Merry Christmas!

Hello Everybody, Frank here.

Fern and I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas. 
May the Lord be with you and yours.

If you are out shopping, please be vigilant, pay attention, and avoid crowds if you can. This might be a good year to get people things that they actually need and can use. Kitchen tools are always handy. They may be hard to find right now, but garden tools, shovels, rakes, hand spades. Back in grandma’s day, these were standard gifts. If you’ve got a little extra jingle in your pocket, the means to protect oneself is always an excellent gift.

Yes, I know this is Christmas eve and most people have already bought for their loved ones, but in a couple of days you can take all the things you don’t want back to the store and get things you need. Sporting goods stores are good places to shop. I like hardware stores, too. While you’re there, get a couple of dust masks and put them on. That guy two aisles over that has the cough that’s coming from his belly button may just be sharing the latest version of our government released plague. 

But this is not the day for that, the plague, that is. I was in a store yesterday, grocery store, went to get some apples while Fern was visiting her mother in the nursing home. There were a lot of sick people in there. I don’t mean the transgender type, these people were really sick – coughing, hacking.

I hear the gun shops are having brisk sales this time of year. Did you know they make brand name rifles and pistols with pink grips? I guess if your neighbor has a whole closet full of those pink hats, you don’t want to clash with your neighbors, now do you? No, you can’t shoot that pink flamingo in their front yard, or for that matter, you can’t shoot that fake deer in their yard either. Because if you live in a state that has red flag laws, somebody will turn you in for having a bumper sticker on your car that says ‘vote for Trump’. Probably your neighbor with the pink hat, though they won’t tell you who it is, but they will take your pink gun.

I keep reading about Virginia, no that’s not a TV character, that’s a state on the east coast. You know, one of those states that the left is trying to take from the right. That government out there just appears to be just a bunch of fools. But then the government just north of there, well not really north, but you know what I mean. The people in our Congress are not supporting what I believe in. I don’t know about our national government anymore. Is it a game they’re playing? No one seems to be serious. It reminds me of a bunch of kids on a playground. I’m serious. 

Is this the big show we’re seeing out there or is this the diversion trying to cover up what’s really happening? 

We’re being told that the economy is going great guns. Do you see it? I sure don’t. There are trucking companies shutting down, steel mills laying people off. Yes, I know the fast food places are hiring, but people need real jobs. This repo thing has nothing to do with cars and houses, you know. If our economy is so good, why is the federal reserve pumping billions of dollars on a regular basis into big banks and industry?

And where’s the wall?

When we thought the Japanese were going to attack mainland Alaska, our government in conjunction with the Canadian government, built a highway. Yes is was crude by today’s standards, actually most of it is still crude by today’s standards. There were numerous bridges across big rivers that most folks have never heard of, never will hear of and will never see. But they did it, they built that road in some of the most inhospitable land on the planet, most of it during the winter. It took right around six months.

Where is that wall? Give me break. Somebody is lying to us. We all know that the “free” press doesn’t lie. You know our government doesn’t lie. The economy is teetering on collapse. Look up there a paragraph or two and find all the information you can on the Federal Reserve and repo. Do the math. Our fiasco in Washington? Who knows what is going on.

This thing in Virginia, it’s the next big show in town. Pay very close attention. While you’re paying attention, watch this Brexit thing also. And pay attention to the immigration problems in Europe, too. The European Union is in dismal financial shape and their immigration problem is past the point of no return. Are you ready for another Irish invasion? I don’t see another Crusade coming. Looks to me like they’re going to just build one large dome across most of Europe.

Going around to the other side of the world. How are things looking in China? I’m going to take a break here for just a second and let’s do a quick tour of rioting in countries all around the world. It’s going to be easier just to say we’re not rioting here in the United States and Canada. Yet, that is, it’s going to be a hot summer. You are aware our southern border is lined with a well organized, highly lethal and well trained military. Except it’s not a government military, it’s called drug cartels. Yes, there is rioting going on in countries all around the planet, including China. China is rapidly developing a sophisticated military. Why?

