Open Thread – December 14, 2019

Hello Everybody, Frank here.

Good morning, it’s Saturday morning December 14, 2019. The reason for the date, just wanted to let everybody know where we are. Things are changing quickly. 

This is going to be an open thread article where all comments are welcome. As usual, the comments will be moderated. We need to keep the comments lively, respectful, adult topics are fine and encouraged. No profanity, because somebody’s grandma is reading this.

I’m going to start this with some of my comments. These are in no particular order, so I’ll just start here.

I cannot believe this impeachment process. When I say I cannot believe, I cannot believe that our senior, elected politicians will stoop to the low level that I am seeing and reading on the news. I don’t have the words for it. But I will say that I believe that we have lost one branch of our government to lying, cheating, corruption. Again, it’s unbelievable. Unbelievable.

Next topic. You had better be paying attention to what is going on in Virginia. The new government coming in has created a hornets nest and the people are responding. Is this a testing ground for the rest of the country? That’s for you to decide. We have sheriffs all over this country that are saying NO! WE WILL NOT COMPLY! This is serious.

Moving on. The Horowitz report brought to light a significant number of violations conducted by our federal law enforcement against American citizens. This report has it’s limits and scope. Following reports should bring indictments. This is one more time I will use the word unbelievable, the unbelievable, uncontrolled corruption in our highest law enforcement agencies.

Moving on. The overwhelming defeat of the liberals in the United Kingdom should send shock waves through the liberal, socialist, communists groups world wide. We’ll have to wait and see how they word BREXIT.

There are many more topics that just really get under my skin. Look at this pathetic group of Democratic candidates. In my humble opinion only one is even worth considering and that’s the lady from Hawaii, and I don’t think she is presidential material. All the rest are unbelievably pathetic losers. There is talk of bringing Hillary back? God help us all. Unbelievable.

You’ll notice a slightly different thread today. Our 1st & 2nd Amendments are under blatant attack. If you need to stock up, now is the time, whether it be food, bandages or bullets. Again, in my humble opinion, this thing is going to heat up sharply this summer. THEY, whoever they is, the flavor of the week maybe, they are not going to allow President Trump to be reelected. THEY are desperate. As Ol’ Remus says, avoid crowds. Avoid crowds at all costs. 

I encourage you to share your thoughts. This is a small blog with a medium sized readership. So please, if you have ideas to improve things, let us all know. If you’re just pissed off, then vent. The 2nd Amendment is there for a reason. You might want to pay attention. Have a plan, proceed accordingly and diligently. Be vigilant. Pull your head out of your ass, this thing is getting serious. Look at Congress. Look at Virginia. THEY are not going to allow the President of the United States to obtain a second term. We as a nation are surrounded by socialists and communists, and I don’t see anybody who can do a better job right now than President Trump. Is he perfect? No. But we need strong leaders, we’ve got enough people running around in this world wearing pink hats, we just don’t need anymore. 

I am an American. I am a citizen. And I am pissed.

We’ll talk more later,  Frank

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  1. you know, frank, i have seen the school meal program in action and i was surprised at the extent.then i saw the boils down to sexual who are siblings, but from more than one sire, come to school hungrythen one teacher told me of sending backpacks of food home with the children for the weekends because many would otherwise go unfed until monday morning school breakfast.the backpacks included extras because any children under school age in the home would then also have something to eatat the end of a day i spent in one elementary school the principal teacher asked what i thoughti told her that, as a republican, i had not been in favor of all this taking over of parental roles by the schools but was now ready to say ,'bring out the cots and let the children spend the night here in safety.'. it is an eye opener indeed.there are few legitimate births compared to the majority, divorce or never-married rampant, druggy boyfriends living in the child's home, so there is no stability and sometimes no safety.when God is told to leave, He does. without Biblical morality the country is billy graham said,'if God leaves america unpunished He owes sodom and gomorrah an apology.'.who ever would think induced abortion would be illegal, and now infanticide outside the womb legal in new york?the speed of the descent into unthinkable immorality is mind boggling.delete this if you want just wanted to tell you of my experiences with the school policy in rhode island and ohio. thanks

  2. I have one pessimistic and one optimistic reply to this: optimistic first–home- and otherwise tradtionally-schooled kids are likely to be the leaders of the future, simply because they will have the skills needed to function. Public school these days is an absolute mess. The pessmistic: don't worry about not seeing what was happening. These are macro trends that I doubt are reversible. If you can set yourself up like Frank and Fern have, you'll be in better shape to maintain a good quality of life going forward.

  3. Anonymous,Things don't just happen, they are well thought out plans, and we are not in on the planning phase of the project.Bluesman

  4. According to the Common Sense Show on YT \”Breaking:Covert Project to Disarm America\”,confirmed existence of \”gun eating\” machines to the tune of $500k be used in the VA and the Bay Area. Leaked that 5 of them are located in Denver.

  5. Hi Red,We follow Ice Age Farmer and have mentioned him in previous articles.Thank you for the link. People need to pay attention. This is not a joke.One cannot survive without food. What else can one say. Without food,you are dead.Thanks again.Frank

  6. Read somewhere about the coming election–'The right will never accept Socialism, the left will accept nothing less-\”I hope President Trump wins re election, but, whatever happens things will get ugly.

  7. Hi, Evan. Interesting perspectives for an early 30's. Interesting perspectives for an early 80's. I really don't know where to begin. I agree with you, I'm not sure this senate vote is a done deal. There are a whole lot of Republican senators that have never cared for Trump. This might be their opportunity to even the score. Where it goes from there is like letting an inflated balloon loose. Yes, you should be focusing on heaven and striving to obtain eternal peace, but you are currently on and in this mortal world. I would recommend home schooling. Try to teach your children the truth according to your values. Nobody knows where this thing is going. But from my perspective, it's not going to be all peachy keen here in the near future. Some little words of wisdom? Avoid crowds. Prepare to survive. Believe in a higher power. Live as far away as you can. I'm sure there are many things I have missed here. An old country and western singer, Merle Haggard, had a song. We're rolling down hill like a snowball headed for hell.Make sure you love your kids and tell them they're pretty, unless it's a boy, of course. Then tell him he's manly.Don't get on the bus. Frank

  8. Hi, CW2iC. I am familiar with both of these links and have read both of them. SurvivalBlog has helped guide and direct millions of people on how to survive a collapse. Jim Rawles is a good man. His early books are well worth reading. Every house should have a copy of How To Survive The End of the World As We Know It, by James, Wesley Rawles. Some of the information is a little dated, but I have given this book before as Christmas presents.Thank you for the links. Frank

