What are you doing NOW?

Hopefully, the holes in your supplies and preps are filled like Frank talked about in the last post.

We have all been reading/listening/watching the data and advice on how to avoid/diminish the chances of infection from COVID-19 and taking every precaution available to us. Some are still going to work, some aren’t. So now what?

During President Trump’s press conference yesterday [Monday, March 16th] one of the reporters asked him to reassure the American public. She said people are scared. How true. We all are. Not only are we worried about our own personal health, the health of our families and friends, but the nation and world as a whole. One thing is certain. When we see the other side of this, we being whoever is left, things will not be the same. We will not be living in the same world we left behind just a few short days ago.

The economies of the world are and will be changing. The manner in which people physically interact with each other will have changed. So many other aspects of life will be changed in ways we can’t even begin to imagine or fathom at this point.

Frank and I have been describing events as ‘unbelievable’ for some time now. You know, our political sphere, the anger and division among the peoples of our nation, etc. We had a brief laugh yesterday when I reminded him of this, because the situation we find ourselves in NOW is truly UNBELIEVABLE!!

Frank has long thought some type of contagion or plague would be the mechanism TPTB use to bring down the world, bring down the population numbers. So far, the death rate from this virus has not greatly diminished the global population, but in the long run, will it? At the beginning I was one of the people saying the standard, run-of-the-mill flu was killing many, many more people, what’s the big deal? Obviously, something is very, very different than the average flu or the whole world wouldn’t be shutting down. 

So what are we doing? For one, we are not going anywhere except for a few select places in our general area. We have to go 25 miles to make it to a town that has a big box store, a pharmacy and regular grocery stores and we are just not going. We are stocking up on more animal feed.

We have baby chicks hatching and more coming in the mail in the next day or so.

The garden is tilled and partially planted with turnips, kale and cabbage. We have a few carrots out there that have overwintered. We are in a heavy rainy period, so it’s mostly mud, but it’s good, healthy, fertilized mud.


The tomatoes, peppers, carrot and beet seedlings are planted in the greenhouse. I cut the tops off of the large tomato plant that has been growing out there all winter and put them in water to root. I also ordered more seeds. Seeds are gold, better than gold. They represent more food. Food that may become more precious than any ‘thing’ we can have.


The garden? Well, with age and aches and pains, it was going to shrink quite a bit this year. Now? I have altered that plan quite a bit. I will be adding more human and animal crops to the garden in the hope we will have enough to eat.

We have revisited our plans if we lose power and water. They have changed somewhat over the last few years. And as always, we discuss the protection of our home and each other.

My thoughts go always to keeping us fed and healthy. Frank’s are of protection and safety. We naturally focus on our own strengths, talents and areas of responsibility.

The uncertainty of our times and the outcome on the other side of this event, for lack of a better description, is a daunting experience. So, tell me, what do you see for our future six months from now? A year from now? What do you think the world will look like? Do you see riots and anarchy around the corner? Food shortages? There is a lot of hype about medical supplies/services being inadequate for a pandemic. 

Please share. What are you doing now? And what do you see for our future? I agree with President Trump. We’re all in this together. 

Blessings to you all. Stay safe and healthy.


16 thoughts on “What are you doing NOW?

  1. My husband's job is considered essential. He's a utility worker, so he has been going to work each day. I'm staying home and won't be babysitting the four youngest grandkids until this is over. Daughter is a teacher, and school has been canceled until April 6. Daughter-in-law is as a dental hygienist, and her boss closed her part of the office and is only doing emergency procedures. I'm staying home and doing all of the things I never seem to have the time to do. I've planted lots of seeds in the new-to-me greenhouse that we got last fall. I will be harvesting two kinds of lettuces and possibly spinach by next weekend. It's too wet to plant the garden or raised beds yet. I did get two blueberry bushes, a plum tree, and an apple tree. I will get them planted soon. The hens are laying very well and providing eggs for the entire family. I even gave fertilized eggs to a teacher and aide at the school where I worked, and I have eggs incubating, too. The school staff took the incubators home. They're sharing videos on their class Facebook pages to keep the students updated on the lessons/learning unit. I made three this-is-my-last-time-at-the-store runs. The last was so pleasant. There were less than eight people in each store (which was a little eerie), including employees. Everyone was nice and helpful. It's nice to live in a small, rural area where even strangers help each other. My church canceled traditional services until April 6. We can listen to the sermon on the radio or watch a live feed on Facebook. It's different, but we're managing to stay connected. Our Sunday school class is sending a group devotional each day, along with prayer requests and praise reports. My plans during our 'stay home' directive include a devoted prayer time, journaling, getting my spring cleaning done, cleaning out the barn and coops, painting the coops, getting the 'nursery coop' ready for chicks, finish the stocking of our new camper, trying to determine which hens are old and not laying and butcher them, teach daughter-in-law/neighbor to butcher chickens, finish some sewing repairs, read, and make lots of homemade goodies. I have been checking a few of my favorite blogs and commenting when I have time. Frank and Fern, I want to thank you for your perspective and for keeping us all connected in this unusual time. I look forward to each post.

