesson. The other day I ate Campbell's tomato soup in a stew; this was the oldest I've ever eaten; its best-by date was in 2012, no detectable problems. FWIW, YMMV, etc.

  8. I agree, these are scary time, Morning Sun. Every day there seems to be something else happening in the world that makes us wonder what kind of glue is holding it all together.I enjoyed looking at the potato patch on your blog. It's good to see others growing and raising food for their families. Morning Sun is new to blogging. Click on her name and take a look at her homestead. Welcome to blog world, Morning Sun. Thanks for the comment.Fern

  9. I sometimes wonder if what we are doing is right also. But what if?? I sure don't want to see my children starve, because I had to have a new vehicle instead of buckets of beans and wheat. So many people are unprepared. If and when something does happen, there will be mounds of folks rolling out of the cities, looking, looting, for anything to feed themselves. It is very scary times. I am not a doom and gloom type person, but someone would have to be quite silly not to see that the future of our country is in a fast downhill spiral. The most preparedness any of us can do is to take care of our soul with God. We each have two decisions, heaven or hell. We make that choice. Thanks for you writings. It is nice to read thoughts of like-minded people.

  10. Hi, John. It's interesting to equate eugenics with other evils. In my gardening, I choose the crops that survive best in my area and cross pollinate them with others of the same species. We do the same thing with our livestock. So, if a parent of a human being wants their grandchildren to be strong, healthy, bright and attractive, is this something negative? Yes, forced sterilization of a group to achieve a controlled outcome is a questionable technique. We have used selective breeding to improve mankind. Most of us choose to associate with our own type whether it be race, religion, intellectual or financial levels. Is there anything really wrong or evil with this?Interesting topic to bring up. We practice as a society selective breeding everyday. It's not just the intelligent, the beautiful and the rich that practice this technique. All of society generally choose to be around their own.I have downloaded the book from Amazon, Eugenics and Other Evils, free on Kindle. Thank you again.Frank

  11. Hi, CW. Hope things in your area are doing well. I'm also pushing 70 and things have slowed down a great deal. As far as ruffling feathers goes? It's a good thing. We all need to have challenges in life and I guess I'll divide them into two groups – positive ruffle and negative ruffle. When I was a principal, on occasion I would ruffle a teacher's feathers to give them something to think about. But then also on occasion, I would ruffle a teacher's feathers in a negative manner when it was time for them to move on. My family background is much different than mine. I chose a deliberate, different life style path than theirs. I also am very happy with my choices. Pursuing the financial pinnacle is just not part of my natural demeanor. Right now in my house it is quiet, it's also quiet outside, too. I don't think it's going to stay that way, though. We too prepare, and have been for a long time. There are days that it's difficult to stay on course, but this is the course I've chosen.Thank you for the reminder. What was that Ricky Skaggs song? A Simple Life is the Life For Me. Frank

  12. Dweezil, thank you for the information, it is very interesting. I located a book on German Amazon with the same name, but there was no English translation. So, what do you see coming down the pike? I see various possible scenarios. There will be the beginning and there will be a conclusion.Thank you again, Frank

  13. Morning, Frank. Chesterton's book, \”Eugenics and Other Evils,\” can be downloaded and read for free at As with most of Chesterton's work, it's well worth reading. I'll hold onto my hard copy.

  14. Frank and Fern, another thought provoking post. I also respect all of the comments which followed too. I think I may ruffle a few feathers as well, with my comment. Thank goodness we are still able to express our thoughts on blogs such as yours.Even after giving your post and the comments a great deal of thought, I am not sure I know where my comments may end up. I think it is a huge topic to cover. First, life is a series of decisions and choices. I am extremely thankful that God provided me with the ability to think things through, and that I have been able to exercise my rights based on my decisions and choices through my almost 70 years of living. That being said, I love seeking answers to problems and have always tried to avoid rather than create problems. I made the decision to do everything in my power to be prepared in my life…financially and otherwise. I also made the decision to prepare for what may be taken away from me…my freedom, etc. I deliberately gave up certain things in life to be more stable and prepared. I like my lifestyle even though I could have lived very differently. I would not change what I am doing or how I am living my life. I am not going to look back and regret my decisions. Right or wrong, I am doing the best I know how. Our country will never be the same and wishing it could be won't make it so. My hope is that everyone who is reading this will continue to prepare for what our future holds. Don't let frustration overwhelm you. It will only increase the weight of the task we have ahead of us. Stay strong and stay prepared. CW