  9. Hi, Bluesman. A difficult topic. Our first amendment, besides giving us free speech also gives us freedom of religion. So, what if that new religion does not fit well with the old religion? Somebody wins and somebody loses.What if, let's say, our standard Judeo-Christian belief loses? Which, by the way, it is. Are we going to deport Muslims? No. No we're not. Are the illegal terrorists going to continue coming across the border? Yes, they are. They have been for years. I read a Texas department of public safety report years ago about the number of terrorists apprehended on the Texas border every month. That was just the ones they caught.We could stop the problem at the border, but we're not. Europeans could stop their immigration problems also. But they're not. We are being invaded. The world leaders know this. I don't care what excuses they make, they are still allowing it. An adult topic here. It seems to be okay in the Western world for a group of Muslim men to brutally and viciously rape a teenage girl. It appears to be okay. We make excuses, and it's okay. We can't even talk about it. Talking about it is a hate crime. Viciously raping that little girl? Our government, our religions, our society has deemed it's okay.I'm losing faith in President Trump. I think we're being set up as patsies. Excuses are worthless. Where's the wall?Frank

  10. It's been really discouraging seeing the public disclosures and revelations, with the breadth and depth exposed by the IG report especially. All of the 'lack of intent' defense being allowed to stand is appalling. I voted for Trump as a gamble that maybe he meant what he said. What he accomplished is fantastic but it is nowhere near enough, I don't even know if another four years would help much more.Then when I hear things like Grahamnesty saying they don't need witnesses at an impeachment trial; one riding on the hope that the likes of Pierre, Murky, and Collins don't defect, it sure doesn't inspire confidence. Polls that say more citizens are against impeachment than for it, are a pointless canard; Congress has clearly shown the will of the voters is a low priority to their actions. And even if we vote them out next election, the damage will be done.I expect the Senate vote to remove having a \”shocking\” outcome where the RINOs or the previously trustworthy senators vote narrowly to remove around March or April. Pence rides it out to the next election, but he doesn't have the charisma or impetus of Trump and then either a hand-picked democrat 'savior' coasts to victory (side question- if the DNC electors put their nomination on someone outside of the race, such as her Herness, do the state filing deadlines matter?), or an acceptable rino takes the nod instead, and everything else is memory holed.I followed Q for a while because I wanted to believe, but it has been too long without arrests to extend the benefit of the doubt any further. I'm in my early thirties, and by the time I started realizing how bad things were it seemed too late to stop them, much less roll back the tide. The rest of my age group seems mostly hopeless, and many will probably be fine with the FBI spying on everyone \”for their own good\”. Now my only real solace comes from memes and captions on WRSA to the tune of 'if it were really too late, they wouldn't waste time on propaganda'.I realize my focus should be on the promise of heaven and striving to earn eternal peace. But it's so hard when I look around and see the world my children are entering. How can I prepare them to face these terrors? For that matter- how do I?Thank you for the opportunity to vent.

  11. Thank you once more for providing this forum for sharing ideas and awareness of the VA disaster-in-the-making. We all have opinions as to how a gun confiscation may go down, though an actual one will likely be an order of magnitude greater or smaller. I would like to share James Wesley Rawles' \”The Mathematics of Countering Tyranny.\” He's done some serious homework and has the credentials to be given much consideration: well, here's a piece by the author of \”The Pig Trap;\” both are worth reading. Regularly & repeatedly: & regards,CW2iC

  12. This has been a most interesting post with lots of ideas and interaction. Here is a topic that I have been pondering over and I don't think has been mentioned .Several countries in Europe seem to be having pretty severe problems with muslims immigrating to them from Africa and the middle east. Sweden , Great Britain, The Netherlands ,Italy and others are in the European news constantly with lots of crime issues. The U.S. has over 2000 mosques in our country at this time. I have been trying to educate myself to the Islamic culture to understand who they are and what they believe in. Most of what I have found bothers me . Being a Christian believer I am looked down upon by Muslims, I am considered to be a very inferior person. How does a muslim integrate into our culture? I watched an interview of a Muslim cleric who stated it was fine to beat your wife, but not too harshly. That does not fit into Christian doctrine real well .I hope to not read too much into things but I have also noticed that our border patrol has apprehended many Muslim terrorists crossing our Southern border. I have noticed in the last few months that national news stories seldom use the word Muslim to describe a person who commits a crime in our country. Looking at Muslim history over the last few hundred years I have begun to wonder about letting them into our country at all.Just some food for thought.Bluesman

  13. Hello, CW. I was taught as a child that Salvation Army was for the needy and not the greedy. There will always be folks in need for one reason or another and we should help those in need.I do know a few people that will take everything they can get for free, then turn around and sell it. Yes, I know, once you give somebody something it's theirs, but to take something just because it's free, that someone else can use, to make a profit off of someone else's kindness? I have problems with that.When I started in education, there were no free lunch programs. If you wanted lunch at school, you paid for it. Over time through federal programs we have free lunches for the most part. A few years later, we had a free breakfast program. Then we started sending kids home in the afternoon with some snacks. On Friday afternoons we sent kids home with extra snacks for the weekend. Now, in many schools, we are effectively feeding the kids three times a day. What happened to parenting? People say, 'Well, they're needy.' Some are, some of the kids truly are, but many are not. The parents are just taking advantage of free. But remember, it's not free. Somebody pays for it.If a man falls off a ladder and breaks his leg, his family needs help. If a man is too lazy to work? I don't know what to say anymore. We have parents lining up to get their kids into special education programs so they can collect social security disability. We've got ourselves in a sad state of affairs. But for those that need? Let's help.Happy Holidays, and thank you for your comment. Yes, we will know soon what's going to happen in Virginia.Frank

  14. Get the Word Out should this be true. Red

  15. I am very appreciative of your post and the comments. I do not think I could add anything more important than what has already been shared by all. At this point, it is a \”wait and see\” game to be played out in the near future. I would like to say, that every single day should be used to prepare and take advantage of all positive options. There may not be many days left before we become paralyzed and cut off from the world around us. Many of you are retired or have been stockpiling supplies for years. If money is tight, and supplies are low, take on a part-time job for extra cash. Jobs are so readily available these days. Offer childcare to those who need to bring in more money for preps. Offer to help anyone in poor health or with limited physical strength. This is the season of giving and showing kindness to others. Do whatever you are capable of doing for those who want to be prepared and are struggling to do so. So many of our charities focus on giving to those who expect to be taken care of rather than those who want to be less dependent. Just a thought. May you all be blessed with God's love and protection. Travel safely and carry on…CW

  16. Hi, Bluesman. I agree with every word you said.This morning Fern and I were talking about how many people we actually know that have gardens. And remember, I live out in the middle of nowhere. We see a couple of little garden patches, some ornamental peppers and a couple of tomato plants, but not gardens.We live in an area that has lots of cattle, but I know no one that raises livestock for home meat. Some have a handful of chickens for eggs, but they don't butcher their chickens. When they get old, they give them to another family. That's because they don't have the skills or desire to butcher that bird.I know guys that have a whole cabinet full of guns, but they don't know how to load them. I know no one with any serious food storage, and most people I know are up to their ears in debt, and accumulating more daily.The list goes on. Just add this to the educational system, the circus in Washington D.C. and state capitals, our immigration numbers, and these people pat themselves on the back at what a great job they are doing.I have a simple question. Where is the wall? Excuses mean nothing. We need results, not excuses. Where is the wall?The term reset is as good as any. It's a benign kind of word. Let's try some other words. Bodies rotting in the fields and streets. Famine. Plague. Horror of an unbelievable magnitude. Uncontrolled violence like we have never seen before. But we have seen it before. Look back through history, not too long ago. Pictures of bodies frozen in Russian fields on the side of the road. Picture the German concentration camps. The boxcars filled with people. This list can go on and on and on. Reset is a good word. Collapse. CW2. SHTF. Apocalypse. TEOTWAWKI. This is what is coming. The higher we are, the farther we fall.Brace for impact.Frank Feral

