A New Era of Individual Responsibility?

COVID19 will be a part of the world’s vocabulary for many years to come. Discussions of the impact it has had on countries, cities, towns, neighborhoods and families will be ongoing for many years. We don’t even know what those impacts will be, for they have yet to play out in real time. History in the making, right in front of our eyes.

If you or yours have suffered a loss as a result of this virus, our hearts and prayers to out to you. There have been many difficult situations and fears that have been heart breaking. I look forward to the time that I can go into the nursing home to see my mother again. Visiting through the window with someone in the advance stages of dementia is very difficult. She doesn’t understand and it just breaks my heart.

After the initial scare of a raging pandemic that was predicted to kill millions and millions of people, leading to shortages at the store, and overwhelming the ability of the medical industry to cope, we are now in the stage of trying to regroup and regain a sense of normalcy. The resulting stay-at-home/lock down orders have highlighted some of the tendencies of governments to initiate and strengthen their desire to control the lives of the people they ‘govern’, showing they aren’t in the position to serve the people, but to control them. Some of the serfs are not happy with this. Most of us initially complied under the false narrative of the severity of the virus and pending threat of death by a virus – the invisible enemy, President Trump calls it. 

But this isn’t an analysis of the advice given to the President by his task force members that are also trying to roll out their own agendas of control. Personally, I think this has been a bioweapon unleashed upon the world as a backlash for leaders and countries backtracking from the One World Government and attempt to control everyone and every country in it. Control. Ultimate control of everyone through the monetary system, the food supply, medical attention, the ability to work and provide for the family. All of it. The whole package deal. Life. And everything that it entails.

No, this article isn’t about that. You can read many different articles and opinions about those topics. This is about the changes some people appear to be making in their lives. For instance. Why are the Mom & Pop mail order chicken hatcheries unable to fulfill orders until late summer now? Why are seed companies out of seeds? Why are gun and ammo suppliers seeing record all time sales and shortages? There are shortages of radios – alternate forms of communication. Why are the shelves at the store that hold beans, rice, pasta, flour and other staples mostly empty? Why are the news stories on the mainstream sites showing how to make bread, how to bake, how to cook?

Frank and I have discussed for years that if just a tiny percentage of the population of our country woke up one day and realized they would run out of food, went to the store and bought enough for a week that the shelves would be empty. Then along came COVID19. And it happened. And it continues to happen. And the prices of everything are going up, except for oil and gasoline. It appears they will continue to go up. Excuses for that? Supply chain disruption, it’s China’s fault, it’s…… It really doesn’t matter what caused “it” and what is going to continue causing our new normal to unfold. The fact of the matter is the future will unfold whether we like it or not, vote for it or not, or deal with it or not.

Frank and I chose our life style decades ago. We have worked toward this level of self-sufficiency for a long time and have realized many of our dreams. Now we are working on new dreams, how to maintain as much independence as we can, as long as we can, while we ‘grow’ into old age. We are in a time of change in our lives. The parallel is that now the whole world is in a time of change with no real sense of the direction it will take. A true time of cognitive dissonance where normal has flown out the window, never to be seen again. Where did it go? How did it leave so fast? Amazing, isn’t it?

Now people are searching for ways to manage, ways to provide for their families, ways to continue to be independent without leaning on the government, food banks, or other means of income. Will this lead to a new era of individual responsibility or an ever growing population that expects everything to be provided? 

The few times we have been out and about in a very limited fashion over the last month or so, we have noticed more garden spots. Some large, some small, some in tubs or buckets. We find that to be very encouraging. We have heard of some folks that are focusing more on food and provisions, for the time being anyway. Will it continue? Will this be a wake up call for some that priorities need to be changed and focused on the real things in life? I think once the restrictions are lifted there will be a rush to regain the old normal, only to find it no longer exists. Some behaviors will be driven by fear of the virus and the effects it will have. Government overreach in it’s many facets will be here to stay unless people stand up and install those that would reverse the heavy handedness that has shown up in some areas. At this point, I would say the future is an open book with blank pages. If things are allowed to continue the way they have been going it’s just a matter of time before we are all locked down, tracked, banned and told to sit back and shut up. But that’s not my focus here.

Take stock of your shelves. How long will your food last if you could never buy one more scrap of food? Without Food, You are Dead. I wrote about it not long ago. Control of the food supply can and will control you. Period.

