The Zombies Are Already Here

Just look around you. How many people do you see walking around with no life in their eyes? How many people don’t seem to care about anything one way or the other as long as they have Twinkies, TV, video games, cell phones and pills, lots and lots of pills. How many people you know or see, that are really happy? How many are angry, bitter victims that point the finger and blame everyone and everything around them for the life that they perceive is filled with injustice and deprivation? So, what do they do? Here, take this pill, it will make everything all better.

It seems a majority of people have bought into Madison Avenue’s sales pitch, you see it in every other commercial while sitting in a doctor’s office waiting room. Here, take this pill, it will improve your life and kill you at the same time. Partaking of prescription drugs or over the counter medications for every little symptom or possibility has become so prevalent that the population in general has been chemically castrated and lobotomized. They don’t feel, they have no drive and they just don’t care. Sound like Zombies to you? Give me Cheetos! Give me TV! Give me video games! Give me special delivery pizza! Give me! Give me! Give me!

And you know what? That’s exactly what they’re going to say when we reach the bottom of the slippery slope we’re traveling down at break neck speed. The momentum has accelerated to the point of

treacherous, fatal impact. Do the zombies see it? Can they feel the sudden drop as the wheels fall off as the ever quickening decent occurs? No, I don’t want to see it. No, I don’t want to hear it, stop talking about being prepared and taking care of my family. Where is my anti-anxiety pill? You are crazy. You are a conspiracy theorist. You are using scare tactics. I don’t like you, the things you say make me feel bad. I need another pill, I’m stressed. Honey, could you pass the pill bottles and junk food? I just want to relax from a day of stressful interaction with all of these Nationalist, conservative wackos that want us all to die from global warming, climate change and hurt feelings. I don’t want to feel like that, pass the other pill bottle over while you’re at it.

Folks, do you realize that most prescription medications that everyone carries around by the grocery bag full turn you into a zombie? Yes, some medications are needed and necessary, but we know people that go to the doctor, doctor says, well, you’re almost [fill in just about any age] and the survey says you need to take statins for your cholesterol. But doc, my cholesterol is okay, it’s not high. Yea, I know, but it’s preventative medication and for your own good. Here, take this pill. Oh, OK. What are the side effects?

Well, it may cause fatal problems with your organs, subdue your emotions and sexual drive, make you suicidal, and make you unable to react to dangerous situations quickly if you ever need to, but it’s for your own good. Here, take this pill. Oh, OK. For how long? For the rest of your life. Oh, OK. Don’t worry about your organs, we’ll keep an eye on you. There are other medications that will take care of that if you need them. Oh, OK. And don’t worry about not being interested in your spouse anymore, you’re almost [fill in just about any age] and things slow down more and more as you get older. We need for you to take all of these pills so you will keep coming back to the doctor with side effect symptoms so we can prescribe more pills that will cause more side effects, then you will need more pills and I will make more money by seeing more patients that need more pills……..until you are dead.

In the meantime, you will need to do bloodwork twice a year, and don’t forget the occasional MRI and CT scan. To make sure that your organs aren’t overreacting to your pills, we’ll need to run a colonoscopy, endoscopy, and any other tests you may need. They may also cause hospitalization so we can run many more tests and procedures. With all of these tests, if we find something that is not quite right, you might have to have minor surgery. Do you want to have surgery? It will fix the problem, from taking all of those pills. But after that procedure, I will give you more pills to make you feel better, like some type of opiate pain pill that you will then become addicted to.

Zombies. We have this unfortunate running joke that when you see someone shuffling down the aisle at the grocery store, or driving slow hunched over the steering wheel that they’ve either just had their daily dose of anti-whatever, or they’re taking way too much of everything. Too much Thorazine is our usual statement.

If Frank had followed the standard cardiac advice after his double bypass, he would be taking about six medications right now, all of which have major side effects to your organs, emotions, psychological well being, not to mention interest in life in general. That’s why his heart surgeon kicked him off of his patient list.

