You Can’t Go Back

Things are changing in the world. Quickly, with a complexity that cannot be fathomed. There are too many variables, too many players, too many possible outcomes to be considered, combined and deciphered. We have many daily conversations about a myriad of topics all of which leave us wondering what in the world will happen next.

Here are some topics we have been thinking about. We would really like to know what you think. There is much afoot in the world and it’s difficult to see through the haze, and listen through the cacophony of blaring noise that surrounds the world of information everyday.

The Queen’s speech indicates the UK will have Brexit and leave the European Union on October 31st. Now Boris Johnson has made a deal with the EU. It still has to go through a vote of the Parliament. I don’t know how the governmental system of the UK works, I have not studied it. But we see similar disagreements and attacks on Boris Johnson that we see here with President Trump. The UK voted years ago to split from the EU and become their own country again. From what I can gather they were tired of unelected bureaucrats in Brussels deciding things for them. They want their country back. There are other countries across the globe that seem to be on the same path.

Turkey, Syria, the Kurds and the USA. Very interesting situation. Almost the entire Congress disagreed with President Trump. What happened? A cease fire. The events of the 120 hours or five day “pause” may usher in a new era of peace in a region that has known war for decades. The resultant relationship between the USA and Russia may be an added benefit from the events taking place in the region. I read recently that President Putin said the relationships between our countries could be much better if it weren’t for the political upheaval in our country. He understands why President Trump can’t meet and work with him at this time.

Then there is this underlying hum of information from groups across the globe. Groups supporting their own countries instead of globalism. Imagine that. I applaud any country/culture/peoples that have a national, patriotic pride for their own country. We are not all the same. We are not. And we shouldn’t be. There is nothing wrong with being different. Unless, of course, you don’t like anyone that’s not like you. Please read this tweet.

I think President Trump put it quite well. They are coming after us. Just like the EU is going after the UK. I have no problem with a country running their own affairs the way they see fit. I am forever grateful for being born in the United States of America. I don’t want to wear a burka or be banned from driving a car. But you know what? If other countries have different laws and customs than we do, that’s okay. We don’t have any more right to impose our customs and beliefs on another country than they have the right to impose upon ours. We have enough trouble within our own borders, we don’t need more coming in to muddy the waters even further. We don’t have to abide by Sharia law, we have to abide by US and local laws. If you want to come here, learn to speak English and abide by our laws. Otherwise, go back where you came from.

There are many issues that aren’t being addressed here. The border wall. ILLEGAL aliens, they aren’t immigrants. The constant attempts to impeach President Trump. Endless wars all over the world. The unbelievable fake news stories coming from the mainstream media. Attacks on religion. Always attacks on the 2nd Amendment. These are just a few.

The header for our last article said, “I miss the America I grew up in.” And we do. The civility of yesteryear is not to be seen except in the rearview mirror of time. But you know what? We can’t go back. Why would we want to? That would be like the movie Ground Hog Day, reliving these same mistakes over and over and over. Why would we want to return to a system that could lead us right back to the same problems we face today? We may return here even faster the next time since we already know the way. Besides, why would we keep trying the same thing again expecting different results? Some say that is the definition of insanity.

What we need is a new system. There are a number of groups that support a variety of changes to the current system. John Mark and Curt Doolittle support a system they have devised called Propertarianism. There are a number of people that see a financial reset to a sound money system that does away with fiat currency and the debt cycle we have created with the world wide central bank systems. There are others that see no way out of the cycle of hatred and division in our country outside of an all out civil war. Regardless of how this all plays out, it is abundantly clear that things will continue to change. There is no way our country, and therefore the world since we are all so intimately interconnected in this day and time, can continue on the current course without massive, destabilizing change occurring. The question is where do we go from here? What will it look like?

Add one more dimension to the mix. The food supply. The climate of our planet has gone through many changes over many centuries of time. Sometimes warmer, sometimes colder, but always changing. Until the last hundred years or so, there wasn’t enough man made activity to impact any of these climactic changes and they happened anyway. The problem is not man, the problem is man’s ability and willingness to observe the changes and take steps accordingly. Running around crying the sky is falling, the world will end in 12 years, we have to become cannibals and start eating babies (which was an actress sent to disrupt a presentation), does not address the issue of the food supply.

