We Were Born For Times Such as These

We had a very interesting comment the other day that said, “We were born for times such as these.” That struck us at the time and has stuck with us.

You, all of you that read here, were born for times such as these. That’s why we’re here. That’s why we write, that’s why you write and share your thoughts and experiences, and try to get those around you to wake up and smell the collapse that is pounding them in the head. Where does that headache come from? The pounding of reality slamming into your head, you idiot. But then, it’s too late for you to wake up and smell the collapse, notice all the shortages everywhere? Too late. The train has left the station and you missed it.

Just some observations from our neck of the woods and our personal analysis of all of the information.

Frank and I keep saying – there is something sinister going on that we’re not able to see, read about or discern yet. Unfortunately, we may not be able to do so until it’s out in the wide open staring us in the face.

Yesterday Frank looked around online to see if there were any rifles available that shoot 223 ammo. Most major sites were sold out of almost everything, even the Ruger 10/22 that shoots 22LR were sold out. 223 ammo? Forget it. Not available. There are some places that have the ammo, just no longer in bulk.

Some of the young family men we have talked to recently, both 30 somethings, are scared. They see the world falling apart, collapsing. They both have young children and wonder if they will be able to provide for them and protect them – from the virus and the violence of the world they see coming down the road. And did we mention shortages? You know, food.

The virus? There is so much conflicting information out there, who knows what is real and accurate. Are the numbers actually reflecting the number of people that died from the virus or from their underlying conditions? We don’t have the statistics of people that die of the flu with underlying conditions because they died from the flu. We don’t have the number of people that were tested for the flu, or strep throat, or any number of conditions and how many died or recovered. Those statistics are not kept and correlated. So what is real? 

The government is lying to us. We understand that there are times when the government needs to keep things from the public, that is understandable. But don’t tell us that because a company that once in the past made ventilators, is going to retool in a number of days to manufacture complicated medical equipment. This is impossible. They’re just blowing smoke up our skirts. Listen carefully, it is impossible.

Let’s try on another lie for size. We need to get back to work as soon as we can. But, we’re also told that the peak of this virus may not be for six more months. It’s the government that shut down the work place and we’re hearing stories of we’ll be back to work by…….maybe Easter? Somebody, ladies and gentlemen doesn’t know what the left hand is saying because the right hand didn’t tell them. Somebody is lying. We’ve talked about it before here, lying has become the norm. We are being told things on a daily basis that we know is just not going to happen. They, the government, are the one that shut down business for our protection. Every day that we are shut down, will make it much, much more difficult to restart. It has taken our country a couple of hundred years to grow and develop the economic system we have. We have effectively crippled supply and demand. You can’t restart this in a day or two. It is impossible. 

Who is going to pick the food? Who is going to can the food? Who is going to label the food? Who is going to drive the truck that carries the food? Who is going to maintain the truck? Where is that truck going to buy diesel? How is that truck driver going to eat on the open road? Who is going to stock the shelves, operate the cash register? And on, and on, and on. They are lying to us. There is something much more sinister going on here.

Why are the governments of the world shutting down the world?? What is really coming that needs to have the world population shut down, at home, contained? What is coming? Why do we all need to be so controlled? What is going to happen that would cause people everywhere to be out of control?

Food shortages?
Total economic collapse worldwide?
Mass rioting?

How else could governments across the globe convince mass numbers of people to peacefully give up and sit at home awaiting the coming storm? Scare them to death with the threat of death, that’s how. Not violent government take over kinds of death, but death by the invisible enemy. It’s got everyone quaking in their boots. Literally. Yes, people are getting sick and dying and I mourn their loss. I mourn that I cannot go see my mother in the nursing home and I worry about her. 

We have voluntarily contained ourselves, curtailed our activities and in some cases our livelihoods. For what? Why do they need us locked down, in fear. Something truly evil roams the land.

Prepare accordingly, for the unprepared are going to take from the prepared. They will do it in an official manner, after all we are in a national emergency. Those of us that have prepared by the sweat of our brow, will now have it taken by the brown shirt thugs. They will take what is ours, mine, yours and give it to the fat, lazy and stupid.

Years ago we read about the golden hordes pouring out of the cities in search of food and trying to escape the violence erupting there. Is that what is going to happen? I don’t know.

We’re going to reopen the economy? When? How? What kinds of work can be deemed essential? Everything accept entertainment? 

Why do we have to wait for the FDA to approve a drug that’s been on the market for decades? What kind of insanity is that?

Please chime in and and add your thoughts.

You were born for times such as these. Stand up to the plate and swing away. This is our time. This is why we have lived this life, prepared, trained and learned for decades.