You won’t take all these pills? Then I won’t be your doctor. Oh, OK, says Frank. See ya, cause I ain’t taking all of these pills. Before the bypass Frank wasn’t taking any medications at all. His blood pressure was fine, his cholesterol was fine, his bloodwork indicated no problems whatsoever. Now? He takes a very, very small dose of the most un-invasive blood pressure medicine we could find through our research and that his body will tolerate. That’s it. Our current medical practitioner is okay with this. Frank is in charge of his body, not the medical/pharmaceutical industrial complex.

We were talking about this topic at breakfast one morning. That is what gave me the idea for this article. Frank’s comment? I want to feel, I want to be a man. I want to have the ability to duck if I see a baseball coming at my head. I want to live the life I have left, not be an unfeeling, medicated old man. Frank has a friend that has long used testosterone medication which caused many other health issues, so now he takes a number of pills to deal with the side effects of the original medication. Frank has a relative that has been taking statins, beta blockers and blood pressure medications for years, just in case. His comment was I don’t have to change my diet or worry about my heart, I can do whatever I want……as long as I take these pills. But he also hasn’t been with his wife in 20 years, there is no interest or desire there. That may be okay for him, but it’s not okay with Frank. He knows he is going to die some day, we all die, but he doesn’t want to die being a zombie, he wants to be a man, a real man.

This doesn’t even begin to address the opioid, anti-psychotic and psychotropic medications that are being dispensed like candy at the state fair. Sometimes I wonder if people seek out these types of drugs to escape from the condition of the world, our country, their lives, or they’re just trying to be like the Jones down the road. You know, screwed up in the head by Madison Avenue, Hollywood and all of the social pressure and unrest in the world. Is life so bad? In many cases I would say yes. It’s awful. Look around at the hatred and anger that is spewed across the airwaves, right to your TV, your computer, your phone, all live and in your face. 

 A different thought here. Is our government using the medical industry to suppress the drive and motivation of American citizens as a means to appease and subdue the population? Are these medications being used as a means to control resistance? If you have a kid in school that is an issue, medicate them. That way you have a nice, compliant little boy. Just food for thought. Control.

Please understand, Frank and I take medications that our bodies need. We wish we didn’t have to, but we do. If you need to take medications, then take them. If you don’t need to take medications, it is your choice. It is your body. We all need to have our heads screwed on right. If you don’t need it, get off of it. Focus. Keep your mind clear, sharp, vigilant and functioning. No matter how difficult life is now, if it gets a whole lot worse, which many of us believe it will, you will need all of your wits about you. Every last one of them. Folks, the zombies are already here. Don’t be one of them.

Until next time – Fern

43 thoughts on “The Zombies Are Already Here

  1. Survivormann, no offense taken at all. If you would like you can subscribe by email up on the right hand side of the page. We published an article this morning that WRSA was nice enough to pick up. Be the first to read and avoid the rush, Christmas is right around the corner. Don't get on the bus.Frank Feral

  2. I didn't mean to be too critical. Now that I have found your site and have enjoyed reading much of it, I was simply \”clamoring\” for more. 🙂

  3. Hi, Survivorman. We post a little more often than semi-annual, but things have slowed down here a great deal. I don't have a recommended time frame. But thank you for reading and thank you for the comment. Read some of the old articles, also look at the ham radio stuff. The future should be very interesting, these people are not going to give up on President Trump.Frank

  4. Since I discovered this site, I have checked it daily. Are new postings here only done on a semi-annual basis?

  5. Modern Throwback, thank you for the information, very enlightening. It seems that Senator Lucas is a very determined individual, maybe not a major success in the political arena, but she is certainly a financial success in her district. If she and those of like mind continue to push, and they will, someday they will be successful in restricting the 2A. She is getting older, but her successor will probably continue the same push.This push is happening nationwide. There will be confrontation, we just need to wait and see what it is going to entail. In the meantime, we should all prepare for the inevitable. There is a serious storm brewing, it has been for years and decades.The link you provided has other links included and some very interesting comments. Thank you very much for sharing.Happy December. In less than one year we are going to have an election. Be prepared.Frank