  17. Our country and the world as well is in a terrible mess.I also see no way out of this mess except a very difficult journey, a reset of some type . Everywhere we turn today there is uncivil behavior, lying, stealing,cheating, rampant drug use and shootings.The leadership at all levels of government is corrupt .It seems to me that we cannot fix just one thing , we need to fix it all. It is very sad, sad indeed.If we wish to survive this thing we need to be very vigilant of what is going on around us as all this craziness unfolds. For gosh sakes store food and supplies while things are available. Learn skills that will keep you alive like gardening,food preservation methods, basic medical knowledge, firearms use and maintenance , sewing and fixing things. And if you are in debt make all efforts to get out of that situation.Things are frustrating to say the least. I never thought the country I served would fall to these depths, never. Keep a clear mind as we move ahead. Make sound decisions and stay away from crowds.Bluesman

  18. Hello, and thank you for your thoughts.It's always a good idea to talk to your members of Congress, whether local or national. I'm not real sure that is does a lot of good anymore, looking at the outcome of several elections, especially in the US legislature. I'm not always sure voting is the solution.There is a lot of pressure being put on the new government in Virginia. Even if they change their views and start wearing little halos, we all know what is under that thin veneer. On the issue of gun control, our national representatives to the highest level also wear very thin veneers. Never trust these people. Let's wait a couple of months and see.Thank you, Frank

  19. Hello. Thank you for reminding us of why we are here and what we need to do. At this site we honor and respect all views with minor limitations. Not everybody agrees, many people disagree. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Others that have different views, we live in the land of the free. But in my house, we get on our knees and we pray to God. Sometimes there are days I forget this, who is in charge or who is in control. I don't know if we are close to end times. It could be tomorrow, it could be ten thousand years.Your words are appreciated and you are welcome at this site. Thank you for your kind words and may God and Peace be with you.Thank you, Frank

  20. Just a thought. What would happen if in every county or district that one of the Virginia legislature is from had someone who would go to the grand jury and file a criminal complaint of treason/sedition on that legislature who voted for disarming its citizens. The 2A is to protect citizens from an evil government and only an evil government would attempt to disarm its people. I doubt the judges or prosecutors would do their jobs, but it may send a message.

  21. Good that you won't submit Frank because your eternal salvation depends upon it. All who DO NOT have their names written in the Lamb's Book of Life WILL worship the Antichrist. An act which merits eternal damnation and never being forgiven for doing. It, to me is the most terrifying truth in the scriptures. Jesus told us we must worship God in Spirit and Truth so that we may KNOW Whom and What we worship. The 5 Attributes of a Spiritual Warrior that will assure your place in the Kingdom:1. HEAR! the Voice of the Lord. Open your ears and HEAR Him!2. OBEY! the Voice of the Lord. Obedience is the first law of Heaven.3. FAITH! Have faith in EVERYTHING He says and does no matter what. His Word is a light unto your path and a lamp unto your feet. Know your Bible. Daily devotions from \”My Utmost For His Highest\” by Oswald Chambers. Sing to Him!\”Agnus Dei\” on YT by Michael W. Smith w/lyrics….wow, so powerful!!!4. DO THE WORKS! of Him that sends you. Follow in the steps of Rabbi Jesus so closely that the dust of His feet covers you.5.FAST & PRAY! The most powerful of all the attributes but only if the first four are done by someone with clean hands and a pure heart. \”The prayer of a righteous man availeth much.\”\”YAH is far from the wicked but He hears the prayer of the righteous\”.\”The eyes of YAH watch over those who do right, and His ears are open to their prayers. But YAH turns his face against those who do evil.\” Remember Jesus was Jewish. Listen to the Psalms in Hebrew, God's holy language. Available on YT.KEEP THE SABBATH!! Remember and Observe. Enter into His Rest!!REPENT! REPENT! REPENT!If the Lord is the same today, yesterday, and forever, then in our time He can rain fire down from Heaven, cause the earth to open up and swallow His/our enemies,send ONE angel to kill an army 100,000 plus strong over night, part a sea to let His chosen pass over dry ground and drown the enemy,command small stones to lie still in their place until ready to be picked up by a humble shepherd boy to kill a giant. Now go watch on YT, our Marines worshiping/singing/praising..title..\”Days of Elijah – US Marines w/lyrics\”. If them and the song don't get you pumped for what's coming, I don't know what else will. Thank you Frank and Fern for everything you're doing to lift, instruct, and inspire. God bless all reading this and know we're NOT alone!May we be gathered by Him to a place of refuge to welcome the Remnant of the House of Israel during the time of Jacob's trouble which is surely going to befall them before the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord come.May we be the ones to fulfill Isaiah 35:4 and witness to His people who are surely not cast off but will be gathered again into one nation, Israel. You may be among the scattered with Israelite blood. The elect will hear His voice. The time grows short to get our houses in order. Know His will and call for your life. Who knows, you may be a modern day Elijah or Deborah in the making. Jesus Christ is KING! Sorry so long but felt compelled to admonish.

  22. Hi, Christi. Thank you for the come back.I tried using two horizontal ham sticks set for 40 and then 80, at approximately 10' elevation. I was successful on one, but not the other, and I don't remember which one. Very small bandwidth, though. I have an Alpha Delta multi-band dipole with an apex of 30' and the ends at 20'. It's a great antenna for DX. I lowered the apex to 10' and for NVIS, it works fine on 40 but not 80. I would assume it had to do with the compromised coils. I am now using an end fed 80-10 from and it works really nice on DX, but no luck on NVIS. I believe it is too high. In the near future I'm going to experiment with the same end fed antenna at 10' elevation on both ends and see how that works. I will publish the results.I feel that NVIS may be an asset in the near future. I live in the hill country of southeastern Oklahoma and the repeaters work great here on VHF & UHF, but LOS is just about nonexistent. So this is my reasoning with experimenting with NVIS. Maybe in a few days I'll put out a radio article. I would like to see if anybody is having base station NVIS success.Thank you for your response. 73, Frank

  23. Hi Frank,I have played with NVIS. I use a Buddipole set up for NVIS. I have printed out the relevant article from Buddipole's website to keep in my binder. It does take some tinkering to tune the coils for low SWR, so there is a learning curve. It isn't resonant right out of the gate.73, Christi

  24. The bible tells where \”The Show\” is going. God help us until He comes back to rule and reign in righteousness.

  25. What would Henry Bowman do? It is an excellent read. Certainly has some adult topics in it, this is not a children's book by any means. I'm not going to tell you what the story is, but it deals with some dark subjects. Not devil like dark, but the really bad side of human behavior. If you have the time, it's a good book, I would recommend everybody read it. It's not like Little House on the Prairie. This is strictly an adult content book.So, what would Henry Bowman do?Thank you for reminding me of that book.Frank