  15. Frank: The phrase: \”Bleib ubrig\” was coined into the German culture by the Berliners in 1945. As the Soviet Armies approached Berlin, most of the inhabitants knew the game was up. When they would talk among themselves, their parting phrase was \”bleib ubrig.\” The literal translation is remain or stay whole, or together. The idiomatic translation is \”survive.\” Cornelius Ryan documented all of this in his nonfiction work: THE LAST BATTLE. I use it because like the Berliners, I see what is coming down the pike. Bosnia times Rwanda(h/t to Mr. Bracken).

  16. Frank, my apologies for any loss. I learned a long time ago to be practical. I counseled young rape victims for years. Some kept their baby and some chose the other. Lord protect them since we couldn't or wouldn't. Red

  17. Frank, I was in the line at the market with a Mom, daughter and year old grandchild in front of me. The daughter was 17 at most and told her Mom she was thinking of having another baby to get it out of the way because she didn't have anything better to do. The Mom saw the look on my face and I said I hoped she was willing to care for any grand children due to her daughter's choice to wager her health and life in getting an incurable disease or being murdered because she was bored. It would be better if young women were to hold their virtue as something to be protected. Red

  18. Hi, Tom. Greed is the opiate that lets the bankers sleep soundly at night. Human nature is to get as much as one can. Whether it's prepping more or having more TVs, greed is human nature. It's not just human nature, it's animal nature. And we are animals, some of us a little more than others. I want the most that I can get for my family.Greed. That's where we are. And this thing will continue until it consumes itself. We will continue to deteriorate within every realm of society, and we will continue to pursue more. Always more. This is just the way it is.Someday, somebody will drop that monkey wrench into the gears. Better be prepared to do the unthinkable.Frank

  19. Bluesman, our culture is falling apart. What else is there to say? The term used here often is unhinged. Our culture and society are unhinged. It's not going to get better. We can hope all we want, and if praying makes us feel better, then by all means, pray. It's going to continue to slide. Lying is now the norm. No matter where you go, lying is the norm.We disconnected from TV over 20 years ago. The only time I see it anymore is at the doctor's office and the rare visit to a relatives house. That thing is always on. What's the term you used? Vomit. That's what people are being fed everyday. Vomit. And they lap it up and beg for more.The next few months until November 3, 2020 is going to be very interesting.Take care, Frank

  20. Hi, Pete. In the military we had a term – hurry up and wait. I've hurried for years and years and I've waited for years and years. It is difficult to stay on edge and be prepared all the time. Boy Scouts, or what used to be the Boy Scouts, motto is Be Prepared.Being just Fern and I, outside of taking a day off in place, there is no such thing as a day off or vacation.Be Prepared, and don't get on the bus. Frank

  21. Hi, John. Thank you for your words.I am not familiar with the book you reference. Being unfamiliar, therefore, I can't comment.In our house we read the Bible everyday. We do believe it is our responsibility to prepare, and prepare to defend ourselves. I do wish other felt the same way. The Bible is full of righteous wars and often times, every man, woman, child, beast, building and tree are mowed to the ground. Anarchy might be coming. We'll see. Frank

  22. Thank you for the kind words. There's that word again. Unhinged. It does appear things are coming unglued. I don't think we can put Humpty Dumpty back together again. I wish I were wrong.Thanks again, Frank

