Open Thread, January 2020

Hello Everybody, Frank here.

We tried an open thread not too long ago where you say what you think, and I say what I think. It seemed to work pretty good. When there are a lot of responses, it is impossible for us to respond to all of them.

Moving on. Some of the critical issues have not changed. By the way, today is Sunday, January 19, 2020. Happy Sunday everybody. We have a new year. Back when I used to watch TV, about 25-30 years ago, there was a TV show called 20/20. I liked that show. News has certainly changed a great deal. It’s not news anymore, and it hasn’t been news for a long time.

I would still be paying attention to what is going on in Virginia, very, very closely. Tomorrow is going to be a very important day in the great state of Virginia. I believe they call it a common wealth. Some folks call this a trial run for the rest of the country. It’s not just the 2nd Amendment that’s under attack, as if that’s not enough. Your whole way of life is under attack. Pay attention to Virginia, plan accordingly. 

President Donald J. Trump. I guess technically he has been impeached and the trial is moving into the Senate. I will state here that I have lost all faith in my government. Our government, especially in Washington D.C., is blatantly and obviously corrupt. They’re not even trying to hide it anymore. I saw pictures of the immaculate procession of the transfer of the impeachment documents from the house to the senate. If I were ever going to use disgusting, degrading profanity, it would be here to describe these events. But I’ll just stick with – It’s unbelievable! And I mean that in the truest sense of the words, IT’S UNBELIEVABLE.  But, Ladies and Gentlemen, the unbelievable is happening in Washington D.C. and Virginia. If you thought that unbelievable couldn’t happen? Well it is. Pay attention.

Something else happened recently in Iraq that I have mixed feelings about. Our government executed a foreign leader. Under the general rules of engagement this is an unacceptable practice. I personally do not support the process. But. And this is a big But. This Iranian general has been responsible for the execution of hundreds of Iranian citizens. Some will say, okay, what’s the problem here? Well, this general has also been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans and our allies. Here is where I have my dilemma. Is it okay to kill a head of state? I say no. Is it okay to kill a soldier that has killed and is going to continue killing our soldiers? Absolutely. So here is my conclusion. If we had the technological ability to bring this general back to life, then I think we should do it. Then we should kill him again, and again, and again. And I think we should kill every one of their generals again, and again, and again. I know our country and our policies are not perfect, but our country has done more humanitarian good for this planet than any other country. Ever. When another country threatens my country, then I think we have every right to defend ourselves. Anybody that wears a uniform and threatens our country is putting themselves in harms way.

Moving on. More foreign affairs. The BREXIT thing is supposed to finalize by the end of January. If my math is correct, that is about 12 days from now. So do you think it’s going to happen? Or is the government over there going to screw the people out of their vote again? 

Have they built the wall yet between us and Mexico? You know that we are under invasion from our southern border. It’s not just poor, hungry Mexican people coming across our border either. We are under attack, Ladies and Gentlemen. Call it what you choose.

Another topic. The repo thing. Our Federal Reserve is pumping billions of dollars into our huge financial institutions on a regular basis. How come? If everything is hunky dory and peachy keen in the financial markets then why is this repo even occurring? If I were to tell my neighbors everything is great and my finances are solid, but then every night I go to my uncle’s house and borrow money, does that really look like everything is okay?

Let’s switch to another aspect of politics. Look at the remaining Democratic candidates for President of THE United States of America. Really, really take a look at them. Senator Elizabeth Warren will say anything. She will promise anything to anybody at anytime. Is that what you want? Joe Biden. When we scrutinize former Vice President Biden under a microscope, we see that he and his family are unbelievably corrupt. Is this what you want for a leader? That mayor fellow and his long term boyfriend? I’m sorry, but I just don’t think America is ready for that. Since I live in America, I’m not ready for it either. The last one I’m going to talk about or discuss with you is Bernie Sanders. Senator Sanders is a rabid socialist. In other words, he is a communist. I know there is a difference between the two, but I stand by my statement. He is a communist. He will probably be the nominee. 