  26. Have you noticed the number of politicians retiring this year? Both sides of the aisle have decided to spend more time with their families. Do you think we will ever know the truth about who Epstein's plastic surgeon is? And where he lives? Epstein, that is.Frank

  27. Well, that's not a very pretty picture we have painted in front of us, is it? I'd like to see Norman Rockwell paint a few pictures of America today. It seems like evil has taken over. There are still lots of bright points and lots of good people, lots of them. But I think the percentage of evil grows each year and the percentage of decency get smaller. I could talk about this all day everyday. Being a retired educator I have seen filth work it's way through the schools. It's not the teacher's fault or the school administrator's fault, it's society. All the schools do is just represent the society that walks through the door each morning.Picture Norman Rockwell with a painting of a five year old transgender child sitting on the lap of a gay drag queen Santa Claus in a biker bar next to a church performing a wedding for a man and a dog. You think that picture is sick? That's who we are. Not all of us, but that picture gets clearer everyday. You had better not say anything about it, because it's a hate crime. Welcome to the new YMCA.Do you really think it's going to get better? Keep hoping. But hope is a very poor strategy.As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord….as long as we can. For the comment up above. I will not submit.Take care, Frank

  28. When I have a bill in a restaurant, I pay it. When I have a bill with my government, I pay it. Submitting to governance is different than paying my bills, it's a little thing. When the government tells me to get on the bus, I will not submit. When the government paved my road, I paid my part. I don't hate government, sometimes they're actually useful.You can define the word any way you want to. I will pay my taxes. But I will not submit and I will not get on the bus. I served my country in the Army and the Navy. That was my duty. Double-think. Is that a breed of dog? Submit? Bitch? Words have different meanings. Bitch is a female dog, but I don't ever remember seeing the breed Double-think. Let's not play head games or word games. Life is hard enough as it is without trying to be cute. I support the Constitution, but illegal, unjust, tyrannical government? I will not submit.Frank Feral

  29. Everybody needs to read \”Unintended Consequences\” by John Ross. Large book over 900 pages. You can order it in paperback for $40.00 or download it for free with due diligence on the internet. A SOLID page turner written in 1957.

  30. Executive order #11647 2/14/72 signed by Richard Nixon dividing the U.S. into 10 super regions to give the U.N. control. The Pope's 5/14/20 scheduled meeting with world leaders calling for verbatim \”New Humanism\”, a \”Global Village\”, and \”Re-educating the Youth\”. The term \”New Humanism\” stems from the Club of Madrid's plans for the world. The corruption and darkness in our government are just signs of Ezra's Eagle prophecy unfolding. Geologists are being told to shut up regarding the latest findings about the Cascadia subduction zone. The Ring of Fire is active.China in South America setting up bases, moving entire communities there, running the drug cartel. Susan Lucas (Dem) in Virginia wants to outlaw all martial arts instruction, gun use instruction, boxing/fencing,any type of self defense instruction. It's legal to defecate/urinate on the sidewalks in San Francisco and Denver. L.A. Skid Row is an apocalyptic scene from Hell. Solar minimum in effect and God's judgments yet to be poured out without measure. Oh yeah, things are getting interesting while Americans bury their noses in their smartphones,sip Starbucks, watch Dancing With the Stars,worship celebrities,listen to Greta Thunberg,participate in Black Friday chaos,forget God is to be feared,and vote Democrat.

  31. Pete, communication is critical even if people are just listening. A simple scanner and ham radio will be a very important part of life. People have become dependent upon modern conveniences. I am one of them. A little humor here, but I like indoor plumbing and I like my cell phone. But I also have a water well. I know these modern conveniences could be gone quickly. Few people have the skills to survive the way my grandparents did in the 1920's – 100 years ago. I know lots of people that live out in the country, have no garden, no livestock, a couple of horses – the non-working type, no way to produce electricity, no water. They might as well have a house in the city. They don't want to learn how to process food. They could care less about communications. They know hard times are coming. God forgive me, Pete, I think these people are just plain, old stupid. They will be dangerous and I am not taking care of these worthless oxygen breathers.Pete, I've been playing with NVIS lately. Do you have any experience with it? Does anyone have any experience with NVIS? If you don't know what it is, you should. Look it up.Take care, Pete. 73, Frank

  32. Hi, Jon. In the back of my mind, where I like to leave some things, I also believe that there is going to be blood in the streets either way, and I believe it will be this summer. There are a lot of possible scenarios. An orchestrated economic collapse, some major false flag event, maybe simultaneous ones. But I do believe we will see blood in the streets this summer, up to the election. I pray to God I am wrong, but that's what I see.Frank

  33. Pete, there have been a number of things passed and voted on during these impeachment hearings. There was little to no attention paid to any of them. I hate to think this is all just a game and Mom & Pop are just the patsies. Something does appear to be coming to a head.There are days when I just don't know. There are days that I think Trump is a great president and there are days I ask myself a plaguing question. Where is the wall?I'm preparing for a hot summer, a very hot summer all the way through November. All of the cards should be played by then and it may just bring down the house.Frank

  34. We pay our taxes. Not always happy about having to pay, but we do. It's part of our responsibility as a citizen. Does our government waste money? Absolutely. No one here has ever encouraged anyone to not pay their taxes. I do believe that most taxes are unfair, illegal and unwarranted. But I pay my taxes. I fly a flag in my yard and I have a cross in my house.But I will not submit.Frank Feral

  35. We should all be watching. Good advice. Imagine where we would be now if the dems had won three years ago. We are in serious trouble. So is Europe. So is China. So is Japan. The Middle East is lost. Africa is way lost. Where to now?As said earlier, we are in serious trouble. Frank

  36. To answer your question, Yes. People are dense enough to go against that tide. This new government, they were elected by the people. They believe they have the power and the authority. The other authorities and powers are starting to voice their concerns. I don't think it will just pass this time. Fern and I have been discussing the events in Virginia. Sure hope this thing doesn't get out of control, but it might, and it might spread. Once it starts, it might turn into a wildfire.Always know which way the wind is blowing. Frank

  37. It's good to hear that people can meet and organize with different views and be civil. Being adults this is the way we should deal with problems. I'm glad your experience was as such.Your meeting for the most part was the exception to the rule. Yes, I was not there. Many of these types of meetings end up with yelling and screaming with people being removed and on occasion arrested.Let's wait until the new government takes control and see where it goes. They have showed their cards. Christmas gun sales have certainly escalated. We will see.Thank you for your effort, Frank

  38. Very good point. Time cures most ills, one way or the other. Either you get well or you die. Gramsci supported this type of concept in a vague way. The schools are teaching a pacifist point of view, look at our college campuses. But. The leaders didn't listen to Gramsci, they wanted faster results. This will happen here also. Patience used to be a virtue, some people want it right now. We'll know soon.Frank