  23. Otis, you are exactly right. You have hit the nail on the head. You win the prize for the astute observation of the day. We're the target, not the little games they play back and forth. \”We the People\” are under attack. Every day.Thank you for noticing. Watch your back. Frank

  24. Hi, Me. The water may be hot, but it's going to get hotter. We have traded our rights for little bit of security and for that we have lost our rights. We think we still have a 2nd Amendment, just because we are able to own guns doesn't mean we have the right to use them. We read stories about self defense. You had better not ever use a gun to hurt another human. Even if legally justified, you'll spend years in civil court. You'll lose everything you have. Plus, they'll still take your guns.Take care, Frank

  25. Hi, Leigh. Truth has been a rare commodity for quite sometime. Your term unhinged is the part we concern ourselves with. Things are becoming unhinged and I don't believe as a society we can prevent what is coming.Thank you for what you do. Frank

  26. Hi, Red. Food for pets can be an issue. All of ours live outside and they are all working animals. As of today I have five cats. Three live at the house, two live in the barn and they all interact. They do bring us gifts on a regular basis and I tell them they're good cats. Most of the time the gifts they bring are dead, but not always. They're still good cats. We have zero mice and rat problems. I try to keep extra food around, but if the stores were to shut down I'm sure exactly what I would do. Thank you for taking the time to share. Frank

  27. Hi, Grammy. Those of us reading this know that something is going to happen. Some of us believe a major false flag will occur next summer, and it might be an actual event.I have family members that can't pay their bills, have every credit card maxed out and have two SUVs parked in their driveway. I know it's the way our society is going. I disagree with their choices, and I don't know what I will do when they show up at my house hungry. I really just don't know. Well, actually I do know, but it's not politically correct to say what's going to happen.In my short time in the military, I saw places where squalor was the norm. I sure hope we don't see that in this country, but I'm afraid we are.Thank you for your comment. Frank

  28. Red, this is going to ruffle a few feathers, but I agree with you. If you can't afford to feed a child, then don't have a child. Here's where the feather ruffling comes in, but let me qualify first. I believe in God and Jesus Christ. That said, we have a number of religions that would go through the ceiling with any control of birth.A number of years back, I proposed giving all males at birth a reversible vasectomy with a valve inserted to control sperm. When the adult male reaches age where he can prove he is financially capable of raising a child, then a minor surgery can be performed to open the valve, therefore releasing the sperm. I can hear feathers flapping now. But I agree 100%, that welfare should not be the family business. In my educational career, I have known several families where father, mother and every child was on some form of disability. Red, you just caused me to lose readers, but you are right. Enough is enough. Thank you for your comment.Frank

  29. There is a solution to some of the debt generation only there would be many people saying it was cruel and lacking in compassion.Since the legal drinking and smoking age is 21, why don't we have the age of consent for sexual activity set at 21 years old. Anyone having sexual contact that could result in conception under the age of 21 would be charged with Illicit Sexual Contact. Should a pregnancy result both families would be required to provide TOTAL financial support for the child. There would not be any Taxpayer funds used to support the mother and child. If the persons are over 21, they will be required to provide total financial support for the child. Should that not be possible, only minimal local assistance would be provided for the period of one year. The woman and man would not be able to ever have additional taxpayer assistance for any additional children. The other issue is that should a female have an abortion mandatory birth control and counseling would be required. God forbid a female get a second abortion as that would bring about permanent birth control for she has proven she is not smart enough to be responsible for an innocent human life. Reduce and remove the incentive for a female to have a child as an early teenager and then to be a great grandmother by the age of 45. Welfare should not be the family business. Red

  30. For us, being as prepared as possible for future turmoil is just logical. If you paid any attention at all in 8th grade math class you know our current debt based system can't mathematically last. How long the balls can be kept in the air is anyone's guess, but even as omnipotent as the Fed and central banks feel, their control ends with human nature throwing a wrench into their well oiled gears.Something as remote as the rogue trader who leaves their bank insolvent, unable to meet their obligations in the derivatives casino. Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal breaking the German banks and ECB with their reluctance to say no to their welfare addicted people. Just a couple examples of what must keep the bankers awake at night. Human nature is how we got into this mess, and it's what will bring the corrupt system to its knees.