This is your time. Make it count. Follow what your mind and heart gives you to do. Fight the good fight. It’s what you were born to do. Prepare to do the unthinkable. It’s here boys and girls.

Now we’re going to go work in the garden. We have food to grow, for it’s going to be a very, very hot summer and you can’t print food.

We’ll talk more later. Until next time – 

Frank & Fern

23 thoughts on “We Were Born For Times Such as These

  1. Absolutely correct. America is in for it. Abortion, infanticide, euthanasia all here or coming our way. And those who persecute us will think they are doing a good thing. Defeated without a shot fired! Who would have thought it would be so easy?

  2. On ,gorges grouse, there is a short column from a farmer about the effects of telling family farms to cease production and to throw away the milk, eggs,et centers that they have already produced.

  3. In Michigan it is the most locked down we hear. When our Gestapo Governor came out with her latest edicts, the populace has snapped; no seeds, no one allowed to mow our lawn, no fishing in a boat with a motor, what the *&ll!!!! The word is that everyone is opening up shop 5/1/ and that's it. Precautions of course, such as a mask and 6', but many, many people are mightily struggling and the Gov. will have to back off, or we will probably take stronger measures from the scuttle=butt.

  4. Loss of Food as a Weapon Redhttps://www.patreon.com/posts/food-shutdown-to-35785016?utm_medium=post_notification_email&utm_source=post_link&utm_campaign=patron_engagement

  5. Hey Frank and Fern,I meant to reply to your last post and offer sincere thanks for all of the information and inspiration that you have both posted – will reply here instead. Regarding this post, there is indeed more going on that the virus. I believe the virus to be real and likely worse than authorities are admitting to. I also believe that they will \”never let a good crisis\” go to waste. Look how many birds they can get with this viral stone? \”Cash is dirty\”; electronic (tracked) transactions only. Electronic tracking of who supposedly has antibodies or has been inoculated. I understand limiting travel to/from highly infected areas, but I have a letter I am supposed to carry with me to/from work (I work in an \”essential\” industry); \”papers\” for free travel – how \”1984\”. Would you really trust any vaccine that they develop? I don't think I would. Medical authorities say \”don't wear a mask, you don't need one\” and now say \”everyone should wear a mask\”. None of the above even touches on the financial ramifications of all of this. Notice how quickly Fed bails out hedge funds, leveraged \”investment vehicles\”, corporate bonds, etc. while reports indicate that the small-business loans are significantly more difficult to process or obtain. Certainly way more going on. Not much any of us can do about it. Grow your gardens, continue to get preps in order, and pray. Best Regards,Tim(fromOhio)

  6. From Ice age Farmer…Buying Seeds to Grow Food is Non Essentialhttps://twitter.com/IceAgeFarmer/status/1245994923448389634

  7. Tucker Carlson Insists Biden Will NOT Be The Nominee, Democratic Panic And Chaos Is Cominghttps://commoncts.blogspot.com/2020/03/tucker-carlson-insists-biden-will-not.htmlps. would you please add CC to your blogroll?

  8. Frank & Fern,Boy, lots of thought stimulating comments out there.The new normal is changing each day. I sense lots of tenseness and uncertainly in those folks I communicate with. It not only is our country but worldwide as well. Our nation is at a standstill. Traffic is minimal, airlines are not real busy. shortages in food and essentials, people told to stay at home, roadblocks set up in some states to restrict travel, cinemas closed, sports events cancelled, national guard called out, and the list goes on. Who would have thought these things would happen in our country? The political leadership obviously did not do its job, no stockpiles of supplies ,most generic meds come from out of country. The entire thing stinks to high heaven. If, looking at the events unfolding around us , a person cannot grasp the importance of being somewhat self sufficient, they never will. I believe this quote is from Ayn Rand \” we can ignore reality but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality\” .Pray for the best but prepare for the worst!Bluesman

  9. Thanks Frank and Fern. What a wonderful reminder that we are here by the grace of God, specifically chosen by Him to live at this time (and none other) – even if it does not always feel like we were meant to be.

  10. I've been watching this unfold the same as you folks, and have seen much of the same thing. What better way to divide and conquer than to broadcast the threat of sudden death by disease? So, here we sit, many of us being spoon-fed state-approved Bravo Sierra. Those of us not buying it… we're on our own…

  11. Those \”morons\” are, for the most part, gangsters and the like. \”The government\” has done, and will continue to do, nothing about them. Instead, WE are punished for their deeds. Funny; no one is in a hurry to \”red flag\” MS-13 members. 'Wonder why…

  12. Our conversation at home has been about the shut-downs. The government has shut down schools, universities, \”nonessential businesses,\” and churches. What did we do? Exactly what we were told. What's next? Whatever it is, we will be more accepting of it.