  6. I did some research on the proposed amendment of Virginia Senate Bill 64 (sponsored by Democrat State Senator Louise Lucas). It looks to have been rushed through the Introductory stage just to have it ready in January 2020 for the Committee for the Court of Justice. That Committee Chairman is a Republican, and out of the 15 in that Committee, 9 are Republicans.Dem State Senator Lucas has a track record of activism, and doesn't have a great deal of legislative success, both personally and politically. She's got a number of businesses in her Portsmouth District (majority are black democrats) and when she was not approved for a cash award for a business several years ago, she even sued Portsmouth using the Race Card. She's been part of the \”Resistance\” marches, is part of a local Black Caucus group, and is what I call a typical leftist pawn. This Bill won't get past the Committee, and it won't be the first time that's happened to her. She was a co-sponsor of an anti-gun Bill presented to Gov Northam earlier this year. It never got out of Committee, either. Here's the Bill's basics: Throwback

  7. This Virginia Senate No.64 is already a bill, and CommieDems are modifying it to suit their anti-2A agenda. Almost every Virginia County has either voted to become a \”sanctuary County\”, or is planning to vote in the next few weeks. We have lived in Virginia for 35 years and have watched this state move into being a Blue state that is controlled by just 3 Districts. Virginia is filled with Federal and State government employees, and being so close to DC, we believe it is the next state that is being targeted for the CommieDems' radical unconstitutional agenda. We consider moving, but one branch of my family has been here since Jamestown. It is our belief that both Federal and State legislation will attack the 2nd Amendment for the remainder of our lives. There is nowhere to move to.Modern Throwback

  8. Red/Bluesman, I also am concerned about this Virginia senate bill. I read it earlier in the day, and you are right, this is probably a test. Most things are now days. I live in the state of Oklahoma and I don't think something like this could ever happen here, but I never thought that conservative, Bible belt Oklahoma would allow liquor by the drink either.This thing is turning fast, it's going downhill quickly. I still believe that they will continue to attack President Trump at every opportunity. This coming summer is going to have violent protests. After the election, those summer protests are going to look like child's play.But then, I've been wrong before, and I pray I'm wrong again. Keep an eye on Virginia. Thanks for both of your comments and the link.Frank

  9. Red,I fear this thing in Virginia may be a testing step toward the eventual nation wide confiscation of firearms. The communists within our government will be watching how things go . We had best be kneeling in prayer asking for guidance, wisdom and strength as we move into the future .Bluesman

  10. Hi Bluesman. It's nice that you have a good relationship with your sheriff, not everybody has that type of situation. Back in my law enforcement days I participated in some county drug raids, arrested grandma and handcuffed her to her portable oxygen machine. The law was if you arrest someone for transport, they have to be handcuffed. Picture this scenario – 75 to 80 year old grandma and grandpa, with grandma handcuffed to her oxygen machine. Other police cars transporting sons, daughters, grandchildren, and that was 20 years ago. I do not believe the situation has vastly improved.Take care, Frank

  11. ModernThrowback & Frank,I was speaking to our local sheriff a short time ago about the drug issues in our area. He stated that 90-95% of the crime in our county is drug related, and we are a small rural county. He gave a recommendation to not go into the local mountains unarmed because of meth cookers and weed farmers. Scary times . Yes , trust no one and when the storm arrives we will hunker down for at least two weeks and only leave home when we have to .Bluesman

  12. Modern Throwback, thank you for your thoughts. I would like to add a little bit.It's not just illegal drugs, but it's also legal drugs. We don't have accurate numbers, but I would guess that there are just as many people addicted to legal opiates, psychotropics and a plethora of other mind altering, addictive chemicals.You're probably right about the prisons. And you are right, never assume a stranger is logical and harmless. On the same thread, never assume that a relative or neighbor is harmless. I have relatives that take addictive, legal medications every day of their life. When they are no longer logical, they are just as dangerous.Food for thought. What about cigarettes? Alcohol? High fructose corn syrup? Throw in pornography. These people will be just as unstable.My advice? Avoid everybody. Especially for a couple of weeks.Thanks again, Frank

  13. CL, if I might respond. Set a goal, have a couple of different plans. Sometimes plan A doesn't always work, maybe plan B will. Take short steps and prepare for set backs. Try to stay focused and think about the good things in life.Thank you for sharing, we wish you the best. Never give up.Frank