Now. Donald Trump, the current president of the greatest nation that has ever existed. He is by no means a perfect president. Let me qualify something here. I have never seen any of his TV shows, ever. Ok. The man likes nice things, is that a problem? He likes pretty women, so what’s the problem? He is a business man, not a career politician. He has obviously sparked a fury through all of establishment Washington, not just the Democrats, but also the establishment Republicans. He has rocked the boat. I do not trust the Republican lead Senate. Most of them hate him. We’ll see about his impeachment trial in the senate. Watch this very closely. You might see a slight of hand trick here. 

In my humble opinion, President Trump is what we need as a country. We need a strong leader. We need a man, and yes, we need a man, that will execute his combat enemies and not apologize for it. We need trade deals, we need fair trade deals with other countries. We need to stop selling our country to the highest bidder. NATO needs to pay. Why should I spend my tax dollars to defend Germany? And if we’re going to send money, our tax money, to other countries, we need results from those countries. President Trump inherited an economy that was staggering, a military that had been gutted, not just the equipment, but our fighting philosophy had been removed from our military. I’m not sure if we are going to be able to recover, no matter what President Trump does,but he is at least trying to save our country. The Bushes, the Clintons and Obama? I hate to say this, but they sold us out. Like I said earlier, I’m pissed. I expect my government to lie to me on occasion. There are things we just don’t need to know. But the Bushes, Clintons and Obama did you and me and every other American a gross disservice. They sold us to the highest bidder. These pieces of crap are still walking free. They will be walking free tomorrow also.

Good time to shift gears here. How about all of these investigations? How come no one is in jail? How come there have been no major indictments? One example. President Trump knew that he was being spied on before he took office. That was three years ago. How come no one has even been arrested? The reason no one has been arrested is because no one is going to be arrested. Another example. The Clinton server. Another one. The Weiner laptop. How come there have been no indictments or arrests? I think the reason is very simple. That whole quagmire in Washington D.C. with it’s tentacles extending to every county court house in this country is corrupt to the core. Let me qualify. There are some good people that work at all levels, but for the most part, the middle and upper level management all the way to the top, is beyond the definition of corrupt. This cannot be stopped. It is our whole system. It goes back to the beginning. Therefore, there will be no arrests. 

The problem is that this has now been exposed. You know it, I know it and millions of others know it. This is part of the reason they are going to take our guns. See the picture now? They have all of our data. If you have a driver’s license, they know where you live. If you have a credit card, they know what you buy. If you have a cell phone or telephone of any nature, they know what you say. The list goes on, not to mention banking and medical.

They have been exposed. They are afraid, and they should be. They don’t know what to do, so they’re going to clamp down. Any excuse will do. January 20th in Virginia? That’ll work. Summer time is coming, a hot summer. Elections are coming. Voter fraud. Just pick one. They will shut us down. Because they are afraid of us. They can shut down the internet, telephones, easily. Which means power, banking, medical, transportation. If you don’t care. Fine. If you do care, if you don’t know what to do? Screaming the sky is falling will do you no good when it starts to fall.

So what do you think, boys and girls? You can put this in a religious context if you choose. But the termites have eaten the foundation away while we continue to paint the house again. Do what you need to do. Get your head screwed on right. Get good with God. Get good with your family, because they are the only people you can truly trust, but you can’t trust all of them either. 

Tell me what you think. If what you think can help another man, then do so. The comments will be moderated as always. Mild language will be tolerated. Most ideas are acceptable. No, we are not going to line up and shoot a bunch of people, that will not be accepted. But most ideas are acceptable. 

I hope we make it through this, but I don’t believe we will. Take care. May God and Peace be with you.