There are those that insist we have too many people on the planet to feed. There are those that think the growth in population is due to the overproduction, through chemical means, of franken-foods. Either way, the current solar output from the sun is affecting the weather which in turn affects the food supply. Over the last few years, weather has impacted food production across the globe, some areas are flooded, some are too cold, some are too hot and some have droughts. Is this normal? Maybe a little more extreme than at other times? I tend to believe the solar minimum we are experiencing is bringing on one of the times of climactic change that may have a drastic impact upon mankind. Others see it as a challenging time that will pass just like it always has in the past.

When you add these things all together, what do you see? Are countries pulling back, trying to increase their independence from the interconnectedness of the world because the food supply is going to be impacted in such a way that there will be shortages? Will there be starvation? Just from the impact of weather, diseases like the swine fever that is decimating the hog population in China? Crop failures like corn, hay and soybeans in the US this year? How does that impact the meat and milk supply when farmers can’t feed their animals? 

Are we going to stop participating in the endless wars as President Trump calls them because we need to draw inward? Bring our troops home to deal with whatever problems are going to arise here from food shortages, to hatred, and division? Peace where there has been war for generations is a good thing. I am all for it. I think there is more going on behind the curtain than the good will of some of the leaders of the nations of the world. If we could really see behind the curtain would it cause panic in the streets all across the globe?

The events unfolding all across the globe will take us to a new point in time. A different way of life. We can’t go back, it’s impossible. I’m not sure where we are going or how bumpy the ride will be before we arrive at our new ‘home’. What I do know is that things are changing. As for Frank and I, we will continue to prepare. Some things can’t be fixed. Some cancers can’t be cured. Sometimes things die. 

Your thoughts, wishes, desires and insight would be appreciated. If need be, we’ll see you on the other side. Until that time, keep your powder dry and watch your back. And never, ever get on the bus.

Until next time – Fern

32 thoughts on “You Can’t Go Back

  1. Hi, Scarecrow, welcome to the blog and thank you for sharing.I support the men and women of our Armed Forces 100%. The bureaucrats dictating policy, well, that's a different story. President Trump is my Commander in Chief. That's it.On crop failures, we have also seen information from several different sources, not just in this country, but around our little globe. Why are the Chinese buying soybeans any place they can find them? They need calories and they need protein. So do we.Read the Woodpile Report this week. Protein and calories. Salt and fat. Thank you for sharing, and come back anytime.Frank

  2. First post, hi all! That is an interesting point. I have heard about crop failures from a number of non-MSM sources and had questions. Especially since military propaganda is now legal at home…

  3. Hello. My sources would indicate otherwise. Our national grain storage is the lowest it has ever been. Many of us can look at the same data and see different results. Thank you for your comment and thank you for the information.We do not listen to, read or follow MSM, period. The closest thing I come to MSM is Fox News online. We do not own a television and have not watched one for about 30 years.Thank you for your input and the opportunity to disagree. We're all in this together.Regards, Frank Feral

  4. Hi, Red. Well put.I was raised by a man that at times in his life worked two full-time jobs, and he still managed to drink a great deal. But he never missed a days work. His son worked every day of his life until he retired. Not near as hard as his father, but he worked. Every day.I remember learning as a child that \”Salvation Army\” is for the needy, not the greedy. We got way too many greedy, but then, we also have way too many needy.Thank you for your comment. Frank

  5. have been praying for years that britain would leave european union britain is the land of most of my forebears and i dont want it any more polluted than it has become asking God to save it

  6. \”Crop failures like corn, hay and soybeans in the US this year? \”While I generally agree with your points in this article, you need to update yourself on this point. There was no widespread crop failure in these crops this year. Harvest is underway here in the Midwest, and record numbers are coming in. You've listened too much to the MSM howling on this point.

  7. Motivations for people come down to Need, Want, Require and Desire.Understanding and knowing the differences between them is another story. For many these days it is other people picking up the tab for a life style. Though the butchers bill will be astronomical and the actual food in the bowl will be thin soup and air. Red

