Just in Case

Hello Everybody, Frank here.

This morning after breakfast and having a second cup of coffee, we were reading Bison Prepper. Yes, I know at times he can be a tad bit salty, but I’ve never had problems with salt, I actually have to add it to my diet even though I have had heart surgery.

What I’m getting at here is at the bottom of his daily rant, which I thoroughly enjoy, I think the man is brilliant, he gave us a list of other ways to stay in touch with him just in case things go dark. We all know that your computer can get a virus, just like you and I can. We all know that our government is doing the best it can to control the proliferation of viruses. I guess the key part is – the best they can, but I’m getting off track here.

What Bison Prepper did was to give out other ways to stay in touch with him and his writings. Just in case, in his case, things go dark, we’re talking about midnight in the back of a cave, he took the time to say thank you for this time we’ve had together. 

It’s kind of like Bob Hope singing Thanks For the Memories. I got to see Bob Hope. It was the winter of 1970-71 in northern South Korea. Great show. If you never had the chance to see Bob Hope, you really missed a classic. And it was free, my uncle paid for it. Did I say it was cold that day?

You may get a virus on your computer, and you may get a virus. I could walk outside today and have a tree fall on me, or the Big Guy could just say, “Frank, time’s up. Time to come home.” I believe that my temporal world in that case would go dark, but I’m not really sure, well, pretty sure.

Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, if that happens today or tomorrow and I don’t take this opportunity, then I would be remiss in my duties and responsibilities. Now, I don’t have any plans of immediately checking out, so don’t read that into this. But I do want to earnestly and wholeheartedly say, “Thank you.”

Fern and I have had a different form of communication with some extremely interesting people. It has been a blessing and a gift to our lives. I mean that. I really mean that.

So, from the bottom of my heart, which does have a couple of extra connections now, I want to genuinely say, “Thank you.”

If today is the day, or tomorrow, somebody pulls the plug on the internet, or the Big Guy pulls the plug on you or me, “Thank you.”

May God and Peace be with you.

WE’LL talk more later,  Frank 

16 thoughts on “Just in Case

  1. I don't think this is the end: that notwithstanding, thanks for all of the time you have put into your posts. I've learned a lot from you (much of which I need to put into practice). I'm very glad you returned to posting.

  2. I've quietly read you for years, both hated & understood when you took a hiatus – But was gladdened when you resurfaced. Like you I look/listen and look up. Bless you both. We were born for times such as these.

  3. Thank you for everything,truly. You both are such an inspiration to all of us. I hope that you would please continue to post on your blog. Please, all of us stay in touch and share what is going on your neck of the woods. I think especially now we can learn from each other all the more. I feel blessed to be in good company even if we haven't met and it's thru this communication. So many good people on your blog. May God bless us all to stay confident and know that HE, our LORD, is with us and that we would always remember that under any circumstances.

  4. Thank you F & F! I am more hopeful now than I was a week ago, and believe that we will weather this storm. I am grateful for all of you who share your calm and rational thoughts on our country!

  5. Frank and FernNo matter what happens in the coming days, months and years, I pray that Americans pull their heads out of places the Sun does not shine. Many Americans have always been observant of their surroundings and kept eyes always peeled, practiced skills and prepared. All of you be safe and as surefooted no matter the age you feel. It has been an honor reading your words and gaining in Wisdom. In God's Safekeeping… Red

  6. Thank you for all you have done getting the word out. I started putting aside supplies and food 12 years ago, but through the years I would begin to think “why don’t I just use up this stuff and get my space back from the stored items.” I would begin to do that – use the stored stuff – and I began to run a bit low on items over time without replenishing them. Then you or Vicki would publish an article that really hit home and out I would go to restock. Thanks to you and Fern and Vicki, my online friends, I’m in a much better place in this pandemic than I would have been otherwise. So, thank you all from the bottom of my heart. BJ in GA

  7. Hi Frank,Thank you both for your insights and thoughts on things going on in the world around us. I do enjoy your blog site and look forward to communicating through it . Lots of good folks here and very civil and polite as well.The world that we knew yesterday appears to be on its way out. Sometimes our nation reminds me of a large ship at sea. Occasionaly with a competent captain and sometimes not. It appears we are headed into uncharted waters,that's dangerous, and a time to locate the life jackets and make sure they fit. I'll stop with the sea stories.Thanks again for what you do and may the Lord guide you and watch over you both.Bluesman

  8. Frank: regularly use an antivirus on your computer so you will keep it running, I don't think the Lord has you on his priority list, so I suggest you hug your wife and invite her with a cup of coffee and let the clouds of storm pass and remember the sun will shine again.

  9. Thank YOU, Frank and Fern for sharing your experience, wisdom, and humor all these years. I appreciate our time 'together.' May God bless you always.

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