We’ll talk more later,  Frank

37 thoughts on “Open Thread, January 2020

  1. Frank,You mentioned many issues about our country and our leaders and it certainly seems that our land is in chaos and it also seems that most folks are asleep at the wheel. The masses have been fed propaganda through media and education so long that their brains have turned to mush.There is always hope but there will be some very uncomfortable days before that hope arrives. When the 2nd amendment is completely gone , pretty much everything else will pass on as well. It is really too bad folks cannot learn from history. Looking at Cuba , Venezuela and any other socialist/communist paradise , we are following right down that same path.Get right with God, save stuff ,look out for friends and family, stay away from crowds and pray for a return to common sense instead of all the nonsense we are seeing today.Bluesman

  2. Stranger than I don't know what

  3. living in Missouri or an Alumni of the school might want to tell them to stop acting as if they've been taking lessons from the East German Stasi. A Fundamental Right is that of Privacy and not being tracked everywhere. No matter what their intent is this will get out of hand quickly. I'd be pulling Endowments then asking who's whack job idea was this. Red

  4. How about an updated open thread dedicated to coronavirus-related discussion? The Chinese government has a less than stellar record of being truthful with this sort of thing based on their handling of the H1N1 and SARS situations (not that our government has a stellar record of telling the truth either). So I find it hard to believe that they are attempting to quarantine almost 60 million people without a really good reason. It is also strangely coincidental that there is a virus lab in Wuhan. My bet is something nasty escaped, they know firsthand the lethality of it, and are scrambling to contain it. Opinions?Tim(fromOhio)

  5. Might want to read up on dealing with wee nasty beasties. Red

  6. For some reason after reading a few of the comments, I'm reminded of when I drove past my boyhood home in Minneapolis after 40 years away. I remember thinking \”Gee, this used to be such a nice neighborhood.\” Just kidding, I've enjoyed y'all's site since a friend sent a link a few months ago. Though sometimes I question of the old saying \”It takes all kinds\”, and wondered why those kind?Re: Your essay. Yup, Virginia ought to be a lesson to all of us. Stealth candidates, funded generously by anti-gun groups like Bloomberg's can indeed buy elections. I wonder how many people who voted democrat there are suddenly realizing none of those candidates ran on a platform of gun confiscation? My expectation is even if the laws are in place next week, the next election will change the State back to red, and those laws repealed. Virginians were played for chumps, and chumps get mighty resentful.Take heart that the fiasco called impeachment is exposing the pure idiocy of the democrats, and the fact that the truly liberal base is less than 40% of the electorate. Their short bus of spokespeople are alienating that most important part, the independents. In order to preach to the choir they have to turn their backs on the congregation.The Iranian General? I learned a saying when I lived in Texas, \”He needed killing.\” Nuff said.Brexit? I've lost all faith in the Brits. They won't stop Islamic immigration, nor deal with the problems they're already suffering from because of it. If they don't have the pride of country to stop that, maybe they shouldn't be a sovereign nation.The Wall. Funds have finally through the courts have been approved for a good section, and Trump is trying to move other military funds toward its completion. His hands have been tied until the recent court decision, I'm not blaming him for that.The Fed? There's no limit to the digital dollars they can create, but there is a point at which those ethereal dollars start appearing in everyday commerce. Once that happens, all hell will break loose. They won't be able to hide inflation no matter how their statistics are skewed.Got to run for now, my sweet bride just announced dinner is ready. However, I'd like to cordially invite you to stop by my website, that's noted in my URL. I'm betting you'd enjoy it. A great bunch of people on a very small (187 members) site where the main rule is \”Don't be a jerk.\”

  7. In total agreement with the paragraph about President Trump. The Bible verse in Daniel (2:21) comes to mind: \”…He removeth kings, and setteth up kings…\”