  31. Fern & Frank,Thank you for devoting your time to your blog site. Those of us involved in a self reliant lifestyle need to hear words of assurance to help maintain our sanity in a completely crazy and \”unhinged\” world.Our culture today is seeing rabid uncivil behavior, our Constitution is being shredded piece by piece,our politicians lie,through their teeth and we are oppressively taxed. Woe be to those who do not see these things happening around us. Scripture tells us to be alert in many passages from the book of Genesis through the book of Revelation. We have always had a garden and put away some food and a little cash. About the time we got rid of our vomit box ( TV ) stopped listening to the propaganda and began earnestly looking at what was really happening in the world around us we felt our country was heading down the tracks for a train wreck of some magnitude. We finally got serious about being as self reliant as we could. Eleven years with no TV and we survived !Many valid points were made in the article and the posts. Is the prepping culture a hoax ? I think not as I look at the turmoil around me .I pray that what I fear is on our horizon never happens , but I feel I am responsible for the well being of my family no matter what . Blessings to all.Bluesman

  32. \”Have we drank the \”prepper\” Koolaid?\”You answered your question with the questions that followed. Truth is, any one of a number of things can, and eventually will cause the mechanism to fly apart. It's happened before and it'll happen again. In times past, we wouldn't have been called \”preppers,\” as \”prepping\” was normal life. People nowadays are so disconnected from the Earth, they wouldn't know what to do if the lights went off for a DAY, let alone \”for the duration.\”I won't be the first or the last to say that the hardest part of being prepared is STAYING prepared. That is, however, what we must do if we are to survive what's coming. Better it is to have and not need than to need and not have. Shut off the TV, radio, and internet. Notice how that \”what if\” feeling doesn't go away. That alone should be enough to keep you pressing forward…

  33. The thoughts you post well express what many Americans are feeling, and I think the reason(s) for these feelings are because we are soaking in anarchy, and the anarchy America is soaking in is being imposed from above. In his book \”Eugenics and Other Evils, Chapter 3, The Anarchy From Above,\” Chesterton well lays out the argument that it is the government and the voices of the governing class, which includes today in America the MSM, a large majority of those in higher education, and of course the useful idiots, who are imposing this anarchy. Is it any wonder, then, that many Americans of conservative values are on edge? This anarchy from above is keeping Americans unsettled, so the uneasiness and second guessing you articulate in regards to prepping, etc., are not, at least in my mind, unusual. Will the U.S. descend into violence? I do not know. Are preparations made for such a possibility unwarranted? Definitely not. Where can one find relief from the anarchy from above, then? Well, for Christians, I think the Bible consuls to be watchful, to have your swords girded, and to trust in the Lord, which is solid, ancient, prepping advice.

  34. Yes, the lights are still on, water still runs from the tap, and food is abundant on the shelves. But we have slowly but surely traded our rights in for all of it. We have sold our right to be left alone, unmolested by Government in exchange for clean water, we have given up our right to School our children,to travel freely, to make our homes the way we want, in exchange for Governments promise to take care our needs thru regulation, licensing and inspection. We have served up to Government every right we ever had as a free people, we are now down to our right to self defense, and our right to voice our complaints and opinions… After these are gone, we shouldnt have anything left to complain about because our Government has promised us that everything will be fine, as long as we give them everything. The frogs have noticed that the water is hot,But i'm afraid it's too late to do anything about it.

  35. We now seem to live in a truth optional society. Their reality is based on emotional attachment to opinion and appears to have nothing to do with fact. It's amazing to me that two people can listen to the same speech and hear totally opposite things. And then argue about who's right. Somehow people are truly becoming unhinged. That in itself doesn't bode well for the future.