  8. Hi, Nick, very well put.I participate occasionally in a radio group that does preparedness drills. We practice on emergency drills with state level FEMA groups, they are prepared to take care of almost everyone's needs. You would be surprised what the government is prepared to take control of. They even have plans to house your traumatized pets and horses. These people are prepared to take care of almost every aspect of our lives. For those not listening, our government has plans to take care of all of the needs of all of the citizens. Wakey Wakey!Nick, it's nice to hear from you. Don't get on the bus. Did you know that there are refugee camps in Africa that have a population near one million people? And they have been there for decades. There are people that have been born there and lived their whole lives there. This is all they know. And there are several of these camps. There is no plan for these people to ever return home because home is not there. They have lots of practice at running these camps. It is unbelievable. Don't get on the bus unless you want to spend the rest of your life in a camp. They have gang issues in these camps. They have hospitals. Imagine the facilities needed to feed one million people three times a day. Let your imagination go wild at what it takes to run a place like this. There is no hope for these people. Sorry for the rant. Frank

  9. Hi, Bluesman, thank you for sharing.In the last 70 years, things have changed sharply, but I would guess my grandparents would have said the same thing about the period from 1880 to 1950. They saw lots of things come and go. They saw hatred, changes in music, clothes styles changing, they even saw the invention of television, not to mention the telephone. Remember, most of America during that time frame didn't have electricity.I think our changes from 1950 to present have changed, as you mentioned, bankrupt morality and spirituality. Just pick one topic. Look at the abortion issue. We are the ones that have allowed this. This thing can't be fixed, and it's not just us here in America, it's world wide. One degree or another, it's going to affect us all. Thank you for your insightful thoughts. The next year is going to be very interesting. Know where you are all the time and don't go anywhere you don't have to go. Get things done what needs doing. What supplies you need, get now. And pray. Prayer is good for you, helps keeps you humble.Take care, Frank

  10. Hi, Paul. Thank you for reading, thank you for the comment and thank you for the question.\”Never get on the bus\” is relative to the statements about German and Polish Jews being placed in railroad boxcars. We use the terms, don't get on the bus, or sometimes, don't get on the truck.Thank you for your comment. Always try to be in control of your own destiny. Paul, don't get on the bus.Frank

  11. Tom, very well put. I worry way too much about things I have absolutely no control over. Fern reminds me on a regular basis – let it go. Some days I can, and some days the world just eats at me.I enjoy a beautiful sunrise and sunset. I am extremely thankful that I was able to decide early the lifestyle that I wanted to live into old age. We have a little hobby farm, fair health, are financially comfortable and it would be hard to improve the life that I live. I have everything in the world that I need and want. I am most grateful for having a loyal, faithful, good, decent, respectable wife. Life is good.Don't worry, be happy. I used to have a fish that would sing that song to me often.Take care, Tom.Frank

  12. Hello. Subjectivity is easier to rationalize. We can always convince ourselves that what we're doing is right and good. Being objective, we might actually have to deal with reality. Most folks would rather play head games, or lie to themselves. It seems like our whole society is stuck in this delusional realm of subjectivity. One day we will have to grow up and deal with the real world around us, because it's coming soon to a theater near us. It IS coming.Frank

  13. Trooper, it's easy for me to sit in an air conditioned house and say what I will do when someone comes to my door. In reality, I really don't have a clue what I would do. I hope that I will stand strong.Moving on. Our country weaponized food during the Arab Spring a few years back. Those folks weren't wanting democracy and freedom, what they wanted was enough food to eat and we controlled the food supply. Of course this is my opinion. It's not the first time we've seen this technique used.Interesting thought you bring up, though. Weaponizing food. I hadn't really considered that one. Kind of like using drugs, isn't it? Most of us like food. It is kind of addicting. More thoughts to ponder. Thank you, Frank

  14. I did watch the Queen's speech and I was very impressed with her. But I watched it on my computer, as Fern and I have not had a TV for decades. I watched it via a news source.I don't understand the EU/England thing. Why can't England leave if they want to? I've got a pretty good idea why. It has to do with control, economics, an agenda that will extend itself to our country someday. In many ways it already has.My belief is England wants to be England. It's kind of like Americans wanting to be Americans. This thing is not going to work out well. For them or us. It is way too big for any of us to control.Thank you for your comment, Frank

  15. CW, it is good that your crop has been successful. It's also good to hear of anyone having a successful crop. Most of what we hear is not good or positive, but then that's the way most news is. We seldom hear of success stories. But again, we are happy for you and those around you.The rest of your comment is very touching. There is nothing that I can add to it. I certainly agree that we should never give up. There are always going to be bad days, sad days. Sometimes things look like they just can't get any worse, but the sun will shine again. I know a handful of people that have taken their lives. What a tragic waste.Fern and I read about, and pray to our Lord daily. There are those that don't believe and that is certainly their prerogative. But I believe.Thank you for your very thoughtful comment, Frank