  8. Part 2 of Frank & Fern, 'our federal reserve''The City of London' and the Rothschild's military/corporatecolony/terrorist state aka 'israel' ARE the enemies!The ADL, AIPAC, J-Street and their various related organizationsand 'non-profits' ARE 'the ememy' as they function as enemy 5th Columns.The 'dual citizens' of israel that sit in positions of power at bothstate and national level ARE both domestic and foreign enemies as theyDO function as a 5th Column that is loyal ONLY to the Rothschilds's/israelHere's a speech from a former jew who bravely spoke out in 1961 totry to wake us all up to what was going on..and who was and still isthe threat not only to America but to the entire world:Benjamin Freedman's 1961 Speech at the Willard Hotel (Complete)'s the link to the transcript of Mr. Freedman's speech:A Jewish Defector Warns America: Benjamin Freedman Speaks on Zionism anyone here STILL doubts that the Globalist Rothschilds and theirmilitary/corporate colony israel doesn't set the tune and Americaobediently dances to it look at the following:Texas city requires Israel pledge for hurricane relief Victims Must Support Israel to Get Relief, Texas City Demands, the Globalist zio-bolshivek jews and their controlling banksterelite in the form of the Rothschilds demand that Americans 'bow the kneeand kiss the ring and swear fealty' to them and their terrorist statebefore disaster relief can be forthcoming to those most affected.If one doesn't see what the above is at it's base, such people are either totally brain-dead or stupid!And 'our Federal Reserve' enriches and energizes ourexpense via 'debt-slavery'If some readers consider such exposure of the truth \”trolling\”such people are utterly clueless and willful cucks who lovethe cultural and financial slave collar and chains and shackelsthey've been indoctrinated to wear.I believe a Mr. Samuel Adams has a message waiting for you, asdoes a Mr. Patrick Henry and Benjamin Franklin.NorthGunner – The Truth IS It's OWN Defense!

  9. Frank and Fern haven't yet woken up to see 'The Matrix' for what it really is.They, like so many others who've been indoctrinated and propagandized by thezio-bolshivi jewry and their banksters who REALLY run the country and call theshots are so 'comfortably numb' that they bleat out the expected narrative justlike a trained parrot.Case in point, \”our Federal Reserve\”; which reserves NOTHING and is as 'Federal'as Federal Express (if you doubt this, search for the nearest 'Federal Reserve Bank Branch' in your telephone book..go on…look first in the governmental 'bluesection''s not there is it?… Now go check the Business section…thereyou go…listed following the entry for Federal Express if not immediately nextin line of private business.America has been and IS under quiet foreign occupation and control since the financial coup successfully engaged by the Rothschild and related Globalistjewish banking families safely ensconsed in 'The City of London' (NOT to beat all confused with the larger City of London surrounding it) since 1913.Iraq is NOT 'the enemy'Syria is NOT 'the enemy'Iran is NOT 'the enemy'Russia and China are NOT 'the enemy'None of the above were responsible for either the attackon the USS Liberty in 1967 while in international watersOR the destruction/loss of life in NYC on 9/11..but someoneelse was…can you start to 'follow the dots' since thedestruction of the King David Hotel by terror bombing in1947..or the firebombing (Lavon Affair)in Cairo, Egyptin the 1950's among other related events?…Take your time..I'll be here all day,..really.End of Part 1 of be continued…