  36. I was speaking with a friend today. She was complaining about the cost of some food items. I asked when the last time she had taken an inventory of her pantry or rotated the food she had. I also asked if there was a bad storm how many days would she and her husband, and pets be able to eat at least two meals per day. That stopped her. Over the next 30 minutes I explained food storage, where to buy certain items and the joy of vacuum sealing and freezing. I mentioned canning for later on and how there were classes she could take if she wanted to go that route. It dawned on me the other day when I picked up the special dry food for my male cats,and the wet food my 19 year old Lady cat eats that I had left them out of my preps and obtaining that would not be easy were life suddenly to go sideways. That prompted a call for an additional 4 bags. I just wish they would stop bringing the baby lizards inside and turning them loose. I need them in the garden to take care of the bugs.As to the persons that have been elected, I'm inclined for the judicially administered bolts of lightening in the ass from the Right Hand of the Lord. They need to be reminded WHO is in charge.Red

  37. I traveled to Haiti after the big earthquake and experienced first hand what it’s like to live with poor water quality, rolling blackouts, starvation, violence, and martial law. Some Americans think it’s a crisis when their favorite restaurant is out of creme brûlée. I, too, feel like I’ve been preparing for such a long time, but I KNOW something is coming. I had 22 people over for Sunday dinner today. My parents, one sister, and nieces live very different lifestyles than I do. WHEN “it” happens, their empty pantries, expensive make up, tanning beds, new cars, many vacations, and diamonds will be of no benefit. I choose my life and will enjoy clean water and electricity as long as I can.

  38. Hello, Dweezil. Crockett and Jackson were both right, but I am having difficulty locating the translation of your last statement – Bleib ubrig. Could you help me out here?Welcome to our site, please comment often.Frank

  39. I can only add the famous line from the \”Davy Crockett\” series which appeared on the Walt Disney Show back in the 1950's.Fess Parker(Davy) said: \”Be sure you're right, then go ahead.\” I would also add the timeless phrase from a true patriot: Thomas Jonathan(Stonewall) Jackson: \”Do not take counsel of your fears.\” Bleib ubrig. – Dweezil The Weasel.

  40. SemperFi, thank you for your service.I'm approaching 70 here pretty soon and Fern and I have been downsizing. Less animals, livestock type, less needed pasture. When we came back from Alaska, I didn't need the big guns anymore, so we downsized.There are some scary times coming. I do believe my former training will come in handy again someday. Thank you for your thoughts. They are solid.Frank

  41. Thank you. Keep the comments coming. When I get my blood pressure up to remind me that I'm still alive, reading and answering the comments, I'm still alive. I'm still in the game. I can see, I can hear, I can feel and smell. It's good to feel alive. It's good to be alive. I love this country. It's filled with good, decent people. There are some bad ones here and there. But the good news is most of them choose to move to Washington, D.C. A solution to the problem. Build the wall around Washington, D.C. Not to keep people out, but to keep people in. Then they can all pat each other on the back and tell each other what a good job they are doing.I'm alive. It feels good, doesn't it?Take care, Frank

  42. I concur. Fern and I have not owned or watched TV for 20+ years. We have no little box mounted to the wall that feeds us with illusions and delusions. I now have a box sitting in my lap, this computer. We quit TV years ago, long before paying attention to politics. We quit because of the filth and trash. Others make excuses for why they watch that swill, puke they like to pretend is entertainment. Kind of makes you want to run down to the fast food chain and get a burger, doesn't it? Sorry about that.So, why isn't anyone going to jail? Fern and I have this discussion on a regular basis. Trump knew people were illegally spying on him three years ago. Well, let's see. We will investigate. A new form of filth and trash, puke and swill. I'm starting to think it's all one big game. If no one is indicted, then we have all been played. I wonder what they are really trying to cover up with this circus. What do they really have in store for the people of the world?Maybe I need a nap. Frank