Ever read history about how China was able to enter the world financial markets? Most of us don’t. If we read history at all, we refer to it as Western history, you know, England, France, Italy, those types of places. Read about Mao. When it comes to mass executions he made Hitler look like an amateur. We know about Hitler, or we think we do. But look at this old boy Mao Zedong. While you’re at it check out Chiang Kai-shek. I know people will say there was a famine or something like that, you read it and do the research. I wonder if there is any possibility that our government would do this to the American people? 

Well, it’s Christmas eve and here in our part of the country the weather is beautiful. Today will be sunny, light winds with 65* to 70*F. For you folks living in the frozen north? Better you than me, I’ve been there and done that. The only way I’ll do that again is if they put me in a boxcar and ship me up there. We’ve done that in this country, too. Read about what good old Andrew Jackson did to the Indian population, then tell yourself you’re sure glad you live in America where we don’t do that kind of thing like the Chinese, the Germans, the Russians and the Italians. The list goes on and on. Ask some of the Indian folks what they think about relocation and Andrew Jackson. Remember, Andrew Jackson is President Trump’s favorite past president. Don’t think it can’t happen here? It has happened here before. Ask the Japanese people in California.

Here at Frank and Fern, we have a saying. Don’t get on the truck and sometimes it says don’t get on the bus. Just a modern day version of a boxcar or a trail of tears. 

A little side note here. All the groups mentioned above had their weapons taken away. There are lots of places where this same thing that’s going on in Virginia has happened before. We’ve got red flag laws creeping across the nation, Gestapo type tactics. The economy is teetering on collapse. This is not a game. This is not cutesy. Get your ass off the couch, turn off the TV and prepare for war. Don’t get on the bus. 

Don’t forget to tell your loved ones Merry Christmas. Shake their hands, pat them on the head, give them a hug and TEACH them. It is going to be a hot summer.

Let’s finish up here, boys and girls.

Pray for peace. 

Prepare for war.

We’ll talk more later,  Frank

23 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Interesting you would mention singing. Mom lead the music at church for 40 years and I have played music for her every time I go see her for over 2 years. For a while she would sing with me, but she doesn't sing anymore. I play a voice mail from her 87 year old sister every visit also. My aunt calls once a week and leaves a new message on my phone for Mom. As she listens to her sister's voice she sometimes comments, but always smiles. I am grateful my aunt, Mom's only remaining sibling out of six, shares her voice each week. It is a blessing for Mom and for me.Even though Mom doesn't sing anymore, I still play some of her favorite hymns on my phone each visit. I also read her 23rd Psalm and she responds \”Right.\” occasionally throughout the reading. It is a beautiful needlework version she made for her mother when I was a baby. It hung in my grandmother's house until she passed away. Thank you for sharing your experiences, I really do appreciate it.Blessings, Fern

  2. Merry Christmas. If you want to connect with mom and keep her attention, sing to her! I don't know her age, but I am assuming she is 80+.Start with \”Let Me Call You Sweetheart.\” \”My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean.\” OR some hymns? Some classic Christmas tunes? \”Silver Bells, I'm Dreaming of A White Christmas, etc.\” \”Shine On Harvest Moon.\” \”By the Light of the Silvery Moon.\” Anything popular 1920-1960.I have ten years of experience connecting and keeping the attention of people living with dementia. They actually can sing lyrics even when speech is halted. Make sure you keep a nice beat or rhythm. So much fun for both you and mom, and very stimulating.I'd love to know how it works.

  3. Reading this a little late. The Rohwer War Relocation Center was a World War II Japanese American internment camp located in rural southeastern Arkansas, in Desha County. It was in operation from September 18, 1942 until November 30, 1945, and held as many as 8,475 Japanese Americans forcibly evacuated from California.God speed,Harold Sadler

  4. Shut off your TV. Shut off the computer. Shut off the cell phone. Now… go outside and sit on your front porch. Look around. THAT'S where the truth is; no hype, no spin, and no commercials. Not only will you be surprised at how much you've been lied to, but you'll end up with a lot more of the time you think you don't have right now… Time to prepare…

  5. I have a sneaking suspicion that Virginia is a beta test for things to come. Either that or it is meant to distract us and keep us focused there while the powers that be work their wickedness elsewhere and hope we do not notice. Whatever it is, it is not good at all.Pray for peace but prepare for war is spot on. Time seems to be running out. Enjoy and celebrate this Christmas, for we may not get another peaceful one. God bless you both for all you do to keep us on our toes. Merry Christmas to you both.