What can you do to supplement, stretch, extend your food supply to the maximum extent possible? What do you need to learn to increase that supply even more? We have been writing here on and off for a number of years about our attempts to grow food and raise animals to increase our self-sufficiency. If you haven’t been reading here very long, check the list of articles and pages that may lead you to some information that may benefit you. Frank has written extensive articles on radio communications that will explain how to set up a network of communication for your family or area in case cell phones are down. There are many articles on gardening, raising goats, chickens and pigs. We have written about reusable products you can make, like the masks that are being made around the world right now. If you have questions, ask. We and other readers are always ready to share our experiences in the hopes it may help another.

We’re all in this together folks. Some days it looks like we have fallen over the cliff of no return to soon crash at the bottom with a resounding thud. Other days? It just looks real dicey. We have yet to see if more serious food shortages and economic calamities are right around the corner. At this point, I think the virus is the least of our worries. I can only hope it is a new era of individual responsibility which will lead more people to step up and take care of their own instead of holding out their hand for more while they scream about someone not wearing a mask.

Pay attention. Take notice and take stock of your shelves and yourself. No one is coming to save you. If They show up at all, don’t get on the bus.

Until next time – Fern

By the way. Does anyone know why some of the pictures in our last few articles have disappeared? All of them were taken at the same time, none were downloaded from the internet. I haven’t researched the problem, it just wasn’t that important to me. It may be a simple fix.

36 thoughts on “A New Era of Individual Responsibility?

  1. You bet! I just caught you reply courtesy today's post by Ol' Remus.May the Good Lord bless you and Frank, and your crops!

  2. So what's the photo of in your new header?I went to my new=old community garden this morning. I had given up my spot in January thinking I was going to move. Found out this week there was another, different plot that I could have. Spent part of the morning weeding and prepping. This plot has a slightly different orientation so will be a new challenge on how to plant it out.Keep safe. Cheers,SJ in Vancouver BC Canada

  3. First, just found you through Peter Grant.Second, I ***finally*** got my wife to accede to blackberry bushes. I think she just got tired of saying NO every year. Next year, B\”H, vegetable beds. We've got really crappy/sandy soil that's highly acid from all the pine trees around, though. Not relishing the $ for the garden dirt that'll be needed.As I pointed out on my blog – please do stop by:https://redpilljew.blogspot.com/2020/05/one-good-effect-from-virus.htmlQuote:We no longer trust our own government. We no longer believe that government agencies and bureaucrats have our best interests at heart. And an increasing number of people are seeing how crisis-born power is unleashing the Left’s inner tyrant.That starry-eyed innocence is not coming back.—Right now I'm looking / asking around for hands-on canning instruction. That, and meat preservation. I made some very peppery / garlicy beef jerky and was thinking that if I could stuff it into a sausage skin and pour in hot fat, it might actually work.Hope all is well.

  4. Good Evening Frank and FernWe found a weakness in our Preps. It's not food. After 10 years with no issues, it was a second 8 mil Kidney Stone in 3 months for my Husband. It was not there on the scan in March. We changed our diets 10 years ago to prevent stones developing. Things go over the cliff and medical care might not be available, the only hope is the stone passes on its own without too much damage. Please do not put off having any medical procedures done once this Plague passes.Our garden is doing well and the new apple tree has four apples so far. Both my lemon and orange tree were pruned for continued growth and health.Time to do an updated inventory. Everyone one be safe and well. In God's Safekeeping. Red

  5. Texasdawn, thank you for sharing.It seems that information is being vetted. It's just another form of control and it works quite well. Propaganda is also controlled. Schools and churches are controlled, both positive and negative.We're all in a pressure canner right now. We're being pushed. Free advice. Keep your head down and your mouth shut. Trust very, very few. Be prepared to do the unthinkable.Frank

  6. Hello Bluesman, thank you for the comment.I'm sitting here looking a handheld radios as we speak. Most folks are grossly unprepared. This can just keeps getting kicked down the road.We've shifted several priorities in our life recently. We have tried to brace for impact. It seems to be closer everyday.Thanks again, Frank

  7. Hello, Micheal. Everyday there is a new twist to this virus thing, but I am losing faith in my government. The truth is getting very difficult to find. Why are we being lied to? I understand there is a need for government to protect the people, but to say something one day and a week later the opposite. Truth is a precious commodity. It's scarcity is alarming. I just don't know anymore.Prepare for civil unrest.Frank

  8. Hi, SJ.Good for you on the new garden plot! You're right, we need to grow all we can. Keep us updated on your progress. Gardening is basic. Fresh air and in touch with the earth. Literally.Fern

  9. Dweezil, excellent advice. Planning is critical for any garden. Not just temperature or climate. It's companion planting, rotation of crops. We have years of experience and some years we fail.People will take what you have. If they don't know you have it, remember, loose lips sink ships.I shoveled snow for years. Good luck, thanks for the comment. Frank