  43. Thank you for your comment. Articulate and well thought.As long as we continue to agree with the status quo, we will be allowed the illusion of prosperity. But step out of the crowd and question authority, and we will quickly find where the true power lies. It is not with the individual.This financial boat ride we're on cannot continue. I remember when we shifted off of the gold standard and credit blossomed to phenomenal heights. People were happy. But what it presented was a debt based economy which is where we have been and continue to be. Our derivative balloons just continue to blossom or grow. Then we shift to a new derivative when one balloon gets too large to manage, it just kind of gets tucked away. One of them, while no one is paying attention, will rupture, and then there will be more ruptures. That will be the day we have a bank holiday. Forever. Then we will experience true dark ages and all the consequences that come with being ill prepared to live like cave men.Thanks for the comment.Frank Feral

  44. Hi, Nina. Lots of folks feel like you do. They feel worn down. It is a common strategy. Picture a kid in a store screaming I want something. Most of the time, they will get what they want. It's a technique they have learned. In the adult world, the same technique is used repeatedly. Commercials on TV if you see them enough, will eventually convince you that you need the item. Whatever news media you watch, does the same thing, convince you to think one way or the other. Understand it for what it is. If one side or the other can wear you down, then you quit. We all face the feelings of despair. I know I do. It's just a technique. A very powerful and successful technique.Frank

  45. I got out of the USMC on 10-5-76, kept all my field gear, (replaced it with other gear to turn in to supply at check out time) knowing one day I would need it again. Well, I've got enough now to fill a supply room, and looking around me at all these idiots, don't know if I'll hand any of it out when the time comes. I've gotten pretty cynical towards the majority of people who even when faced with facts, still laugh in your face and call you mental. I'm ready. always have been, but as far as helping out the last minute panic stricken ones, that remains to be dealt with when it happens.

  46. Hi, JohnyMac. Thank you for visiting our humble site. I have read your work before at American Partisan. Included below is the address at AP for folks to find your articles. think next summer things are going to erupt in our major cities. Between now and November 3, 2020 we will see constant attacks on the President, his Cabinet, the Supreme Court and all Republican representatives. I think next summer it's going to get physical. The Democrats cannot allow Trump to have four more years. Before the election they will do anything necessary to stop Trump. ANYTHING. It's going to be a hot summer.If you would like, please scan through Frank's Radio Communications located in the sidebar. Please feel free to use any of the radio work. Some of the material is dated, but still valuable. I have been experimenting also with NVIS. That seems to be the way to go.Again, thank you for stopping by.We'll talk more later, 73, Frank

  47. I'm glad we live in a free enterprise system, but I don't think people should profit off of other's weakness or gullibility. Maybe I'm one of those gullible people. I firmly believe from all that I see that something bad is going to happen, but I've believed this for over 50 years. With my knowledge, education and experience, I still think something is going to happen.Fern and I try to get our heads screwed on right, and it's difficult. It's difficult being in a hypothetical group of people, where we are the only ones that think this way. Some days it's just difficult always being told that one is wrong. But I know it's going to happen.Frank

  48. We have been prepping since before Y2K, and I think I know how you feel. We also dispose of older foods, normally the chickens eat it. I would certainly rather have some type of preparation, because I can't help but believe that this thing is going down sometime, somehow. But it does get tiring. My life revolves around being prepared, it always has. I've made some stupid purchases and some items I have bought too many of. I've tried to give away some of these items and nobody wants them. Young people don't care for them, it's not their style. Older folks don't believe anything is going to happen. But it is, it's going to happen, and those people will be hurting. I guess we all will be.Frank

  49. there is a lot of truth in your post. I have doom fatigue also. Maybe it's better to prepare in some ways and just let the rest go. You don't have to pretend everything is all right but life has to be lived.

  50. When Trump was elected that night he tweeted one word. It was a European word that basically means \”it is all a show\”. I do not own a TV, but it all you hear about on many of the blogs \”The us against them attitude\”. There is a saying that when the government wants you to focus on something, then turn around to see what it is they do not want you to see. Look at the circus with Clinton, Comey, etc. No one is being indicted or going to jail. It is all a show to entertain the sheeple. Remember the rights you keep are the ones you fight for.