  16. Michael, in about 2014 Fern wrote about the Maunder Minimum. We have spoken here several times about the possibilities of a plague. It seems in many ways we are on the same page. Those that can should grow their own food. We should always be our own first responder, most think of medical in that particular instance. Fern and I give thanks everyday for what we have, and we are also very thankful for many of the things we don't have.Michael, interesting thought patterns. The Grand Solar Minimum phenomenon has the potential to change life as we know it. It might pass with just a couple of cold winters and then it may linger for a while.Thank you again. I hope others understand the gist of your comment. Frank

  17. Hi, Red. Fern and I are well, thank you. Hope you and yours are also.Taxes take from those that have and give to those that don't. I don't mind giving to those that don't have, but I'm very tired of giving to those that could easily work and choose not to. That's just one of many, many things that I am tired of, and so are many other people.Thank you for sharing, Frank

  18. Deb, thank you for sharing your experience. God talks to different people in different ways. Some listen, most don't. The credit card balloon is a by product of our debt based society, occurring shortly after we went off of the gold standard. It's going to get much worse.Thank you for sharing. Interesting vision.Frank

  19. @paul scott, Frank and Fern talk about not getting on the bus quite a bit, search the site for previous mentions. In general, it means be prepared to avoid the bus FEMA or some other .gov will send around to pickup all the 'refugees' and resisters and anyone who doesn't want to be confined to a FEMA camp (or Red Cross shelter, or UN encampment, or military stockade or Ebola quarantine center…..)Once you get on the .gov's bus, you are at the mercy and under the control of another entity that likely cares very little for your desires or needs.nick

  20. Never get on the bus or the train that takes you to the refugee camp.You won't like what happens there.Not one bit.

  21. Fern,As your article mentions, there are so many questions we have about where we are going as a world and a country . I know where we have been as a country. I remember the good old days of the 40's and 50's. We will never ever return to that time , they are just good memories of a time long long ago.I am a Christ follower and I believe I know where the world is headed and what the final outcome will be of things. It will be a very unpleasant journey to and through those times. We do not know when those events will happen, but they will happen. I believe the stage has been getting set for some time for those events. Be ready.As for now ,my wife and I stay alert to world, national and local events as they pertain to us . We prepare for what ever the event will be . There will be one , we just don't know what it will be or when it may occur. We do not see the U.S. improving without some kind of a major reset situation. We feel our country is bankrupt morally, financially,politically and spiritually. Our belief is that the most important one is spiritually because it will have an affect on the other 3 .Be alert ,especially on a local level, because that will have the most direct effect on you. Prepare to feed and help those that you love . Learn to be as self-reliant as you can. Help those you can and pray for those that you can't. Stay well and blessings to all.Bluesman

  22. The article has the theme that nothing can ever go back to what it was. This is what your famous write Thomas Wolfe wrote \” You can never go back home again\” meaning that if you did, it would seem different anyway.At the end of the article you say \” Never get on the bus \” Paul Scott New Zealand I don't know what this means,. I am from New Zealand, I thought it might mean, > Don't folloew the way other people go, don't follow the crowd, thay are lost.

  23. I read something the other day that strikes me as germane to your post, and in an odd way comforting: \”What cannot be predicted cannot be controlled. Influenced, perhaps. But not controlled.\” The remark was in an article about the economy, but seems applicable to everything beyond what we have personal control over. Although the world is ever changing, we're just observers with no influence over its conditions. Which puts me in mind of that great philosopher Bobby Mc Ferrin, \”Don't Worry, Be Happy.\”That's not to say we shouldn't stay informed, but that worrying about what we learn shouldn't keep us depressed.Many years ago my wife and I took stock of the many scenarios that might affect us, and decided to buy a homestead and become \”preppers\”. With forethought, and fortunate circumstances we've achieved what we believe to be a good level of security in nearly all those scenarios.My advice to anyone who'll listen is worry less about the world, and more about how you'll face what it throws at you.