  13. Friends, I think most of us knew this was coming, BUT we didn't know the what or the when or the how or the where of it. Now those things have generally been revealed. What we will more than likely never know for sure is the \”who\” done it part of this mystery virus. I for one, have a few guilty characters in mind. This \”novel\” virus could not have been written better by the Devil himself. Pray we see a better ending than most would expect. Take care all…CW

  14. Bill Gates ID2020 Alliance….My church is calling a fast & pray on Sunday to petition the Lord for help and protection with this virus situation. Suffice it to say I do not believe things will ever return to \”normal\”. Set your homes in order. God's house is a house of order. Fast, pray, read the Word, sing and praise, take communion of bread and grape juice. The only thing we need fear is God. He's got this. Remember that. Blow the shofar and suit up in His armor. YES, He saved the best for last to bear off the Kingdom. The KING is coming! Look up! His promises are sure and Redemption draweth nigh! God bless all. Be still, know that He IS God!

  15. Frank and Fern~ Spot on with your words. I think we are the last generation that does not expect to be rescued via Government Intervention. There have been too many years of \”Let the Government Do It.\” Pay no attention to the Globalists behind the Curtain. There is no Wizard. There are some rather WICKED WITCHES and many Demon Spawn. This is an On Purpose Plague to make people panic and beg to be saved. Better you look to God than the Government. With God, your soul is intact. Lord please remove those that desire to cause harm and enslavement for their amusement and profit. In God's Safekeeping~ Red

  16. Faith assures our 'final resting place', if you will, but it also requires us to take care of our earthly bodies by being as prepared as we can, caring for our families, and our neighbors, as best we can. I am a realist. Yes we are facing a 'new normal'. And it likely to not be very comfortable. We have become complacent. I think a more positive outlook is to learn as much as you can, and share your knowledge with those willing to learn (be it sharing your faith, teaching gardening/cooking/preserving skills, etc.). I can't say what things will look like going forward, but the positive things happening in my local community have restored some of my faith in the human race. Things may get ugly down the road. I am not looking at the world with rose colored glasses. I would rather contribute to positivity for now, and deal with the ugliness when it comes (and yes, we are ready for that too).Grammyprepper

  17. From the beginning, we have had questions about the Covid19 situation; something just didn't feel right, and it feels worse now. Yesterday we learned that the numbers from Imperial College London were wildly exaggerated — they projected millions of American deaths, but now suggest 20,000 deaths may be more accurate. Meanwhile, our state is basically shut-down,in spite of the fact we have only had two deaths. The numbers just don't make sense.Which leads to the question you asked about why the world is being shut down. My thought is that perhaps this has been the perfect storm of: wrong information from the experts, secrecy from China, over-eager medical advisors, a conversation with leader around the world in the past couple of weeks, all leading to shut-down and a President who is trapped between a rock and a hard place. I just cannot imagine what else could be going on.

  18. This is the way that the Elites will implement the Mark of the Beast, Totalitarian government, absolute control, population reduction, one world religion which will be under the seven Noahide laws which are the same as Sharia laws. All who truly believe in Jesus Christ from Nazareth will be considered idolators and will be worthy of death through beheading. Call on the name of the Lord Jesus, repent for your own sins and those of our nation. Preach the gospel like never before. Be ready in season and out of season to tell of your hope in Christ. And be ready to lay down your life For Jesus. Do not agree to taking the vaccine that they are developing or a digital tattoo proving that you are virus free or have received the vaccination. This virus is only the first set of viruses. More will follow. With each one there will be more and more restrictions. Also other catastrophic events will occur like dominoes: weather extremes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, famines, and war on our soil. As Christians we need stay out of crowds and not participate in rioting. Pray like you've never prayed before. Garden like you've never gardened before. Pray Psalm 91 over yourselves and your friends and family. Ask God for direction and guidance for everything you do. Remember that Jesus is returning at the end of this age of grace. Some of us may remain alive to see Him come in the clouds of heaven. Won't that be glorious? Those of us who die in these next few years in Christ, will return in the clouds with Him. Hallelujah to the Lamb. Plead the blood of the lamb all around the borders of your homes and land. Pray and be ready!! He is at the door!

  19. Frank and Fern, you are spot on. Granted, this virus is insidious in the way it is spread and in the way it takes lives. But there is more to it than that. Whoever wants us confined like the sitting ducks we are, and weakened as a nation, could not have done it more effectively any other way. I don't know the why of it all, but I have my suspicions. What I do know is that we are in very deep doo and we will drown in it if we don't figure out a way to fight back.

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