  51. Nina–You and about 50% of America feels this way. We've all \”played by the rules,\” driven the posted speed limits, never rolled through stop signs–even at 0200–and we all feel PLAYED! The filth, corruption, and loss of the 'rule-of-law' is disheartening.But–what do we do? I reckon just \”hang tough\” until we can't take it anymore OR some intervening kinetic force enters the fray. Hang in there, Kid! We need people like you filled to the brim with righteous ANGER.

  52. First, I would GLADLY have a secession in this country, as long as one of the factions was a strict, original constitutional-following country, and that we had actual control of all aspects of our \”new\” nation. In short, a country without Democrats and with RINO's in short supply, with a robust economy, adherence to gold standard, trade with countries on our terms, and most of all, sovereignty and respect for our citizens.Of course, though, the Deep State can NOT ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN. It is axiomatic that control of the entire planet is necessary for them to establish Elysium, because any power out of their control, and more importantly, power that is controlled by just, fair cabals of individuals instead of centralized, corruptable elitists, would dictate that their own ill-gotten power would not last the test of time.

  53. You know, I miss the America I grew up in . . . but little by little as time passes by I find it was pretty much just smoke and mirrors. I ask myself – why did I, all my life, struggle to follow the rules, worry myself to death that I was doing what was right, feared consequences for my honest mistakes – why? I'm way beyond figuring it all out. It's sickening, disheartening and I feel betrayed! I'm so done; and really now, who honestly cares!! I suppose I'll just keep on keeping on for I have no idea anymore which way to jump – so I'll just do what I've always felt was right, keep praying, and let the chips fall where they may.

  54. Similar to Vicki, MrsMac and I continue to prep and prepare to what ever challenge that Satan throws our way.What concerns me are the people that were prepping and preparing until Mr. Trump won the brass ring in 2016. Many of these people have lost their drive to get ready whether it be a natural or man made crises. In closing, 2020 is going to be a challenging year. When the Dem's finally realize that they are going to loose against Trump in 2020; desperation or in the theme of the season, a \”hail Mary pass\” will be attempted not unlike the one being displayed today with Russia 2.0.if that doesn't work then 3.0 will be launched.73 & God Bless Brother. JohnyMac

  55. There is an entire class of people that profit from intentionally dividing the population. Some profit financially including some that sell things to preppers. Some profit by obtaining political power and leveraging it. I often hear the division described as opposite sides, but in reality it is a duality. Duality exists throughout the universe, and it can help to recognize the difference between it and opposition. The wheat and the tares explain this. I believe that the Great Tribulation is on our doorstep. Preparation requires more than a full pantry. Prepare accordingly.

  56. As one that's been prepping since before Y2K, I'm tired and broke. It takes a toll on the mind and pocketbook, and I'm to the point where I can't afford to keep throwing out old foodstuffs and replace continually. Putting food into buckets doesn't work well if you want to cycle thru them and eat the oldest first, they just go bad in the buckets.Tired of all the prepper media hype of collapse and doom too. Yet anyone with half an aware brain knows sometime this charade will have to collapse.My friends and family continue on with their lives, not a care in the world as they buy new toys and vacation to their heart's content. So who's really the dumb one here, makes me question my own sanity sometimes.

  57. We also continue to prepare, Vicki, because in the back of my mind, I know what's coming and I don't think it's going to be pretty. Every day the world is intact is a gift. Frank

  58. I have no earthly idea about reality vs delusion. Each of us lives within our own version of reality. What I do know is that I am not willing to take a chance that things will always be as they are now – that the stores will always be full of groceries – that the internet will always be here – that the lights will always be on. Me…I will continue as I have been, preparing for whatever happens. And if nothing happens – great. My family will be well fed regardless.

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