  10. Wow…lots of trolls today, I see..I'm concerned about VA for several reasons. There are credible reports of Antifa bussing in 'actors' for a potential 'false flag' event. Whether that is the cause of, or the result of Northam's decision to block carrying remains to be seen. I hope and pray it turns out peaceful. My other concern is that VA truly is the 'trial' zone for wrecking our 2A rights on a larger basis. They are in the forefront in the national news, but my own state is working on some more restrictive gun laws, So I am more than interested to see how things go in VA.Will Trump ever be seen as a 'great' president, I guess that is a question only history will be able to answer. The credit I personally give him is how hard he keeps trying to fulfill his promises while faced with such hate and obstruction. You hear very little about what he has accomplished that has been helpful to the country, or reversing prior administrations 'crap'. He 'inherited' a country totally screwed up, and he can't fix it all. But I think he has done well so far. Is he perfect? Are any of us? (And I am 100% behind killing that Iranian dude. He's got them shaking in their boots.)I am honestly more concerned about the mild winter we've had to this point (as it is now 13/feels like zero, the first 'real' winter weather we've had in my neck of the woods) and how it is going to affect food production both small and large scale. I think we are going to pay for the mild weather. Last year was bad with all the flooding. This year will surely bring its own challenges. Climate 'change'? Well, it's not as dire as all the naysayers say, it's normal, and we just need to adjust. Of course, chemtrails and the latest \”carbon dioxide is bad\” stupidity and whatever else gets spewed lately doesn't help. I'm just working on growing my garden and expanding ways to do that. Frank, don't let the trolls get to you, I know you want to engage them LOL! You and Fern are voices of reason in a time of confusion.

  11. Jan 19 at 6:51 You are new to Me. Until you provide some value to our dis!course you comments are without Merit.I value what Frank and Fern have Shared, not as the only way but as a reasoned hope to Survive.Peace

  12. Gene Urtel and Anonymous,Both of you and others are overthinking it again…as usual…It's NOT \”Sin\”It's NOT a \”Lack of Faith\”It's NOT \”Porn\”, \”Videogames\” or any other external bullshit that you and fellow Tradcucks use as excuses when you point your little fingers at and throw a tantrum.It's the empowerment of women and their utter abuse of theirun-earned privilege to vote, which you and other men HAVE championedfor nearly a century!Don't believe me?..fine, I'll let TFM here spell it all out for more time!And no, no political kabuki puppet like drumpf will EVER 'fix''s notthe puppet's's ours, and politics DOESN'T fix jack shit, do youthink we GOT into this mess in the first place?!?…What's Causing the Breakdown of Civil Society? (1-Minute Mysteries) Blaming Porn Instead of Women's Rights The Religious Wrong (Morning Constitutional), to save Western Civilization and INCREASE white birthsabove mere 'replacement level' are you willing to:1. Take women's rights (the vote) away?2. Stop empowering women; NO education beyond high school and NO job or career outside of the home – women's \”job\” IS to be the duitiful wife/mother to her husband's children under his responsible and appropriate authority.3. End ALL welfare, both domestic and foreign!All this madness created by pandering to the gynocentric vaginocracyends when MEN stand up and say it ends..not one second before!So, are you ready?NorthGunner – The Truth Is It's OWN Defense!

  13. Well done Frank.Virginia: it's possible that nothing exciting happens at Lobby Day, the onerous laws are passed and the real fight moves farther down the road and the stakes are raised.

  14. IRGC Gen. Soleimani, an adept desert warfare general who led anti- ISIS forces from the front, was revered in Iran and Iraq by military men and civilians alike. The assertion made by 'Fred and Fern'( whoever this is) that he executed hundreds Iranian citizens is just Neocon disinformation.

  15. The lies they accept as fact are what has shaped them, then when presented with actual truth, their denial only helps the (((Bolshevik))) cause even more. This nation is lost, nothing changes their thinking, which for these simpletons is strictly the evil Democrats vs the honorable Republicans. That's like peeling the first layer off an onion. Critical thinking is a lost art, and against the law.

  16. We are a fat nation.My prayer is that there is enough men left, with the guts To lay down their toys and do what's right.

  17. Now I agree that we can't line some of them up against the wall, BUT George Soros breathing and most people don't know who he is bothers me……. just sayin……..Guantanamo maybe??