  24. Excellent thoughts, Fern! There is nothing but change ahead. America has been wallowing in the backwaters of an unreal and manufactured tranquility long enough. Worse yet, the minds of a good deal of Americans have been poisoned against objective truth.It's like the guys in the ancient Greek world of various philosophers. The \”skeptics\” did not believe in gravity, so the \”realists\” told them: \”Climb a mountain and jump off a cliff if there's no gravity.\”Which the skeptics did–one of the first \”suicide cults\” which we see today as the \”Progressives,\” really hidden Bolsheviks, who hate themselves, their nation, and the world. Nothing but hate and destruction.My world-view and \”Plan\” is \”Put your hand in the hand of the man who stilled the waters.\” My boss is a Jewish carpenter! I take orders only from Him, as did my ancestors and forefathers, like Thomas Jonathan Jackson, or Robert Edward Lee. Face our Third War of Independence bravely and resolutely. We win in the end–GUARANTEED!

  25. Always enjoy your writing. Just wait until they start weaponizing food and water. NWO or Deep State seizing production and distribution food and clean water and many will lick the hand that bears the chain in order to have something to eat and drink.

  26. We each have a choice. The best is not to be a part of the madness. Water, gardening, herbal medicines, weaving,etc. Anything that will make you more self sufficient is the key. The less ties you have to the system, the less control they have on you. I did not know about the queen's speech. I don't have a tv set and this is the first blog that reference that speech. I have been reading for the last several years a lot of fear mongering on England leaving the EU. The best deal that I can see is just to walk away. I would not pay for the \”divorce\” from the EU. The EU members gave themselves a pay raise and now wants England to pay for it.

  27. Frank and Fern, I hope you are enjoying the fall season. It is my favorite. It is the special time when we are rewarded for all of our efforts as farmers and gardeners. Despite what may be one of the most challenging years for raising crops and other foods, our family has been blessed. To our great surprise, our late planted garden kicked in and results were amazing. We have also been able to harvest all of our soybeans and yields also surprised us. Corn harvest has just begun and looks very good so far. Thank you, Lord!Now, to focus on your article. You have thrown out a lot for us to think about so I want to share what comes to my mind…random thoughts. First, never give in to negative thoughts or give up…never! Depression and fear bring about defeat. We must stay strong or the battle will be lost. Find joy in family, true friends, and your chosen lifestyle. Continue to look forward…do things on your bucket list, but adjust as is necessary. Always do right by others and earn their respect. Be flexible and ready to take action as needed. Never quit trying to improve on your level of knowledge and skills. Continue to contribute to your community in positive ways. Be the person who is always thought of as dependable and honest. Build positive relationships whenever possible and let go of those that are negative. Build traditions with family and carry on those traditions that you cherish from the past. Be alert to your surroundings and protective of those you love. Make every effort to live your life in a way that would please our Heavenly Father. Recognize that God's laws are the only laws we need to live by rather than those imposed upon us by the know-it-all bureaucratic bozos. Know when to say, I will not comply! The world is most definitely changing, and I don't care for the direction it seems to be going. I have no solutions or answers. I am a realist. Hopefully, I will continue to be a positive influence in the the lives of those around me. I do believe God has a beautiful plan in place. Only God knows what our future holds. Blessings to all…and continue to prepare for whatever is coming. CW

  28. The world unravels at an unprecedented rate. Socially, economically, morally,ethically, spiritually and climatologically.Personally I think the Grand Solar Minimum we are entering is the real devastating black swan event most don't see coming. Global famine and the resulting epidemics caused by malnutrition will level the playing field like nothing in recent history. Grow your own food, prepare to be your own first responder, and give thanks for what you have.Michael

  29. Good afternoon Fern. I hope this day finds both you and Frank well.One thought which comes to mind is those screaming, running around rending hair and cloth that the end of the world is nigh, are the same persons who covet what others have created and earned. They personally have not done much with their lives from what I can see. I doubt any of them would be able to survive much of anything unless others were willing to provide for them. It is irksome to me that the hard work and sacrifices of many should be stolen to supply those they deem worthy of our work. Red

  30. who knows?scripture tells us the end but in between things will become very nastypeople will say that i am a nut but about 45 years ago God gave me a visionin an apple orchard on the side of a hill a picnic was spreada huge man in a roman soldier's gear appeared and took everything , scattering and stomping everything he did not take himselfGod told me the earth was being given over to the greedyi did not see it evidenced until the rush to give everyone a credit card–literally, one of our cats received an invitation to apply!and so the greedy and the fake banking and stock deals have mushroomedi do not understand finance but i can see it is in trouble but the greedy are sucking up everything. that i can seedelete if you wantlater God told me our work is to do His work and to be His Hands toward others in this life

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