  14. Thank you for the reply. Besides being overweight and out of shape, I was/am also dealing with \”situational stress.\” I had a medical problem that put a hold on everything in my life for 3 months and counting. I gained weight, I could not do anything physical, and I very deeply stressed over what was happening to me. It has been a nightmare. I would rather not share the particulars, but it has been horrible. I am not out of the woods, yet. Speaking of woods, I live completely off-grid, not even a power line within 10 miles, and this problem was somewhat more complicated because of that. CL

  15. Illicit drug use (abuse) is on the rise and the most dangerous/harmful drugs being abused are opiods and methamphetamine. These drugs are highly addictive and not only create human zombies in short order, but they create criminals with the addiction.Another dirty little secret that the general public doesn't know is that the majority of State and Federal criminals who have committed crimes other than murder or manslaughter are crimes committed because of drug addiction. Living in an increasingly dangerous society should force each of us to be better prepared within our communities and our own properties. Never assume that a stranger is logical and harmless….on the contrary! Modern Throwback

  16. We're new here, only 18 years, so we don't know who's living up those unmarked roads. A few years ago I mentioned this to the patriarch of a large extended family we've become close friends with. His remark was reassuring – \”Well, we've lived here all our lives, and pretty much know the good ones from the bad ones, and I've got a backhoe.\” It's good to have friends.

  17. Hi, CL. Five or six years back, besides trying to get off of medications, I also decided to lose some weight, which I did. I lost about 50 lbs. Here about three years ago I had a double bypass, commonly called open heart surgery, and without my heart medication my blood pressure runs in the upper 130's over 85, let's say. This is not a horrible reading by any means, but most would agree it's still too high. Currently my blood pressure runs about 125/78, sometimes it's higher and sometimes it lower. These are the readings I get taking a generic drug called Amlodopine. The commercial name is Norvasc. The dosage I take daily is 7.5mg. Right after my heart surgery I took three or four different heart medications, then narrowed it down to just a blood pressure prescription. I tried a couple of different types and this is the one I settled on. It seems to do the job for me without bad side effects. My past and current primary care providers agree with this medication. I took 5mg for a couple of years and my blood pressure slowly increased, so I self-medicated to 7.5mg/day. This is still considered to be a very low dosage. My primary care provider is okay with me adjusting my medication, but I can see where some would not be. There is not a 7.5mg single pill. I take a 5mg and split it. If I could find a way to not take this blood pressure medication, I would quit it also. This is by no means medical advice, this is just what I do. Hope this helps. Let me know. There is an email address on this site, if you have more private questions, please email. There are just some things I can't put in print in this format. If you click on \”About Us\” it will take you to an email link. Just don't tell anybody.Frank

  18. Hi, Red. You're right. Legal or illegal drugs, many will die of the effects of withdrawal. Many will die trying to keep their habit going. Many will die from suicide. If there is any good news in this scenario, most of these folks will be gone in a week or two. Know your neighbors. That first group of crazies will be either in your own house or next door. You made a good observation, we need to all pay attention and by all means, avoid crowds. Be prepared to not leave your house for at least two weeks.Frank

  19. TB, I wholeheartedly agree. I have a good grasp on all of them except stress. It seems the little things just eat at me all day long. Actually they're not little. I've tried reading, I've tried reading the Bible which I still do daily. Boy there is a lot of killing in the Bible. I just see things collapsing, all disciplines. Different generations have different values. I am just shy of 70, still physically active and mentally prepared. But my younger neighbors have a different view of life. I find this very stressful. Of course I think I am right and they are wrong, but that's not correct. Where are my Rolaids? Thank you for sharing, Frank