  39. Interesting and well put. Things can change very quickly. We knew the attack was going to occur. THEY knew the attack was going to occur. Then the attack occurred.We know now there is going to be a conflict. THEY know there is going to be a conflict. Fill in the blanks.Prepare, Frank

  40. Remsdad, I sure hope there is not a tussle, but it wouldn't surprise me at all. About two months, we'll see what the new leadership in Virginia is going to do.Thanks for sharing, Frank

  41. Thank you for sharing. No one planned on President Trump winning. I'm not even sure he did. I don't know how, when and my little mind does not have the ability to process, why, but my emotional feelings tell me that President Trump will not have a second term. If he does, wonderful, but these people that lost are out for revenge.I am also preparing for hard times soon. We are trying to lighten the load, get rid of waste. Now is a good time for a good house cleaning…and garage….and storage buildings. If I had one major fear, it would be my immediate neighbors because none of them have planned for anything except good times.Keep your head clear. Frank

  42. Hi, Sergeant. You bring out some excellent food for thought. I am not sure of the meaning of the word covfefe, but we all have different sides to our thoughts. I am about to share one that I seldom discuss.Most of what you said, I agree with. In my house the question comes up frequently, \”Where is the wall? It's been three years.\” Excuses are meaningless, they mean nothing. Let me ask it again. Where is the wall?Why aren't there people in jail? Where is the Clinton server? The Weiner laptop? Where is Epstein living? Why are the Kennedy files still locked? The Gulf of Tonkin thing? 60,000 men of my generation died because of that lie, not to mention millions of theirs. 9/11, in my humble opinion, was an inside job.Back to your initial premise, \”is it all a show\”? It very easily could be.My question. If it is a show, where are they taking the audience? Will there be a crescendo or climax? Or does the show just continue into Act 5, 6 & 7? The show must go on.Your premise is well taken in this house, we disagree with some of what you said, but this is an open blog. Thank you for your service and thank you for your comment.Frank Feral

  43. I will not lie down.I will not go quietly.I will not submit.I will not roll over.I will not comply.I will not sit down.I will not shut up.I WILL, however, always pay my taxes because that's what responsible, productive members of this society do.I can feel you all recoiling in horror from the thought of not paying your taxes.

  44. Ozarks Tom sez:\”I do believe if Trump is reelected, there will be blood.\”Tom, if Trump doesn't get \”re-elected,\” or if he is somehow removed from office by all the nefarious and treasonous means now in play, or if he is assassinated…There will also be blood.It cannot now be otherwise . The Evil people have seen to that by relentlessly eroding the pillars of our culture and society for a hundred years, now accelerating ever faster toward their goal. And the decent ordinary folks have, by apathy, ignorance and selfish conceits, enabled their own destruction. Item of evidence? the \”republican\” party, the loyal opposition… loyal to the same goals of statist/globalist tyranny as the demonrats, acting as a sink and distraction for traditional Americans.Is life so sweet or peace so dear……….. ?Blessings on all true men of honest intent, and brave of heart.Ozarks Jon

  45. Hello, Michael. Thank you for your kind words, and bless you and yours also.That's a good question, where the lines will be drawn. They won't be based on physical boundaries, skin color or language. If I were guessing, it will boil down to the haves and have-nots. I think cities and towns will be dangerous and for the most part they will burn. There will be martial law, for what that's worth.No one in a populated area or the immediate surroundings will be safe. But then it won't be a picnic in the rural areas either, there are Bubbas everywhere.When I was a child there was talk of a nuclear nightmare. Once this thing starts, for whatever reason, it will probably snowball out of control. It could take us back to areas and conditions unknown. Maybe I should stop here.Thank you for your comment. And yes, you do need to prep now.Frank

  46. Hi, Worker. Inspirational words. There are some that will stand and be counted, but most won't. There is nothing new there. We're taught that 3% or 1% or 10% supported the movement at Lexington. It's never been a majority and it never will be.Most people living in black communities do not support gangs or their activities. It only takes a small percentage of people to produce a riot and most do not support the riot. If we have 3% of the people stand, that's more than enough. If we can get 3%, and yes, I say WE, then we will be doing great. The question is, will there be 3%?I am old. We need young.Frank

  47. Thank you for sharing. Every town, every county, every state has massive amounts of people from somewhere else. Many of them speak perfect English. Where are they coming from?In our area of Oklahoma we have folks going back generations, many, no where near as deep as Virginia. We have a large Indian population here, Andrew Jackson moved scores of people into this area. Some of them accuse the white man of taking their land, and they did. Jackson took the land of the people there, and then a new government took the land of the people here. There were Indians living here when more Indians were moved here.I don't know where all of these people are coming from, but it's not just immigration and outsiders. There is a huge generational gap. Lying used to be considered a bad thing, now it means nothing. Honor used to be precious. To many today, it means nothing. We used to make jokes about used car salesmen. Everywhere I go now days people would just as soon lie when the truth will work just fine. This is just one of the many problems we face as a society. Our civilization is collapsing. The communists are taking advantage of a natural collapse. Sad picture, eh? Hang in there.Frank

  48. Read \”Atlas Shrugged.\” It talks about \”the power of pull.\” The powers that be in NY and CT won't use door-to-door confiscation. They're allowing the people to hold onto their guns, letting them think they have \”the power.\” Then at the right time, TPTB will come in saying \”Do what we want, or you go to jail.\” They'll disguise it as \”amnesty.\” This… is the power of pull…

  49. Good morning. You could be exactly right. Martial law includes powers that few of us are aware of. It could be a false flag event, there are several false flag events that could be use for the government to declare martial law. Remember, martial law can be declared by some cities, counties, states and the federal government. It can be local, regional or nation wide. Whatever happens, it will happen quickly. You need to be prepared, that includes communication. You need to know what is going on down the road. Phones may not work. Actually, shutting down phones would be a prudent move. THEY already control the news media. Take the phones and internet off line and you have control. Communications are important. Read some of the radio communications articles on this blog, they are filled with information.Frank

  50. …And don't forget the confiscation of firearms! As for immediate reporting, it'll be around the time \”they\” kill the internet that people will rediscover the value of ham radio…

  51. Concerning Nunes; he voted in favor of the \”The Farm Workforce Modernization Act,\” which would give over a million illegal aliens a \”path to citizenship.\” The \”million\” would just be the start. Once that million gets its green cards it'll leave the fields, only to be replaced by another million, and the process would repeat itself. The bill would basically create a \”pump\” importing unskilled illegals into our country forevermore.Nunes voted in favor of this. It has PASSED in the House. Be reserved with your compliments for that guy…As with any \”magic show,\” watch the hand the \”magician\” DOESN'T want you to be watching!