  10. AJ, thanks for the comment. It sent us on an online search for sewing machines.Wal-Mart – most every basic, non-mini, machines are sold out.Amazon – many are sold out.We recently bought a Singer 4423 from Amazon. It is a heavy duty. I sew thick patches of thread on the waist band of Frank's jeans where his suspenders clip on. It prevents the teeth of the suspenders from cutting into the fabric of the jeans. Thus the heavy duty machine. Now it lists new for $370, I'm not sure what it was when we purchased it.Shortages of sewing machines? Lots of people are making masks, but I wouldn't think that would cause a shortage. Lack of shipments from overseas? Maybe. More people learning how to do for themselves? We can only dream that is true.Frank is still finding shortages of guns, ammo and some basic radios. Why during a virus? Is it shipping or is it people purchasing? I don't know, but we guess people are stocking up. They are afraid of our government.Very interesting information, AJ. Thank you very much.Fern

  11. All self-sufficiency seems to be targeted. Case in point: I am shopping for a sewing machine for a wedding gift. There are none available except for a few super fancy electronic models costing several hundred dollars. I mean NONE are available, not in stores, not online. Why? It's not like people are buying a dozen at one time. No one is hoarding sewing machines. There was plenty of stock a couple of months ago. It isn't possible that every single sewing machine in the country was sold in two months. I think this scared me more than any of the rest of the past two months. It has unconditionally and finally proved to me that this is a planned act. I didn't exactly doubt it before, just had a tiny niggling lack of belief about 'who benefits'. No more. This is not going to be pretty. AJ

  12. I tried to tell you, CA, but your comments were turned off. I shared your link to this on Facebook and it got zucked for violating community standards. In my OP, I advised people to plant calories, not salads, and learn how to pressure can. It is the same science and no scarier than the trendy Instapot.

  13. All I know is I shared this article via Western Rifle Shooter's link to facebook and Zuck removed it for \”Spam and violating community standards\”. My OP with it was plant calories, not salads, and learn pressure canning. It is the same science as the trendy Instapot and not scary.

  14. I agree with everything you say. I pray for my mother's release. She has suffered enough. And, in my opinion, so have I. If I am able to have any say when my time comes, I will NEVER go to a nursing home. NEVER.Fern

  15. JackOFalltradesWith the risk of being insensitive, mean and blunt: but as someone who watched both parents wither away in nursing homes I really don't understand why anyone wants to keep them in that hell any longer than they have to? If they die of covid or ANYthing what is the loss? They suffer less, how's that bad? Especially when they can't recognize you or understand what's going on? I guess I have an evil heart. I definitely will not wait to die in a home. Life isn't sweet enough for that crap!

  16. Hi Fern,Your garden looks like it is coming along pretty well. Sorry to hear about the cowpeas but gardening is certainly a learning curve. We try to save our heirloom seeds, sometimes good results and sometimes not ,I don't know why.Very important to take stock of our shelves and ourselves. I never would have thought that in year 2020 we would be facing food shortages and food rationing. Killing the pigs and chickens and plowing crops under and dumping milk on the ground, unthinkable ! We are in new territory as a people and a country and I am afraid most of the population will not fare very well as we move forward in this crazy scenario.We are all in this storm together but we are in separate boats, some have lifejackets and some do not. Pray for the best for everyone but we must prepare for the worst. Blessings to all.Bluesman

  17. It's good to read your blog. It always feels like talking to a good neighbor. We are in NW North Dakota so we haven't planted anything but potatoes so far. It got down to 19 degrees night before last, cold enough to kill a few tomato plants in the green house. I certainly hope there are more people gardening this year, they're going to need what ever they can produce. It's hard to forecast what we could see in the near future, but common sense tells me it won't be pretty. Could be deflation followed by hyper-inflation, along with more serious supply chain problems and worst case scenario is serious civil unrest. if that happens, all bets are off.Stay safe and healthy!