  20. Spinnersaw, it's funny you mentioned Protonix. I took them for years. Through my own research at that time I found there were no studies beyond six months in duration. The pill was intended for a short-term, approximately two weeks, solution. Then I discovered that Protonix were not your normal type of antacid, but instead alter the chemistry of the body and it's reaction to excess acid.Okay, so my body chemistry was being altered. What did that entail? I very slowly weaned myself off of Protonix with the help of Rolaids, Tums and milk. Here is a medication prescribed for short-term use, no long-term studies, and I had been taking them for years. This was one of the first drugs I removed from my system. Then we started researching more drugs that we were taking and very gradually stopped taking one right after the next.The pharmaceutical industry and medical profession are very complex. It's an inherent drive of mankind to want and need people dependent upon them. Parents want their children to be dependent upon them, but there comes a time to let kids go and develop their own lives. I think the medical and pharmaceutical industries have lost grasp of this concept. The same thing has happened with schools, organized religion, government. It's coming to a head. People are tired. Be prepared. It's near. And congratulations to your husband. At one time Fern and I each took several unnecessary medications. I could write for days about this. Not to mention the effects I have seen on children in schools. We are in serious, serious trouble and telling the truth will get us silenced, maybe permanently.Been to the doctor lately? They ask you if you have guns in your house? They don't ask me, being a male, but they ask Fern, being a female, if she feels safe in her home, and she resents that.Take care, Frank

  21. Several years back, Tom, I was involved in law enforcement and I have seen up close and personal the side effect of meth. At the same time, I was also teaching kids and I saw the side effects of their parents activities on them. But honestly, I am not any more worried about meth users than I am folks using legal psychotropics, they will both be extremely dangerous. It pays to know your neighbors and what they are taking. A relative can be just as dangerous as a stranger.Frank

  22. Michael, there are days I can't go in Wal-Mart, actually most days. I know there are sick people and I know people need medication, but some of these folks are literally drooling and I really don't want to breathe the air that they exhale. We live in a sad world, just look around. It's not just Wal-Mart, lot of white collar workers are just as drugged out.Look at Congress. Look at their kids. Like or dislike Trump, all of his kids seem to be straight shooters. Food for thought.Being sober in a society of altered people is condemned by society. You notice that telling the truth in many places is now a crime. One of these days being sober will be a crime.Food. I remember years ago when the lining of cans was a chemical similar in nature to estrogen. I cannot imagine that it has gotten any better. Grow your own and lock and load. It's coming soon.My head is straight. I recommend everybody else get theirs that way, too. And, yes, I am normal, I judge.Frank

  23. Grammyprepper, a number of years back I had a pain in my back under my shoulder blade. I went to the doctor and he gave me Relafin. The pain went away. But it came back. On and off I took the Relafin for a number of years. Then the internet came along. Thank you Al Gore. I discovered that Relafin created an irritation in the stomach that created a referred pain in the same area where my shoulder pain was. I asked my doctor about this and he agreed. So with a little work with some antacids, over a short period of time I quit the Relafin. Guess what? The shoulder pain went away.Different topic. Do you remember the drug Thalidomide? And the associated birth defects? Well, they are using Thalidomide again. Of course, this time it controlled more closely. Hogwash! Profit, pure profit.Thank you for the information, Frank

  24. Fern and I use the same family doctor for years. I think it's called primary care now days. This doctor seemed to be changing, more and more tests. You see I've got very good insurance and all it cost me normally was inconvenience and time. Then I finally started telling him no, and now I don't go see him at all. I can look back now and see for a number of years, I was just a means to make money.Thank you for the comment, Frank

  25. Hi, Bluesman. I agree and there are a lot of people out there taking a lot of medications that really don't need them, in my humble opinion, but they take them as a way to counter our collapsing society.The roaring 20's? Well, the roaring 20's will be here in less than two months. Yes, I know technically, the 20's don't start until January 1st of 2021, but the 20's could be the worst our society has ever seen. I want my head screwed on right, and I want to be able to see reality for what it really is.Thank you for sharing, Frank

  26. Pete, I personally know men that take testosterone supplements, and for them it is medically necessary. I have no medical proof, but I believe a lot of the chemicals that we ingest, primarily in our food, creates a lower testosterone in men. Again, I don't have proof.For years I have watched the medical profession and education profession medicate, primarily young boys to subdue their behavior. The side effects of these drugs are abominable. I am ashamed of the educational system in our country, and for that matter, the medical profession, too.Take care, Frank