  2. The draconian steps that \”those-who-would-control-anyway\” are doing will severely damage our economy much to their glee. I see a parallel to middle age nobles and serfs. Topped off my preps, re-evaluating the garden that has been neglected due to a year wasted in cancer treatment, double checking the off-grid preps 'just-in-case'. I don't blame a virus – I blame controlling sentient beings that have been pushing an agenda instead of doing their job CDC being a case in point.. Stay frosty it may get 'interesting' – Chief D.

  3. dear Fern and Frank,I have enjoyed your work for quite sometime and I thank you for what you continue to do. With my pantry full to overflowing, I have such peace knowing I can care for my kids and grandkids for quite some time. The seedling give me hope for the future and I spend the time planning my garden. Revelations is rolling out like a scroll just as promised and I think we are blest to be living in this time, but we will be called upon to be brave and share the love God has given us. At least it's a good excuse to start spring house cleaning! Love to both.

  4. Peteforester,Some folks are of the opinion that it is all about population control. The govmint is in control and not a shot was fired.

  5. I had a few holes in my larder, which were filled by Monday's end. The markets out here in the Wild, Wild, West were stripped bare soon after the toilet paper run started. I went into Wal-Mart on a \”what the hell,\” and found ground meat, bacon, and catfish fillets that has somehow escaped the locusts. the rest of the grocery section of the store was cleaned out. Leaving the store I could see why I was able to find the meats; people were pushing heavily laden carts full of… CHIPS AND SODA! Have fun with those, kids…I think this virus is more than a common flu, but not in the way you mentioned. Think of it; a very large portion of the nation's people are sequestered at home, where their hunger for knowledge will be slaked by the likes of CNN and Fakebook. Almost all social venues are closed. Gatherings of more than a few people are immediately suspect, if not outlawed. Now the National Guard and Army are being brought into play to \”help.\” Read what you want into this folks, but I see a classic \”divide and conquer\” in process here…

  6. I was getting that call at least once a day for about a week. I don't have a credit with the power company, but I always pay my bills well in advance of the due dates, and see them docked against my bank account.Folks, \”the power company\” is NOT going to threaten you with shutting off your power in a half hour. If you are behind, you'll get past due notices, followed by a shutoff DATE if the bill isn't paid. DON'T FALL FOR THIS CRAP!

  7. Hi Fern,Things in this world seem to be moving rapidly,it's somewhat daunting at times. The C-virus has really upset the normalcy of life in our country. Food shortages seem to be awakening the general population that there are some problems out there. It's not just food, water and T P, there are other shortages as well and it will only get worse IMHO .I see Trump has decided to give away some money, that's nice. I get nervous when I see national guard troops being called out. All restaurants in our state,Washington, are closed for a while , except they can still do take out.This will cripple ,if not bankrupt, small restaurants. Lots of people out of work, not good.There may be some silver lining in the dark storm clouds. Perhaps folks will wake up and take better control of their lives and accept some responsibility for the decisions that they make. One can only hope.More silver linings . Your garden and the starts look great and the chicks are cute. We are about 5 weeks behind you for garden stuff. Gardens are such work, but what a wonderful feeling when you can eat what you have nurtured and grown and preserved.Thanks for sharing on your blogsite, stay well and happy gardening to you.Bluesman

  8. I finished up getting the last supplies Monday. Thanks to your advice over the years things are in good order. I was working in the yard Tuesday afternoon and my neighbor came over and we discussed current affairs. The upshot is we will share a large garden this year and work on it together. Nothing in the ground here till mid May.Today is the first day of my self imposed quarantine. I am fortunate to have secluded places I can go to get out of the house.The world we knew is gone – that is both good and bad. I think this woke a lot of people.I pray for you all. God Bless you and give you peace. Will

  9. I've gotten bad about doing much spring gardening…. Really need to plant a few things just for fresh seed to save. I have a lot of perineal stuff planted an just today got a few mulberrys and blueberrys. Got enough staples to last 6 months maybe longer. I still have to work (I work nights) an can stop at stores at 7-7:30 am if need be… If there's anything left. Hearing on the radio many stores got greatly reduced inventory. Got goats an chickens, meat in the freezer an enough jars to can it all if necessary… It's hot an way to dry here now so buying more animal feed than I'd like but hoping for rain an seasonal temps to return before summer truly sets in. I have no idea what'll happen next week even but just taking things day to day.

  10. I pulled the 'draw bridge' up, so to speak, on Monday. My local Safeway was packed at 715AM which was very unusual. While I was able to get everything I really wanted, I was surprised by the empty or nearly empty shelves. And equally surprised by what was still there in abundance – fresh and frozen veggies and fruit, most of the meat section. But it looked like everyone in the city was having spaghetti with sauce for dinner.I was hoping to move in June but those plans are now on indefinite hold. I have no idea where this will go but agree that the new normal will be different.I am thankful for your site and others of a similar mind. Because I have been reading and doing what I could over the last several years, I am not in panic mode. Sending prayers to you.SJ in Vancouver BC Canada

  11. I am finding the opposite to be true here – at least so far. I usually get at least two or three calls daily. It might be someone wanting to consolidate my credit cards (I don't have credit cards.) or wanting to reduce my car payments (I don't own a car.) or wanting to collect for a fictional charity. Red, your mentioning the call about your electricity made me realize that I have not received even one of those calls in a week. \”Jason\” with the East Indian accent must have been wiped out by the virus in India. Even so, I vote for the pit with snakes!