  18. I had given up one of my community gardens thinking I was moving. I received an email yesterday from the coordinator who is letting me take over a vacant plot. Seems someone is moving out of the area and won't be gardening after all. I jumped in and said Yes yes yes. I too think every bit of food I can grow will be important.I'm so sorry you've had to replant the cowpeas three times. And isn't that how it goes some years? My favorite seed supplier was a month behind shipping earlier this spring. Good for you, though, to have enough seed held back that you were able to plant three times.Keeping you both in my prayers.SJ in Vancouver BC Canada

  19. Planning a garden is just as crucial as planting one. Up here in Winterfell(North Idaho) certain crops do well, others not so much. My tribe and I spent money on a pre-fab greenhouse, which gives us a place to start our seeds after the freeze lifts(late April) and before the short summer. Weather patterns are crucial. It's not like when we lived in SoCal, where you would still be harvesting tomatoes in December. Barter is also crucial. It's all about commodities. Cigarettes, liquor, other comfort and hygiene items will be in great demand. A homebound widow in our neighborhood was kept in TP during the initial panic stages. This was done because she walks her dog throughout the area and is an excellent source of intel. I would add one big caveat: SHUT UP! We all know the greatest danger to you and yours will be within five miles of your home. Keep your preps and plans close to your vest. Trust very few. And, if you follow the Good Book, pray always. Bleib ubrig. DWEEZIL THE WEASEL.

  20. Yes, we can't make this stuff up, you're right. This is the real world and we are in dire trouble. Many don't think there is the possibility of a recovery from this. Like the ship that is taking on water. Get out your life vest and prepare to swim. No one is coming to save us.Fern

  21. Haxo, thank you for sharing these examples. They are a good reminder of history repeating itself. I believe you're right, they will do it again if at all possible. Be ready. Fern

  22. Hello, Ozark. Good to hear from you. We live in a very rural location, but most folks here don't garden. Looks like you are in a good spot.Thanks for sharing, Fern

  23. Even folks that have gardened for years have off years, or evolving challenges. No food crop is ever guaranteed.I wish everyone the best on bumper crops this year. Grow, harvest and preserve as if your life depends on it. I'm afraid it will.Thanks, North GA. Please keep sharing.Fern

  24. Thanks, Elmo. We hope for a bumper crop, but hope is a poor strategy. Yesterday I replanted our cowpeas for the third time. They haven't come up which is highly unusual. I don't know why. All other years they have been one of our most hardy plants.Seeds. Now that I have replanted for the third time, I don't have many left. There aren't any more to buy from my online source I always use. They are out. Does that concern me? Absolutely.We have gradually increased our skill at saving seeds, but it will be scary to depend solely on our own ability to have a viable seed bank. How will that affect our future ability to maintain our food supply?More 'food' for thought.Thank you for taking the time to comment.Fern

  25. Covid19 has exposed some threats. Just like in USSR when the village folk pin'd anyone that had something of value or was not liked as Kulak. I seen it over last few weeks. right wingers planning on looting and take by force. erased all my ideas of left vs right, when trump voter and bernie voter get together to barter and talk defending our stuff from these unprep'd anti-socialist. can't make this stuff up….this is real world.

  26. examples: Ukraine, 1929-33 communist Terror Famine: 8 million people killed, Ukraine brought under firm controlBrit India, East Bengal Famine 1942-44: 7 million people killed, province brought back under controlIrish Potato Famine, 1847, \”Irish Problem\” (temporarily) solved. etc. etc. Will the globohomo tyrants do it again? looks that way.

  27. Hi Fern, good to see you back! Most folks around here garden, so I'm not sure I have seen an increase in that. But, I have talked to a few 'non-preppers' who were surprised that some food, TP and other stuff was not being replaced on the shelves. It goes back to what you said, if everybody buys a little more, there is none to stock the shelves. Those of us who have watched this for a while, are wise to the just in time inventory, and buy regularly to avoid future shortages. God Bless…

  28. I had some pictures disappear from one of my blog posts, too–and maybe there are more missing in older ones; I haven't checked. I have no idea what happened, but it serves as a reminder that if you want something that is online, even if it is something you created, it is safest to have an offline backup.I have also noticed a lot of new gardening and food storage activity. I had a lot of trouble getting seeds that I wanted this year. However, it is also true that starter plants are still widely available at hardware stores.I expect that a lot of new gardeners will be discouraged–there's a definite learning curve–and hopefully they'll regroup and try again if they have failures.Years ago, one of my coworkers lived in central Atlanta and boasted that her refrigerator/freezer was empty except for a couple of frozen microwave meals. She bought most of her food at restaurants or grocery store deli counters. That mindset is probably gone, and it is definitely a good thing.

  29. I have had some weirdness with Blogger in the last week as well. Not sure what, if anything, is up.I think a great many people are asking the right questions. It remains to be seen if it transfers into long term action.

  30. Well said. I had the disappearing photo problem too, and reported it to Blogger via \”feedback\” on the dashboard. I haven't had the problem since, but no one contacted me so I don't know if it was something they did or if it just stopped.

  31. That's a beautiful garden! Off to a great start.And you're right. There is no place like home.Thanks Fern.

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