  52. Tango, I have typed that statement a gazillion times and to this day I still hunt and peck with two fingers, sometimes three.Virginia could very easily be a test, a very dangerous one. We'll know in about two months. That's not very long. It will be here sooner than we think.Prepare to defend yourself. These people will never quit. So how do we counter never?Prepare, Frank Feral

  53. I'd be starting a State wide Re-Call before they take their Oaths of Office. Soros can't get his $$$ in there fast enough. Plus demand ID and a Sworn statement that the Voter is an American Citizen. Red

  54. Thank you for your comment. Good advice. It's easy to get worked into a frenzy. It is difficult to find reliable data. All news sources now days are slanted one way or the other, and it's difficult to discern the truth. I'm not sure there is a truth anymore.Yes, it is coming. Relatively speaking, soon.Frank

  55. Grandpa, thank you for your service.These people don't read, they watch. They are fed a steady dose of hatred. Don't forget that because you served your country, you Sir are a terrorist, as am I.We've been patient, we've been tolerant and we are pissed. Everyone understands that term.Enjoy your Christmas also, and may God bless you and yours.Frank

  56. I've been flying the Gadsden below Old Glory for years now, here in the Land Of Fruits And Nuts (CA). Let the pussyhat crowd and illegals call me \”racist.\” All they're doing is showing their utter ignorance!

  57. Hi, Doug. A lot has changed since 1850, and a lot of things haven't. It is always the prudent thing to do to dress accordingly for any event. You don't wear jeans to a black tie event and you don't wear high heels to a track meet. Always dress accordingly, it might be the last outfit you wear for a long time.Be prepared, FrankP.S. My mother always told me you never leave the house without clean underwear, and go to the bathroom first, too. Thanks.

  58. Tom, this smorgasbord we are looking at is just the appetizer. Whoever is in charge gets blamed for whatever happens, good or bad.This repo thing the feds are doing, as you mentioned could quickly turn sour. That, with a handful of other false flag events and we're in turmoil. Then President Trump will get blamed. You're correct, these people are desperate.Your Republican governor, all of these people, can be bribed or black mailed or threatened. One picture from a drunken party 40 years back should take care of controlling any politician. It doesn't even have to be a real picture.THEY are not going to allow him a second term. There will be blood in the streets either way. The clock is ticking.Frank

  59. For God & Country, There may be a few military who will do whatever \”they\” tell them to do. As a retired military man though, I can tell you that the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of the military will not their weapons on those who they swore to protect, if ordered to by those who are wiping their butts with the Constitution they were also sworn to protect. No, I believe if our current \”leadership\” tries such a stunt, they'll be in for a hell of a surprise…

  60. Hi, Phil. Ditto to your points above. I don't think we can solve the problems you've mentioned. Just picking one, the educational system, I remember the Save the Whale movement years ago. It was a K-12 thematic movement. I wish I had a solution besides a complete reset. A complete reset is NOT what anybody wants. We have become fat, lazy and stupid. I wish I knew what the reset is going to look like.I genuinely appreciate your thoughts.Don't get on the bus. Frank Feral

  61. The most recent count of 2nd amendment sanctuaries in VA out of 95 counties, 66 have voted for the second amendment proposition plus 9 cities and 6 towns. More voting yet to come. Is the governor and his henchmen really dense enough to go against that tide?

  62. Harsh times indeed. I now realize I can say I am old and I have never seen anything like it. Sure I can read history or travel to other places and know that we have been living in a virtual cocoon time-wise and country-wise. All that being said, there is no good or moral reason to go down the rabbit hole we are going.I live and spend much of my time in Virginia. I did attend one of the 2nd amendment meetings in my county last week. After a good bit of propaganda (from both sides) but twisted facts and diversions from the anti gun crowd, it did my heart good to see the results.Thousands of people showed up. One of my concerns was that some professional protestors would show up and purposely try to promote violence so that the news could 'condemn violence from the pro gun crowd'. Not happening. Thousands of people there and when the vote came, 2 people stood up and said they did not want the amendment. Their talking points were (orchestrated) pass gun safety laws and let it go to the courts (Constitutional sounds good but we already have that right in the Contitution). Mealy mouthed!!I went to show my support but mostly went to see how many people showed up, how they behaved and to witness any counter protesting if anyone tried to disrupt the proceedings, plus see the reactions of the county supervisors. They had put out some milk toast proposals before the meeting but hastily added a more meaningful one at the last minute. You could easily see that they were much impressed and awed by the number of people (and their civil but firm behavior). Visibly nervous too. 🙂

  63. FWIW, I don't think the goal of the laws VA may pass is to actually seize guns at this time. The examples of NY and CT show that people don't comply with these types of laws and I don't see door-to-door confiscation. But once these laws are in place, large groups of people are in violation of the law and any one of them can be taken down at any time.Also, generationally speaking, as some prior commenters have noted, guns are going out of style. As today's illicit gun owners die, their inheritors will by and large tend to turn in the guns and ammo for destruction. Looking ahead 20-40 years, the long-term trends are not good.

  64. W/o including Hilary's nefarious dealings – the subterfuge has been spreading since Obama fired 197 Senior Commanders in order to establish (his words) \”my military\” I think Hilary was to carry on with the \”plan\” but Trump winning has put things on pause for now. I don't think they will allow a 2nd term for Trump. I am preparing for hard times soon.

  65. When Trump was elected he twitted one word, a foreign word, \”covfefe\” which translate roughly as \”it is all a show\”. Everything is a show to keep your focus off on what is happening. Notice despite the hype on Russian Collusion, IG report, etc. no one is in jail? Not Hillery, not Biden (Kerry, Romney and Pelosi had kids working in the same company in the Ukraine), not Comey or any of the others. It is all a show.Even the impeachment is a show. Notice the news is not talking about the new NAFTA agreement that has the red flag laws in it? This is meant to disarm the Americans under treaty (which is Treason). Real news is being ignored in order to distract everyone.While you were watching the impeachment the Patriot Act was renewed. Remember it took both sides and the president for this to happen. Remember the budget that caused a shut down, but it still got signed despite the lies. Trump signed it because of the lack of pay for government employees? Oh well lets screw the rest of the country with the bloated budget. No he did not have to sign it.The impeachment is a show. Trump signed an executive order punishing colleges if they are not for Israel. Despite Israel annexing lands belonging to other countries and shooting unarmed children and protesters. Now that executive order is a violation of the first amendment, the constitution and abuse of power, but you won't see that in the impeachment, because Trump isn't getting impeached. Did you see the massive military spending bill that is rushing through?Trump claimed he was pulling troops out to bring them home, but really sent them to Iraqi and Lebanon and then \”Oh No\” we have to send them back into Syria. Where in the constitution does it allow our country to take oil from a sovereign country and use our troops to protect those wells?Cofefe it is all a show. I am not a radical, but a retired army sergeant. I am neither democrat nor republican. I look at the truth of what is happening.

  66. There are less than a handful of blogs that I really look forward to reading and yours is one of them. It just makes me feel better to know that there are people like you and your readers out there in society.There are more people getting Fed up every day in this country, more and more realizing that we've lost our country and there really isn't much we can do about it at this point. It's analogous to being in the ninth month of a pregnancy, it's going to give birth to something and it's not going to be pretty. I'm not sure what a real civil war would look like in today's America. Would it include a division along racial lines? It might in some areas. Would it be based on ideology and if so how do you identify the enemy? I think it might boil down to a war between the sane and the insane. I agree with you, if you need to prep, do it now.God Bless you both.