  18. ALL \”gun control” laws (State & federal) must be voided out and removed. They are NOT valid.\”No legislative act, therefore, contrary to the Constitution, can be valid.\” — Federalist #78Those invaid laws going way back are where the violations began. Those invalid laws going way back are where the compromise began. There is no such thing as a partial RIGHT! It's ALL or nothing.\”The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.\” — 2nd Amendment (unalienable Right/an Untouchable), Our ConstitutionNatural Rights Can Not Be Compromised!Everything boils down to \”CONSENT\”. It always has and always will. \”deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,\” — Our Declaration of Independence

  19. Frank and Fern: Having read you back in the day when I believe it was \”Faith and Heritage\” had your columns, or was it on ''(?) I know of you. May I kindly say that, as boomers, you and many of your readers are CLUELESS as to the depth of depravity both on the Left, as WELL AS on the Right- and most of it has been orchestrated, con-jobbed, and propagandized by the very people who Crucified Christ. Yes, as Edgar J. Steele (who died in prison, as a lawyer, due to a 'set-up' by the Feds, and if he had it happen to him, how much brighter do you really think WE all are!?!?) said, \”It's the Jews, stupid!\” Look at the following sites, read the columns, check out the links, and think things (Start with the 11/22 broadcast, \”Jew Coup\” and go from there… Fr. John+ (no, I'm not a Roman priest)

  20. Hello again – I believe they saw Trump as unbeatable in November so they kicked off their true offensive in Virginia. My prayers for those caught in the trap. They will be jamming all electronic comms and half the attendees will already be in a cage with one entrance and exit.I have always taken your letters to heart and see Monday as my day to get as close to done as I can – as I fear it may be the start. God Bless You and Fern. If nothing else – I'll see you on the other side.

  21. Gene, the Lord has given each one of us the gift of life as well as free will. OUR atoning for the original sin is now based on our faith in the Lord. He has given us the physical tools to either do good or waste the gift of life He has given us. There is no Divine intervention coming from the heavens. GOD gave us life and FREE WILL. That is the Divine intervention. A life to be cherished and above all to fight and protect the sanctity of life. WE fight for life. The life the that holds freedom close. Without Freedom there is no life. Faith demands we fight for freedom. WE fight so to honor the Lord that our lives are worth fighting for. To fight the Devil, regardless of skin color or religion. WE know the devils now. Fight for life!

  22. Well said Frank. Now is the time. WE did not want this. But the government, federal. state, local governments are out of control. WE have been a patient people. But no longer. The governor of Virginia has now gone far beyond the bounds of the Constitution of the United States. He is trying to criminalize the GOD given right to repel tyranny through our guns.The time is now. God speed to those attending tomorrow. The torch is lit.

  23. Frank: The Mango Emperor HAS NOT DELIVERED! This is why so many are angry at him. We are STILL: In NATO, mucking about in the ME, quibbling about the promised \”wall\” and getting screwed on our taxes while (((Crony Capitalist))) elite get richer and richer off of the manipulation by the FED. It remains to be seen what action he will take in the time he has left. Personally, all I am doing at this point is updating my list of threats in my A/O, prepping, watching, listening, and waiting. I have also been reading our history about the events between 1859-1861. Twain was right. History does rhyme. Bleib ubrig. DWEEZIL THE WEASEL.

  24. First time visitor to your site. Your essay is spot on. I continue to pray for our country, and our leaders to make the right decisions, but when you \”have seen\” the level of corruption at the highest echelons of Federal Government, State Government, and in many cases, County and City government, it can't be \”unseen\”.No longer do we have a nation of laws. We have the rule of men, a two-tiered justice system (one for the politically connected and the politically correct, and a much harsher one for the common citizen.At some point, we, the common citizens, will have to either revolt and follow Thomas Jefferson's advice about \”the Tree of Liberty must be refreshed with the blood of tyrants\”, or simply become serfs in a socialist nation.The timing is yet to be determined, but I fear the decision can not be delayed much longer.