  27. Hi, Red. Stress causes all kinds of physical problems, mental and physical. I'm sure you feel a whole lot better now. Fern and I used to take several different medications. We have quit the vast majority of them. Many of them were just to correct what an earlier medication was creating, in other words, side effects. Stay healthy, Frank

  28. What is the \”most uninvasive blood pressure medication\” you could find? In the past month, I have started taking blood pressure medication. I am 56 and it's the only med I take. I am not happy about it, but it's my own fault for not staying in shape. I plan to remedy that as quickly as I can, but in the meantime . . .CL

  29. Imagine what happens in a sudden withdrawal of all medications.The scenario is not good especially with those taking psych meds.The outcome will not be good and the die off of People will be horrendous. Red

  30. It's really a good thing to find a doctor that supports getting off meds. My hubby had an aortic valve replaced 2 years ago and is now off of his blood pressure meds, He is tapering off of protonix from two a day to one every other day. I don't take anything. We are getting there. I think that anything with a screen is a huge problem, creating zombies by the hundreds every minute of the day.

  31. Scene: R&D meeting, boardroom of a large pharmaceutical company.CEO: Okay, what do we have in development?Scientist: Well, we've come up with a pill we call a statin that reduces cholesterol. CEO: Is cholesterol a problem?Scientist: No sir, but we can make the pills for a penny, and sell them for a dollar.CEO: GET THE MARKETING PEOPLE IN HERE NOW!In our little neck of the woods it appears meth is the drug of choice. I've driven up some of the small, unmarked roads in these hills to find a couple single wides, with brand new looking pickup trucks parked out side.When push comes to shove those are the people we'll be looking out for.

  32. Zombies is a good analogy. I occasionally see a meth addict walking around walmart, now THAT is a zombie! I believe that the bastardized food we eat probably has a similar effect to a control drug. Millions of people never eat fresh, wholesome food. Food for thought.

  33. Big Pharma should not be able to advertise, period. It only leads to everyone wanting the 'latest, greatest' medication even if it has nothing to do with them. Yes, most ppl are to quick to rely on a 'medication' for a 'quick fix'. They don't want to face reality, that maybe they need to make some changes in their lives to improve their condition(s). I will give you a prime example (I am a retired RN). Tardive Dyskenesia is a side effect of many psychiatric medications. It is irreversible. I learned that it was a warning sign that medication changes needed to be made, to avoid further damage. Today, there is a 'medication' to 'manage' symptoms of 'TD'. So, your 'psych' med is causing irreversible damage to your body, but 'we' can help you 'manage' the symptoms…rather that changing meds to stop (but not reverse) the damage already done…Western medicine does two things well, emergency and trauma medicine. But it is by no means a 'wellness' based medical system. More money is made by keeping you 'ill'. Just my two cents…Grammyprepper

  34. We hear you Frank and Fern! First came the blood panel tests. Then my \”geriatric specialist\” MD had me on all kinds of pills. I took the pills and the blood work never changed, so I just decided to quit taking the pills! Guess what? The Doc thinks he's brilliant 'cuz I've \”stabilized.\” Guess he never reads my med records! All his prescribed pills–in a sealed one gallon paint can in the basement–where they belong!

  35. Medical drugs are a HUGE industry. Different sources claim that big pharma spends more money than anyone else in their lobbying efforts. Lobbying is nothing more than paying someone for a favor .Some would call it bribery. The ruling class can afford it , we can't ,so we are not allowed in the big boys club.As far as drugs being a controlling thing , well it certainly wouldn't surprise me . Like you, we also take only the prescriptions that we must ,because they can have side affects and some can be very unpleasant. In a SHTF situation I would not want to deal with people that can't get their meds. They would be completely irrational and untrustworthy.People that are addicted to illegal drugs and could not get them in a SHTF world would in all likelihood become even more dangerous than they are now.The roaring 20's await us .Bluesman

  36. \”Is our government using the medical industry to suppress the drive and motivation of American citizens as a means to appease and subdue the population?\”Testosterone in men in the United States is at its lowest point since WW2. Coincidence?…

  37. When I was laid off in 2016 from my job of over ten years, I was on eight medications. Within four months I was off everything. I think Stress is the biggest reason for medications. Red

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