  6. This time of year was always one of our family's favorites. My wife and I were even married on Christmas eve. Sadly, she left and went \”back to the world\”. The kids, grandkids and I don't understand it – but I second what unknown has said above. It is true now, and will be even more so in the years to come. Hug your family and tell them you love them and are proud of them every day. Focus on the real reason for this season, and pray for the Lord's protection and blessing on you and your family. And,continue to prepare – I believe soon we will be called to do the Lord's work.The Lord is a warrior,the Lord is His Name.- Grandpa

  7. Where do I begin with such a long commentary? First my pet peeve. We do not now nor ever had a national government. We have a federal government, which means by contract/agreement. The states are suppose to be above the federal government. We the people are above the states. That is what is no longer being taught. The feds give grants to different state departments in order for the feds to get them to do what they want. Each grant has a lot of strings attached and they all violate our individual rights.I joined the army in Heidelberg, Germany. A time when most people were joining to see the world, I was trying to get back to the USA. Nice way of saying I was an Army brat who spent all my teenage years there. I saw check point charlie and the\”wall\”. What no one talks about the wall is why it was built. A group of east german soldiers dressed as westerners and pretended to try and enter into east germany. The east germans were told the westerners were trying to come to east germany for the benifits of socialism. The east germans gladly built the wall to keep the westerners out. However, I never knew any westerners that wanted in. Remember, a wall that is strong enough to keep them out is strong enough to keep you in. My step children live in germany and are german citizens. Trust me, they are not happy with the muslim invasion. I agree with your point on the economy. I see businesses closing, but I don't see any opening. I don't own a tv, but read from different sources. One thing I been reading is the disappearance of homeless people. One man was asked to watch an individuals dog while he went to buy some cigarettes, but never came back. This was not an isolated story. Remember,a California sheriff wants to put homeless people out there in FEMA camps. People who were at FEMA locations during Sandy said they were treated like prisoners.My worries is all the loss of crops worldwide. Not to mention we are in the beginning of an ice age. I am more concerned with putting up food. Insulating my home and building up a good store of firewood. I use a dragon heater so I don't go through as much wood as a conventional fireplace or woodstove.Merry Christmas. I only go shopping once a month, so I can honestly say I won't be making the hundred mile drive to go shopping. I rather not shop sales with lunatics. 🙂

  8. Merry Christmas to you both . I would also like to thank you for doing your blog site. Lots of information can be gleaned from your articles. It is very comforting to move forward with folks in the similar frame of mind and sharing thoughts, wisdom and ideas.Thanks also for keeping your site civil in these uncivil times.Have a very enjoyable Christmas season and a safe and healthy New Year.Bluesman

  9. As the German grunts had their saying on the Eastern Front:„Enjoy the war for the peace will be terrible!“It seems very much like they were right after all.Christmas greetings from Austria,Notwende

  10. Wishing a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Frank & Fern. They have long been a voice in the wilderness and have brought much knowledge and encouragement to me. I live in the Midwest and hopefully will avoid the worst of the coming nastiness. I will never be fully ready but thanks to Frank and Fern – I am in much better shape now. Thank you Guys !!!

  11. While reading your post I was reminded of an article “That Very Ordinary Life” that I read recently on “” that the one thing people dealing with disasters have in common is their wish to somehow be able to go back to the way things were before.There are some crazy things going on but right now things are relatively good. We don’t know what is going to happen in the months ahead. With everything that you’ve mentioned happening here in the US and worldwide, we don’t expect things to get better but much worse. So, in this Holy Season let’s take stock of what we have for which to be grateful while we still have it. Savor these days.I highly recommend the website mentioned above. There is much wisdom contained in the articles posted. When you need a pick-me-upper, check out her site.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Frank and Fern and all those who leave comments or just lurk (as I do quite often). I enjoy all of your wisdom very much. BJ in GA

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