  25. “What should we do?” This is the question many are asking.However, the forgotten subject in all of this; indeed, the subject that should be the most important of all is this: “What about God?”He has been ignored completely. Yet the God of the Bible, is not pacing back and forth in heaven, shaking his head at all of the distress on earth, regretting that he is unable to do anything about it. No. The Creator of heaven and earth is not powerless. He is in charge of all events. Nothing could occur without his consent. Indeed, he works through men to accomplish his tasks, though he never sins, nor compels men to sin. His governance is this: though he “sends rain on the just and on the unjust” (Matthew 5:45), he blesses that nation which become righteous by believing his gospel, and he punishes that land which is unrighteous by rejecting his gospel. Right now he is in a punishing mode against the U.S. and the rest of the world, for they all have rejected his gospel. Even the existing Christian churches are lusting after worldliness, while ignoring repentance and gospel faith.As a result, Divine Justice is using the U.S. like he did Assyria, to punish the rest of the world through its economic and military tyranny, along with its own people.Furthermore, after the Almighty would see no inclination to repent and to return to his gospel, despite their Heaven-sent oppressions, he finally will punish them with all out war, in which both sides will feel the disaster.Thus, right now, the Almighty is sending America bad government, among other oppressions. Unless there would be widespread repentance, their bad government will only get worse. Moreover, no matter how heavily armed the populace may be; no matter how many of them there may be, God could thwart them all easily. Hence armed citizenry is not the answer. Therefore, citizens need to get on the Lord’s side by repenting of their sins, and by having faith in the gospel pledges of the Bible. If not, he will unleash a full-blown war on our land, and all of us will be on the receiving end of it.

  26. Great post, with one exception. You're still assuming we're the Good Guys, rather than the Evil Empire. Nothing gives us the right to go around the globe blowing up people who won't play ball with our corrupt system of banking and military bullying. People here have no clue what the term Sovereign Nation means, instead cheerleading for a system of brute force against anyone that refuses to do what they're told. This nation has been played by the Bolsheviks for over 100 yrs, and until the people wake up, there is no hope of ever freeing ourselves from the brainwashing and manipulation by the media, banksters, politicians and their handlers. The system is broken, in their favor, so just keep playing along and hoping it gets better.

  27. sounds like old frank the cop has kinda seen the light..tfA-t has said all this and much more for many many years\”crying would help you, praying won't do you no good\” – Led Zeppelin

  28. Lots to consider here.The powers that be have been chipping away at our right to bear arms for decades, but haven't really slowed down the sales of firearms. I believe Virginia to be a beta test for gun grabbing. Which leads me to the conclusion that those who wish to have complete power over us are planning something that we would shoot them for.President Trump is flawed, as we all are. But throughout history, God has used flawed people to do His work. I am not saying that Trump is some sort of Messiah. I am saying it would seem that he is all that stands between we the people and complete tyranny. And I would guess that drives the corrupt government completely mad. Hence the endless investigations, lies and impeachment attempts. One has to wonder just how far those who want to be rid of him will go to get him out of the way so they can continue in their corruption unimpeded. And should any one of the current Democratic candidates gain the presidency, it is all over but the cryig. It may be all over anyway.I wish I were more wise than I am, for then I would have the answers. But realistically, all I can do is keep on prepping, refuse to comply and for Hesven's sake, stay off the truck!

  29. Frank & Fern–you covered all the relevant bases here. Our God-given rights are not only attacked, but attempts are being made to steal them away from us–To forbid us from talking and worshiping freely, to peaceable assembly, to print what we think, to petition government for redress of grievances, to own private property, to use arms to defend ourselves, family, community, and property, and basically to leave us alone in peace.This wholesale theft of God-given, vital and natural rights will fail, and fail miserably. \”Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!\” St. John's Church, Richmond, Virginia – Thursday – March 23, 1775 – Delegate Patrick Henry

  30. Hi, Frank. I think your essay is spot on. I hope we make it through too, but I will leave it at that. It’s hard for me to believe that we won’t, although it’s probably the more prudent perspective.

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