  12. Well I can verify all those toilet paper hoarders are now into FOOD! My little town that is close to maybe 1750 people has been raided. All the stores except Walmart are opening their first hour for anyone over 60 to shop. I went this morning to get milk and bread for me and 2 families in their 90's. No meat, bread, fresh veggies, flour, potatoes, etc. This little grocery is the only grocery store for 1/2 the county. People from Dallas (over 110 miles away) came here to buy. I went to a town of about 27,000 and still no bread, milk, etc. Today I went to 2 Dollar General, 3 grocery stores and Braums. I found 1 loaf of wheat bread. If I didn't have my own beef and a deep pantry, I would be in a full blown anxiety attack right now. Everyone had better lock up and stand guard over their homesteads cause the natives are going to get very restless soon!

  13. This is a Public Service Announcement. I received an automated call with the ID of \”US GOVT GSA\” stating that I was having my Electricity shut of for non-payment. Please call the following \”800\” # to speak with a Federal Agent. Which struck me as rather funny since I have a credit with the power company. I reported the information on the Electric Utility's website for scams. I heard back via email that it was a scam. One that had not been used before. If I had gotten the \”800\” #, That # could have been shutdown. Not only are they scamming people during a Crisis, they are also committing Elder Abuse. I stated it would be nice if these Abusers would be brought to Justice. Or tossed in a pit with snakes. Or both. I also asked if it would be possible to do a PSA about this scam. That suggestion is getting sent up the ladder since Social Media is a quick way to get the word out. Red

  14. Well, I'm getting older and creakier. I had decided to not do much of anything in the way of gardening this year. Maybe just a tomato plant of two and some walking onions, garlic, stuff like that. A few months ago, when we all saw what was headed our way, I called a guy to load our garden up with weed cover. I'm trying again. The kitchen is full of started seeds. It couldn't hurt. right? Also took stock of the pantry and filled the holes. Got our doc to fill all our prescriptions. I hope you all are doing that! We could see some disruptions in getting our meds. I do hope the pharmaceutical industry is ramping up domestic production of all our drugs. My love and prayers to you all. Hunker down. I love this site – it's a great way to stay in touch .

  15. Frank and FernA Good evening to you both. I put another order in to some favorite seed places. Seemed the prudent thing to do. My Daughter said the best present she received this year was the toilet paper in the grocery order I had delivered. Simple comforts. My sons-in-law was perplexed on why I sent certain items. Some to keep you healthy, some to keep you clean and some to keep you fed. I was thinking about the people with hidden addictions and how they and their families will fare in the coming days. My Son has already filed many Domestic Orders of Protection in the past few days. Certain Courts will be open for the Protection of Life and Limb. It seems this Virus is being used as an excuse for heinous behavior. Any reason to cast blame though many a soul will need to stand to account for their deeds. In the days, weeks and months to come DO NOT allow those that think they know better to make promises of protection, which will be reneged upon, as a trade for Our God Given Rights and Freedoms. I think going forward there will be changes in Readiness for many including our Government. Shelf stable supplies will manufactured on American Soil, Medicine will be made In House as they say. I pray that the self centered Tech obsession will disappear. God Bless to one and all. Red

  16. Here in Minnesota we know this virus is being taken seriously when the Mall of America closes its doors, as have most of the retail stores. My son lost his employment at two restaurants with one swipe of our governor's pen that shut down all restaurants and bars. The grocery stores remain open with limited food and supplies due to those who suddenly last week decided it might be a good idea to stock up on food and paper products. Schools are closing. Any venue where people gather to watch a movie or a play or see a concert is closed. Zoos, libraries and government offices are closed. The downtown area where I live is eerily quiet.However, due to years of preparing, my oldest son who lives in the apartment next door to mine, and I will be just fine for a long time. Should the rest of my family need help, we can do that, too. The ones who worry me are those who this week stampeded the grocery store aisles, taking home fourteen 12-packs of TP, three bags of chips and a case of beer, and who will soon discover that TP does not a meal make. So far we are told that the grocery stores will be restocked with food, but I am not taking that proclamation as gospel. Government officials have a track record of telling us what they think we want to hear to keep us calm and compliant, even when it is not true.What is in our future? Haven't a clue. But I do notice that the news outlets are no longer obsessing over the latest Biden gaf or the next insane Bernie idea. Politics in general and the racial and cultural divides that for so long were headline news seem to be relagated to the back pages. The virus is now front and center. What I have also noticed are the small pockets of folks here and there who are quietly seeing to it that those in their neighborhoods who are in need – the old – the vulnerable – have what they need in the way of supplies and meals. This pandemic may bring out the very worst in some. But it brings out the best in others and that gives me hope for the future.

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