  67. As I posted on another site today, you either stand for something or you stand for nothing. Sometimes one needs to take stock and make a decision – when dying time comes (and it will come) are you willing to stand and be counted? Many of us have made that decision and to that end, know exactly where 'we' stand. God bless this great country and those who stood up in the past (both living and dead) to give us the opportunity to live here …..Worker

  68. As a native Virginian I'd like to tell you why I believe this situation will go hot. These transplants and immigrants don't understand our mindset. Our lives, our families are steeped in this Nation's history from its inception. Many of us grew up in the same towns from which our grandfathers marched off to the fields in Manassas. We grew up with rifles and shotguns hunting squirrel, rabbit and deer from the time we were 12 years old. Perhaps most importantly we were taught that our most precious asset as we would grow to manhood would be our honor. And honor once lost could not be regained.These transplants and immigrants don't know us. They don't know us at all.

  69. I think the government is looking for an excuse to declare martial law. Shut down the internet (claiming hackers did it) to prevent on-the-spot reporting, the MSM will keep quiet and/or push stories distracting us. Once martiallaw is instituted, many \”emergency orders\” can be put in place. Electricity – food – communications will be controlled to \”preserve order\”.

  70. The gloves are off.The commies are open about their plans.Virginia will be a real test because if it works there, other states run by commies will do the same.\”Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country\”

  71. Beware the echo chamber.We chide ghe left for living in their ivory towers, beware you don't befall the same fate. Listen. Learn… take advantage of the situation and time we have now. Its coming, we can all tell.

  72. \”Beware the anger of a patient man\” perhaps it is their poor choice in reading material that keeps them ignorant… but I also believe we will not have long until 'they' take that one final step, and the tension – because there surely is tension – will snap. After that moment, it will truly be either all of them, or all of us. I've been to war, it is horrible, but it is a drug;as has been said. For those fighting for morals, ethics, values as taught in Scripture; there will be a time, and now is… when comes the spark. Everyone enjoy this Christmas, and be blessed through the holiday season and the new year. Remember 'the reason for the season'. Pray, and hold your family close. – Grandpa

  73. Frank & Paraclete,. It worries me that we have waited to long in that the military has too many new weapons at their disposal to inflict injuries on our people. The longer we wait, the more advantages will go to their side. It doesn't mean that we are fighting a losing battle, it will just take longer for us to prevail.An older friend of mine told me that there are to many in the armed forces that would resist fighting their countrymen. I say a lot of them have been drinking the liberal koolaid and would like to get their \”licks\” in. I fear that might happen with the VA National Guard.On the national front, I sincerely hope their will be trials for corruption and treason and penalties up to hanging as the outcome. I wait with baited breath.The only thing that these times signify is that we are in the end times, that we are to fight the good fight and not dispair.

  74. Wow! What a smorgasbord! I've been watching as much of the impeachment highlights as I can stomach, and compliment Rep. Nunes for his mighty restraint in not slapping that bug-eyed smirk of Schifforbrains face. What I'm seeing on the dem's part is emotion, and emotion rejected becomes desperation. This goes back to a previous essay of yours regarding the potential for an orchestrated recession.The public votes with their wallets, the only possibility for a dem to win is if Trump, who's taken credit for the good economy, can be blamed for a terrible economy. Desperate people do desperate things. There's already smoke appearing in distance with the recent Fed emergency funding of the big banks, an intentional sabotage here or there could bring out the flames. I certainly wouldn't put it past those with the means and hatred for this country, Soros comes to mind.I do believe if Trump is reelected, there will be blood.As to Virginia, although they've gone radical in a hurry, other states like our own Missouri is considering gun control laws, although we worked long and hard to have Constitutional Carry. I don't see anything coming of it, but our traitor republican Governor shows just how deeply the enemy has burrowed in.I've little doubt we've gone past the point of no return. Although I'm not physically capable of manning the front line like I did when 19, I'm certainly capable of supporting those who do.

  75. Just some random thoughts I am going to place here, thanks for what you guys do btw.We need to fix the problem at the state level that we see in places like Virginia and here in Washington state where a rather small, concentrated population area dictates the way things are going to be to the rest of the entire state.We need to fix the media and eliminate what the entire country gets as \”news\” being dictated by six controlling interests.It is pure propaganda at this point.Big tech (Google, Facebook etc.) needs to be broken up just like Ma Bell was back in the late 70's.Our education system needs to be scrapped entirely and the basics brought back. 8th graders in the early 1900's would be considered PHD's compared to what we churn out year after year.CLOSE THE BORDERS.For the love of Pete that should be obvious to anyone with two functioning synapses.Fix our infrastructure.Quit sending Billions and Billions of our hard earned tax money to other countries for them to waste and start rebuilding the place we attempt to live in and navigate.Get the hell out of the Middle East and STAY OUT.They have absolutely NOTHING we can't live without, ESPECIALLY their oil. Let them drown in it as far as I'm concerned.They can't drink it and when they get hungry enough they will be desperate to trade it for something a little more edible.This is just a small start as to what we SHOULD be doing instead of arguing about whether little Jimmy should be wearing little Sally's dresses or not.Fix the problems listed above and all that will settle its self out soon enough.

  76. Stryker, I am a white, Christian, male, heterosexual, veteran, Republican, married 37 years (to a woman), retired, senior citizen, financially independent, educated and overall a happy, successful individual. Because of this I am considered to be a terrorist and unfit to be alive, and I should be paying reparations for slavery. This is BS.I'm proud to be an American and people that don't like it can just pucker up. We've got hard times coming. This crap is not going to end until there is none of them left, or as Curtis LeMay said, they quit fighting.Frank Feral

  77. Hi, Dan. There are lots of people that are upset with our government and our country with our decrepit, decaying morals. I am a retired educator and I've seen first hand the filth allowed in schools. This is not just big city schools, this is little town schools, too. I got out of education about eight years ago. That was at the time when it was okay for girls to walk down the hall holding hands and kiss each other good bye. It's changed a lot the last eight years. I stay in touch and up-to-date. Education is just one discipline that will never recover.There is nothing wrong with violence at the appropriate time, but it does need to be controlled and appropriate. As long as you control it and it does not control you, violence is your friend.Thank you for the comment. Don't get on the bus.Frank

  78. Hi, Stryker. I like Bracken. He writes some interesting things and he's not afraid to upset the cart. I hope folks go to Western Rifle Shooters and check out the link you provided. This thing in Virginia concerns me greatly. I spent a number of months at Fort Belvoir early in 1970. Pretty place. It will get hot quick. Frank

  79. In about two months we will find out about Virginia. It will be interesting to see what President Trump does. You are correct, this might be the 'incident' that sets it off. It won't be long. Two months? Somebody is going to have to back up. Might get dicey.Keep your powder dry, Frank

  80. Surcher, I tell folks if they can make it a few weeks into an abrupt collapse, most of the horror will be over. There will still be plenty of horror to come. Make sure you have everything you need to ride out those first few weeks.We have been in a slow collapse for a number of years now, but it could come quickly. If it does, don't leave your house for a number of weeks.Frank

  81. Hi, Vicki, hope all is well.Vicki, I hope there are repercussions for those that have violated our laws. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't see justice coming to any of these people. This thing is just too big. If not next year, then in five years, there will be a change in government.I believe we have gone too far down the hole to recover. I hate saying that.Frank

  82. I was recently on a friend's FB page. He happens to be gay, and an anti-Trumper. The commentary by his friends and compatriots, was vile, ugly, and rage filled. These people are calling for prison camps and retaliation against Trump and his supporters, for subjecting them to the 'existential threat that is Trump.' I tried to point out that kind of rhetoric and threats will almost guarantee a Civil war. The thread was shut down. It appears they have no intention of leaving us alone when they get the upper hand politically.

  83. Paraclete, thank you for your commentary. I believe you are correct, they have lowered their masks and revealed who they are. They can't go back, they can't stop and say I've changed my mind. This thing is going to continue until it is finished. As for the reaction of the Patriots, it will be small, but it doesn't take a lot of people. I've seem many a bully on the playground. When they are confronted by the kid that won't back down, the bully finds a reason to leave the arena. Unfortunately, the folks in charge have the military at their disposal. Time will tell. I sure hope the Patriots win.Thank you again, Frank

  84. You are indeed correct, that we have some very serious historical times heading our way, be it Virginia, or Cal, Mass, New York, etc. One need not go to the Middle East to be amongst the enemy; many are our own neighbors. I am not a violent person, and never have been. But I am tired of this free for all nonsense of men dressing like women, women dressing like men. Teachers telling little boys to be whatever gender they want to be. 2 plus 2 sometimes equalling 5. Felons being let out of jail because of third, fourth and fifth chances. Illegals being given drivers licences in NY. And that comes less than 20yrs after the 9/11 attacks. I am tired of it. And I have not pulled down my rifle, nor have I raised a fist to those that have promoted all of the above. But, when this tinderbox does light up, and when they who believe in this nonsense immoral, no law new world we live in, and if I have to fight these heathens, it is my belief that they are a Cancer, and when they raise their hands in mercy, the only mercy I will be giving, is mercy to what this COUNTRY once was, for these evil, immoral scumbag will receive zero mercy from me.

  85. Always enjoy your posts. If the scald water doesn't get hot enough the feathers wont come loose, to hot and the skin tears. I'd say we need to start dipping chickens pronto. Just my opinion. I'm curious regarding Bracken comment over at WRSA regarding Buffalo jumps. What do you folks think about Richmond? Ya I know it's a bit of a honey pot but maybe someone needs to walk in and tip that pot over. As long as we call out the false flag loudly ahead of time it could be a great groundswell and morale booster. Tell Trumpy to figure out what side he wants to land on cause this AO seems to be going hot in a hurry.

  86. will be stocking up on reloading supplies and other firearm related goods. prepping supplies and other items to allow us to hunker down and ride out the first few waves of whatever social unrest is coming. then there is cascadia unzipping and other earth changes. glad I live in the country and am 700 feet above sea level. God help us all, the rest can get swept out to sea.

  87. First – thank you both for all you do in keeping us informed. Sometimes we get so involved in our own problems that we lose sight of the bigger picture. And that will likely be our downfall. The Left has been trying to take down our President since the 2016 election resuts were announced. I am not as worried about this impeachment process as I am about what happens after. What do they do when the last of their schemes to remove Trump from office fails. He is all that stands between us and those who wish to control every aspect of our lives. I pray every day for his protection, for I have no doubt the elite left will do anything – absolutely anything – to remove him.I believe Virginia is the beta testing area for what the swamp creatures want to happen on a national level. If law enforcement stands their ground and if enough of the general population get up off their couches, we might have a fighting chance against that particular tyranny. If not, I expect to see the gun control laws to be put into practice in every level of government.If those who were at the highest levels of the national law enforcement agencies are not forced to face the consequences of their lawless actions and uncontrolled corruption, then we no longer have a nation. There can not be one set of rules for the elite and another set of rules for us. Sadly, I think we are on the brink of destruction if not already there. As long as the Clintons, Comeys and Brennans of this world are still running about free as birds, we are done.I still hold onto a spark of hope, however. I love my country too much to completely give up. God has worked miraciles before. Perhaps He wil take pity on us and work another.

  88. \”Slavers Never Change.\” They believe that they have the RIGHT to control anyone and everyone. They will do anything to achieve the enslavement of Americans and the peoples of the World. Any excuse or scare tactic is reasonable in their eyes and minds. 10.“You shall not covet your neighbor's house; you shall not covet your neighbor's wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor's.”They covet everything and will do anything to get \”THINGS\”. They also want and need to destroy Our Sense of Who We are. Our Abiding Belief in God, Our Families, Our Nation, Our Freedoms Granted by God. Nothing will be left to any of US unless they deign to provide it. They are the Cult of False Gods and We had better fall on our knees and Obey or Die. Red

  89. Very nice pic of the two flags. I have been flying them on the property for many years now. Sometimes, a delivery driver of foreign extraction will ask what the lower on means. I simply tell them it means what it says which in the vernacular is 'Don't f*ck with me'.

  90. There are millions of us. The more people see what is going on, there are more and more of us all the time. It will end someday, but there will be blood on the streets first. Don't get on the bus. Frank Feral

  91. As \”this event perks\” to a boil, the Patriots of this Republicshould have been watching, and preparing, for what we allknew would surly come to pass. The times in which we livehave been steadily approaching, and at times, rampantlytraveling towards tyranny. Along the way, the enemies ofOur Republic have made steady \”progress\” to sully Ourrights. It's past time to call them what they are, \”Communists\”.No matter how they describe themselves it always comesdown to communism. The enemies have breached ourdefenses long a go. They've installed their compatriotsin local, state, and federally, as we all know. The point is this,the last several generations have been slowly brainwashedand poisoned by commie educators, the media, and severalother influences. They waited to call them to action when theythought they could walk in and assume power. As Kruchev (?)said, \”We'll take you without firing a shot. That's what he wasreferring to. I my humble opinion, they played their hand onegeneration too soon. For once this generation is too old, or gone,they'd have accomplished their goal.NOW, is the time for MEN and Women of this Republic to take action.For now that the enemies of this Republic, both foreign and domestic, have lowered their mask, they've revealed too much.They cannot deceive any longer, as they were once able.IT'S time for ALL Patriots to do their part !As have all who've been awake, previously. For if we don't actas a whole, the enemy has a good chance of succeeding.Everyone should be arming, equipping, and training for times likethese. I'm not calling for a war….But IF they start one, WE THE PEOPLE MUST be ready !Sadly, many won't heed this call, as likened to previous calls.For most won't take action until they've nothing else to lose.They'll continue to sit on their butts and claim, \”All is well\”Those who hesitate on the fields of action will surely die.Don't be that person. Don't be selfish. Think of what's beensacrificed previously, by those who've come before us.Each successive generation is handed the keys to the kingdom.To protect and then pass on. As Franklin said, \”If you can keep it !\”The question remains…\”Can YOU keep it ? Or will YOU be the coward that lost it ?\”

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